Christmas In Covent Garden

10 December 2016

I am having a nightmare trying to figure out what makeup to ask for for Christmas. It's time to splash out and get stuff I wouldn't usually honour myself with, but oh boy there is so much makeup. The only thing that is helping me narrow down my makeup choice is that I'm trying to make my makeup bag cruelty free. I'm thinking of getting NARS foundation, but that is so fancy. I don't think I am fancy enough for that!

The other day I spent the day in London and oh boy it was just so Christmassy. The lights and the buskers and the Christmas markets, ah it was just all so lovely! And just to top things off I went to Honest Burger, and everything was gluten free! Even the onion rings! Onion rings are never gluten free, I could have even got a gluten free beer. Shame neither of use were eighteen yet. Apologies for the poor quality of photos, I am very much lacking in photos at the moment. 

My mocks are over and Christmas holidays are so close but ah man, I really messed up my English mock. I was looking at the hour hand rather than the minute hand and thought I had loads of time and was so shocked, but turns out I had wasted fifteen minutes faffing about, so continued to spend a few more minutes stressing out and subsequently wrote an awful essay for an amazing essay question. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't applying for English at uni, everyone will judge me for this awful grade when usually I never perform so poorly! The other mocks were equally as bad but oh I just feel so annoyed at the English mock, but as everyone says 'they're only mocks'. Oh! And to top things off, I completely forgot all important page numbers in the book and pretty much had to reconstruct fragments of quotes I remembered, I Just hope I got the quotes roughly right. 

At least it's all over and Christmas is so soon! For the record, all the pictures are so blurred that this is the only acceptable photo I could. An amazing photo, I know. 

My Personal Wall

9 November 2016


Since taking this photo my wall has developed a bit, but I just needed a picture and liked this and thought it was relevant because its a part of my wall full of memories and is super personal as is this blog! Well my blog isn't super personal but in some ways is. I had my driving theory test today and the man at the desk asked me what was on my nose and it has been a long time since I have had a nose piercing joke and I was going to say I was sick of them, but then he called me a rebel for having it. Anyone that knows me knows I'm the furthest thing from a rebel, and I found it pretty flattering he thought that. I passed my theory as well which was a relief because oh boy does hazard perception bore me. I'm getting my sisters old car (wahoo) and wanted to paint flowers on it over summer, but summer has been and gone and still no flowers.

I have progressed a lot since my last post and pretty much am already to send off my personal statement but ah! Scary stuff! I also need to do a last grammer check but I've read it so many times I doubt I'd realise if there were any mistakes. Its so hard trying to make it fit the character count, I've taken out loads of random words and just hope those little words weren't too important in making my point!

Sorry for not having any cool outfit posts at the moment, I haven't been rocking any good looks lately. I have just embodied the tired, moody stressed student look. Although I should try making an effort again more because (personally) I find wearing makeup much more enjoyable than not wearing makeup. Sometimes I see my reflection and am just shocked and even putting on my glasses as a form of hiding my face doesn't help! I really want to buy hats and colourful tights and coats but I spent all my money on my friends birthdays/Christmas the other day because Redbubble had 20% off and oh boy do I love Redbubble and want my friends to share my enthusiasm for it as well. I was going to get a Twenty One Pilots tshirt (who I am seeing on Sunday!!!) but decided not to be selfish and buy my friends presents instead. I am feeling some regret but trying to focus on fact that I have got my friends bangin presents and I have been dropping massive hints about this tshirt.

Why Must Personal Statements Be So Important

1 November 2016

IMG_0927 (1)
It's crazy how difficult A-Levels are. I know a lot of people go through them but my oh my it is tough! I'm meat to be writing my personal statement now and I forgot how much I enjoy this blog. And also, personal statement is so hard. I can't type how I type here because I want to appear professional and sophisticated but also need to sprinkle a bit of my personality in there and I am not sure how to do that. How am I meant to just 'sprinkle' my razzle dazzle. It's either all or nothing with me. Also, after much deliberation I've decided to apply for English literature. And, I'm not trying to victimise myself,  but I feel like an English literature personal statement is super hard because its trying to show off your writing skills, you really got to impress. 

Also the opening line of a personal statement. Lets be real, how am I meant to wow them. I was reading model personal statements online and just had to stop because I wanted to steal all their opening lines, plus they were all incredible and my writing ability is not up to that standard. That makes me nervous though, because what if I am just not up to English literature standard in general. What if everyone is there quoting Shakespeare and making jokes about classic authors I've never even heard of. If I get accepted into university, I will spend my entire summer reading so I can try and become a boffin. I want to impress people with my book knowledge. But I am super forgetful so I'd most likely end up embarrassing myself. 

Someone close to me found out about my blog the other day and I was like ah man I gotta get posting. So I am going to start. I say that in every blog post but blogging is such a good outlet and wonderful community. So..hello. I am actually back. I think I'm going to stop putting so much pressure on having good blog posts. In my head I imagine everyone laughing because my standards were so poor before, but I'll come here to ramble and stuff. No necessarily just outfits and makeup. Because I am mature now. All my friends are turning 18, meaning I'm friends with adults therefore I am practically an adult (crikey!!!!!!!!!!!!). Nah but I just mean not posting because I have no pictures. The picture I've used isn't relevant at all. Its a photo I took in summer of my dog after she finished sniffing the flowers. I suppose I could make it relevant, because dogs have no responsibilities and therefore they dont have to worry about writing an amazing 47 line document about how wonderful and impressive they are. I am not that wonderful or impressive, I think one of my most impressive qualities is that I am amazing at making popcorn on the hob and that I burp after every drink I have. Thats not even impressive just a fact about my life.

Anyway, see you guys soon. Good luck with personal statements and all that shitty school jazz. (Is it lame I just got so excited to be posting a blog post again and to catch up on all my friends blogs)(I dont actually really have any friend bloggers but there are some people who are my friend in my head)(and by some I mean lie 5749 people). 

