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18 April 2015

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't post last week, I had no internet, although thats not really a valid reason because I probably wouldn't have posted anyway because I haven't done anything interesting with my life. Today though, was the first day in the holidays where I went out with a friend rather my family, huzzah! Is that how you spell it? I dont know. It was pretty sunny and I got this dress around winter time, I remember because I got it as part of the Black Friday Sale on Lazy Oafs website and it was basically a double sale because the dress was in the sale..and then I used a sale code to get more money off. Bargain queen over here.

Paired with my trustworthy docs, also Im trying to show you all the space this dress has so you can get a rough idea of how much it flows
I realised mid taking outfit pictures (before my camera rudely ran out of battery) that my tights had a little hole in them, but to be honest I figured I could get away with it. Add to my 'edge' and seem grungey. Okay earlier when I was thinking about that I phrased it so well in my head and was like ooh include that in my blog post after but I can't remember what I said and now it just seem slame. Oh well. Want to hear probably one of the best things about this dress? IT HAS POCKETS which was actually very useful because I put my phone in one and ipod in the other to use as a weight to keep the dress down because this is one flowy dress. And by that I mean, as I ran down the stairs it was fluttering around me (i tried to take a picture of me spinning so you could see how majestic it could be but my camera ran out of battery whilst i was twirling and i twirled for ages because i was waiting to hear the click then I realised) and I felt like a princess but then as I was waiting outside for my friend to pick me up it completely flew up. and when i say completely I mean even some of my tummy was shown because theres nothing tight on this dress so the thing just blew up and it kept happening so I had to stand with it slightly in between my legs. Then as I was walking around town with my friend random gusts of wind would occur and woah man, I was living on edge. 

I put a star on top of my head because I am a star xoxo, also because my hair looked disgusting but I LIKED THE PICTURE OF MY DRESS (I didnt mean to put that in caps but then it made me laugh because its as if I'm angrily shouting that at you when really it was just meant to be a gentle comment)
In town I had a set list of things to buy. I brought two of the five things. I wanted to buy a specific type of sock from Topshop, but of course the tiny Topshop didn't have them (I was going to look in Primark for socks but we couldn't be bothered), sunglasses from H&M (which are super nice and I really hope I do find them because I need them for summer because my pair are ugly and I'm not sure what came over me when I brought them, although I did see some nice pairs in Topshop but this H&M pair is beautiful I must find them)(too bad I probably wont leave the housOptionse for another ten years again)(maybe I'll get my mum to buy them), a foundation (Which I did get but had to give to my mum for her to give to me as a present for my bdizzle), a pot to put my groovy new cactus in (I could only get a collection of five pots from WIlkos-it was quite stressful) and some mini elastic hairbands which I couldn't find anywhere, but i really need to be cause i like to do little plaits in my hair and i need mini elastic hairbands to do that, I like to embrace my inner mermaid. The grammar in that sentence is appalling sorry. I also got my rook pierced today! Man, I  really need to plan what I'm going to do for my birthday this year- does anyone have any ideas what I could do? Thank you for reading and I will see you soon!

Actually before I go I would just like to say 'Talk To Me' by Lauren Aquilina has been stuck in my head all day and you should listen to it because her voice is amazing its a little bit sad though. Also, anyone got any book recommendations!?

Little Update&A Little Chat | Ramblings

5 April 2015

Oh my god I wrote a blog post last night super late and I just read over it and it's such a train wreck oh my word. Anywho. Friends! Hello! I have a mini life update for you. Sort of. We'll see what happens.
This reminds me I wanted to do a post about my glasses. I really need to look and see what I want for my birthday. Man. This desk is almost as messy as my life.  Why is this so grainy.
Firstly, I have a new laptop! Well, technically its not 'new', its my Dads old one, but he needs to get a new one for his work so I have his old one and oh my God I forgot how it felt to have a working laptop. The letters are appearing straight away when I type them not ten years later! So that means I should be more active, although I do have my GCSE's coming up, but now that I have a laptop that works fast it means I can use it during breaks and stuff and yeah. I'm so excited I've missed blogging so much. Although I need to transfer pictures onto here and that will take a while because I'll have to wait for my old laptop to do that but oh well, a new laptop! I dont know when I'll have a proper post for you guys, within the next week definitely, its just for now I don't want to get blog pictures on this laptop till it's properly mine because this little space is still a secret.

