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18 May 2014

Hello! I just realised I never give you an introduction when you come to my blog so yeah I guess..hello!

In case you didn't know, I live in the UK and in the UK, if there's even a tiny bit of sunshine we all go cray and whip out the paddling pools and all that jazz. Since today was such a warm day, I decided to wear this. I got this pinafore a while ago from Urban Outfitters but have been waiting for the sun to wear it, since it doesn't look that great with black tights. But I feel like with maybe a dark lipstick it would look okay and a long sleeved white shirt.
Pinafore: Urban Outfitters (I got it a while ago so it's probably sold out but this is just a link to UO dresses)
Top: Topshop (this was also brought ages ago but this is the link to Topshop white crop tops in general)
I absolutely love wearing dresses. They're comfortable, cute, and can easily be formal or casual. Plus, you don't have to bother finding matching trousers! I decided to wear a white crop top underneath which I think is from Topshop and Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 110, I feel like this outfit needs so me colour since it's just black and white mainly.  I was so eager to buy this pinafore for Christmas, but now I sort of wished I just waited because there's loads of similar clothes in other shops for a fraction of the price. But oh well! I'm the type of girl who keeps her clothes and re wears them loads after years of owning them, I'm a bit of a hoarder. I rarely throw out clothes because I know I will probably wear them loads more in the future. Which is mainly the reason why my clothes collection seems so huge! I wore it with my new shoes which I will do a post about soon because I absolutely LOVE them. I didn't get any pictures of me in them because they were a bit of a last minute decision wear, but to be honest I feel like you can wear any shoes with this outfit!
I just wore this to hang out in the garden with some friends and just do generic pleasant weather things!:)
The rings are just random rings I own, the one on my left hand is from Camden. I zoomed in so you could see the pattern properly but I have no idea how to properly describe it..
Have you guys been enjoying the sun if you're from the UK?
Also, does anyone know a good place to get midi rings, because it's half term and I plan on going on a major shop, hopefully to Oxford Street and if I don't find midi rings in their gigantic Primark, I will be mad. But anyway, adios for now!:)


  1. Oh you look so cute! It's such a fun outfit :-)

  2. It is a very cute dress. I love the easiness of dresses too, and I live in quite a warm climate, so I can mostly get away with wearing dresses all summer. :)
    Emma | the Earth through a Lens

    1. Ahh I'm so jealous, I wish I could wear them all the time! But weather here is all over the place!x

  3. I love the pinafore dress :), and I'm a clothes hoarder too. I always think what's the point of throwing them out when you know they might make use in the future?

  4. So cute! I have this pinafore dress too but haven't worn it for a while, think I may bring it back out now the warmer weather is back around (for now anyway) xo

    Bridie | Oh So Bridie

    1. You should! Although now it's all rainy again which sucks :(xo

  5. Very cute dress! Love the lipstick you're wearing too.

    May from La Vie en May

    1. Thank you! I haven't worn this lipstick for ages, I'm glad it's summery so I can bring it bak out again :)x


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