Doomed Rainy Days

18 September 2016

Gosh, I forgot how hard I find it to take decent outfit pictures! I was trying to take these before I went to college the other day. I wanted to get in early because I started at 11 but wanted to get in around nine, but because of the horrific rain there was on Friday the buses were all over the place. I was going to wear a jumper because I have the perfect jumper for rainy days- it has a rain cloud on it with a lightning bolt coming out of it! But my mum said it was going to be hot-ish and I would boil in a jumper. This was false though, I was freezing my tits off all day. Although, I was prepared for the rain with my trusty red raincoat. 
top-Asos  |  skirt-Asos(similar)  |  raincoat-no idea  |  socks-Primark
I apologise for the grainness of my camera- it just never seems to work that well unless super close up. Or maybe it's just me.
I absolutely love Ragged Priest, I wish their clothes weren't so pricey. I really want their doom and gloom dress but I do not own £45 to spend on a dress at the moment. Well actually, I do but I'm just not willing to spend that much on a dress at the moment. Ragged Priest and Lazy Oafs are the reason for my low bank account, I tell ya! If only I was famous and could get sent things for free. 
It's Sunday today and I haven't had much homework, and I can't really revise because well, I could, but instead I have had the most relaxing Sunday. I've been doing some English work and going to do some wider reading for Classics in a bit, but I feel like I am finally a woman as I have watched both the Bridget Jones films. I am ready to see the third one. Everyone used to act shocked when they found I had never seen Bridget Jones, and although I like shocking people I also do love watching a typical girlie film and wooah buddy did I enjoy indulging into the life of Bridget Jones earlier. Have you seen the Bridget Jones films? I feel so ready to see the third one, even though from the trailer Renee Zellweger looks so different and I feel like I would spent a lot of time just thinking 'wow you've changed' also I was watching a trailer with her and it blew my mind that she's American in real life. 

I Am Back!

11 September 2016

I get so caught up with life that I forget to post. Not so much forget, but place priorities on other things and my blog gets pushed to the side, always a thing on my mind. I think one of the reasons for this is because I find it hard to make time to take photos and that is a big part of blogging. Loads of people with blogs love photography, but I prefer the writing part but obviously no one is going to want to look at a blog with no pictures (and I need pictures as well because I want to talk to you about my clothes, lets be real) but I am just so lazy when it comes to taking photos. Then this laziness adds to my blogging procrastination. 

However I have been hit with a burst of inspiration and blog ideas, but for now I just wanted to do a little update because I always enjoy writing these. SO!
You can't see here because I look a mess but my hair is pink again too! Wahoo!
I'm not really sure the chronological events of these things but I will try my best. I went to Reading festival again and had the best time ever. There's only so many things I can say without being boring but it was amazing. One of my regrets though is that I didn't realise till Sunday night how much I loved being on peoples shoulders, so I spent a lot of the time at acts on the floor when I couldd have been on shoulders. It's just so fun and if the crowd is a good one, it's so fun to see everyone going for the music. I just got slightly worried that I was going to crush people, but everyone was safe. Huzzah for strong people!

I was really excited to see Twenty One Pilots at Reading, but they had quite bad sound quality or something, either way I couldn't hear much but low and behold, they are touring! They sold out super fast but then another date came up on tablets rather than laptops and me and my friends managed to get them and ah! I am so excited! It's just annoying that loads of concerts are around October/November because I have mocks in December!

On the subject of exams, I also got my AS results this summer, I was happy with my results, apart from biology. I was going to keep it anyway and drop English lit because I hated English lit with a passion but then after the first day back at college I swapped back to English lit. I think one of the reason I hated it was because I didn't have a class that I bonded well with, not that they were mean but just, there wasn't much banter. And I didn't particularly warm to one of my teachers. But this year, I love my class (so far)(I have only had one lesson but I have a lot of friends in there and the person I revised English with is in my class and that makes me happy because now we can work together even more) and I love the teacher I have. I'm meant to be doing the coursework now but I just wanted to write a blog post more.

My only issue now is deciding what uni course I want to do, and unfortunately because I'm lazy I have hardly seen any unis and although open days are still happening, a lot happen on Saturdays and there is only so many days I can take off work! I really wanted to go see Nottingham but the open day was Friday which was the day of my first English lesson which I had to go to to talk to my teacher about my coursework plan. But there are some unis I feel safe not going to see because I know people that go there so can ask their opinion, or they're just loved by everyone in general.  What a stressful year ahead, am I right!

I know I have said this in every post recently but I feel this one in my bones, I think I will be able to get up more posts now I'm back at college. Yes there is a bigger work load but there is more structure to my days and woah, do I have a lot of frees in college now in which I can do work. Also, I have an ambition for this year to drink more water. Half of summer I was like the water goddess, I was fit and healthy and I am going to bring that me back. I love summer but oh boy was it busy. Anyway, adios friends, see you soon! Hope you have all had a goo start back to school/college/work!

Winnie The Pooh

18 August 2016

Hey guys, woah good luck everyone getting results today! I don't know if it's too late to say good luck because nothing can change now really (unless you get your papers remarked) but either way I hope you are all happy with your grades!! Exams feel so long ago, it's so annoying we have to wait so long for our grades, because I feel like the wait is so long that getting a grade we're not happy with just makes the massive buildup so unnecessary. I'm not sure if that makes sense.

Anyway, enough talk of exams right now, I'm making myself nervous. I'm glad results are found out in the morning though, imagine having to wait till like four o'clock to find out, I'd be a sweaty nervous wreck, I tell ya. 

At my work the other day everyone was saying how on Tuesday it was meant to be a massive heatwave, and in my head I was planning fun things to do with my friends for the hot weather, but I won't lie to you guys, it wasn't that hot. It wasn't cold, but my mental plan of being able to eat 57 fruit pastille ice lollies and not being judged because it was just so god damned hot didn't go through. I managed to get a magnum though. Summer makes me nervous because I am always down for an ice lolly or ice cream and in that aspect I'd say I'm a pretty good friend because I can't imagine anything more lonely than being in a group of friends and being the only one with an ice cream. I'd feel like such a loser if none of my friends were eating an ice lolly and I was just there slurping at a calypo. Do you see where I'm coming from? It would just be embarrassing and lonely. Also it's a really horrible feeling to be shut down by friends when asking if anyone wants an ice cream and everyone says no, then trying to be nice they say 'but you still get one!' like, excuse me that's not the way it works. And I don't need the sort of friends in my life that don't want ice cream in their life. Luckily Tuesday though I didn't have that issue, we all got ice creams and it was a great shout from me, if I do say so myself. 

