Vagabonds, Watches and Generic Chatter

22 February 2015

Quickly, two things I just have to get off my chest. I'm wearing exactly the same clothes as yesterday. The only difference is the underwear. I think this is a sign I need to get out more often because these are my only clean comfy clothes left. Secondly, I just wrote an entire blog post about shoes (it was absolutely terrible the part about shoes) and then it turned into me talking about all the work I have to do and it was just the bizarrest stream of consciousness I've ever written. So, I'm trying again. 

Reach out and...touch 
Okay firstly we're discussing watches, this was meant to happen later on in the post but I'm rearranging things. That sounds so vain, but I couldn't think of a smooth transition. I love this watch so much, I love maps of the world because, okay me being superficial again, I think they're so pretty. However, not to get too deep inside my own brain here or anything but I find it kind of weird to look at because like, that's the world. That's my entire universe as far as I'll ever know really, kind of. I don't know how to explain. Okay I'll stop.
Please excuse my fading henna. Also, I just realised I haven't said where my watch is from, its from Urban Outfitters.
On the topic of watches, the other day my friend sent me a picture of two watches and asked which one she should get and oh my god I loved those watches, I want one. There were two that she showed me a pink and a purple one, i preferred the purple one so i told her but you know when you see something and it is just a person. Well, its not obviously but the pink watch was honestly my friend in watch form, I could not find an accessory to represent her better, and then she got it and I was just blown away because it looks so adorable and perfect on her. Part of me wanted her to get the purple one so that I had a reason not to get it so I could stop lusting over it, but there is no reason for me not to get it now. I love it so much, the only reason not to is because who needs two watches? The answer to that is me though. I do. I need the watch I always wear and the purple watch. I need all the watches in the world.

Guess who found out a better way to edit pictures. Well at least I think so. Now the crap lighting in my house is less of an issue, hell yeah
The point of the original post was to talk about my Vagabonds which I got ages ago, but I don't think I ever showed you, but I want to, because I love them. Even though I don't wear them much. I'm already quite tall and these just add to my height. I never used to understand how heels made your legs look better, but when I first wore these I understood. Once I was wearing them though and my sister said to me I didn't know how to walk in heels, and I was so offended and I haven't worn them since. I'm kidding. Well, I haven't worn them for ages, but that's not the reason. or maybe it is subconsciously and I don't realise it. There isn't really a reason why except I rarely properly go and require such fancy footwear because I'm just going to someones house. I usually stick with my New Balances (comfiest shoes ever 10/10 would recommend) or my docs. I decided, during the writing of the other mess of a post, that in summer I'm going to try and wear more shoes rather than sticking with my usual pairs because I have quite a lot of summer foot attire and I need to wear them. I'm too comfortable in my New Balances, I need to step out my comfort zone. Literally. I dont even know if that works as a pun god what am I.

Why are my legs purple??
I also had an awakening earlier. I was stalking someone on Bloglovin', seeing who they followed because I want more blogs to follow and I'm never really sure how to find any so I usually just look to see who other people follow. Then I saw my blog on there (nice one) and I realised how atrocious my pictures are. You know on Bloglovin' you see the pictures from the persons most recent three posts, well I saw mine and  I was disappointed in myself, like come on Libby up your game. I have a good camera (albeit I need more batteries) the only thing stopping me from having good pictures is myself. Deep. I generally look at peoples pictures to decide if I click on someones blog, shallow I know, and I have standards, and I don't even meet my own standards. How can I be such a hypocrite? So, moral of the story, I'm going to try and up my picture game. That's why I rearranged my post to talk about my watch first because that was my favourite picture from this post. Sneaky. Well not really because I've told you now but still.

How did this happen how did I end up talking about that. Oh well. I was meant to do all my homework today. I didn't. Now I'm just sitting here mad at myself but still doing nothing about it. I think I'm going to go and do my english an finish my chemistry. Adios friends, see you soon!

