Family Days and New Shoes

27 December 2015

Socks- Asos these are similar but not the same (you can't see them properly but trust me they're funky)

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I did but oh man did I eat too much, I wonder if I'll ever be hungry again. Thank god Joni jeans are stretchy, although on Christmas I was smart enough to wear leggings rather than jeans. I went on a run today though and I haven't for ages and for the first time since the holidays have begun really, I don't feel bloated and gross. Huzzah! Although later I have a family thing where I will probably end up feeling bloated but minor details. I'm out of leggings though and back to wearing jeans.

My outfit is pretty simple and pretty much my usual wear but with Christmas present additions. Back in the black Friday sales I got the best offer on these New Balances. I had been looking for khaki New Balances for ages and had found a really nice pair of Urban Outfitters and Asos that each cost over £80 and I always figured once I got a job I would save up (although finding a job was the major downfall of the plan but minor details) then I found these on Schuh. With the Black Friday sales these went down to £45 and with my Student discounts down to £40. So shoes that originally cot £85 I got for £40. If that is not one heck of a bargain, I don't know what is. I had to swap them for a smaller size ( I say I but really I got my Mum to do it for me) and the people there were impressed with how cheap I got them for too. I love them so much, I'm so happy I finally found a air of khaki NB that were also cheap. I got given them on Christmas though and although you can't see I paired them with the funkiest socks (finally got cool socks too, nice one Santa). Although now the shoes have gone down to £39.99 and with student dicosunt I could have got for £35 which is annoying but at the time it was one heck of a bargain.

Onemy trip to Brick Lane I got this jacket and I have been waiting to wear it ever since I got it, but had to wait for Christmas and then had to wait to have an outing that allowed me to wear it. I'm not sure if the family gathering is the best time to wear it, but I can't wait to wear it so I figured why not. I have been told it's not a windbreaker though which I knew but I don't really know what to refer to it as because it's a jacket but I like to label my jackets. For example I have my army jacket, my funky jacket but what can this be? Sports jacket just doesn't sound right.

Anyway, I hope you have all had a great Christmas and are having a good holiday! Also if any of you got any good concealers for Christmas please tell me, I am still on the search for one!

Pre Christmas Brick Lane & Vintage Fair Shopping

21 December 2015

IMG_4833 (2)
Woah four days till Christmas! I finally have a Christmas tree in my house, we usually always have a fake on but we were missing too many branches for it to be acceptable to use and then Homebase were all out of good trees (all the real ones were dead and the only two fake ones left were silver and we role the traditional way in my house) but low and behold we were able to get one somewhere thankfully. I don't feel very prepared for Christmas but I feel like once I have all the presents I need and have wrapped them (I'm holding out for nice wrapping paper) I'll feel more Christmassy (and maybe put some tinsel in my room just to add to the final days of the festivities).

IMG_4832 (2)
IMG_4850 (2)
Today I am going Christmas shopping with my Mum and sister to Westfields but oh boy I feel like it is going to be super busy. The way the majority of mine and my sisters Christmas presents works is that we go shopping with our mum and buy things which she then gives to us on Christmas, but I wanted to see if I could find some cool vintagey things to give to my Mum to give to me on Christmas so yesterday me and my friends went to a vintage fair, Brick Lane and Camden. It was a very successful trip for me, I wanted to buy jeans, a jacket, a funky shirt and a jumper or cardigan; all of which I was able to plus a really groovy pair of trousers for only £1! The vintage fair we went to had a huge £1 sale so we got there super early thinking it was going to be super busy and hectic but it was only us there, we left so early though. Very productive of us. The £1 section was a mess and required hard searching for clothes which none of us could be bothered to do. I would show you all the things I bought but I can not be bothered to take photos and plus I really should give them to my Mum, but they will feature in upcoming outfits most likely. Especially the jacket, I have been looking for a windbreaker for so long and got such a great one from the Vintage fair for only £15. We all ended up getting windbreakers and my friends wore theirs throughout the day and I wanted to wear mine so we could have been like a boyband but my coat does not easily fit into bags and I wasn't willing to carry it round all day. 
IMG_4884 (2)
Most of thepictures are from the same section of Brick Lane, we didn't really explore much because once we had been round the market of Brick Lane we couldn't really be bothered to explore much further. I had a list of shops I wanted to check out but none of really had the motivation so we went to Camden. We didn't really shop in Camden, we went to the Cereal Killer Cafe, I've been before so just got a drink because was still pretty full from my lunch. I got a mocha, but turns out I don't really like mochas. My coffee taste buds are still developing I suppose. It's so cool and retro in there and had an old school games machine that you could play for free! The people there are so friendly too and it is just such a cool place. 10/10 would recommend going, even if you're not the biggest cereal fan just go for the experience. Plus they have some amazing looking hot chocolates.

