Advice From One Loser To Another

21 July 2018

'avoid adulthood for as long as possible' - my friends mum at 1am, completely drunk. she probably has no recollection of the conversation. 

I thought I took a photo of the diary entry I made when reflecting on the advice, but whoops looks like a random thing about my favourites
See, I know adulthood is nothing to be feared. It's a mentality that we adapt to, responsibilities we become accustomed to but I don't know, it shouldn't be avoided or feared or anything but I feel like despite fearing responsibilities I inflict unnecessary ones on myself. At the time my friends mum told me to avoid adulthood I was working full time, my life was following a strict schedule of going to work, the gym, then sleeping but my life didn't need to be so regimented.

I don't know why I'm finding this so hard to type up. I know the advice doesn't sound that profound but to me it is. I find myself getting so caught up in life, when there is no need. I know adulthood doesn't equate to a life of boredom but it is undeniable that being young means less responsibilities therefore there is more freedom in youth. I don't take the advice to mean to actually try to halt the gradual mental shift from adolescence to adulthood, but more to loosen up. To say yes more often, we're young and can test our boundaries more. With me, there is always an option that's more carefree and more reckless and I want to take that option more often. Maybe reckless was the wrong word, but I live in London and I've only just started going to free gigs and exploring London more. I won't always have the chance to just pop into London when I feel like it, to drink a bottle of wine with my friend the night before work, or to go and visit my friend late at night to eat popcorn and watch Love Island. Also, I don't know, I feel like when you're young you should really embrace your hobbies. Take time for yourself whilst you still can, you know. These may not necessarily be the best years of our lives, but I'm lucky enough to have a life of little responsibility at the moment and I should be utilising that rather than enforcing a strictness on my life that will come naturally with age.

side note- the person who told me to avoid adulthood wasn't a loser, but I am. So yeah, go out! Live your life, you have no one dependent on you, you can be free! Stay out late! Don't stay in a relationship because you fear being 33 and still single/ friendless. So much happens in life, so accept whatever fun things come your way. Peace!

a sweaty tent but feeling good

13 July 2018

What's up sluts!! Blogging took a back seat for a while, not sure why, but it did and now to write feels weird as it feels so unnatural to me at the moment, so please excuse the shambles of what this post will be. Or it may be in shambles due to my excitement as I'm going to go see The Incredibles 2 later. Or it may be shambles because my brain moves faster than my fingers ever will. Either way, shambles!

I am recently back in England after my first (out of two) holidays this summer. Me and my pals went to Belgium to go to Rock Wertcher, a music festival and oh boy did we have a good time. It was very different to what I'm used to, I've only ever been to festivals in the UK before where everyone is pretty much off their nut the entire time, where shouting and chanting can be heard at all hours, where people jump and dance in crowds. I'm used to mosh pits and coming out a crowd sweaty, I'm used to leaving a festival with a sore throat and a strange sense of community as British people all seem to come together at festivals. This festival was different though, there was a lot of safety procedures (depending on which stage you were at, you weren't allowed on peoples shoulders), only a certain amount of people could be let into a tent where a stage was, the main stage was set up into sections. It was very well organised but I don't know, I just feel some of the safety procedures sucked the fun out of things. Also, the crowds just weren't as loud as what I'm used to, I was only in one mosh pit, and no matter who was standing around us (young or old people) nobody seemed to get that into the music. You could pretty much always tell who was British/ Australian and who wasn't, usually British girls were covered in glitter, absolutely filthy and very loud whereas other people were a lot more tame. It was an unexpected difference in culture. The festival was still fun though, I saw a lot of good music, had many laughs and felt a sense of confidence that I'm not used to.

random backgrounds from here 

some of my highlights of the festival are:
-When we were waiting for Arctic Monkeys to come on my friends boyfriend really needed a wee but we had a good spot in the crowd, so he done what would be considered normal at an English festival, and just went in a bottle, but then the bottle got too full and it went all over my leg. Sounds grim, but it was absolutely hilarious.
-After the last act on Sunday it was as if someone had filled the air with an inescapable happiness, everywhere I looked people were smiling and the air was so warm. It was just such a happy moment, people were crowding around doing jump rope, people were spraying water guns, there was just such a buzz. Man, got to love a festival!
-One night me and my friends done dares, and although the dares would have been more appreciated at an English festival, we still found them hilarious. One of my friends had to go up to people pretending to be a dog (most people just ignored her), my other friend had to sit in the middle of the path and throw her sock at someone (that was taken well by the person, he was Scottish and just whipped out a hand pocket and his mate told my friend that he loved her), I had to try and get past someone by crawling through their legs (I pulled it off quite well). The only dare that went quite badly was when I had to sniff someones hair and ask what shampoo they use, so I did (please bear in mind I am not a flirtatious person, I was highly drunk and all my friends were laughing right next to us) and then I'm assuming this guys girlfriend threatened to slap me for saying that so I apologised and told her it was just a dare (in what world is that flirting though, I literally ran up to these people and sniffed his hair, there was no build up, there was nothing romantic about the gesture) and then after my apology she told me to fuck off! To which I did
-At The Magic Gang the crowd was quite small, and it was so warm, and everyone was bobbing and singing along, and it just felt so wonderful.
-At Franz Fernidad we didn't get in as too many people were inside the tent, but we stood outside the tent with a group of people and all jumped along, created our own moshpits, it was great
-Sitting on the field looking up at the screen whilst First Aid Kit were on, sipping my wine, chatting absoloute bullshit with my friends feeling the sun cover my body. It's as if the sun was shielding us from every bad thing in the world at that moment. I can't think of a word that does that moment justice, but I'm going to go for utter bliss.
-Waking up in the morning, covered in sweat and feeling absolutely vile but getting to see my best friends and know the day was going to be filled with laughs.
-Waking up in the morning and watching my friend find a dead bug in between her toes
-Doing the worm outside the tent and having people cheer me on
-Seeing George Ezra live for a second time. Unfortunately, he didn't spot me in the crowd and ask me to marry him. Maybe next time.
-Going on my friends shoulders throughout the entirety of Spaceman, my favourite song by the Killers. I remember a couple of years ago telling my boyfriend of the time how badly I wanted to see that song live, and now I have and it was everything I hoped it would be.
-Going on a 'fifteen minute' walk to the shops and going through the strangest little Belgian village. We took a suitcase to carry back all the alcohol but the suitcase broke on the way back, so it was a bit of a nightmare but it was fun. We got some bottles of wine, but unbeknownst to us it was a cork screw. Luckily, I saved the day and broke the bottles and poured them into plastic bottles. I have never felt more important in my life than I did in that moment.
-Sitting in the train station after the festival, covered in dirt and being in a state of complete delirium

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