What I'm Watching

30 September 2013

So recently I started to watch a new TV series, which was a BIG mistake because now I seem to be watching too many and it stresses me out, but I can't seem to stop!!

Teen Wolf
So I started to watch Teen Wolf a week ago or something, because I kept on seeing GIFs on tumblr of this boy from teen wolf who was all sassy and jokey so I was like RIGHT a jokey, sassy and beautiful boy? I must watch!
I. Love. It.
It's a bit fake, like you see a wolf and you're like oh my goodness, really?
But it's so good!! Now I'm a crap explainer, but if you want a good little TV series to watch THIS IS THE ONE I RECOMMEND it is the best out of all of them (in my opinion).
I've almost finished season one, and season three ended a month ago or something, so I have a lot of time to catch up before season four starts!

I watched Revolution when season one was on, then I stopped and am starting again since season two has come out, but I'm already behind!
This is quite an actiony series, and it's about all the power in the world going out and these baddies who want to kill the goodies, and it is good and if you want to be kept on your feet you should watch this.

Hannibal is basically about a cannibal, and I keep meaning to watch it. I've watched like three episodes but want to watch the rest of season one but I keep on stopping. It seems really weird but from what I've heard it's really good. I  might start ti watch it properly at Christmas when I will have a break from school and work so I can just watch TV programmes.

There are 8 seasons of Supernatural. The 9th one comes out soon and I am only halfway through season one. I really like it and there is like a main storyline going thorough out all of the episodes, but it is kind of all the same. Like theres a thing, they have to find it, kill it and it is good, but yeah.
However I think it keeps getting better and better through the seasons and I want to carry on watching this, but after Teen Wolf!

Now, this may not seem like a lot of TV Series I'm watching, but there is a lot more I want to start.
The worst thing is, each one of these I started to watch because I had so much homework to do, so I decided to watch a new TV series.
That is not a good thing to do, you get hooked and don't do your homework BUT YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DO YOUR WORK.

This post is pointless really, but the moral is
Don't start to watch a TV series that is almost 9 seasons in because all it will do is stress you out because you are so far behind and you want to stop, but it's too addicting!

However if you do want to start a new TV series and think you have the time, Teen Wolf is brilliant.
What do you watch?
Do you watch loads of series rather than doing work? Please say I'm not the only one who procrastinates this much!!:)

Liebster Award

28 September 2013

So I have been nominated twice for the Liebster Award and I'm very late at doing them buuut better late then never!? I was nominated by Megan and Natassa.

Here are their blog links (I highly recommend you follow them because their blogs are lovely!:) )

Natassa: http://novembrebeaute.blogspot.co.uk/
Megan: http://thousandsundowns.blogspot.com.au/

I will do a mix of the wuestions they have asked, after I think you're meant to nominate 10 people but I'm going to nominate 5 because I don't have many followers and yeah :)

1) What is your ultimate dream job?
Although I'm terrible at writing and it would never happen, the ultimate dream job for me would be an author. I love the idea of someone reading my work and feeling such real emotions and being like woaaah

2) Your favourite 3 shops and why are your favourites?
I love Topshop, I love the clothes that they have their and the make up and nail varnish, they have everything you need really, but I don't like the price!
Urban Outfitters, again for the reasons above and I love some of the quirky stuff they have there again though the price is the worst thing about it there
The last shop I love is Costco, I don't know if it counts as a shop because technically it's a warehouse but oh my goodness they have so many tasters there and I went the other day and I basically had lunch from eating all the tasters and then just when me and my friend were like 'hmmm we are thirsty' THERE WERE FREE SAMPLES OF DIET COKE awh man I just love it there

3) When did you start your blog and why?
I started my blog because I've always loved the idea of blogging and it's just somewhere to go and type whatever you want without being judged. I also really like the idea of being a youtuber one day, but that seems super hard but I feel that if I can blog and enjoy it and want to do more then maybe I could try youtube one day.

4) Your favourite places for food?
Waga Mamas, Ask, Zazas, now I've been asked I can't really think of any resturants but usually all I ever do is ask to be taken out for food! I really want to go to America one day though and just eat EVERYWHERE

5) What is the one thing you can't leave your house without?
At the moment, hand cream. Now it's getting colder your hands get drier, and I can handle a  lot of things, but when I have extremely sore, dry hands I am not happy.

