Christmas In Covent Garden

10 December 2016

I am having a nightmare trying to figure out what makeup to ask for for Christmas. It's time to splash out and get stuff I wouldn't usually honour myself with, but oh boy there is so much makeup. The only thing that is helping me narrow down my makeup choice is that I'm trying to make my makeup bag cruelty free. I'm thinking of getting NARS foundation, but that is so fancy. I don't think I am fancy enough for that!

The other day I spent the day in London and oh boy it was just so Christmassy. The lights and the buskers and the Christmas markets, ah it was just all so lovely! And just to top things off I went to Honest Burger, and everything was gluten free! Even the onion rings! Onion rings are never gluten free, I could have even got a gluten free beer. Shame neither of use were eighteen yet. Apologies for the poor quality of photos, I am very much lacking in photos at the moment. 

My mocks are over and Christmas holidays are so close but ah man, I really messed up my English mock. I was looking at the hour hand rather than the minute hand and thought I had loads of time and was so shocked, but turns out I had wasted fifteen minutes faffing about, so continued to spend a few more minutes stressing out and subsequently wrote an awful essay for an amazing essay question. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't applying for English at uni, everyone will judge me for this awful grade when usually I never perform so poorly! The other mocks were equally as bad but oh I just feel so annoyed at the English mock, but as everyone says 'they're only mocks'. Oh! And to top things off, I completely forgot all important page numbers in the book and pretty much had to reconstruct fragments of quotes I remembered, I Just hope I got the quotes roughly right. 

At least it's all over and Christmas is so soon! For the record, all the pictures are so blurred that this is the only acceptable photo I could. An amazing photo, I know. 


  1. London looks so christmassy ahh, I'll be up on Friday so I'm excited to see all the lights! I'm sure your grade for the english mock won't be as bad as you think either, just think of the christmas holidays ahead haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. Also that drink in the jar looks really yummy!

  3. I hope your mock results are good, I'm sure you were amazing!! love the christmassy vibes, merry xmasssss xox

  4. I'm sure you'll get wonderful grades in your mocks and I'm sure you did a lot better in English that you think. I'm going to London on xmas eve with my boyfriend and I honestly can't wait. Unfortunately I haven't felt amazingly christmassy like I normally do around this time of year so I'm hoping a trip to London will definitely get me in the mood. I hope you have a wonderful xmas. This post was lovely libby 🎅🏻❤️ xx

    t a b i t h a //

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  6. I hope you did well on your mocks. I just discovered your blog, and I am absolutely stunned I haven't seen it before because 1) it's so nice 2) we've been blogging around the same amount of time. You definitely gained a followers!

    Happy New Year!

    Christina Madeleine/


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