Ripped Skinnies

26 November 2014

Hey guys! Quick little outfit post right now because I took pictures for this on Sunday and firstly, I thought it was such a cute outfit, secondly, I miss blogging. Man I can't wait till next week/the week after and mocks to be done. Can you believe that the thing I look forward to all year, I'm a Celeb is on right now and I can't watch it because I just don't have time!? Even though today I'm not sure what I done exactly, I just kind of sat at my desk when I got back from school just staring at pages and not actually revising.

Enough about my boring life at the moment, everyone has to go through exams, onto the outfit! The thing about this outfit is that it's so easy but doesn't look it. I had an outfit like this in my brain for ages and ,clearly, finally decided to wear it, but me and my friends were just popping out quickly and this outfit is just so easy but looked way to extravagant for our very quick excursion. I think with either a dark lipstick or bright one will also make this outfit so much better.

I really need to work on my outfit picture faces.this has also made me realise how much i want a watch. In case you were wondering.
Jeans- Topshop
I love ripped black jeans, I had wanted a pair for ages and low and behold, I finally got a pair! They're from Topshop and 10 out of 10 would recommend. Also, my shoes, my Vagabonds, my babies. I love these shoes so much. Also, I never realised how much a difference adding a bit of length made like woah I looked so tall. But yeah, everything about this outfit I love, ahh especially my Vagabonds and black ripped skinnies. The shirt is from Camden, but its just a generic flannel shirt, you can get them anywhere and also a beanie because why not, they keep you warm and looking cute. For Christmas I think I kind of really want a black beanie with cat ears but I don't know if that's just lame or cute. I think I'll just do it anyway because its been a want of mine for a long time. or in pink ohh that would look so cute.
Ignore my messy room, its tidy  now and that's all that matters.
I'm getting ahead of myself, I cant start talking about things I want for Christmas till after my mocks. or at least till the weekend where I can internet shop till my hearts content.

But yeah, hope you enjoyed this post, goodbye, I love you all and hopefully Ill be back soon! probably near the end of next week since that is my main week of mocks, oooh scary.

New Desk Space

10 November 2014

Hey guys! Okay firstly I'm sorry for being so inactive my posts wont be that regular till after December because I have my mocks in December and the majority of my time is spent doing work but after then I'll be better (for a bit anyway, then once GCSEs are over I'm all yours)

Secondly, I was going to show you my room in this post, however as I was taking pictures I realised it wasn't nearly as finished as I thought, I reckon Ill finish decorating it fully after my mocks, but for now I'm going to show you the part of my room that is finished. I also really want to do a talky post and just chat and catch you up with some things, but now is not the time because I know I'll start rambling and I'll just be there forever typing. Gosh I'm rambling now there is no time to ramble.

Lets get down to business. Kind of. I'm just showing you the desk part of my room to be honest because it's the only place that's properly complete and because I love it. Even though there are loads of random 1p coins on my desk which aren't wanted on my desk. (Update I just uploaded pictures onto my laptop and found loads of pictures for posts)(Heck yeah)

Excuse the textiles folder and random bag on my wardorbe. I have no idea where that bag came from.
Within the 24 hours of taking this picture my desk has turned into a mess. I'm not even sure how I haven't done half the work I was meant to do today. I took a break to do some doodling and ended up taking an hour, I'm not sure how at all. I always find it hard to revise though when there's a lot on my mind but there's not much I can do to fix that. Once somethings in your brain its there for hours.
Oh gosh rambling. But yeah this is my desk space, I love it. It was so annoying buying the desk because my family have had such a large input into decorating this new room, it's like they found it hard to except that although they done most of the painting and came up with lots of ideas, it is my room. None of them liked this desk, or they didn't like the legs or the way it didn't take up the whole space. I had to battle to get this desk and thank god I did because I love it. It's just the right size and I like the antique vibe from the legs. Although, I'm not sure how but its been like drilled into the wall somehow and is only standing on two legs. I don't understand it at all. But hey ho, it's sturdy.

On my desk I have this jar and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this jar, I'm going to look for ideas on pinterest or something, but I just think its such a nice jar. I'm not sure why i feel so strongly towards the jar, but I do. I just realised you cant see my jar. Woops

All fromIkea.
Meet Diana, (this cuite is nameless still), Willis and Pedro. Or known as buddies.

Also my cacti, oh gosh my cacti, my babies. Yes, I've named them. Yes, I am in love with them. Yes, I am extremely worried I'm going to kill them somehow. How often does one water a cacti? I googled it and the answer I found was 'not much', like wow good advice people, it's not like I didn't already know that. I do biology, I know how plants adapt, I know cacti don't need much water but I just need to know how often to water them so my babies don't die. Although I need to find my cacti a proper home still, I don't really want ornaments in front of my books, I'm not sure why. I guess its just because I love books so much and I love how I've laid them out, I don't want them to be covered.
Speaking of books, how upsetting, I had to get rid of over half my books when mmovingin to this room, not to mention that about five months ago I had to get rid of half my books again. So this is like a quarter of my book selection. (If you have any book recommendations please let me know, Christmas is coming:)). Man I cant wait to have time to myself and read again.

Also here are some more ornaments. I would talk about them and stuff, but I just saw the time and it's late and I've already written loads.

Jeez my laptop is being so slow. I cant believe that just as I'm getting to the most important year of my life so far (I know A-levels are tougher blah blah but right now it's all about GCSE's for me please don't remind me of the future) I just begin to get a pretty active social life. I am an inside hermit but let me tell you I seem to be constantly busy. I just cant wait to relax and watch TV shows and blog properly (I haven't read blog posts in so long gosh darn). I'll see you soon though guys, maybe in two weeks maybe a week, but I wont get properly into two post blogging for a while but I hope you'll stick with me anyway because I will never abandon this little home on the internet for too long!:)
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