Hope all your Christmas shopping is going better than mine, I still have two gifts to find!

Primark Has Festive Cheer

14 December 2015


Hey guys, today at my college it was Christmas jumper day, but I didn't wear my Christmas jumper because I was finding out the majority of my mock results and didn't want to be full of festive cheer only to be brought down by my biology grade. However, I was extremely pleased by my biology grade. After the exam I was so annoyed because I found it so difficult and had revised so hard, however the revision did pay off. Now I kind of wish I had worn my Christmas jumper because I am happy (so far) with all my results so being full of festive cheer would have made things even better today.

Yesterday I went to Primark to buy some Christmas necessities though . 

First off let me say either my Primark is slacking or Primark is really lacking in the Christmas pyjamas department his year, I spent ages searching and all I could find was either fluffy pyjamas, slim legged or the boring ones I settled for. Can we just take a quick moment though to discuss slim legged pyjama bottoms because I have a lot of problems with them. I don't find them comfortable and find them too similar to leggings to be enjoyable, I'm all for a bit of elastic at the bottom of pyjama bottoms to help trap heat but slim legged pyjama bottoms are my worst enemy. No offence if you like them but honestly I wish they had never been invented because I keep finding cute pyjamas which are then ruined by them having 'slim legged' trousers. The ones I bought are just simple, some (aka myself) may argue too simple, but beggars can not be choosers. I don't have any pictures at the moment because they were unreasonably hard to photograph but you will probably see at a later date.

Primark is definitely not lacking in Christmas jumpers, there was so much choice I was very overwhelmed then whilst leaving I spotted even more! I bought one with bauballs on it, I was deliberating between that and one with a tree on it, but the tree had bells and I don't want to have my presence announced all the time by the sound of jingling bells. By accident I got an XXL when really an L would have been just fine so it's kind of gone beyond baggy and falls a bit weirdly on me but hey ho, it's super cosy. 

I had always really wanted a Christmas pudding hat and low and behold Primark had my  back. The selection of explicit Christmas hats (they had a few wintery ones that could also pass as Christmas hats) was only two choices; Christmas pudding or Christmas tree. I was just going to get the pudding but then the tree just went so nicely with my hair and I couldn't resist. I think it lights up, I pressed the 'press me' button and nothing happened but I think that is the purpose. I find all these hidden technology extras cool but to be honest I could do without them. They kind of stress me out because I am low key worried in the rain I could be electrocuted. s.

As this is a 'necessities' post I also believe Primark fairy lights and scented candles are a must for Christmas.

If you guys don't have a Christmas jumper yet or Christmas pyjamas or just anything festive you need to jump on that whilst you still can. I keep meaning to make my room more Christmassy (and still need to do my Christmas list-yikes! any concealer recommendations?) which I shall hopefully do later. I need to embrace the Christmas spirit. See you guys soon!

Pink Hair Heck Yea

11 December 2015


Hey guys! Sorry for being distant lately, had to revise for mocks, but now I am back! I can officially be excited for Christmas now too!  I want to do a Christmassy themed post for you all but first I wanted to show you my new hair. In half term I got quite a bit chopped off and some highlights put in, I wanted to show you at the time but never did. Then the other day (yesterday) I went and got my hair dyed pink! I've always wanted pink or colourful hair, but was never allowed because of the bleach etc etc. But then at the hairdressers I go to they had a toner that could turn my hair pink. I;m not sure how it works but all I know is I didn't have to completely bleach my hair, but the top parts were made blonder so it would pick up the pink colour better.

I love it so much! I feel so cool, it's not very Christmassy though and I feel like it could clash with red Christmas clothes but oh well, there is always green clothes. Either way I don't care, I love it so much. It fades with every wash but I don't wash my hair often so hopefully it will last quite a while. Anyway, see you guys soon (hopefully Sunday) and hope you're all having a good week.
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