6) What is your dream goal?
To be successful on youtube or this blog. But I also really want to have a job that has a positive impact on peoples lives? Even though you have to super smart to do that usually, I want to.

7) If you were locked in a room with another person for a whole day, who would you want it to be?
Troye Sivan. If you don't know him he is a youtuber and I am so very much in love with him and I just want to be his bestfriend or his sister, but I can't but still I WANT TO KNOW TROYE PERSONALLY and then if I was locked in aroom with him we would become best friends then he could introduce me to all his friends like Tyler Oakley, Alfie Deyes etc and then I can be friends with all these amazing people.
But alas, I can only dream :')

8) Tell me some fashion and make up trends you really like but are too scared to wear?
I really like maxi/midi skirts and dresses but I would never get a chance to wear them really or would feel too formal or out of place.
I love dark lipsticks and bright, but I feel like if I wore a bold lipstick everyone would ridicule me, even though they probably wouldn't, I would need some bravery to wear it.

9) If you could go back in time where would you go?
The sixties, because I love the fashion from back then, and how girls clothes are designed to keep you covered up and not have half your body on display! 

10) Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?
Okay, don't judge me but if we're doing actual celebrities and not youtubers it has to be Niall Horan. Don't judge me, I just love him so much and his little accent and his personality AND HIS FACE. Yes, I really like One Direction and Niall Horan is my ultimate celeb crush. 

I nominate:
Charlotte Rose from charlotterose8.blogspot.co.uk
Emily Jane from emilyjane1997.wordpress.com
Melanie from melanieev.blogspot.com
Really you should tag ten but I couldn't find many people who actually follow me and haven't done it yet! Also they must have less than 200 followers.
My questions are:
1)  If you could get rid of one thing from the world forever, what would it be?
2)What is your ultimate beauty product?
3)Whats your favourite perfurme?
4) What is your favourite make up brand?
5) What are you favourite two clothes shops?
6) What are you more into, fashion or make up?
7) Whats your favourite animal?
8)If you could have any job, what would it be?
9) What's your favourite thing in your room?
10) Whats your favourite film?

Thank you Megan&Natassa for nominating me and if you've read this please check out their blogs!


27 September 2013

Okay, these aren't really 'recent purchases' I got them a week ago but it feels like yeaaaaars ago so now thinking about it they are recent purchases..anyway its just a few bits and bobs from boots as there were two for ones on makeup and I needed a bit, I can't wait till I next go on a big shop because as I started blogging it has made me want so many products! I used to be content with this tiny little eye shadow thing I have, but now all I want is an Urban Decay palette! And I want lipsticks, a proper bronzer etc etc, but all those will have to wait :(

I was inspired to get these products after having a day where I literally watched beauty gurus on youtuber all day... Whenever I watch them it makes me want to go out and just buy every product there is! Then I got onto back to school ones and thought, hey why not make myself look presentable this year.

The first thing I got was Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.
Now although I have used this everyday since I got it I don't actually know if its a good concealer.
It's really good for covering my everlasting bags under my eyes and good at covering blemishes but I've only ever had really bad concealers so maybe I just think this one is really good because I've never experienced a good concealer before!?
However I do think this is really good and you can get it at any drugstore probably!:)

The other Rimmel product I brought to get my two for one, was the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I have never used powder before so I have nothing really to compare this one to, but I love it.
I never realised how shiny I used to be and this gets rid of shine easily and helps my foundation stay on! I got it in transparent as I have no idea what my skin colour is, my Mum thinks I always need the palest thing, but I'm not that pale!! My skin colour is very annoying as my whole body is relatively tanned, well you don't look at me and go 'Wow she's tanned' but my face is pale compared to the rest of my body, but still, I'm not the palest foundation type!
Well with that lil rant out the way, yeah it's a really good powder and a lot of people who are more advanced in makeup if you will, use it!