Anna And The French Kiss | Book Review

18 February 2015

Hey guys! So today, after a very strange morning where I found out that someone had used a picture off my blog pretending to be me (I was vaguely flattered but the whole context of the situation was very distressing because there's too much to say but let me tell you it was not normal and very peculiar) I came home from a revision session with the ambition to do more revision, but instead, I read. I brought the book 'Anna and The French Kiss' on my kindle for £2 and I was completely hooked.

The title does not do it justice but I got it after all my friends were raving about it. I'm a bit ashamed to say its very stereotypical, the new girl falls in love with the cute guy that everyone loves and behold he's even got a British accent. Except, despite it being o typical, it's actually pretty amazing. I was hooked and could not put it down. I was so disappointed when I turned the page and it was the acknowledgements, I knew it was the end but I wanted it to carry on. It's not a deep book or anything like a 'you have to read this in your lifetime' but it is a very enjoyable read and very entertaining, I'll probably end up reading it again to be honest.

I would include a quote from the book but none really popped out to me. Cute/memorable things were said but nothing that made me 'woah'
Sorry, I don't really have much to say about this book other than its entertaining and very teenage girl and typical romance. There was one part which I found so cute that I gasped and threw my iPad across my bed, you know the drill when something cute happens between people you want to get together, then I spent approximately ten minutes choking on my saliva. Attractive, I know. Sometimes the way the author wrote kind of got on my nerves but that was near the beginning, later on in the book I was too engrossed to care. Also, I've noticed recently, people in books aree so witty and sarcastic, it would take me ten years to come up with something that comedic. It annoys me. I want to be that witty, instead I just come up with lame comments every now and then which resemble anything but wit.

Whilst we're all here, fellow British people using blogger, how bloody annoying is it when it doesn't let you type the English way?! Like for gods sake stop underlining my words and think I've made a mistake I'm right! There is a u in colour! It's spelt cosy not cozy! Gosh darnit blogger. Also, when it stays a word is spelt incorrect and the only options it gives you are words which are completely different to the word you wanted to spell. It kept happening to me the other day and I was getting so frustrated, I cant remember the word but oh my god I was ready to email Google and tell them to stop being so ridiculous with their spelling recommendations. Wait no, I've got one, it never lets me say disappointed, and I'm pretty sure that's a real word, it always underlines and the only recommended word is 'disappointing'. Get your shit together blogger. 

Groovy Flower Jumper | Outfit

15 February 2015

I wasn't sure what to title this. I have spent three hours trying to fix my laptop. I've been avoiding using it recently because it takes so long to do everything, so this morning I deleted things, moved files sorted things out and after the most frustrating three hours of my life; my laptop has only slightly increased in speed. Oh well, on the up side, I have sorted out all my files and got rid of things and put stuff onto a memory stick (which I think I may need to upgrade because it doesn't have much memory, its cute though-its a penguin) and I feel oddly very relieved now that my laptop is more organised. I also found quite a few outfit post pictures which I never posted which is good because outfit posts are my favourite but by the time I'm dressed and ready to go out, the lighting is too bad to take pictures, but now I have these to fall back on. 
Old room throwback, man the lighting in there was so much better than this room. Also sweet jesus my skin has gone so downhill since then. I covered up my feet because some people are weird about bare feet and once someone asked my friend to send them pictures of their feet and I'm not down for that foot fetishes terrify me.
Jumper-?? somewhere in Australia I assume
Jeans- Topshop
This jumper actually belongs to my sister who lives in New Zealand, so I have no way of wearing it anymore but when she was home I absolutely adored it. I like the shape of these types of jumpers and recently I've been tucking jumpers into my mom jeans to get this sort of shape, its a very..nineties vibe I think? Not this outfit particularly but tucking jumpers in to mom jeans, I'm not sure if I mean nineties or some other era. I don't know, recently I just keep trying to model my outfits around Saved By The Bell, the other day I decided to watch it on youtube and man I forgot how much I loved it. But yeah, I've tucking jumpers into mom jeans but I need more vintage/rugged looking jumpers I feel, loads of peoples just wear their Dads but the only clothes my Dad has are plain tops from Primark, and some funky shirts from Next (which I chose, A* daughter over here). Speaking of funky shirts, I really want some of the types of shirts they wore in saved by the bell, I need to go to Camden or something.