I got a magnum and I had been craving one for ages, on Saturday I went to buy a magnum but my friend picked up some galaxy wannabe magnums, which were nice but lets be real. A magnum is a magnum and no type of wannabe will ever top a magnum. Okay, my rant about ice cream is over, but I just needed to get it off my chest. We also got a bunch of fruit, which was nice because although I was eating despite not feeling an ounce of hunger it was healthy food so it was all good and no regrets were felt. I discovered I like coconut. Well, not exactly like but not dislike. I wasn't expecting the texture.

These dungarees are my favourite thing ever at the moment. I don't really have much else to say about them because I don't have to say how great they are because can't you just tell! Although what you can't see is how many pockets there are and how deep they are, it is glorious. Anyway, I will see you all soon and I hope you have a good results day and a good weekend and a good everything!

Brick Lane Puchases

11 August 2016

me again
Well, I have no idea what I've been doing this summer but it sure has been busy. I went to Brick Lane yesterday with my friend, I always seem to go on days that the market isn't open, but woah buddy I still make some good purchases. If I do say so myself. Also for lunch we ended up in this little street food corner and I have no idea what the heck I ate, all I know is the corn bun was delicious and I love fried plantains. It was really messy to eat, sort of a burrito in a bun (I say sort of, it was hardly like that but pretty much- I would have taken a photo but it did not look appetising) but I had to eat it so fast because it was just all slippin out the bun. 

Every time I go to Brick Lane I end up somewhere new and yesterday I ended up in Rokit. It's the only shop we went to because we spent so much but it was with it. My aim was to get funky shorts (I had a specific style in mind and I am glad to say that aim was a success), a funky top and a denim jacket. I ended up getting some of the cutest dungarees I've ever seen and a funky jumper. I can't wait to go again to get even more jumpers like this, it fits so perfectly and is so cute and quirky and perfect for when it gets a bit colder. Also, lets be real, baggy jumpers and skinny jeans with docs is my go to outfit. 
I've wanted shorts like this for so long, I think it would look so cute with a little black bralette, or tight black crop top or baggy black top tucked in. And can be worn in winter with tights! The same goes for the dungarees, I wanted to get long ones but couldn't resist these. Imagine them with glittery tights underneath, docs and a black top underneath, oh these outfits will be just adorable! And fingers crossed the weather will be nice in England next week and I can get some good outfit pics. 

The Wonders of Whole Foods

30 July 2016

So today I went to Whole Foods (I say today but I actually mean yesterday) and wow guys, it is amazing. I don't think I've ever said on my blog but I am a vegetarian and also intolerant to gluten. I always get ridiculed when I say I'm 'gluten intolerant' but I'm not full on allergic but give me something that contains gluten and my belly will swell up and some other not so nice tummy habits! But all in all, being allergic to gluten can be a downer because god damn it is expensive. Gluten free food is still expensive in whole foods to be fair, but oh boy there is so much of it. And it was only a small Whole Foods (I went to the one in Piccadilly) so I can only imagine what a big store has! I could have spent hours in there, heck, I think I did spend hours in there!

Please ignore the blur, it was taken on my friends iPod and believe it or not, posing in Whole Foods in front of all the fruit is pretty awkward. It was one quick take or nothing 
So not only was it busting with gluten free foods, vegan foods but oh man the fruit and veg section. I didn't even know mushrooms could look the way that I saw! I am very passionate about vegetables and fruit (oh what a cool teenager I am) and this selection made my heart sing. I ended up buying some grapes and in my mind, they're the best grapes I've ever had. I've probably had better to be fair, but Whole Foods just had this effect on me. Also, I had seen on so many vegan 'What I Eat in A Day Videos' (I'm not vegan but just enjoy watching those because wow their recipes are so inventive! Who knew dates could be consumed in so man ways!) roasted cauliflower and herbs, which seems so simple but I never made then low and behold Whole Foods sold a box of it pre-made and ready to be eaten. I didn't buy the box because my money was lacking but I tried some of my friends. They had this salad bar and hot food bar and juice bar and burrito bar (all in a very small space may I add, I'm not sure how all this food fitted)  and ah it was just amazing. I am very excited to go back to Whole Foods with my mum and get her to buy all the items. 

Although, Whole Foods did have some very weird items. I don't remember many but I do remember seeing avocado hummus which I have never tried, but the idea makes me uncomfortable. They're such different textures and tastes, how could the two be combined!? They also had tasters of raw cakes (which I've always wanted to try) and oh man it was amazing, next time I'm there I'm definitely going to buy a whole one. I ended up buying this chia seed pudding pot which I did not particularity enjoy because the texture made me feel weird. Also my friend who I went with got a vegan cupcake and it looked so good. 

Long story short, if you're in to healthy foods, are vegan/gluten/lactose intolerant, Whole Foods will blow your mind. I wish I could say here this was a sponsored post and then I could just go back to my fridge full of their roasted cauliflower and kale pot goodness, but alas. It is not. Don't worry though, I will try to re make this wonderful cauliflower and once I have nailed it I will show you how I done it. It's probably not even hard to make  but I never have a cauliflower in my fridge and that is a pretty damn vital ingredient. 

A Jumper In Summer

21 July 2016

Okay I lied, NOW I am back to blogging. I don't even know what happened but now I am back for good I swear. I just don't feel very creative and have no idea what to post at the moment but hey ho creativity can be forced I suppose! Also I just got back from my family holiday and, oh boy, I didn't realise how hot England was. I would do a holiday post but I'm not very good at those and it was a very relaxing holiday, if I were to tell you what I done the post wouldn't last very long. I ate a lot of garlic bread though, probably way more than the average person should.

Oh I feel so excited to be blogging again for good, I have much more time now and can really focus on doing better posts. Wahoo! I want to make another blog twitter but last time a friend found me and it made me feel embarrassed. I don't mind some people knowing abou tmy blog but at the same time, it's my little space, you know?

Jumper- Urban Outfitters (the jumper is brand new but I can't find it on the website, apologies!!)  |  Socks- Topshop  |  Necklace- Urban Outfitters(old)
In these photos I look half dead and I am aware it is summer now and should show more summer outfits but, I got a jumper from Urban Outfitters and I love it. As much as I love the sun and heat I am not dreading colder times as much now that I have my new jumper. You can see the stitching on it and I'm not sure why I love that so much, but oh I really do. And the colour is so pretty, I bet it would look great with a tan but I have a feeling whilst I still have my holiday tan it will not be cold enough to wear this jumper. Also, these pink glittery socks are my life. I think pink is becoming my favourite colour and I have no regrets. Although these socks are a weird material and I can feel my feet slippin and slidin around when I wear my docs and when my feet get sweaty, well woah buddy it's not pleasant. But, it is worth it for the beautiful pink glitter.

