Holiday To France

29 July 2015

Hey guys! I'm really struggling to write this post about my trip to France and I think it's because I don't really know when what happened and I don't actually have many pictures at all. Also because I keep writing too much and then I get concerned it won't be interesting and I would split it up into the separate weeks but we didn't do much at all the first week and I just have such few pictures. But I shall not give up!

It was a very relaxed holiday mainly spent by the pool and just tanning, but how annoying for me, my legs and tummy? Super brown. The rest of my body? Not so much. How am I meant to show of my gloriously bronzed tum and legs in this english weather I can't wear shorts and a crop top, I'll freeze. Although not that I'd necessarily want to wear a crop top because boy did I eat whilst I was away. We went with two other families (well it's quite hard to explain but there was always at least 12 of us) and one of the Dads was a chef so we'd always have an amazing lunch AND dinner. Listen to this though, whilst we were all there eating away because you know, it's holiday, we all knew each other there was no one to impress who cared about our bodies? The boys were always doing workouts and exercising (they're proper fitness people) their bodies improved. On holiday. Their bodies got better. Who does that? Whose body gets better on holiday!?

We rented out a B&B and all stayed there. It was kind of in the middle of nowhere, there were a few restaurants opposite us but to really get anywhere we had to drive for ages, and none of the designated drivers really enjoyed the french roads so we mainly stayed in our little area, but we did venture out a few times. Also the B&B had three floors, 46 stairs (not including the ones outside) and the room I was in was on the top floor. Stairs are never fun, let alone in the boiling hot. Also our room smelt kind of funky, we got used to the smell but still, it wasn't too enjoyable at first.

The first few hours in France were pretty horrific due to the satnav malfunctioning and long queues, so getting to the house took a very long time and involved many arguments. Then when we arrived, to food places near us were all closed apart from one that was basically closed but we were able to order a few random items, but because it was like ending lunch time they only had like five things to offer us and all were pretty bizarre, but we were too thirsty and hungry to care. We filled ourselves up on bread and water and then waited for the other family to come (the ones who actually spoke french and could save and feed us).

1) Exploring an area whilst people were go karting
2) Me and my sister being prom dates on the beach because why not (look how tiny she is)
We went to the beach a couple of times but never properly. One day we went because people wanted to go jet skiing, but I didn't like the idea of going over bumps and waves because I get so motion sick on boats and I didn't think this would be an exception and also I thought it would stink of petrol like go karts do and that smell also makes me feel sick (but apparently they didn't). Then the next time we went I had the option to go banana boating, like I had been dying to do, but alas, I kept getting really strong, intense tummy pains that made me close to tears so I chose not to because if I had got one whilst banana boating I would have been anything but okay. Usually I don't enjoy the beach but that time I really did. It would have been better if my iPod had charge though because I was just kind of lying there, but oh well, it was still lovely.

We only really went exploring to two places during the holiday. One was to Carcassonne which was like a medieval place, it was really pretty and in the morning people went to an olive festival thing. However that day I woke up with a migraine and had to skip the olive festival, which is a shame because it actually sounded super fun, then I thought I felt better after sleeping and taking some tablets so I asked my mum to pick me up so I could meet everyone at Carcassonne, but I spoke to soon. In the car I slept then as soon as I got out I got another headache, it wasn't a migraine but still a pretty bad headache. I was struggling so much to walk I had to go super slow which must have been so infuriating. Then my headache eased up as the day progressed but man it was so annoying that on the one day we went exploring I had to feel so poopy. Then another day (well this was more of a few hours thing than a day thing) we went Minerve which I don't really know how to explain but as old and had amazing views and was just really cute.
View from Carcassonne
Carcassonne view again (photo creds to my pal)
Minerve again (I sound like a boring tour guide oh my god)

