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29 March 2015

(I wrote this about a week ago- I am very sorry for my absence from my blog)

Wow Libby where have you been? Well friends, I've had a pretty hectic week. Except it's not actually hectic just kind of extremely draining and I don't have the mental stability to do anything apart from sleep. It's Easter soon though and hopefully I'll write posts, except it's not even that I don't have posts, I just  can't be bothered to add the pictures and stuff because my laptop is so bloody slow. I thought I fixed it, I have definitely spent in total over six hours trying to fix it, it worked bormally once and is still incredibly slow. I can't ask for a new one though any time soon because I owe my mum a lot of money. So I'm stuck with this laptop that takes over half an hour to turn on or off and crashes fairly regularly and let's not even mention the amount of time it takes for me to turn on the safety thingies before I can even use it. I wish I was exaggerating. I know, I know 'be grateful you have a laptop' and trust me I am. But want to hear the sad truth? And when I say truth I honestly, hand on heart mean this that my laptop makes me so fricking happy, when my parents got it for me I don't think they realised how much in desperate need I was of one as a way to escape. Lame I know. I could go into depth but nah. And now, the fact my buddy hardly even works frustrates me immensely because I can't do any of things I used to enjoy like blog or go on tumblr or shop or what not without having to wait twelve years for it to load. Hopefully though, after my GCSE's I can get a job and start saving up towards a laptop, wahooo. That wahoo sounds sarcastic, but it's not, I feel like it would appear less sarcastic if I put an exclamation mark but sometimes a singular exclamation mark just seems so hmm I don't know how to put into words. One of my favourite things is using too many exclamation marks though, honestly if we were ever to have a conversation over text it would be !!!! Galore.

I would link you to these things but I don't have the mental stamina to wait for the new tabs to load
Top- Asos
New Balances- Asos (mens)
I'm writing this on the notes in my phone, and I know I actually have this outfit post on my laptop but I'm having quite a good time writing this. I'll tell you about a different outfit instead, this outfit made me feel pretty hardcore. I wore it to a school revision session, but I feel like with a fair of dark lipstick, a beanie or bowler hat, or maybe no lipstick actually, with my vagabonds I could like so punk rock. To try and hide the fact I'm actually probably the one of the lamest people you'll ever meet. I think the fact I'm wearing ripped jeans helps me feel hardcore too. It's just a really simple outfit but I love wearing an oversized top of ripped jeans, makes me feel like a skater boy to be honest. I paired it with my trustworthy New Balances, I practically live in these and then the other day I ventured out. I wore these pink trainers that I got like three years ago the other day (pink trainers, I know how it sounds, but they're actually adorable) and I've been wearing my black cut out boots more recently as well. Let me tell you though, I walk a lot, and these boots give me blisters and sure 'no pain no gain' but let's be honest why would you suffer from blisters if you didn't have to.

Showing off them rips.
I FEEL LIKE THIS POST WILL NEVER BLOODY BE UPLOADED I HAVE BEEN WAITING 26 MINUTES FOR MY PICTURES TO OPEN WHY IS MY LAPTOP SO BLOODY SLOW. You know what, how cares about ediditng pictures. Who cares. Its been seventy years I am done waiting for these pictures to load they just wont get edited. Sorry for the quality.

Shoutout to my photographer of the day who took these pictures for me because she's a true homie xoxoxo


  1. Wow that photographer though

    -LF :')

  2. i love reading your posts they are so funny and relatable!! Cute outfit tooooo x

    1. Oh my god thank you you're so sweet! I love your blog though so much, awh man that's so sweet coming from you, thank you!! x


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