I really want to tell my Mum though because it is so much easier to take outfit pictures when you have a buddy and then I can be less secretive with my pictures and all and be more adventurous with my camera, but not yet. I'll wait till after GCSe's I think. In case you wondering. Hmm, what else is new in my life. To be honest, a lot has been going on but now I cant think of much, or a lot of it is personal which I don't mind telling you guys because I feel like we're old pals, but there's always the what if an in real life person reads my blog. Oh god. Part of me really wants to promote my blog though and be like on instagram 'new post!!' or twitter-but I'm not a twitter person  and my instagram isn't a cool instagram. Its literally just pictures of me. Maybe one day when I become cool I'll have an instagram for my blog.

In other news, it's my birthday soon and I have no idea what I want. Well thats a lie, I do (I need a denim skirt, honestly I have ten million outfit ideas that all require a denim skirt) but I just have no time to internet browse and think about it really. I love internet shopping though, but it bugs me a lot how I have all these outfit ideas in my head and can never find what I want. I really want to go to the Topshop in Oxford Circus because my mum and sister went the other day and said in the boutique part they found loads of things I would like but alas I am lazy and cant be bothered to go all the way to Oxford Street at the moment. I'm thinking though just get a few things for my birthday then after GCSEs I can go shopping to Oxford street. I also really want a suede skirt, but they're also in topshop oxford circus. I cant type on this laptop my fingers aren't used to the keyboard my spelling is atrocious.

I wanted to tell you guys my prom story (not really a story more just whats on my mind) but I typed it all up in a post ages ago and then deleted the post darn tootin. Oh wait actually hang on I think I can find it. Why am I telling you to hang on. This wont affect your timing.

Basically, my prom story. I found a prom dress I really liked! Well actually, two except okay STORY TIME. I saw this lilac dress and long story short I was like 'ah nice' but I didn't know my friend wanted a lilac dress and everyone else did and when I showed one of my friends they were like 'oh but doesn't so and so want a lilac dress' and I was all 'oh really!?' So I sent a picture of it to my friend and was like I think I may get this and long story short she was like yeah it's nice ngl I was thinking of getting lilac but I can get another colour. Personally I didn't  see the issue with wearing the same colour especially because I have a feeling our dresses would be completely different style. But then I got thinking and realised firstly, my friend is stunning like she's an absolute goddess, would I really want to wear the same colour as her? Would lilac even suit me, I'd need a spray tan and risky. Also, prom means a lot more to her than it does to me and she's obviously wanted lilac for a long time if lots of people knew and I don't want to take that away from her especially when I didn't even want lilac, well I didn't not want it. I just saw the dress and thought 'nice'. Then, I showed my mother and she said how it was nice but thinks dark colours would suit me more yadda yadda, even though everyone else said light would look nice on me with my hair. Nice and summery was the term used. then one of my home bros said she couldn't really imagine me in a colour, like either white or black. Then low and behold I was looking again and I found the black dress and man, I want it so bad, but they only have one size that's way too big. In fact they don't even have it anymore. I'm praying they get more stock.
Anyone know where I can get a prom dress or any idea what they think might look good on me? That sounds so self centred woah like TELL ME WHAT WOULD LOOK NICE ON ME but I meant it in a genuine give me advice way.
See the thing is, I wasn't even that bothered about prom, then the other night (my phone just autocorrected night to boggy?? It could not have been more wrong) I couldn't sleep and I just got really excited. Now I feel determined to find a dress and can't stop looking, even though I've looked basically everywhere and just need to wait for new stock and that I'm being completely irrational by look every day, I can't stop! I know how I want my hair though. That's one thing. Also I was thinking, I'm going to need a clutch bag right? Like I can't just have a normal bag with me and I'll need something to hold my stuff. But clutch bags just seem so annoying to me, plus I get really sweaty hands (tmi sorry) I would probably just keep dropping it! We'll probably not. Actually, I'd probably either keep dropping it because I'd forget about it or just cling onto it for dear life the whole night. I think clutch bags look really nice though, but I feel like I don't have the temperament  to handle one. Maybe I'll just find a friend that's a boy and slip my phone into his blazer.

WHY ISN'T THAT IN THE RIGHT FONT GOD DAMN IT. Wahey got the right font, coding genius right here. Anyway guys, I would love to stay and chat but I feel very odd right now and just need to get into my pajamas I think, Im going to watch the Imitation Game, I have so many TV series to catch up on this easter though, my holiday is just full of revision and TV series really.I made a revision timetable thing but I'm not sticking to it which is annoying and tomorrow I wont get much done because it;s my sisters birthday and were going into London, but maybe Ill wake up early. Who knows. If anyone else is revising at the moment and has some good tips, please let me know!

Sorry for my absence guys, I hope you all had a marvellous easter though and I'll see you soon! AH man I can blog later too and read posts.Crazy Sunday night. 
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