Wow I really need to get on my game with outfit posts. I can't believe I'm showing you all my favourite jumper when it's over 20 degrees outside. Oh well, I haven't blogged in ages, I feel like a newbie. I need to sort my shit out, I tell ya. Anyway, adios for now I will be back (huzzah I am excited) with more seasonal appropriate posts. I hope you're all having a marvellous week!
From looking at my photos I realise these are not the best and I should work on my photography ideas, bloomin heck I feel like a newbie all over again!

Summer Recall

30 June 2016

Well, two months later I have a blog post. Crikey, I don't know how I left it so long. My plan was to wait till after exams but then I just got into a rut of not knowing what to post/ not having any motivation but now my college has officially broken up for summer and I can never leave my blog. Although to be fair I never thought I' be able to abandon it for a couple of weeks let alone two months!

Oh the irony, wearing a jumper and drinking tea even though the title is referring to summer. Also how adroabel is my Saved By The Bell jumper, who remember this incredible show
Anyway lets all take a moment to appreciate the fact exams are officially over for now, mine have actually been over for a while but oh well. Now I get the joy of writing my personal statement, doing work experience and learning my driving theory but also the joy of summer! I study Classics and we went on a school trip for five days to Athens and oh wow it was such an amazing trip, all the old architecture was so incredible to see but especially because we had studied it for so long. Also they  had amazing tomatoes there. But I won't go into depth about the trip because it would be boring for you guy.s

Summer is also exciting because of all the books I can read, going on adventures, seeing friends and I just love being able to wear sunglasses. My favourite ones from last year broke after I sat on them , tried to fix them but just ended up repeatedly accidentally sitting on them however I got a good pair for this year. It's a weird summer this year though because loads of my friends will be going to uni next year and it's just such a weird concept! 

This is just kind of a crappy recap post, I will improve later on but just need to get back into the swing of blogging, hopefully I'll re-design my blog as well because it has been like this for far too long. Ah I forgot how much I love writing blog posts, even little ones like this (to be fair I'm far too tired to write a good 'un) but adios my friends, oh how I have missed you and see you soon!

A Productive Sunday?

18 April 2016

I've been trying to have a productive Sunday for about a month now and they're just not working. Every Sunday I mean to write a blog post but Sundays are also the only days I can sleep in and also are the days of last minute homework, and blogging isn't fitting into the schedule at the moment. So, I apologise now and in advance for my lack of posts during this month (although hopefully I'll be able to squeeze at least three into April) and next month because as the vast majority of us know, it is exam season! Not only that but April just is a busy month in general because it's everyone in my familys birthday (except one of us) and I have been extraordinary tired lately.

I actually do have blog post ideas as well though, just too tired to take photos right now so we can have a little catch up.

sister club ft my mum and non biological but may as well be sister
My sister who lives in New Zealand is currently home with her boyfriend! She came home as a surprise for all our birthdays and boy oh boy it sure was surprising. It was my other sisters 21st earlier this month and my Dads 50th, so we've had some big birthdays to celebrate.

I went to see Years & Years during Easter and they were amazing (I didn't expect anything less) and you know when you just really love a band then you see them in person and you have that 'Oohf' moment, I had that and the whole concert was just so fun. I got a jumper after from one of the vendors outside and I was hustled, I asked for a large and the jumper I got could only be considered a large on a small child. However, for £10 it was worth it as a nice bed jumper and I'll hopefully get a proper one for my birthday.

Having a birthday so close to exams is so stressful because I don't have time to look for present ideas or go shopping but all I know is I would really like some makeup and some clothes. I know exactly what clothes I want but they require me to go out and try them on, and a few can only be found in certain London shops which I just don't have time to trek to at the moment. In this post though, I'm wearing a top that I love and want to find more like it. Does anyone have any clue where I can buy a dainty printed top like that from? I'm thinking get a few things for my birthday but mainly wait till after exams so I can go on a big shop, but I really am running low on clothes. I just can't wait for half term during exams so I can go shopping!

I hope you're all doing well and good luck for any upcoming exams!

Creepers Fashion

26 March 2016

Ft my dog Lulu
Dress-Asos  |  Socks- Urban Outfitters (similar)  |  Shoes- I have no idea I got them from my sister  |  Coat-Asos (simialr)
Hello lovely people! Sorry I've been so on and off with posting I just never really use my laptop much anymore because I'm too god damn busy. Anyway, the other day I wore the cutest outfit to college (if I do say so myself) but I didn't get any pictures however I do have some other pictures of a cute outfit to show. I wore creepers (how 2009 of me) but I've discovered I bloomin love platform shoes! And they're not that hard to walk in, I thought I would struggle but I was fine, although now I've probably jinxed it and next time I wear them I'll fall. Although it was a simple outfit, with just a dress and normal tights it was cute, in my opinion. I'm not sure if it's big headed to compliment you're own outfits because I don't want to seem like some arrogant twat.

In other news, the other day I went to a party that was 80's themed and it was so much fun. I love a themed party! And I feel like 80's was appropriate because then you could either go half hearted with just a cool funky shirt or all out, me and my friends went all out. I wore lacey black tights with a jumper dress and a bright pink scrunchie and bright pink socks and a lot of bright eyeshadow which has inspired me to get more colourful eyeshadow (as I have mentioned here) and to get more scrunchies. All these things I want, no time to go out and buy them, what a life.

Handsome, Dashing & Organic

20 March 2016

A while ago my sister was clearing out her wardrobe (which I desperately need to do, but I just get so attached to my clothes) and I took this top off her. Now I'm not particularly sure why, but I love this top. It's not like it's super fashionable or anything, but it's just so cute and goes with so much. Denim skirt, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, mom jeans gah the list is just endless! Also why is it handsome, dashing and organic?! Organic doesn't fit the flow of the other words but jeez the rabbit is just so charming. When I wore this to college I was expecting so many compliments for the tshirt, but I got none which is understandable because it is just a tshirt.. but an adorable one.
I wanted to wear funky socks or funky trainers with it, but couldn't find any funky socks so I had to stick with pink socks. Despite the fact my sock drawer seems to be overflowing, I still have an urge to buy more funky socks, to be fair I only own three pairs of fun socks and that is not enough for me. I had to wear it with a turtle neck underneath because the weather was far too cold to expose my naked arm but when it's warmer it will look even more adorable without a long sleeved tshirt underneath.

