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27 October 2014

Hey guys! Ah, I'm so happy its finally half term, this has been one of the longest school terms ever it feels like. It's annoying though because there are so many things I want to do and so many people I want to see in this half term, when in reality I should spend most of it revising. Not to mention how much this stresses me out because I know at least three of the days there is no chance of me revising at all. Oh gosh, okay but let's not worry about that yet. Also, I finally moved into my new room, hurrah, but its a mess and totally unorganised still. However when it is finally done and I'm happy with it, I am so excited to show you.

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I forgot to number them but the order of the link goes from the coat to the skirt to the body chain to the jeans to the socks to the dress to the striped tshirt to the jumper to the shoes to the beanie. Glad we cleared that out.

I remember last year seeing a coat like that one but in green from Urban Outfitters and I just really love this style of coats. I probably wont get one, because it's outrageously priced (as most of the things on this wishlist are) but maybe one day. Also the skirt, you've probably seen it before it's everywhere, it costs £55 or something but I love it so much, If if I could have one shop where I got all the things from free, it would be a tough choice between Urban Outfitters or American Apparel. I think the skirt is really cute and with a black long sleeved top would look so adorable, but I'm not really a huge fan of skirts and it would  be too risky I feel to spend £55 because deep down, I know I wouldn't wear it much. I did kind of find a cheap copy of it on Boohoo though, it's a skort rather than a skirt, but that makes it more appealing to me to be honest! I'll try and find you guys a link because I'm pretty sure it's less than half the price and it is so similar!

I really want ripped black skinny jeans like those ones in the picture, but I'd rather they had more rips, I brought some skinnies from Primark hoping they would fit and then I was going to rip them, but alas, they fit me really oddly. I'm hoping tomorrow (trip to Oxford Street heck yeah) I can buy some black skinnies then rip them myself, or buy some already ripped some but whichever is cheaper and looks bettert. Also, the black midi dress wasn't in stock when I checked, but oh my god I think its so cute. With one of those long crystal necklaces it would look so nice, and it could be jazzed up or made casual, I've wanted a midi dress or skirt for ages and though this was really nice, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Gosh I can talk or ages about clothes. The jumper at the bottom, I really, really want, it looks so cosy and comfy and with a pair of ripped black skinnes it would look perfect I feel and a beanie. I'm really tempted to buy it but I've forgotten the price and let's be real, it's from American Apparel, it's going to cost a fortune. Maybe I'll be able to find a similar cheaper one from Primarks mens. Who knows. I brought a body chain similar to the one pictured the other day and I will include it in an outfit post soon because it's so cool, I also really want on of those rings like with a chain that goes into a bracelet. If you get what I mean. I just think they're really cool.

Okay that's it for today guys, sorry for being so inactive and for this kind of rambling post, I just want so many clothes and thought this would be a good post but it just kind of went really rambly.

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