I then got Maybelline The Falsies Mascara Volum (this isn't a spelling error it's actually spelt like this!!) Express. I am still searching for the mascara that I am in love with,
You know how people have that one mascara that they absolutely love and use it all the time and always recommend it? I WANT MINE TO COME! 
I got this one because I heard a youtuber I like mention it and thought I'd give it ago, it is good and makes my eyelashes go black and people can tell you're wearing mascara but it doesn't go clumpy. It is really good but its not my soul mate in mascara form, if you will.
However I do really like it. It's got a curved wand, I had been using it wrong for a while, so read the lil' label on it to see what side to use when you get mascara because it helps!! 
I have really short eyelashes but this does male them look a bit longer and have more volume, I do really like it and it stays on for a while and doesn't rub off easy! I do recommend it and hope if you do purchase it, it is your ONE
Ignore my plain ugly nails pleaseeeee :)

The last item I brought was an eyeliner which I have never tried before which I now LOVE called Master Precise by Maybelline. It is a liquid eyeliner but has a felt tip rather than the little brush liquid liner has.
Now let me tell you, I have tried gel eyeliner, pencil, thick crayon, normal liquid liner and I could not manage to use any of them. The gel was alright but it came out too thick a lot then I lost the brush so couldn't use it, the pencil I got came out super thick, the thick crayon just completely melted on holiday one year and I have never liked liquid liner.
However, this one is fabulous.
It's easy to use and control, you want a flick? You can do a flick easily.
You want a thin line by your lash line? You can do that
You want something a little bolder? IT CAN DO ANYTHING
also you can different thicknesses so if you don't want a really thin one like the one I got, you can get thicker!!
If you want an eyeliner, get this one! It goes on so easy and usually lasts me a whole day and you don't have to wait for it to dry for ages like normal liquid ones.
It doesn't even have to be this brand, get any as long as its felt tip! 
I love this eyeliner so much and you can get a thin line by your lash line quite easy so it's perfect for school.
I could go on for this for days I love it, it's great, just try it ooooooo I can't wait to do my make up tomorrow now!
I did have a picture of it on my hand but my hand has left over pen all over it so then I cropeed it loads so you could just see the lines so you could see the thickness, but woah zooming in made my arm look super hairy even though it's not

What make up do you like recently?
Also, I'm thinking of changing my blog a little bit, any ideas on what to add/change? DO you think I should get google+?


Thorpe Park

22 September 2013

Today I went to Thorpe Park for my friends birthday and oh my goodneeeeeess it was so fun.
My throat really hurts now, I was the one who screamed the most...not because I was scared really but just because I couldn't physically stop myself from screaming!
It was great because we had fast track tickets for all the big rides (like Collusus, The Swarm etc) so we hardly had to wait in the hour long queues! Plus, it was already basically dead since not many people go on Saturdays in the middle of the week, so the queues weren't too bad. The line for Stealth was 120 minute long wait apparently, but we only had to wait like five minutes!:) It was so much fun and now I'm home and in bed I feel like I'm still moving!

I thought I would share you with my outfit today, because why not?

Now you cant really see because I took these after we went and my makeup had faded a bit, but I had done a really good cat eye with this new eyeliner I got (which I shall review soon) but in the pictures it you cant really see the flick. However when I put it on I personally thought it looked nice :)

I also wore eyeshadow but you can't really see it but I was really proud of my little flick as I can never usually do them aha:)

This is the makeup I used which again I shall do a review of soon.
I forgot to get a picture of the eyeliner but my dog is asleep on my lap and I don't want to mover her because she's just so damn cuteeee :)
It is by Maybelline though and is a felt tip one, but I shall check when this ragamuffin is off my lap!

I wore this raglan sleeved top there with Superman and Superwoman on it which I got just the other day from Primark with my Joni jeans, I started off by having it tucked in, but after a few trips to the toilet it was too much hassle to keep tucking in and then pulling it out just enough to look nice but not so much that it all fell out so then I untucked it.  I took my good ol' Primark bag. I wore black conversey type trainers but they are from Topshop and they have little studs and spikes on the side. It sounds terrible, but I think they are nice. I would have taken a picture but I had gone upstairs and couldn't be bothered to go back down because I am a lazy person. I also wore a baggy green hoodie on top and this raincoat that we have had for years for the water rides :)

Sorry again I forgot to get a picture of my bag but I might do a post another time on my bags so then you can see it :)sorry!

