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18 January 2015

Hey guys! So today, I was going to do an outfit post, and yesterday (Saturday) I was really proud of my outfit, but I didn't take any pictures, but I figured its okay Ill take pictures tomorrow. But, what a surprise. My plans were cancelled, therefore I won't bother getting dressed up all cute. Instead I'm going to talk to you about books. I was meant to post this later on this month but my schedule is already out the window, who cares.

Let me tell you something about the book Mockingbird which wasn't made clear to me before I read it. It may be short, but it is anything but sweet. The entire book was read with great struggle due to me being partially blind because of the wall of tears this book created. I don't know if when I was researching this book I just didn't see any of the comments talking about the emotions you would feel during this book, or if I am just the only one who found it so emotional, but let me tell you it is sad. You may not cry, but you will get that feeling in your gut when something sad happens or a lump in your throat. I don't know what you will feel, but you will feel something.

It is also a very touching book. It's written from a girls perspective who has aspergers and how she deals with her brothers death. Moving. It's very moving, that's the word I'll use to describe it. It's also quite insightful to how the mind of people with aspergers syndrome work. It's not an educational book or anything, but it shows you how hard Caitlin finds it hard to socialize and do simple things that people without the syndrome wouldn't think twice about. Other books that do this are The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime and House Rules, although maybe not House Rules that much, because woah man so much goes on in that book (both are very good, I recommend them).
I wzs going to make this the main picture but I didn't want people to see it and be put off reading the post. I know the background is a mess, but my whole street was on display and although there is nothing significant on my road, that could have been very risky. 
Back to this book though, it makes a lot of references to To Kill A Mockingbird (also a very good, highly recommend that too in case you haven't read it) but you don't have to read it before you read this book as they do explain the references. This book isn't a light read, I read it in a day but I'm not sure if that because I'm a very fast reader though or if it genuinely is because it's a short book, but it's quite heavy. It will stick with you, I think it will anyway. I know a few people with aspergers and after reading this and the other books I feel like I can appreciate much more how much effort is/has been put in for them to do certain things whilst socializing. Plus it made me cry. Any book that makes me cry I don't regard as a 'light' book. I'm not sure what genre it is because you know, its pretty lifelike, but even if you are into certain types  like fantasy, you should still give this a go. You should also try the other books I mentioned in this post if you haven't already.
I wanted to try take a picture like this because I saw Rachel do it and was like ooh that's cool, I don't think I done it as well as her though but oh well. 

On another note, I'm trying to sort some things out on my blog and I have been searching for ages, but does anyone know how to change the layout/where to find a good HTML for popular posts? I don't like the automatic layout much but I have no clue how to edit a HTML myself. I wish I did though, it would be so handy. Maybe one day.


  1. I've not read this, but I did read To Kill a Mockingbird for english lit and although it is really good, having to analyse every little bit of it ruined it slightly.... Definitely a must read though! x

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    1. I'm so glad I don't have to read it for English lit, I don't want all the analyzing to ruin it for me :')x

  2. This book sounds excellent, you speak very highly of it and I may have to give this a read! xx

    1. (sorry, forgot to add our blog URL) - x

    2. Ahaha thanks I love the way you phrased this ;)x


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