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8 June 2014

Helloo! I think I might start doing a monthly wishlist, but I'm not sure. I just always want so many things.

Also I've been on the Zara website, where I never usually look, but I am loving it! Although I have been waiting to see the tops and stuff and I was about to get really mad that all they seemed to have was dresses and jumpsuits till I realised that's what I clicked on to look at...

|  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  looks like I missed out a 5  |  6  |  7 |  8  |

I really need to check out Zara TRF more often, there was loads I liked! Looking through the website again to find the links (I forgot to the first time gosh dang) I found so many more clothes I liked! I definitely need to go shopping. Some of their stuff is quite girly and I'm not a very big girly girl clothes wise, but some of them were just too cute!
I really like 2 and 7, but feel like they would both be quite hard to wear bra wise, since number 2 has little holes in it and 7 has such a low neck. With a bandeau though, I reckon they'd be okay.
Number one I just though was a really cute, girly top and I like the thrills, but I'm not sure what it could be worn with. Most of my trousers are blue or black, and I feel like neither of these colours would go very well, I feel like you would need a white pair. Or a white flowey skirt would be so pretty! I might check and see if they have any other colours which would be easier to pair with my wardrobe.
Although I have quite a few summer shirts, I just thought number 6 was adorable and could be worn with skinnies or high waisted shorts or mom jeans or anything!

For ages I've wanted a pair of ripped jeans, either skinny or baggy. I tried to rip a pair of boyfriend jeans I hardly ever wear to see if ripped jeans would suit me. However when you rip them yourself you don't get the threads going across which I really like and it didn't really go according to plan. Also, the jeans rest on my hips, and I have literally no tops to wear with jeans that rest on my hips, plus they rest really weirdly. They're just a little too big and slip so you can see my underwear which isn't the type of look I'm going for!
However, number 8 are just so nicely ripped and the perfect pair of jeans in my opinion, plus they're high waisted! I think I would prefer a more acid wash pair of ripped jeans, but i really like this pair!

3 is just a cool top that could go with anything in my opinion and 4 is a playsuit. I spent ages of last year and the year before looking for a playsuit and when I finally mentally convinced myself that I don't really need a playsuit. I've found two in one year! I don't know if I would get a second playsuit since I don't wear the this one very often, but who knows! I like the pattern and design on this one and again, perfect for summer!

I really want to get a maxi or midi skirt for summer but only a cheap one because I don't know if I'd wear it much, but I just want a plain one and most of Primarks have patterns! I wish they had a website so i didnt actually have to go out, but it must be done so I can fill my wardrobe with summer clothes. Even though my birthday stash of money is kind of rapidly declining..


  1. I love no. 1, 2 and 4. Super pretty!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. Me too! I never go to Zara really though and I have no idea why! All their clothes are so lovely, sometimes a little bit pricey but always such good quality!x

  2. Cute picks! The top at 6 is really pretty! :)

    1. I know write! I Just think it's so perfect for summer but I'm not too sure what you could pair it with, if it was a little bit shorter/cropped though I can think of so many outfit ideas!x

  3. lovely blog, followed x


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