Here are some pictures from the day!! We didn't really take many pictures, it was such a fast paced day, it went by so quick! We didn't get pictures of any of the rides either but here's what we got all together (excuse my face in the majority of these, I keep on pulling the same face and my hair got super messed up)


20 September 2013

So for the past five/six years of my life, I have been having skating lessons.
It has become a second home to me there and everyone is so lovely, some people are more 'into it' then me if you will, I just go for lessons whereas others go on trips and train to become a coach, but I go just for the lessons, it's great fun and I love it.
Unfortunately told my teacher, who is basically like a big sister to me, told me that another company had brought the building and it the rink will close down in a number of weeks. Not even months, it's only weeks.
I didn't cry then, but my teacher was crying non stop throughout my lesson and it was awful seeing her cry. I was trying not to cry on the way home either because I didn't want my mum to see me cry. Then when I got home I walked around and just cried.
It's horrible having it closed down. It may sound pathetic but I've been going there for years and everyone is so lovely and now it's just going to be demolished, with only four weeks notice. It's hard to explain, but ice-skating and everyone there means so much to me and now it's going to close and I will have to stop having lessons because there's no where else I want to go apart from to them.

These are my ice skates with their pig blade protectors on in the middle, because why get boring plain protectors when you can get a cute pig?:)

Now I've got that lil sadness off my chest tomorrow it's my friends birthday and we're going on an adventure :D again I'm disappointed because it is also my best friends mum birthday and they're going out in the evening with my family but I cant go because of the ADVENTURE :D,  I'm so excited!! And yesterday I got new makeup which I shall show you soon, but I didn't get this hair thing I wanted, but oh well!
I have no idea what the weather is meant to be like tomorrow so I don't know what to wear but I now we'll be outside, but I shall decide tonight because I have to be gone fairly early tomorrow morning!:)

Boy Clothing

18 September 2013

Do you ever think if you were a boy you would have the best fashion sense?
Because I do!
Today, somehow I ended up on Topman and on the t shirt section but it's acceptable to wear boy tops and jumpers, right?
Loads of men shops also have really nice shirts but I brought a hideous one once and never wore it again, it was only £5 and I liked the shape but the pattern is VILE. Now I never really get them though but then again now I have a lot of shirts which I looove.
I have a few tops from Topman and I found loads of nice ones right now, but I feel like to fully appreciate this post we just need to forget about the price of these tops and appreciate their beauty and how comfortable they look:). 
(also I feel like boys tops will be long enough for leggings, and you could wear with any type of skinny jeans, which is pretty great)

Sorry for the terrible quality :s
I think these would be perfect with a pair of leggings, tucked into high waisted skinnies, or not tucked in at all. The top right one is made of mesh material but I have no idea why the picture has gone like that. 
I'm never really sure about leopard print, but a while ago i saw a leopard print jumper from Topman and fell in love, but they don't have it anymore. Now I really just want a big baggy leopard print t shirt to tuck in and I think it would look really nice with a gold chain.
I love the first t shirt, its from Hype, I love the colours and you can tell that's a proper baggy t shirt. I also love the lion one and last t shirt out of them all.


15 September 2013

So a while back when Blockbusters was closing down (a sad time for everybody) and films were going cheap I got 50/50 . I had wanted to see this film for ages, I can't remember why but I remember being so desperate to see it. So we got it and one night when my parents and sister were out, me and my other sister decided to watch it.
We weren't expecting that much of an emotional roller coaster.
We would be crying our eyes out, but then something funny would happen so we would burst out laughing through our tears. We were crying so much we used around 3 lil packets of tissues but we also laughed so much our cheeks hurt.
So if you want to watch a film that will make you cry enough tears to recreate the ocean but also laugh so much you feel like your cheeks are going to split, I recommend to watch this.
I watched it today again and didn't think I would cry as much because I knew what would happen, but nope I still cried loads, but didn't laugh as much this time. I always find films funnier with other people though.

In case you don't know what its about, its about a man who is diagnosed with cancer and has a 50/50 chance of surviving. It's him trying to get through it all with his best friend, but so much happens in it and you're like 'GOD WHY DO THAT NOOO' but then something good will happen and you'll be all 'YOU GO ADAM (the main character) YOU GO'. I am terrible at describing things, but if you want to watch a film that makes you feel all over the place, watch this!
Also, just now when I was trying to find a picture of it I found out it was a true story. I was going to say something that would have been a spoiler, but I didn't just in case you do watch it.
So yeah I recommend it, it's really good, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it and who doesn't love him?