God I painted my nails the other day and they're already completely chipped, Topshop Nails has dissapointed me. I really want an Essie or OPI nail varnish, but I'm not sure if they actually last longer than cheaper nail varnishes but I feel like they must do if they're so pricey. Hope you've all had a good week!

What I've Been Reading

14 March 2016

Hello! I apologise for my absence but have had a very hectic couple of weeks, on Thursday (3rd March) I was hospitalised till Wednesday (9th March) and have spent ever since then still recovering. Long story short I had a lot of pressure in my head which was causing a lot of problems. I'll probably do a post telling you the full story another time but this is just a quick little post to talk about books because I have read a lot lately. I had the perfect picture ready for this post, however have not read one of the books in the picture so had to retake.

By M.R Carey

'Every morning, Melanie waits in her cell to be collected for class. When they come for her, Sergeant Parks keeps his gun pointing at her while two of his people strap her into the wheelchair. She thinks they don't like her She jokes that she won't bite, but they don't laugh'

I have mixed feelings about this book. At the begininng I loved it and could not put it down, however as the novel progressed I found myself less and less interested in it. I actually gave up reading it 3/4 of the way in. It does have a good story line and a good plot twist, but I just got bored of it. My theory for this though is that I got bored because it's not that gripping. What I mean by this is that it is one of those books where you need breaks inbetween reading it to keep the suspense and at first this is what I was doing. Then when I went to hospital I was just reading it on end, with no breaks and I don't think the story line is intense enough for me to be able to do that. If I were to have read this whilst I still had to attend college thus giving me reading breaks I think I would have finished it much more easily but it's just not one of those 'can't put it down books' for me. 
But, I did really like the characters and there's a twist which I wasn't expecting at all although I'm sure other people did. I'm not even sure it's a twist but it left me going 'woah'. I also really liked the way the author voiced Melanie and the way she kept her childish dialect but it wasn't overdone to make the book irritating and I liked the swapping between characters.

By Lisa Williamson

'Two boys. Two secrets. David Piper has always been an outsider. His parents think he's gay. The school bully thinks he's a freak. Only his two best friends know the real truth - David wants to be a girl. On the first day at his new school Leo Denton has one goal - to be invisible. Attracting the attention of the most beautiful girl in year 11 is definitely not part of that plan. When Leo stands up for David in a fight, an unlikely friendship forms. But things are about to get messy. Because at Eden Park School secrets have a funny habit of not staying secret for long ...'

I like the idea of this book and I like the fact it has a transgender protagonist and how there is more to their lives than just their gender identity. It was enjoyable to read and was able to read this one continuously even though it wasn't that exciting and I feel like it is quite an important book for people because it's one of those books that brings to light issues about society, but isn't that deep that makes it complicated. However, I feel like the two main characters, Leo and David, are both quite obvious characters. I personally found there wasn't much depth to the characters even though there was an attempt to do so and the way they were written I feel like I've read books before or seen TV shows before with characters exactly the same as Leo and David. I don't really know how to explain and after looking at multiple other reviews I've seen a lot of people loved their characters and don't feel the same way, but each to their own! I did enjoy reading the book though and loved the story line and swapping between characters and I did feel and root for them, but I just didn't really like the way they were voiced.

By Marissa Myer

'Each book entails a new take on an old fairy tale, including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White. The story takes place in a futuristic world where humans, cyborgs, and androids all coexist.'

I got this series as eBooks because I prefer to buy series on my kindle because they are cheaper and easier to get hold of the next one straight away because no need to wait for shipping.
I love these books. I think the twist on classic day fairy tales is so smart and the story line, although does have the whole 'end of the world, good VS evil' thing, I feel like it's a story line I've never heard before and is so unique. The series is hard to explain to people because it sounds crap if you say 'oh it's like Cinderella but she's a cyborg and has to go against an evil queen' but it's anything but crap (and also there is a lot more than just that but I'm avoiding spoilers). The characters are all different and individuals and the story line constantly changes between who it's following (it's written in third person) so sometimes you know what's going to happen for another character and despite it not being a surprise it's good because it keeps you full of suspense and dread. I want to say dramatic irony but I don't know if that only applies to comedies. I could not put these books down in hospital, I have almost finished the third book but have taken a break since I've been back home to catch up on my work and stuff but oh my god it's incredible. There are four primary books; Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter  but eleven books in total It's gripping and intense and everything I look for in a book and is different to anything I've ever read before.

Going Out Makeup

3 March 2016

This isn't really my going out makeup as it's not that fancy but it's not my daily makeup either. It's like my daily makeup with a little something extra is a good way to describe it I guess. Also before this post goes on, all my pictures are slightly blurry. I have no idea why but it really bugs me when my camera pictures come out bad quality because I may as well have used my phone!

I always start off by doing my base, but apparently you're meant to do that after your eyes. I got a new primer in January from The Body Shop to replace my Benefit one and it may be a heck of a lot cheaper but still is just as good! Then Mac face and body foundation, collection concealer (which everyone loves but unpopular opinion- I don't like at all. None of the shades seem to match my skin at all so I don't know just doesn't work for me) yadda yadda. It's fairly obvious how I apply all this. Although, I have a question, where can I buy an angled brush that's good? And a fan brush. 

For my eyeshadow I used this Morphe palette which is so good! I doesn't last that long in my opinion so I need a good primer but it is good. So many shades! Me and my sister got our Aunt to get them for us whilst she was in America because for some reason it was so much cheaper there in pounds than it is in England. So if you want one I recommend checking the exchange rate soon, especially if you know someone going to America! The shades in this don't have names so the ones indicated are the ones I used, and I also used Snakebite in my crease, Suspect all over my lid and Bootycall in the corner. I also like to use either white eyeliner on my lower waterline or white glittery liner on my lower lash line to make my eyes seem bigger. I have matured in my eyeliner usage and used a liquid liner rather than a felt tip, not out of choice but because my felt tip ran out. However I think the liquid liner went pretty well! Then of course this mascara, which I got for Christmas then lost, so bought another one expecting that as soon as I bought it that the other one would just pop up but it is yet to do so. But let me tell you, this is an amazing mascara, in case you haven't heard of it yet.

