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My name is Libby and I use my blog as an outlet to talk about my mood, my clothes, the books I'm reading and pretty much anything on my mind. At the moment I'm taking a gap year, but I plan on going to university in 2018 to study English Literature. I have many hopes for my gap year and despite writing this almost a third into my gap year and not having completed much, I have hopes 2018 will bring my gap year more success.

Goals for 2018
-Read more. I have been in such a big reading slump and I want to get out of it, I especially want to read more classical literature.
-Write more. This is often a goal of mine, but in 2018 I have nine months away from anything and I hope to blog at least once a week and do other types of writing. I hope to get something published this year on something more than my blog, but I won't beat myself up about it if I don't.
-Be more creative. This is a vague title, by this I purely mean begin knitting and doing embroidery.
-Get a part time job. This will be easy I hope, at the moment I have a full time job which doesn't allow for much spare time but I am quitting on the 26th January, then I am travelling for a month and then I hope to get a part time job and get more stuff done.
-Travel.  I already have one travelling trip planned and a few more I hope to go on. The dream is to go to Spain and work in a hostel, but I'm not sure my Spanish will be good enough this summer to do that.
-Learn Spanish. I will definitely do this, I just haven't had any time to yet but I think once I am home from travelling in February I will find a good Spanish course to do.
-Join a book club. Not much else to say about that.
-Volunteer. When I get a part time job I hope I find time to volunteer somewhere, I say I hope but I definitely will.
-Go to the gym more and get back into yoga. It's hard because I can't afford a gym membership and a yoga membership, but I'm not willing to give up my gym membership just yet
-Be able to do a handstand. That was my aim for 2017, I'm hoping this year is the year it happens.
-Try to be more positive. I do think being a negative Nelly is in my blood but I can force some positivity in.
-Document my days. I have one life and a terrible memory but I want to remember more.

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  1. Hey Libby, I love your blog. And about the book club, I wanted to suggest you two book clubs. You may know them both. One is Belletrist which is by Emma Roberts and her friend Karah Preiss and the other one is 'Our Shared Shelf' by Emma Watson. I adore and follow these two book clubs for their unique selection of books every month and the depth of discussion they carry along. I'll link both their insta ids for you if you would like to check them out. Well, Much love to you Libby. I'm quite sure from what I read here in your blog that you are going to make a very bright student of English Literature.

    Belletrist : https://www.instagram.com/belletrist/
    Our shared Shelf : https://www.instagram.com/oursharedshelf/

    Uma Devi,


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