We also went on a boat ride one day along the canal, which wasn't exactly what I expected but was fun nonetheless. The boat was extremely slow. I could have walked faster, no doubt, but it was peaceful and there were some nice views. We jammed to Taytay and Years & Years, it was relaxing. And whenever a big boat went past they would always wave which was nice. I waved at some people on a bridge and they didn't wave back so I was kind of like 'what the hell I'm just trying to spread some love' then they waved back because I done the like 'what the hell' arm thing you know where you kind of like shrug your shoulders, I don't know how to explain. But either way I got some love back even though I don't think it was a sincere wave.
Low key reminded me of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory here 
Anyway that's it for this post! It was a really good holiday and I had so much fun and I'm so grateful for being able to go. I wish I had taken more pictures to show you guys (especially the food, there was one restaurant where the portions were huge which I wish I could show you guys so we could all be impressed together) there are so many more stories from this trip, but I feel like I've already said too much. I tried to keep the pictures as unpersonal as possible mainly because if I see a picture and think awh cute I remember that day then you guys might be like for gods sake Libby we don't care about this! I might show you guys some things I bought there though I didn't buy much but still. See you soon people!

The view from our room, end on a nice sky pic

Skinny Dip Purse

26 July 2015

Hello everyone I am back! Thank you for all the comments whilst I was away. I'm going to do a post about my holiday because god damn it was pretty in France, but I need to gather all the pictures first. Shout to my home girl Lauren for uploading my posts whilst I was gone!

For my birthday I got this cute little purse from my friend from the brand 'Skinny Dip' and recently I've been using it a lot. Usually, I have my main Cath Kidston purse that I got in like year 8 (think I need to change that- it's cute but Cath Kidston isn't really my style) because that's got my cards in it (aka my Boots Advantage Card and random gift vouchers I keep to make myself seem professional) but I like to use this purse on little outings. Sometimes I don't need my whole purse with me and I feel like this little 'necessities holder' s perfect for those days. 

See? Not that big.
As an everyday purse, this wouldn't work, but it can hold money and keys and a lipstick (perfect for parties) and is also funky as heck. Function wise, on little trips out this purse is perfect. Yes okay maybe its a tad risky putting all my most needed objects in one little container, but when I have a rucksack full of food/drinks etc it's extremely handy to have this little guy with everything I need in it. Also, it's just really groovy. I love the tassels, I love the material so much as well and the zip is pretty cool too. And its pretty solid you know, like I feel as if it will keep me going on my little outings a long time. I love the brand Skinny Dip (bit of a scandalous name though) and the other day I ended up in their shop in Carnaby Street (it was so exciting I didn't know it existed!) and I was just lusting over all their products. Although it's taken me a long time to find a use for this purse, but now I cant imagine not having it. It's so useful just to have a little purse with everything you need in it, or even if I have my normal purse with money in it, I like to have this one for my lipstick oyster card and keys rather than just letting them loose in my rucksack. 

I only just noticed the water droplet. It's because someone drenched my cacti in water. I'm worried that they'll die because they have too much water. My poor babies. They must be suffering right now. But how can I remove some water I cant just remove water from soil!?
Aha I sound as if I've been sponsored, I haven't, I'm just amazed at how much I love this purse recently. Before I go I wrote a  post about music I've been loving recently and was wondering if that would be interesting at all to read? To be fair I may just post it even if none of you care because you know I like music posts but yeah I was just curios. Anyway, I'll be back soon with some holiday pictures, adios amigos!

Casual Denim Skirt

22 July 2015

Hey guys, I've been meaning to show you my denim skirt for ages and recently I've been wearing it so often but I seem to be incapable of taking good outfit pictures at the moment. I had good pictures of me in this skirt from Fathers Day but I look like I'm dressed for winter/autumn and I got to keep up with the summer vibes! This outfit I struggled a lot to try and get good pictures, I was in such a rush and thought 'I'll just snap some quick outfit pictures quickly'. But, as we all know, one does not simply take 'quick' outfit pictures. The camera was against me, so we have to make do with what we got! Although looking back on it now the pictures are much better than I originally thought.

