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22 June 2014

I have completely messed up my blogging schedule! I mean to post every Sunday an outfit thing and a Wednesday as just a little mid week thing, however I have not been sticking to this recently. I think what I need is to buy a diary and have posts saved in drafts and all that malarkey, because I want to tick to a schedule so I can blog more and then if I have an idea tow rite something I can save it in my drafts, pop it in my diary when to post it then upload it at a later date, but I always forget about my things in the drafts!

However I have been quite busy these past few weeks, but after this week I will be back for good. Also today is another outfit post but I promise you I will have something different uploaded Wednesday and I will stick to a schedule! I'll find a day after school to go buy a diary :)

Okay so today I actually really liked my outfit, I think it looks better without the flannel shirt on top, but I wore it anyway because
1) I was going to be eating therefore Id bloat and used the flannel to hide this fact
2) I didn't actually realise it looked better without the flannel till I got home

 I really like this outfit though and will definitely wear it again. The t-shirt is so comfortable and can go with so many things, I think I might buy a few more! I was nervous in it though because I did do a bit of walking then go to my friends house and I was BOILING and I was worried you could see my sweat patches, but I was all good. I think next time if I'm doing anything 'big' or something I wont wear the flannel, but wearing it helps me to dress it down. Also in the pictures I'm not wearing my shoes properly because I couldn't be bothered, but I'm mad because I love these shoes so much but gosh darn blisters! Even though in the pictures you cant see my face (one day I will take the perfect outfit picture) I just done this tiny smokey eye eye shadow thingy which I keep doing recently because I really like it at the moment and a lil flick. I also wore my Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in shade 101, Ill try and find a picture for y'all. I couldn't find a picture, but it just gave this outfit a burst of colour.
I remember in Easter I found the best summer eye shadow makeup and now I cant remember what I done at all and I'm so mad because it was so pretty and natural and I cant remember it at all now!

Shirt/Flannel: Topshop [old]{similar here} x | x
{I have no idea what these things even are but I love them}
Necklace (circle and triangle one): Urban Outfitters. [probs my fave necklace atm, it makes every plain outfit so complete!]
T-Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
As I'm lying in bed writing this I can already feel I have two bites and they're so itchy; I hope there's no more. But that's it for today guys, I will come back more regularly soon. :)


  1. love the triangle necklace!xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, the main long one is one necklace but looks like two, and I love it so much but oh my god it gets so tangled and knotted!x

  3. Love this outfit! I'm obsessed with crop tops and checked shirts so this outfit is perfection ♥ Like your hair as well

    1. Ahh thank you! I'm starting to really like checked shirts too, but I only have one and have spent all my money on other summery things!x

  4. I love this outfit it is awesome!


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