Doomed Rainy Days

18 September 2016

Gosh, I forgot how hard I find it to take decent outfit pictures! I was trying to take these before I went to college the other day. I wanted to get in early because I started at 11 but wanted to get in around nine, but because of the horrific rain there was on Friday the buses were all over the place. I was going to wear a jumper because I have the perfect jumper for rainy days- it has a rain cloud on it with a lightning bolt coming out of it! But my mum said it was going to be hot-ish and I would boil in a jumper. This was false though, I was freezing my tits off all day. Although, I was prepared for the rain with my trusty red raincoat. 
top-Asos  |  skirt-Asos(similar)  |  raincoat-no idea  |  socks-Primark
I apologise for the grainness of my camera- it just never seems to work that well unless super close up. Or maybe it's just me.
I absolutely love Ragged Priest, I wish their clothes weren't so pricey. I really want their doom and gloom dress but I do not own £45 to spend on a dress at the moment. Well actually, I do but I'm just not willing to spend that much on a dress at the moment. Ragged Priest and Lazy Oafs are the reason for my low bank account, I tell ya! If only I was famous and could get sent things for free. 
It's Sunday today and I haven't had much homework, and I can't really revise because well, I could, but instead I have had the most relaxing Sunday. I've been doing some English work and going to do some wider reading for Classics in a bit, but I feel like I am finally a woman as I have watched both the Bridget Jones films. I am ready to see the third one. Everyone used to act shocked when they found I had never seen Bridget Jones, and although I like shocking people I also do love watching a typical girlie film and wooah buddy did I enjoy indulging into the life of Bridget Jones earlier. Have you seen the Bridget Jones films? I feel so ready to see the third one, even though from the trailer Renee Zellweger looks so different and I feel like I would spent a lot of time just thinking 'wow you've changed' also I was watching a trailer with her and it blew my mind that she's American in real life. 


  1. I loove this outfit, my kind of style as per usual!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. bridget jones is a babe. Im loving the outfit, especially the top and my friend Lexie has that coat!! x


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