Did someone say reSTING BITCH FACE??!
Top- H&M (similar)
Skirt- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- New Balances
Socks- Primark I think

This outfit was pretty simple, but I really liked it. I don't know with the baseball tee and trainers I felt kind of sporty and the necklace just added to it. It was very casual, which was good because it was just going round to my friends house then out to dinner later but only to a little cafe place, nothing fancy, but it's still a nice enough outfit to show you put effort into it. The tshirt I got ages ago from H&M and remember basically living in it all of last summer and now it's finally warm enough to make a comeback! In the evening I chucked on a flannel shirt as well as it was a bit chilly and that made the outfit look really cute (in my opinion) but I didn't get pictures of that. My only issue with this skirt is, unlike the Topshop one, it has poppers. You know what poppers do? Pop undone when I eat too much or when I squat down, so I have to be on red alert that I'm all done up and decent. I wore pink frilly socks with it to make it more girly and added these necklaces that came in a pack, although somehow the charm on the longest one fell off and I've lost it and I'm pretty mad because they're all so pretty together!

Woah haven't done one of these types of pictures in a long time
Necklaces- Urban Outfitters (similar)
Rings- Henna hand Camden, non henna hand mainly Topshop (similar)
God everything I'm wearing here is so old (except the skirt) I can hardly find anything online. 

What are your favourite ways to style a denim skirt? I always want to tuck a baggy top into the skirt and I know exactly what I want it to look like but I just don't have the right top to complete my mental image of this outfit. I also think my moon top would go well with it. Man, denim skirts are great, if you are thinking about getting them you really should, they're so easy to wear and just to make an outfit more special you know? Like with jeans this outfit would be boring and the skirt just makes it so much better. See you guys soon!

Recent Book Buys

19 July 2015

I always want to buy in real life books rather than eBooks, because okay sure with reading something on a kindle you can lie in any position you want and comfort is guaranteed, but real life books are just on a whole other level. Since real life books are more expensive though, I reserve them for books I think will be important to me. For example I read this series called the Mortal Instruments which I adored but they weren't special or important to me and I thought they wouldn't so I got them as eBooks, where was Catcher In The Rye I got as a real life book. The other day on Amazon there was 3 books for £10 on selected paperback books, so I jumped on the bandwagon because I figured thats a pretty good deal. The books I got were I'll Give You The Sun, All The Bright Places and Shock Of the Fall.

This book I got into straight away. It's about a boy and girl who meet at the top of a tower both contemplating suicide and just them kind of moving through life? I don't know, I don't know how to describe books without giving too much away (ahaha I'm typing this on my phone and away just corrected itself to swag my phone is too cool to write book reviews) but I'll like you to good reads or something where you can read the blurb. I really, really enjoyed it and definitely think it's up there in my favourite books. Despite it being about quite a depressing topic, the author manages to include happy things so it's not all too heavy and intense and she also doesn't romanticise suicide or mental illness either. I think a lot of people have read this book and I'm a bit late to the party but you know, I'm glad I enjoyed the party. It's sad and deep but there's also joy. I also like how at the end there's a list of places people can go for help and support. Also when i read the 'about the author' page, she's ha a very hard life, and people close to her committed suicide which is terrible but I also think it makes her qualified to write a book about it? Not saying there's like some qualification to write a book that involves suicide, but she knows more about it then other people so knows kind of the truth around it I suppose and what not to say and how best to handle the topic since it's such a fragile thing, you know? God now I feel a bit cynical saying I enjoyed it, but it's more than just reading a book about people suffering. In fact there's not much about people suffering because (like I said) happy times. But yeah, I recommend reading this one definitely. 

The Shock Of The Fall by Nathan Filer
I read this book first and I think I will have to reread it. The book is about a boy (well maybe not a boy technically, a male) called Matt whose brother dies and about his life with his mental illness. It took me a while to get into this book, I'm not sure why though because I did enjoy it. Although it's quite repetitive and will be talking about one thing then in the next paragraph will go back to a thing that happened ages ago. It doesn't really flow, but I don't think it's meant to flow. I think I will reread it though because I took a long break whilst reading it. It's good though, I wouldn't call it a light read though. It didn't make me cry or anything but it's heavy you know, well of course it is because it's about his life which his mental illness obviously massively controls.

