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26 August 2013

I love this top. It is from Urban Outfitters, one of my favorite shops, but this generally means it will be quite highly priced, which for this little t shirt it is, at £30. Despite this though, I really like.
With a pair of boyfriend jeans it would be perfect, maybe with a gold chain necklace and a couple of rings, it would look great. Well, in my head I think it would, you need to see it in person probably.
Now summer is ending though, so if I were to get it, it wouldn't be worn much. It has more of a summer vibe then an autumn, then again I'm not usually one to dress by seasonal colour dress code. It's a really cute little top though, but it could be tricky to decide what bottoms to wear since its not long enough to tuck in, but too short to keep untucked. You would have to wear something that rests on your hips rather than waist.


This top is plain and simple with beads on the sleeves, which I think is cute, but because the t shirt is so plain I feel like you would need a long necklace, but would you be able to wear one with those beads on the sleeves? You'd have to be careful to make sure they don't clash. As well as this, washing it would be a nightmare, and if a bead fell off, the whole t shirt wouldn't look right.
Although it's really adorable, I feel like you could only wear it during a day where you have no accessories, and you couldn't wear a jacket because you wouldn't want to cover up the sleeves.
However, I do keep saying you couldn't wear a necklace with this, but it just depends what you have and picturing stuff in your head isn't always the best way to decide about clothes, you have to see them in person.

This I think would look nice again with high waisted or boyfriend/mom jeans. A chunky necklace would go nicely with it and it could be smartened up with a blazer and a clutch.
It is very formal though, but with a pair of black high waisted jeans and Doc Martens it could be made more casual. The only thing I'm not too sure about this top  is the black stripe on the sleeves, but other than that I really like it and think its very cute and could be either formal or casual.

I WANT BOYFRIEND JEANS OR MOM JEANS SO BADLY, but unfortunately I brought a pair a while ago but they're really weird and don't fit me properly, they hang low on my hips and just aren't proper boyfriend/mom jeans.
This is moto vintage wash mom jeans and I love them so much, you can wear anything with these jeans in my opinion and can be made more formal with a pair of black wedges or look casual with creepers. The left leg looks a bit funny here, but I think that may be just how the model is standing and the angle.
I don't care if I spend my last penny on these, I need a pair. It infuriates me how the holidays are ending and I still don't have a pair, but at least I can have a pair for weekends and next holidays. I honestly feel like you can't go wrong with these jeans, anything goes with them.
Then again I feel like they only suit people with the right figure and I don't know if I have the 'boyfriend jean figure' but I bloody well help I do because they are beautiful.

I love shirts. I have this weird thing in my brain which will attract me to any shirt I see, even if it's ugly. For example, I really like this shirt but I can't tell if the pattern is nice or not? I like the shape though, you can wear it with leggings and its long enough to cover your bum, you can wear it untucked with skinny jeans, or tucked it in with a pair of high waisted.
You can brighten up an outfit with a pair of colourful trainers, or keep it classy with a pair of black heels and a clutch.
I honestly can't tell if I like the pattern or not, but I clearly don't hate it, but I will buy any shirt that's in my presence because I love shirts so much. Hopefully I'll go shopping soon and can make up my mind and decide if I like it or not.
Its all very dull colours and I feel like the outfit would need a splash of colour somewhere, whether the colourful trainers, or some red lipstick.

Woah I did't mean to write this much! Thank you if you read it all and sorry if I rambled on a bit, I tend to do that.. a lot..
Anyway goodbye and I'll see you next! I'll try and upload at least once a week and may upload more in this week since it's still summer and school hasn't begun again.

Libby-Jade x

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