I don't have a picture really of the final product because the lighting was awful, but I really liked the look. Oh I also filled in my eyebrows (I forgot to take a picture of the item I used but my eyebrows aren't that great so you're not missing out by not knowing) and contoured using these products (which I also forgot to picture).

I really want to buy another foundation that's cheaper because I've been using this ofr ages and want to try a new one because it doesn't have great coverage, so any recommendations? I also want a fancy bronzer, maybe for my birthday (which isn't till April but I like to plan ahead)  so also any recommendations again will be useful. I just want all the makeup!

Teddy Jumper

28 February 2016


At the beginning when I started college I used to make such an effort with my appearance. Maybe because it was warmer so it was easier to look nice or maybe because now I'm just too comfortable there but on Friday (and Wednesday but I don't have pictures of my Wednesday look) I decided to look nice again. I've been waiting to wear this outfit since Christmas, but only finally did. I got the jumper from Ragged Priest and although things from there may be expensive (I got this in the Black Friday sales though, wow so frugal of me) I definitely think they're worth it. I really want some of their jeans or maybe a crop top from there, but will have to wait a little bit before I allow myself to!

Although this outfit does look cute (in my opinion anyway) it completely got rid of my figure. I don't really have much of a waist anyway, but tucking the jumper in got rid of it completely and from the side I looked really bulky, but it still looked cute. Because the majority of people wear fairly dark/monochrome clothes nowadays I did get a lot of jokes about the colour being bright, and making up for my fading hair with the brightness of the jumper but oh well! I should have worn my hair up though because a lot of the time my hair fell forward, revealing the bears which was annoying as I feel like they are the star of the show.

Hope you've all had a good week! I feel like this week has gone so slow, I hate when you come back after a holiday and it feels like you've had no time off!

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream | Review

17 February 2016

Hey guys, around last year I bought the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream and I didn't really like it. It felt sticky on my skin and kind of smelt weird (in my opinion) and didn't look good on either. A few weeks after I bought that I heard about the Body Shop All In One BB cream and ever since then I'd been meaning to buy it. Low and behold, almost a year later I have it! It's a bit pricier than the Maybelline BB cream as it costs £12 but oh boy is it worth it. They had a 'buy one get second product half price' deal going on and my Mum offered to buy two but I said no because I wasn't sure if I would love it enough but oh man it's great. Thinking about it now, I'm pretty sure the Body Shop make-up is near the top of my favourite lists, because I love their blushers and bronzers too.

Anyway, this BB cream only comes in five  shades but I was lucky enough to find a shade that fit my skin tone extremely well. It comes out white then as you rub it in it changes colour to your skin tone. According to the website 'Pigment-filled capsules burst when applied to the skin, releasing the colour inside' which is a pretty fun description. It also says it 'adapts to your skin tone' which I'm no 100% sure it does but it definitely really matches my skin tone. It's really light on my face and makes me feel like I'm wearing nothing and leaves a really natural finish. It makes my skin look healthy and natural which is the look I'm going for and provides a light-medium coverage although I only usually apply a little bit (partly because I'm scared it will run out and partly because I don't want that much coverage). My skin isn't too bad recently (touch wood) but I like to wear this just to kind of even out my skin tone and just because I personally believe it makes my skin look wonderful. It's also really quick and easy to apply, so is perfect for school. It lasts quite a while too, especially paired with the classic Rimmel powder which is needed because sometimes it can leave my face looking fairly..damp? Not damp actually that's a gross description. I just feel the need to use powder because lately I've discovered it may leave my face a little too dewwy. I never usually pay much attention that much to how long my makeup lasts but I guess that's a good thing because I never look in the mirror half way through the day and feel horrified at the state of my skin. 
I don't have much to compare this BB cream to, but I honestly think it must be one of the best BB creams out there because I don't know how it could get better. It does everything it claims (well I'm not sure about adapting to your skin colour but it does seem to match mine awfully well so maybe) and also because it's the Body Shop, it's trustworthy, you know that it's been made with the highest of ethics which makes me happy. So yeah, if you need a BB cream I definitely recommend you check this one out!

Grandad Jumpers

14 February 2016

Hello! It's finally half term (hurrah!) but boy there is so much I want to get done and so far have done none of it. I always find it hard to be motivated though when I have a messy room, so I guess that's the first thing I'll sort out. I don't understand how people can function in a messy room. My friend Hollie who I've mentioned a few times is coming to see me tomorrow too and I need to make a mental plan of what activities to do with her whilst she's here, I really want to go to one of those amazingly healthy raw food places that I always see on instagram but they are all such a trek to get to. 


I don't remember when I took these pictures, I was actually going to post a different outfit but my room was so messy in those pictures I couldn't handle it. I love the jumper I'm wearing, it's so large and comfy and funky. I got it from Brick Lane and oh boy there were so many to choose from I was so overwhelmed. It looks really warm though, but it's not at all really, the one fault I have with it.

On Thursday I went to see Bloc Party, Drenge and Rat Boy and O2 Brixton and oh my god I love Rat Boy so much. Me and my friends actually left before Bloc Party because none of us really listened to them, even though they were the main band of the night. Whoops. In O2 Brixton there is sloped flooring by the stage for people with standing tickets and then another floor up with sloped seats and we had seated tickets, which although was kind of annoying because we were surrounded by older people and couldn't properly jam out to Rat Boy but we managed to jam a little. The crowd for him was crazy though, we could see everything that was going on and oh my god it just looked insane. Then when Drenge came on everyone was moving so in sync, all heads were moving at the same time, it was pretty impressive. Afterwards we went to KFC and let me tell you, KFC chips are disgusting. 0/10 would recommend.

Also, happy valentines day! Hope you all have a good week.

Retro Jumpers And Language Facts

6 February 2016


Do you ever have those days where the blog post just isn't working? Because that is me right now. I just read a bunch of blogs to motivate myself as well but now I just feel lost and envious of everyone's amazing photography and nice layouts. This whole week I've been wearing black jeans and a jumper and I need to stop and spice up my outfits more. I have other nice clothes but just never bother to wear them but after half term I plan to wear nicer clothes. Why wait till after half term you may wonder, well the main reason is I need to wax my legs so I can wear rolled up trousers without feeling like a gorilla and in half term I'll have time to pamper myself.  