I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson
I read this book last and absolutely loved it. It's about twins called Jude and Noah who in their early years are really close, but then through tragedy are barely speaking and they have drastically changed. The early years, before the tragedy are told through Noah's narrative, then after is told from Jude's. I really like the change in narrative, I think it's really smart how the author wrote it and she makes the characters personalities so evident, if that makes sense. I don't know Im that great at book reviews, but it was emotional. I didn't cry during it or anything but it sure is a roller coaster. There's loads of different types of loves involved, more than just your typical 'boy and girl fall in love' and it's just a really good read. Definitely one of my favourites now, its just so smartly written and the way the storylines intertwine. Man, its just great, you should definitely read it. 

Also earlier I read this and I just think you should certainly find time in your day to read this. Anyway, see you guys soon! I'm on holiday at the moment so I will reply to any comments on this post (and the two previous posts) when I am back.

Plane Outfit In The Rose Gardens

15 July 2015

Hey guys! Woah today has been hectic. But the afternoon has been enjoyable because me and my good pal Lauren went to the Rose Gardens near us and we got some cute outfit pictures! For once I'll actually have nice pictures rather than just boring old my room. I just edited the pictures and now I'm really excited because wow so pretty flowers! Although it was impossible to take serious pictures because you know those people who you just always smile when you're with them? Lauren is one of those people. I just wanted some pictures of me looking 'whimsical' or whatever, or just cool pictures of me in my outfit but it was impossible. Also in loads of pictures I look really menacing, I really hope I don't always look so frowny because damn. But we have decided to venture to the Rose Gardens more often so hopefully as this summer progresses I'll nail my poses. It was so cute and pretty there though, I always underestimate it. And so peaceful. I'm excited to go there during summer and just read a book and lie in the sun. Who cares about hay fever!? Although to be fair it wasn't that bad today. 
I don't even care what people say my poses are on point.
The dress is just a little sundress from H&M (I can't find the link sorry) and the top underneath is just a white crop top from Topshop and the sandals were in the Topshop sale and I can't find the link
When you see a bee
I wore basically what I decided what to wear on the plane because it's just so comfy. Although near the end of the day the shoes began to rub my little toe, but for the majority of the time they were so comfy! Except I forgot to paint my toes and three of my toes (very specific) are on show when I wear these and god, event though no one was judging me I judged myself. But the way the shoes wrap around my feet made them feel so homey. Is it possible for shoes to feel homey? Usually I would wear a tight white top underneath this dress, but I was being a pain in the ass and kept changing my outfit and then was worried if I wore the top I planned for the plane and if I began to smell then I couldn't wear it on the plane so I settled on a different top, because plane outfits stress me out too much and I did not have it in me to plan another one. Saying that, my topshop dress was my backup plan but whatever. This is so exciting I have so many different pictures! I hope I'm able to do more outfit posts like this in the future. I just need to stop being such a hermit and go outside and be social more often! 
The only fairly serious picture. Well, there are a few where I'm not being an idiot but my face is so angry and moody. I feel like this serious picture doesn't really belong here but look how cool the back of my dress is!! 
The only downside about this dress is that sometimes it makes me look really wide, but the upsides outweigh the one downside. In my opinion. 
Anyway guys that's it for today, and I will see you soon! Eurgh in the process of this I completely smudged my nails, I did not think this through. Also I have such tiny toe nails and whilst painting them I made a mess and now my toes are covered in nail varnish and I can't use a cotton bud to get rid of it because knowing me I'll probably end up removing half of the paint on my nails. Oh well, in the end having pretty toes will make it all worth it. But yeah, bye (I spelt bye like buy god I'm such a material girl)(I think that's the right phrase) guys!

Summer Rucksack Necessities

12 July 2015

I was going to name this 'Summer Essentials' but isn't necessities just such a greater word? I dont know, it reminds me of the Jungle Book. This was going to be a 'what I pack in my travel on bag' but then I the other day I realised I just always like to have these things in my bag during summer so i decided to make it more general because why not. Plus, I love reading what's in my bag things but I can never make one because I never really have key things in my bag, but at the moment I do so why not hop on the bandwagon I've always been so desperate to join.
Firstly, I wanted to get music up on my phone but forgot so you would have seen a cool band on my screen rather than just emptiness. Secondly, the bag is from American  Apparel and my sister customised it herself  by adding the studs because she's hardcore like that.
1) Suncream. Pretty obvious, why get burnt when you can get tanned?

