My Personal Wall

9 November 2016


Since taking this photo my wall has developed a bit, but I just needed a picture and liked this and thought it was relevant because its a part of my wall full of memories and is super personal as is this blog! Well my blog isn't super personal but in some ways is. I had my driving theory test today and the man at the desk asked me what was on my nose and it has been a long time since I have had a nose piercing joke and I was going to say I was sick of them, but then he called me a rebel for having it. Anyone that knows me knows I'm the furthest thing from a rebel, and I found it pretty flattering he thought that. I passed my theory as well which was a relief because oh boy does hazard perception bore me. I'm getting my sisters old car (wahoo) and wanted to paint flowers on it over summer, but summer has been and gone and still no flowers.

I have progressed a lot since my last post and pretty much am already to send off my personal statement but ah! Scary stuff! I also need to do a last grammer check but I've read it so many times I doubt I'd realise if there were any mistakes. Its so hard trying to make it fit the character count, I've taken out loads of random words and just hope those little words weren't too important in making my point!

Sorry for not having any cool outfit posts at the moment, I haven't been rocking any good looks lately. I have just embodied the tired, moody stressed student look. Although I should try making an effort again more because (personally) I find wearing makeup much more enjoyable than not wearing makeup. Sometimes I see my reflection and am just shocked and even putting on my glasses as a form of hiding my face doesn't help! I really want to buy hats and colourful tights and coats but I spent all my money on my friends birthdays/Christmas the other day because Redbubble had 20% off and oh boy do I love Redbubble and want my friends to share my enthusiasm for it as well. I was going to get a Twenty One Pilots tshirt (who I am seeing on Sunday!!!) but decided not to be selfish and buy my friends presents instead. I am feeling some regret but trying to focus on fact that I have got my friends bangin presents and I have been dropping massive hints about this tshirt.

Why Must Personal Statements Be So Important

1 November 2016

IMG_0927 (1)
It's crazy how difficult A-Levels are. I know a lot of people go through them but my oh my it is tough! I'm meat to be writing my personal statement now and I forgot how much I enjoy this blog. And also, personal statement is so hard. I can't type how I type here because I want to appear professional and sophisticated but also need to sprinkle a bit of my personality in there and I am not sure how to do that. How am I meant to just 'sprinkle' my razzle dazzle. It's either all or nothing with me. Also, after much deliberation I've decided to apply for English literature. And, I'm not trying to victimise myself,  but I feel like an English literature personal statement is super hard because its trying to show off your writing skills, you really got to impress. 

Also the opening line of a personal statement. Lets be real, how am I meant to wow them. I was reading model personal statements online and just had to stop because I wanted to steal all their opening lines, plus they were all incredible and my writing ability is not up to that standard. That makes me nervous though, because what if I am just not up to English literature standard in general. What if everyone is there quoting Shakespeare and making jokes about classic authors I've never even heard of. If I get accepted into university, I will spend my entire summer reading so I can try and become a boffin. I want to impress people with my book knowledge. But I am super forgetful so I'd most likely end up embarrassing myself. 

Someone close to me found out about my blog the other day and I was like ah man I gotta get posting. So I am going to start. I say that in every blog post but blogging is such a good outlet and wonderful community. So..hello. I am actually back. I think I'm going to stop putting so much pressure on having good blog posts. In my head I imagine everyone laughing because my standards were so poor before, but I'll come here to ramble and stuff. No necessarily just outfits and makeup. Because I am mature now. All my friends are turning 18, meaning I'm friends with adults therefore I am practically an adult (crikey!!!!!!!!!!!!). Nah but I just mean not posting because I have no pictures. The picture I've used isn't relevant at all. Its a photo I took in summer of my dog after she finished sniffing the flowers. I suppose I could make it relevant, because dogs have no responsibilities and therefore they dont have to worry about writing an amazing 47 line document about how wonderful and impressive they are. I am not that wonderful or impressive, I think one of my most impressive qualities is that I am amazing at making popcorn on the hob and that I burp after every drink I have. Thats not even impressive just a fact about my life.

Anyway, see you guys soon. Good luck with personal statements and all that shitty school jazz. (Is it lame I just got so excited to be posting a blog post again and to catch up on all my friends blogs)(I dont actually really have any friend bloggers but there are some people who are my friend in my head)(and by some I mean lie 5749 people). 
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