Doomed Rainy Days

18 September 2016

Gosh, I forgot how hard I find it to take decent outfit pictures! I was trying to take these before I went to college the other day. I wanted to get in early because I started at 11 but wanted to get in around nine, but because of the horrific rain there was on Friday the buses were all over the place. I was going to wear a jumper because I have the perfect jumper for rainy days- it has a rain cloud on it with a lightning bolt coming out of it! But my mum said it was going to be hot-ish and I would boil in a jumper. This was false though, I was freezing my tits off all day. Although, I was prepared for the rain with my trusty red raincoat. 
top-Asos  |  skirt-Asos(similar)  |  raincoat-no idea  |  socks-Primark
I apologise for the grainness of my camera- it just never seems to work that well unless super close up. Or maybe it's just me.
I absolutely love Ragged Priest, I wish their clothes weren't so pricey. I really want their doom and gloom dress but I do not own £45 to spend on a dress at the moment. Well actually, I do but I'm just not willing to spend that much on a dress at the moment. Ragged Priest and Lazy Oafs are the reason for my low bank account, I tell ya! If only I was famous and could get sent things for free. 
It's Sunday today and I haven't had much homework, and I can't really revise because well, I could, but instead I have had the most relaxing Sunday. I've been doing some English work and going to do some wider reading for Classics in a bit, but I feel like I am finally a woman as I have watched both the Bridget Jones films. I am ready to see the third one. Everyone used to act shocked when they found I had never seen Bridget Jones, and although I like shocking people I also do love watching a typical girlie film and wooah buddy did I enjoy indulging into the life of Bridget Jones earlier. Have you seen the Bridget Jones films? I feel so ready to see the third one, even though from the trailer Renee Zellweger looks so different and I feel like I would spent a lot of time just thinking 'wow you've changed' also I was watching a trailer with her and it blew my mind that she's American in real life. 

I Am Back!

11 September 2016

I get so caught up with life that I forget to post. Not so much forget, but place priorities on other things and my blog gets pushed to the side, always a thing on my mind. I think one of the reasons for this is because I find it hard to make time to take photos and that is a big part of blogging. Loads of people with blogs love photography, but I prefer the writing part but obviously no one is going to want to look at a blog with no pictures (and I need pictures as well because I want to talk to you about my clothes, lets be real) but I am just so lazy when it comes to taking photos. Then this laziness adds to my blogging procrastination. 

However I have been hit with a burst of inspiration and blog ideas, but for now I just wanted to do a little update because I always enjoy writing these. SO!
You can't see here because I look a mess but my hair is pink again too! Wahoo!
I'm not really sure the chronological events of these things but I will try my best. I went to Reading festival again and had the best time ever. There's only so many things I can say without being boring but it was amazing. One of my regrets though is that I didn't realise till Sunday night how much I loved being on peoples shoulders, so I spent a lot of the time at acts on the floor when I couldd have been on shoulders. It's just so fun and if the crowd is a good one, it's so fun to see everyone going for the music. I just got slightly worried that I was going to crush people, but everyone was safe. Huzzah for strong people!

I was really excited to see Twenty One Pilots at Reading, but they had quite bad sound quality or something, either way I couldn't hear much but low and behold, they are touring! They sold out super fast but then another date came up on tablets rather than laptops and me and my friends managed to get them and ah! I am so excited! It's just annoying that loads of concerts are around October/November because I have mocks in December!

On the subject of exams, I also got my AS results this summer, I was happy with my results, apart from biology. I was going to keep it anyway and drop English lit because I hated English lit with a passion but then after the first day back at college I swapped back to English lit. I think one of the reason I hated it was because I didn't have a class that I bonded well with, not that they were mean but just, there wasn't much banter. And I didn't particularly warm to one of my teachers. But this year, I love my class (so far)(I have only had one lesson but I have a lot of friends in there and the person I revised English with is in my class and that makes me happy because now we can work together even more) and I love the teacher I have. I'm meant to be doing the coursework now but I just wanted to write a blog post more.

My only issue now is deciding what uni course I want to do, and unfortunately because I'm lazy I have hardly seen any unis and although open days are still happening, a lot happen on Saturdays and there is only so many days I can take off work! I really wanted to go see Nottingham but the open day was Friday which was the day of my first English lesson which I had to go to to talk to my teacher about my coursework plan. But there are some unis I feel safe not going to see because I know people that go there so can ask their opinion, or they're just loved by everyone in general.  What a stressful year ahead, am I right!

I know I have said this in every post recently but I feel this one in my bones, I think I will be able to get up more posts now I'm back at college. Yes there is a bigger work load but there is more structure to my days and woah, do I have a lot of frees in college now in which I can do work. Also, I have an ambition for this year to drink more water. Half of summer I was like the water goddess, I was fit and healthy and I am going to bring that me back. I love summer but oh boy was it busy. Anyway, adios friends, see you soon! Hope you have all had a goo start back to school/college/work!

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