I kind of splashed out on Friday though and wore my new denim skirt. It looks like my old one except this one was much cheaper and has buttons rather than poppers. The poppers were just becoming ridiculous as they popped undone at the slightest of movements and I couldn't handle that sort of insult any more! My new one is so much better though, I can actually tuck things in and bend down without all the poppers coming undone. Crazy, I know. I am living the high life. I just liked this outfit because it was so cute and simple. I do love a retro jumper I do. 

Interesting thing I learnt at college this week (sorry this post is so scrambled) but if someone asks you to do something, you're more likely to do said thing if you say 'I'll' rather than 'I will'. For example if someone asks you to record something for them and you don't really want to do it you'll probably reply 'I will' but if you know you will genuinely do it you'll say 'I'll do it' or something like that. My teacher reckons because you place more emphasis on the 'I will' to imply to the other person that you will do said task even though you may/probably won't but with 'I'll' chances are you will do the task and know at the time of response you genuinely will. I don't know if I phrased that right but I just thought that was interesting. Of course it doesn't apply all the time but yeah sometimes.

I'm Not As Chiselled As I Seem | Clinique Chubby Stick

28 January 2016

My face is kind of a lump with no specific bone structure. I think I may have very slight cheekbones but nothing that is as defined as I wish, although my acne scars on my cheek create a shadow that make it seem like I have some definition but in reality it is all lies. I have always wanted a cream bronzer though (and a liquid highlighter but I don't own one of those so I can't really include it here) and for Christmas I got the Clinique chubby stick conotur. I had never seen it in real life all I knew was Clinique was a fairly trustworthy brand (despite a terrible concealer I got from there) and everyone said how good this was.

At first I was a bit sceptical because it is very dark and it only comes in one shade. However that doesn't mater at all because it doesn't come out as dark as it seems and if need be I'm sure it can be built up, but I'm not 100% sure because I've never felt the need to do so. At first I wasn't that keen on it, but now I love it. I just wasn't used to using a cream bronzer and wasn't sure what brush to use to apply or if I should use my makeup sponge. Now I just use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I'm not sure if that's correct and I see a lot of people using makeup sponges to apply it, but my brush works for me! I then use a mini angled brush (I need to buy a full sized one but no where has what I'm looking for) to brush on a sleek bronzer on top just for that little bit extra and I use the highlighter and the blush from this palette.

My overall contouring regime I like very much, I wouldn't mind having a better bronzer brush though and a liquid/cream highlighter but for now my sleek contour kit does a great job of highlighting and blushing me. If you want a cream bronzer I definitely recommend this one, I don't have much to compare it to but for a girl who loves feeling like she looks chiselled, this bronzer definitely works for me, plus it is so easy to blend in. It's a bit pricey but I think definitely worth it, and it seems like  it will last a very long time!

Whilst on the topic of contouring, what highlighters do you recommend and what brushes are the best for contouring do you think? I'm really tempted to get a fan brush for highlighter and a better angled brush!

Haircare Tips With Madison Reed*

25 January 2016

Hey guys! So in case you hadn't noticed a while back I dyed my hair pink and it's still in pretty good condition so I kind of feel like I am a pro at knowing hair care. Plus I work at a hair dressers so I'm kind of the whole package when it comes to hair knowledge. Also lets not forget back in my prime when I had super long hair. Basically what I'm saying is I know how to look after hair. 


-Remember coconut oil is your best friend, especially if your hair is dry. Just put it on the ends an hour before you wash it and then in the shower just scrub at it with shampoo to make sure all the oil is out for lovely hydrated roots. Also if you are unfortunate like me and sometimes get super bad dandruff, put this on your scalp and leave it for an hour before you wash your hair and yeah same procedure. Just make sure you proper scrub.

-Use a tangle teezer when washing your hair. One of the girls I work for told me this, basically if you have thick hair it can be hard to actually shampoo your scalp properly, I definitely didn't used to. it's just so much effort to scrub, but it helps if you use a tangle teazer to work the shampoo in because then you get a proper good scrub.

-Give your hair a break. If you straighten/curl/constantly use heat on your hair remember to leave it sometimes or use heat protecting spray. But you should give your hair a rest, may I suggest if you do really hate your natural hair just doing some French plaits because they always look cute and help keep your hair under control. 
A little side note, this includes let your hair dry naturally. I very rarely ever blow dry my hair (and by that I mean only when I'm at the hair dressers and they insist).


-Wash your hair all the time. It strips your hair of it's natural oils and is all round just bad. I only wash my hair once a week, sometimes I leave it a bit over a week (rarely, but sometimes). Try and stretch out the amount of days between washes, your hair may seem terrible but just use some dry shampoo and eventually it will get used to not being washed in that amount of time and gradually you can keep it longer. I can't imagine anything more irritating than having to wash my hair everyday, so treat yourself and just try and make it last that extra day! Dry shampoo is your friend!

-Neglect your hair. If you see a lot of split ends or complain about how damaged it is go get it cut rather than whine, it may be short at first but it will be a whole lot healthier!

-Don't tie your hair back when it's wet. I put this in bold because I never knew this and it stressed me out! Apparently it stretches the hair shaft (no idea what that is) causing it to stretch and break (I do know that this doesn't sound good). I do this all the time with my wet hair and I guess I need to stop!

Hope this post helps! I learnt a few interesting things whilst researching this because I wanted to include actual useful tips, not just things everyone knows. Check out Madison Reed and this fun quiz they have to know what hair colour you should go, I done it and got a nice blonde colour but I'm having too much fun with my pink at the moment to go back to blonde. It's lasting a really long time suprisingly, it fades with every wash (then again I'm not as pink as I was before) but it certainly is lasting well. See you soon! Let me know any of your tips in the comments because honestly I didn't think there was much I didn't know but that wet hair one has changed my life!

Cold Weather Necessities

21 January 2016

This winter has not been all that cold, well at least where I live it hasn't been, and that does not make me happy. Nobody seems to care that gobal warming is killing our planet and, I'm not going to lie, it is stressing me out quite a lot. Lately though it has gotten much colder (snow the other day, huzzah!) so I have decided it is a perfect time for me to tell you all the cold weather musts since I am a master at handling the cold. That's a lie, I'm not at all really, to be honest m main piece of advice is to wear tights underneath your trousers and tuck a long sleeved thermal top into the tights to trap your body heat. 


1) Gloves or mittens. 
Don't let the cold weather destroy your hands. Personally I am a big fan of mittens but they make you quite incapable of using your phone so you can always get the touch screen gloves but mittens are just adorable. I really wanted to buy a cute pair that I could cherish forever, in year 7 I got a pair with bears on them but it's time for me to buy a new pair but I couldn't find anything that adorable so just got some cheap boring ones from Primark.

