Anna And The French Kiss | Book Review

18 February 2015

Hey guys! So today, after a very strange morning where I found out that someone had used a picture off my blog pretending to be me (I was vaguely flattered but the whole context of the situation was very distressing because there's too much to say but let me tell you it was not normal and very peculiar) I came home from a revision session with the ambition to do more revision, but instead, I read. I brought the book 'Anna and The French Kiss' on my kindle for £2 and I was completely hooked.

The title does not do it justice but I got it after all my friends were raving about it. I'm a bit ashamed to say its very stereotypical, the new girl falls in love with the cute guy that everyone loves and behold he's even got a British accent. Except, despite it being o typical, it's actually pretty amazing. I was hooked and could not put it down. I was so disappointed when I turned the page and it was the acknowledgements, I knew it was the end but I wanted it to carry on. It's not a deep book or anything like a 'you have to read this in your lifetime' but it is a very enjoyable read and very entertaining, I'll probably end up reading it again to be honest.

I would include a quote from the book but none really popped out to me. Cute/memorable things were said but nothing that made me 'woah'
Sorry, I don't really have much to say about this book other than its entertaining and very teenage girl and typical romance. There was one part which I found so cute that I gasped and threw my iPad across my bed, you know the drill when something cute happens between people you want to get together, then I spent approximately ten minutes choking on my saliva. Attractive, I know. Sometimes the way the author wrote kind of got on my nerves but that was near the beginning, later on in the book I was too engrossed to care. Also, I've noticed recently, people in books aree so witty and sarcastic, it would take me ten years to come up with something that comedic. It annoys me. I want to be that witty, instead I just come up with lame comments every now and then which resemble anything but wit.

Whilst we're all here, fellow British people using blogger, how bloody annoying is it when it doesn't let you type the English way?! Like for gods sake stop underlining my words and think I've made a mistake I'm right! There is a u in colour! It's spelt cosy not cozy! Gosh darnit blogger. Also, when it stays a word is spelt incorrect and the only options it gives you are words which are completely different to the word you wanted to spell. It kept happening to me the other day and I was getting so frustrated, I cant remember the word but oh my god I was ready to email Google and tell them to stop being so ridiculous with their spelling recommendations. Wait no, I've got one, it never lets me say disappointed, and I'm pretty sure that's a real word, it always underlines and the only recommended word is 'disappointing'. Get your shit together blogger. 

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