2) Sunglasses. Partially to protect my eyes from the harsh sun and so I don't have to squint half the time, partially due to the fact wearing any form of sunglasses makes me feel super important and mysterious and also because my sunglasses are cute as heck.

3) Lipbalm with SPF. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with being moisturised. When I say phase I mean like year 7 to year 9 then after those years I just sort of crumbled and had permanent dry hands and lips and my legs were never smooth, but I have decided to look after myself again and won't let the sun chap my lips.

4) Aloe vera/ Aftersun. Basically because of above comment. Also because my sister has such smooth skin (I didn't even know it was possible to have skin as smooth as her) and now I desire skin as lovely as hers, so again, can't let the sun dry up my skin. I really like using coconut oil as a moisturiser but you know, I'll take what I can get. (I used cocoa butter because my mum had packed the aftersun when I took this but basically a moisturizer of some sort)

5) A Book. Okay this point kind of doesn't work anymore because my books are now on my kindle app on my iPad, but I always like to carry a book round with me in summer just incase we end up sunbathing so I have some form of entertainment. Like the other day me and my friends went to Brighton and they went in the sea and I just stayed and sunbathed and having a book during this time was very important. Also another reason why having sunglasses is useful.

6) Music and Headphones. To be fair these aren't a summer essential. These are an always essential.

7) Deodrant/Spray. I know spraying deodorant once you already smell like BO doesn't do anything but it's just comforting to have, and having spray is always useful because during summer lets be real smelling nice can be a task but as long as a spray is at hand we can all work together to try and cover up the smell of sweat. (I forgot to include this in the picture but oh well we all [hopefully] know what deodorant looks like)

8) Sandals a Bikini and Cotton Shorts. Sandals, incase your wearing shoes and your feet get too hot. Cotton shorts also an essential incase your shorts become uncomfortable or if you're wearing a skirt/dress and want to sit with your legs apart or up or something but don't want to show off your underwear, BAM cotton shorts. I personally dont carry around a bikini because I just don't feel comfortable in them but I do feel like for people who are they are important to carry around just incase you want to sunbathe or if its too hot in your clothes and you cant walk round in a bra, you can walk round in a bikini top. Or just because sometimes there are surprise swimming trips as I found out when I went to Brighton and people decided to go in the sea. But yeah, this one isn't really me personally but I do see the importance/

I feel like I could write an entire post about summer clothing essentials but that would pretty boring and I feel like not many people would agree with me on some of them, but these are all things I like to have with me at all times during summer. Well, except sandals I usually wear them rather than carry them around with me but I wanted to include them.

New Favourite Dress

8 July 2015

Hey guys! So the other day I wore my Topshop dress for the first time and oh man I felt so free. Firstly, I wasn't wearing tights for the first time in ages so my legs felt free, the only problem was I realised how badly I had waxed my legs, but oh well, I'll get that fixed soon. Secondly, because it's such a flowy dress when the wind blows I am s c r e w e d, but I wore shorts underneath so it could have been a lot worse than it was. Also so that I could sit crossed legged or however I wanted and still remain decent. Later on in the day as well I went for a BBQ and do you know how much I ate? Too much. Did I remain comfortable? Yes!...well, no. I didn't actually remain comfortable per se because I ate so much that I could hardly breathe but clothing wise, I had no items of clothing that were holding my stomach back so this dress was perfect.