2) Scarves
I never actually really wear scarves but I do find them a necessity. I really want one of those huge blanket type scarves but it wouldn't go with any of my outfits so usually I just wear my hair down and let that insulate my neck. I do own scarves though just in case especially when it's really cold, I find them a comfort to have even if I don't particularity use them.

3) Hats or Earphones.
I wear hats most of the time anyway because I am a lazy person who never really has time to sort out their hair, so I often wear hats to hide this flaw of mine. However during winter they are super important not only for a warm head but also warm ears! If hats aren't really your thing wear earphones as makeshift ear muffs to keep your ears warm. Make 2016 the year you don't have cold ears. Love yourself.

4)  Hot drinks or soup.
Not everyone likes tea but I really recommend finding a hot drink you do enjoy if you don't like tea. Some people like coffee, or hot chocolate or hot water and squash or just plain hot water. In cold weather honestly there is nothing I love more than having something warm to hold and drink, When I get home from college my kettle is usually the first place I go or if you really hate hot drinks invest in a soup maker so you can have that to warm yourself up!

There was going to be five but I couldn't think of a significant last point, but also remember in these cold times keep your face lips and hands moisturised and also never underestimate the power of fluffy socks.

New Year New Goals

13 January 2016

I have really boring blog titles usually so I'm trying to spice them up at the moment but I've realised they make my posts seem like they're going to be a lot deeper than they really are so I kept it simple for this one. It was before 'How Last Year Worked Out For Me And How This One Will' then I realised it sounded far deeper than it really is. Last year I wrote a post about my new year resolutions. A few of them I completely forgot I set out to do to be honest but some of them I remembered.

For example, one goal was to try different types of teas and smile more at strangers, both of which I'd say were a success. I'm drinking green tea and lemon right now, how sophisticated of me. Another was to be more on time which partly was success because I am rarely late for college however for meeting up with friends, that is a different story. And I saw one was to moisturise more which has not worked out although ever since I've started working at a hairdressers I moisturise my hands a lot but my legs are still dry. Like a lizard.

2016 goals though well I guess we'll have to wait and see.

1) Try out more makeup looks. I found glitter and colourful eyeshadows in my old makeup bag and want to start wearing them more, and just in general I want to try new things with my makeup. Also include more makeup on my blog because I rarely do but sometimes I think man I want to show people this look! But never actually do.

2) Stretch. My body is quickly becoming that of an old man flexibility wise and I only have myelf to blame. I run sometimes and never stretch, and sometimes I do a workout DVD and miss out the stretches at the end. But not any more, not 2016 me!

3) Have a new laptop. By the end end of 1026 I hope to have saved up enough for a new laptop or have almost saved up enough.

4) Eat less dairy and refined sugar. I eat so much dairy it's unreal and it is not good for my skin so I really need to cut down on that and sugar well. Obviously I'll still eat it but I really want to cut down on the amount I do. I've seen too many documentaries warning me about it. 

5) Not save my homework for the last minute. So far this isn't really working out for me but I will change my ways. I will use my free periods at college to do homework then when I come home I can revise. Highly unlikely really but a girl can dream.

Hope you've all had a good week and good luck if you have mocks coming up!

Simple Outfits Are Needed

10 January 2016

At my college there are no rules regarding uniform, which can be very stressful in deciding what to wear. Especially when you're like me and have loads of nice outfit ideas but just need a black belt for them to work. Why not just buy a black belt? Because I can never be bothered to go out. One day soon I will though. Due to the no uniform ways I find it important to have outfits to fall back one, I have a lot o sweatshirts I wear but I also feel like there should be a nice simple outfit to full back on. One of mine is this shirt. I always feel like flannel shirts look good and there is just so many ways they can work. I've actually shown an outfit really similar to this before but I didn't realise. Plus this shirt is from Urban Outfitters, I never really saw the point in splashing out on these shirts from Urban Outfitters when you can buy a chequered shirt in other places for much cheaper, but it was in the sale and they're such good quality. Most of my others are really thin or not the right shape but this one is baggy enough and just such good quality. Also I love the beanie I'm wearing here because it fits on my head so easily. When I first saw it I felt a bit awkward because I thought it wouldn't fit on my head because it was so small but amazingly it fits perfectly, it isn't too big or too small. I'm only used to cheap beanies not a Topshop one. I also paired it with some cool glittery socks. 2016 is the year of cool socks.
I hope you have all had a good first week back! I am procrastinating doing my homework right now but it's not so much I don't want to do it as I am so tired I feel like I won't pick anything up. I have a week off for reading week next week though (hurrah) so although I'll have loads of homework at least I won't have to wake up super early, I forgot how difficult it was. On Tuesday I completely overslept and after ten minutes of waking up was already at the bus stop, the extra sleep was appreciated but I can't handle that stress again. Also my skin was not up for the no makeup look. 

Finding Out Memories of 2015 and 2016

3 January 2016

excuse my skin I was going to edit out the blemishes then decided not to because I am tired and lazy. #naturalbeauty too
Last year when I went to Reading Music Festival I took a disposable camera and used it maybe twice. Around October I rediscovered the usefulness of having a disposable camera. You can take pictures and forget about what they are but when you get them printed your memories will come back to you. I have nine pictures left on that disposable and I can't remember what half those pictures are of. Chances are a lot of them will be crap because no one believed me when I told them the importance of making sure the flash was on, but either way. Memories. I have another disposable in my drawer and I feel like this year I will be much more ready to use it. yes I have a digital camera but that's more for blogging and I on't like to take that out with me. A disposable though is purely for memories in my opinion and I'm excite to use them more in 2016 to document fun memories whilst I'm out about and to get them printed and rediscover things I done that I found worthy of a picture. 

I don't know how well I'm phrasing this, but I think you all should invest in a disposable camera this year. 

Also in 2015 I tried to keep a happiness jar (do you ever look back at a post and die at the pictures/way you've written it)  which I completely forgot about/got too lazy to update. This year though I'm going to try something different, I'm just going to put things that happened in my life in there with the date. They still will be happy things but I don't know, it will be more about what I done than what made me happy because looking back at some of the things I wrote were pretty crap. One of them was my mum got really nice scones, not really a memory as much as just a thing. 
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