To Fill In A Gap Year

23 July 2017

I find it strange trying to look for a job to fill my gap year, because there are quite a few opportunities. However, many of which I am not qualified for, or have a sense of 'but what if I actually get that job'. Like there is an internship at Lazy Oafs, which I would never get because I don't meet the requirements, but you know when its like but what if I did actually get that internship, I'd be screwed. A lot of websites that I have read, regarding how to fill a year out, encourage spending your gap year doing something that will boost your future. However, since I have no idea what my future entails, or what I even hope for my future to include, this is pointless advice. I am also very aware that I had high hopes for my gap year such as getting back into textiles and creating things again, and writing more and all that stuff but I don't know. Just all these things, but am I actually going to do them? Who knows.

It's also weird looking for jobs because I have no clue what route to take. Do I go for retail, an office, where do I go! I am thinking retail though, everyone says I will hate it, but I hate when people just tell me those sort of things. although they are probably right it doesn't make it any less irritating and at the end of the day money is money and that is what I want. I think I feel very estranged from my gap year at the moment though. All my friends are enjoying summer before university, I feel like I am part of that jolly despite in my head my jolly lasting longer as I regard a gap year as more fun than uni. Although university is fun, so I've been told, taking a year out to actually figure university courses out and get money and be free from exams also seems fun. Also slightly boring though, but I am sure boredom will just make me appreciate university more. I also feel very distant from my working girl self, as I have lost my CV and have not yet written a new one. It is on the agenda for tomorrow, but looking at jobs never provides much panic (yet) as I am CV-less, therefore I can't criticise myself for not applying, as it would be impossible.

I get uncomfortable to post these ramblings ever since people I know became aware of my blog. Annoying. It's not even like I can tell people not to read it as who could resist that. I don't know. It is all very strange. Or maybe I am just very tired. Or maybe I just keep my blog drafts as some form of diary. Maybe I will start keeping a diary.

This post was meant to be about my travels with my friends. I went to Amsterdam, Budapest, Berlin and Barcelona. However, I feel I can not write an entire post on my travels. Looking back on my trip I get frustrated at all the wasted time and all the things I didn't see. Plus some days were filled with feeling unwell due to migraines and coeliac attacks. It was a fun trip though, but boy oh boy was I grateful to come home in the end.


  1. ahhh Libby this post is literally me (even the holiday, which we essentially replicated–with Croatia instead of Barca). The gap year feels empty and kinda terrifying atm for me, like I've got all this time to fill and no idea how to fill it but then not enough time to do the things I was supposed to be re-doing (like reading, drawing, journalling etc). I too am in the job hunt but like what? where? ah well, it'll be a learning curve for us both–if ya ever wanna share gap year stresses hmu, i'd love to hear from someone who's going through the same thang (as all my friends are going to uni too) xx

  2. Although I was considering a gap year, I'm actually still heading to uni in September. Its totally okay to not know what you wanna do though, maybe just spend the time trying to figure it out yano? Theres certainly no rush! I work in retail currently, and although its not the most amazing job and certainly not something I'd want to do full time, its money like you say, and its not always bad. Hope you find something soon girlie!

    Lucie | Forever September

    1. Ah thanks Lucie!! I'm on the job hunt but realised I had been handing out the wrong CV and I dropped my phone down the loo so good luck to anyone who tries to contact me, although I doubt they would considering the CV I handed out. But oh well! Whatever happens happens! x

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