The jumper was like embroidery kind of.. I don't know how to explain.
The purple ring is from my Father, I'm not sure where from and the other two are from Camden.
How do I keep going off topic. Then again, I don't really have much to say about this outfit. My mom jeans are an old classic, super comfortable. I thought all mom jeans were as comfy as these but mine aren't really tough denim and recently ice been wearing my other sisters pairs because she's at uni so shes not going to wear them and its as shame to make them go to waste and they're more of a thick denim and I never realised how lucky i was for choosing such a soft original pair of mom jeans. And the jumper is adorable, who doesn't love a bit of pink! I keep coming up with totally irrelevant things to put in this post as they pop into my head. I've probably written about ten pages and now I need to go back and delete half my ramblings.

This post is hardly even about this outfit.
Oh well.

I plan on writing a post every day this week so when I'm back at school I can be on a roll. Less than three months till my first exam woah. Now I need to go an revise. But I'll probably just blog. No I won't, I need some self control. Oh my god half of what I'm saying is so unnecessary what am I doing. 

Relieving Thoughts

9 February 2015

Hey guys! Man, I keep wearing this outfit which I really want you all to see, but recently I don't go out till the evening o by the time I'm dressed in my proper outfit the lighting is terrible. trust me though, you will see this outfit soon. This makes it seem like this is the only outfit I ever wear, I do have more than one outfit, but this is my true favourite at the moment.

This is proving to be a tougher post than I thought to write, and I'm not exactly sure why.

Okay, so I'm a fan of lists. I like to be able to see what I have to do and have it in physical form, because if its in my head I may forget something, or it will constantly be pestering me so I won't ever do anything properly because I will be thinking about my next task the whole time. However, I have found that once I'm on a roll with these lists, I either get carried away with one job or I don't finish everything then I get mad that I haven't finished. That's beside the point though, by following a list I often forget to do things I don't necessarily need to do for my education, but I need to do for myself.

Like many people, I have a messy mind with no structure. That's why lists come in handy, but I don't always express myself. Things build up inside there, creating more of a mess. It's important to relieve yourself though. I guess I'm trying to say, don't push yourself too hard. If school or work or anything is making you feel weak or broken, stop. Take a break. Write out everything your feeling in a diary. Draw. Scribble. Do something that relieves stress for you, but keep it separate from your work. That may just be personal though, but I like to keep everything separate. Hence the multiple notebooks.
I know, my art work on the Libby-Jade thing is beautiful. 8 year old me really knew how to be an artist.
Recently I have been doing that. I used to write in my diary quite regularly, talking to friends doesn't always seems too appealing. Plus I don't want a response, I just need to write everything I'm thinking out because then its as if I'm tidying my brain, I guess? I also have begun drawing again. I forgot how much I loved it. I'm no professional or anything at all but I enjoy it a lot. Since I have been doing it as well, I'm not sure, its making me feel better. I also like creative writing, which I haven't done since god knows when.
You got my drawing book, my revision lists, my weekly reminder list up top next to my blogging notebook then oh look next to my phone my good ol' companion, my diary. Except I don't like calling it my diary, I just call it my companion to be honest. I'm so cool, I know. 
Just don't forget what you enjoy doing, or push it aside. It's all fun and games to watch films and stuff, but I don't know really. Just, stay creative. Everyone is creative and I feel like a lot of people stop doing things they enjoy that are creative. Do what you want, it doesn't matter how good you are. If you enjoy it do it. Be creative and don't let school make you think in one way only. Have opinions and feelings but don't contain them. Write a diary and let everything out. Draw or sing, just don't keep your thoughts and feelings prisoner. Let them be free. It will make you feel better.

I suppose the point in this is just to remind you guys that writing lists is helpful and doing what needs to be done is obviously important, but if you need a break take it and find positive ways to let yourself be free.

This is kind of a mess of a post, but I hope it makes sense? I hope you're all doing okay, and dont forget to do things you enjoy.
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