Sorry for the poor quality I just couldn't get any good shots on my camera, I'm really struggling at the moment trying to work with the lighting! Also I don't have a link for this dress becuase I couldn't find one anywhere and the bag is super old.
I felt really bohemian because I had like my long blonde hair with a middle parting and my sunglasses on and I just felt really happy and chilled. This has definitely been one of my favourite outfits so far and so simple. Honestly, I feel like I'll be living in this dress. It's cute and such a good casual day dress and can be worn with docs or sandals (probably not New Balances though). I dont think you could classy it up but as a nice day dress to wear it's just perfect. Plus, I bet it will look great with a tan. I paired it with this cute little bag I got from Urban Outfitters in the sale ages ago to carry a few things and think they went together really nicely. You can't really tell from the picture, but trust me, they did.

The worst part is even though I did edit this my camera actually made my skin look this pale. What is the lighting in my room!? But yeah, close up of the dress oooh.
I'm testing out the scheduling thing to post this I really hope it works. God how crazy that in my next blog post after this I will be in another country! I need to plan ahead god I am so behind in my holiday preparations. I dont even need to prepare much, just need to sort out music and books and things. Holidays are great but oh man do they stress me out. Also I tried to use the schedule thing for this post and it didn't work and I don't understand why it's really bothering me why I cant figure out what's wrong with it! Oh well, I'll figure it out. See you guys soon!

Oxford Street Purchases

5 July 2015

Hey guys, so in this post I told you I went to Oxford Street and I'm going to show you what I bought today, because I bought a lot. Although thinking about it we didn't actually go to that many shops but the ones we went to were great. I had a list of things I needed and now I am fully set for summer. Well, except I really wanted to buy a white bohemian dress sort of thing and fell in love with this one, but they didn't have my size and whilst shopping I was hoping I would find one, but I didn't. Thats all good though because I'm in love with all the purchases I made and don't think I could ever have loved a white dress as much as I loved that one. 

(I was going to link you to these items but I can't actually find them on the website, I'm sorry!)
The first shop we went to was H&M. The first dress is just a little beach dress, always handy for summer and it sits so nicely on me. Also it has a drooped back and I love that. I also brought a black playsuit, and you can't really see but the back is lace and has some lace at the front. It's super cute and I feel like I can glam it up with a pair of heels or just keep it simple with a pair of Docs. I also just got that little white tight crop top as it's a very useful item I feel because the amounts of times I've needed one and not had one was just such a let down, so expect to see that used a lot in future posts. Plus, it was so cheap! Like only £3 or £4 I think, and for the amount of use it's going to be getting I figured what a bargain. Especially because in Topshop you can get something that's basically the same but is like £10. And finally I got a stripey top from the men's section to tuck into shorts and wear under my dungarees, I was so glad I found this and it was only £5 because I have been imagining so many outfits with a baggy striped top and now these outfits time has finally arrived. 

The catci are there to hold the shoe up because otherwise they just flopped over it's not just me being like 'lol how funny if I put cacti INSIDE my shoes'
The next stop was Topshop, after an agonising long walk looking for somewhere to eat and being too indecisive (we decided on Pret in the end) and I don't know if you've ever been to the Oxford Street Topshop, but it is enormous and has loads of other brands downstairs. We probably spent around 17 years looking in the shoe sale, because I really needed some sandals. We tried on so many pairs and there was this pair that I loved but on my feet they just looked weird. I feel in love with a pair of sandals that weren't in the sale, but they cost £52 and I was like gosh okay maybe not. After hunting for shoes for ages I finally found the sandals at the bottom. These weren't my favourite shoes but they are comfy and they are cute, just not as cute as some of the other shoes, but they fit and the bottom is spongy kind of so comfort levels are high. 

