Unicorn Top

11 April 2014

For ages I've wanted a top with a unicorn on it, then on Christmas I finally got one, but I haven't shown you guys it yet! I wear it all the time so I'm surprised I didn't show you!

I got it off eBay [here] and at first I got an XL I think, because I like baggy, but it's one of those tops that's baggy but like the bigger size you get the longer it gets rather than wider, if that makes sense? Anyway we swapped it and got this size instead, but I'm not sure what size it is.
When I first got it I planned on tucking it in to my high wasited jeans/disco pants (even though I don't have any disco pants) but I usually just wear it untucked. It is nice tucked it, but you when you go to tuck in a top that's too long and it goes all weird and bulky? It does that, but you can fix it, it's just quite the chore!

I like the pink colour of the top and think it will look perfect with a tan.
I think in summer I might wear it as a dress, since it is so long, with a pair of short shorts underneath just in case. I'm not sure if it will be long enough, but with a pair of shorts underneath it will be fine I reckon.
At the moment though I usually leave it loose over a pair of leggings or jeans, sometimes I tuck it in if I can be bothered. It is a bit long, but if you roll up the sleeves it looks fine I'm note sure why it just makes the top seem kinda shorter, in my opinion!

Today I wore it with my Joni jeans from Topshop, they're so comfy, I basically live in Joni Jeans.
I paired it with my black New Balances, which are again so comfy, I feel like I'm walking on a cloud! And black socks with glitter round the edges from Primark :)

Accessory wise I wore a gold necklace with little triangles on (as you can see on the pictures) which is from Urban Outfitters a veeery long time ago, but you can buy something similar in Primark now!:) I also wore my anklets, as you can see, which are from Menorca but they're more of a thing I wear all the time so this piece of information is kind of pointless...
You can't really see my bracelets, but on my nails I'm wearing my pastel pink scented shade from Models Own, I can't be bothered to get up and find the actual name of it but there's a post about it here, with a Barry M textured pink nail varnish on top which has little flecks of gold in it which you can't really see from the picture. To see the actually nail varnish I'm talking about, I was going to give you a link but I can't find when I brought it, and to be honest I'm going through my old posts and cringing a lil bit, it wasn't even that long ago! Well to be fair I'm cringing at the state of the pictures more than the content, then again I'm not even reading the content, I'd probably cringe just as much!

The ring on top left...your left I think..basically the one with the stone, was from Menorca too and was only like 1 euro, I think! It was really cheap, and the gold and black ring are both from Camden, it was such a good deal, five of these rings for £2! Finally, the Coco Chanel ring I just found lying round my house.. I cant decide whether I like it or just think it's chavvy, but I think I like it..

I really want more types of tops like this, I might order more off eBay or get one similar in Camden, since I'm going soon and I think last time I saw similar stuff. But yeah I love the unicorn and think it's so cute, and it goes with a lot. Also it's casual but once you've rolled up the sleeves, I feel like it looks perfect!
Where are some of your guys favourite places to shop? I really need some more ideas, also somewhere that still wears disco pants!? I had another question for you guys and now I can't remember...oh well! Thanks for reading and see you soon :)x


  1. Hey beauty you have a really nice blog :)And I love your new post =)
    Regards from Bosnia ♥

  2. I love this outfit! i've just followed your blog via GFC and i can't believe i havent read it before, so looking forward to reading more of your posts x It would be great if you could maybe follow back xx

    Sarah | http://morrallofthestory.blogspot.co.uk


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