I also brought dungarees, which wasn't on my list but I saw a pair from Topshop and thought 'man these are too cute not to try on' then in the sale section of a brand called PeekaBoo Vintage ( I think thats the name, I'm not entirely sure but I'm definitely close) I saw these dungarees. In the changing rooms I really needed Hollies opinion but they wouldn't let Hollie round to come judge with me so I went at it by myself. To be fair I did prefer the other pair but there was literally no difference between them really except different coloured denim, but I chose these one because a) they were literally half the price of the other pair and b) well actually there is no reason b there was only that reason. These dungarees are so cue though, I remember getting a pair like two years ago and they weren't baggy and they fit me really weirdly (I'm not sure why I said yes to them) but these dungarees are baggys and hang loose and are just so cute. I wore them when we went to Camden and wanted to take outfit pictures but wasn't able to, so expect to see them soon. Then I also brought this dress from the label 'Glamorous' because the name just describes me. Also its a really groovy dress and is baggy (perfect for summer BBQ's no one can see my food baby) and is just so free. I love dresses so much, the only problem with this is if the wind blows I will lose all my dignity. Unless I wear shorts underneath it like I did the other day. I like to think this dress is a replacement for not buying a white dress, even though they're completely different styles this dress is just so beautiful. I didn't think it would look nice on me because I didn't think orange really suited me but it did. I think this dress would just make anyone look nice. I was expecting it to cost like £40 or something outrageous like that but it was only around £20! I think I done pretty well in Topshop because I didn't stray far from the sale section when actually buying things.

One of the last shops we went to was Forever 21 and I was pretty much dead by this time. I had literally shopped till I dropped and had to sit on the floor whilst Hollie looked at the sale section because I just didn't have it in me. Although I did manage to buy a bikini top which I desperately needed, Usually I struggle so much to find bikini tops, and in Forever 21 I found two tops that looked nice! In the end I decided on this one though and it only cost £4.20!

That was my purchases of the day, I wanted to do a post about mine and Hollies day and I wrote it all out but you know when you read over a post and it's like hm this is only (MY PARENTS HAVE JUST TOLD ME WE'RE GOING OUT IN A N HOUR WHO GIVES A TEENAGE GIRL AN HOURS NOTICE WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY OH GOD) entertaining because like it's my fond memories. 

The day was fun though besides the heat getting too extreme at parts and the fact I had no energy to look in Urban Outfitters (yes, we were that tired) but to be fair, that was probably a good thing because they are too pricey. Also, at one point in the day I had to take off my bra because long story short it was too uncomfortable to bear and I felt so free. I have never felt more grateful to have small boobs. But yeah, those were my purchases and I will see you on Wednesday! (Look at me with a schedule). On another note, how crazy this time next week I will be in France! Does anyone know if using the blogging schedule thing works? Because I usually get Hollie to post for me when i go away but she's away at the same time, does anyone have any tips because I probably will have no wifi. See you soon though!

Moon Top In London

1 July 2015

Hey guys, today I went into London with my friend Hollie, to Oxford Street more specifically and oh my god it was boiling. I wont say too much because Im going to do a post about my time with Hollie so I wont say much. But, what I will say is that I sweated so much I got a sweat patch on my rucksack and the sweat on the back of my neck literally drenched the stings of my top. I thought it was quite risky wearing grey because I knew it was going to be a hot day but I panicked and it was a cute outfit. The top is from Asos, I got it the other day along with a bunch of bikini tops. because I ordered so much from Asos they sent free crackers (which we sO nice I'm going to have to buy more). But then I ended up basically sending everything back except one bikini top and this top. Also my sister has lent me three of her pairs of American Apparel shorts (long story) and man I love them all. So I paired the top with some shorts and man these shorts are just so cute, they fit perfectly. 

Top- Asos
Shorts- American Apparel (colour Dark Indigo)
Rucksack- American Apparel
Shoes- Doc Martens
My chest looks weird in this picture okay I'm not sure why lets just ignore it
The day was so good but we literally shopped till we dropped and man do our feet ache. We;re in bed now and my feet still kill. Also we stank. Honestly as soon was we got back we couldn't not shower. Now my room is super stuffy and feel like I wont sleep well, I'm too hyped up but we also have a busy day tomorrow. Im excited because we're going into Camden and I don't know where,  I thought we were going to the vegan cafe in London, but apparently there is some veggie food section place where we're going to go. Im pumped. Except man today I've been so unhealthy, right before my holiday as well, but you know what, we walked around 17km today and I sweated so much that I basically exercised. How did you guys spend the boiling hot day (well if you live in London/England) which was extremely humid? Also, remember, stay hydrated people! See you guys soon, hope you're all doing well!
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