Have you ever seen the film? Tell me in the comments what you though of it if you have!xx
I had something else to say but I forgot it whilst I was waiting for the picture to load..ohwell xx

New Clothes

I done a teeny bit of internet shopping the other day and thought I'd share my purchases with you!

This dress is from Asos and I absolutely love it. I love dresses because they're so easy to wear, and you don't have to worry about matching trousers, because all you really need are tights!
I wore this dress today with a little black beanie, a baggy over sized dark green hoodie and with my burgundy Doc Martens. It can also be spiced up a little, with some little black heels, or maybe some jellies with lacey socks. It was super comfy, but its very loose, as you can tell, so if you want to show off your figure, this isn't the dress for it.
Its over sized and comes down to just above my knee. It has 'nineties' written across it and I just feel like this is the perfect dress to just chill out in or go out, but maybe not to something super formal.

I also got this from Asos, but it's from River Island. It is another dress, I think they are becoming one of my favourite clothing items because they're so comfy and easy to wear!
I saw a girl wearing this dress when I went out the other day and I couldn't help but ask her where it's from. It's adorable! I love the little collar, but the shape is a bit funny on me. It's baggy at the top but also a bit tight and the bottom is like a skate skirt, kind of. It is baggy though and there is no proper waist bit, it is hard to explain but I'll upload of picture of me wearing it tomorrow. 
This dress is quite posh but you could make it a bit different by wearing jelly shoes with it, keep the formal look of it and wear with heels, or some cute little black shoes, or just make it casual and wear with Doc Martens. 
I love wearing necklaces and I feel like I could maybe get away with wearing one with this dress. Only a thin little one, maybe I'll make a post of what I think would go with this. The first one I don't think I could wear a necklace with, but yeah maybe this one. But not a bold massive one, just a little chain with a little thing on it, for instance mine has a few little triangles.
I have no idea why the picture is this way round it won't let me change it??

There is a story behind these jeans. These are from Topshop and a little while ago me and my Mum brought a pair of black Joni jeans from Topshop and slowly they started to get baggier and baggier, to the point where you couldn't really tell they were meant to be skinny and at the hip of my mums it had gone completely baggy, like someone had just grabbed the hips and pulled them out. It obviously just wasn't a dodgy pair of jeans though, because both had got really bad and me and my Mum are completely different sizes. The same thing happened a while back when i got some black Lee jeans from Topshop then literally after two months of having them the elastic had completely gone. The same thing has happened to quite a few of my friends who got black jeans from Topshop (I need to get back to my story though). SO my mum went to Topshop and told them about the jeans, so we swapped my black pair for these, they are still Joni jeans and I love them.
These are super comfy, if you want some Joni jeans I honestly think these are the best, definitely don't get black ones JUST DON'T GET BLACK FROM THERE IN GENERAL but yeah haha, I also have a dark blue pair of these jeans. They are all comfy but these are the best, I forgot I was wearing trousers they are so comfy! I always roll up the bottom of these, just because I prefer the look (and because the legs may be a bit too short on me so I roll them up so nobody notices the ankle swingers...ahah)
But yeah, these are great and you can wear them with literally anything!
In the picture they look really baggy, but they're not it's just the way I laid them out!

Tell me in the comments your experiences with Topshop jeans, do yours ever go baggy? Also, why won't my pictures turn around!! Why are they doing this, when I save them they aren't this way round??
Also if you have seen any loose smock like dresses anywhere, please tell me!xx


14 September 2013

I have been waiting all week for Friday, because Friday and the weekends are the only time I ever really wear my onesie and I feel like as its colder now I can wear my onesie without boiling to death!
I don't know why I only allow myself to wear my onesie on Friday and Saturday nights, I think its because its the weekend so I can stay up till whatever time and not worry about school the next day and can properly relax!

This is my beloved giraffe onesie. I think I got it off eBay/Amazon or something like that! Just type in 'Kigu onesie' and they should come up! There are so many to choose from! Well when I looked there were; you could be a unicorn, Stitch, a giraffe, a dragon, there is so many!! I went with a giraffe though, because they are one of my favourite animals. They cost quite a bit more than a Primark onesie, but I personally think it's worth it!
It's soft and fluffy and super baggy, I was trying to get a full body shot of me in it, but my rooms a tip so that one will have to do.. the crotch comes down really low, but it's so comfy!! I don't know if you can see on the first picture, but there's a little zip near your bum, so when you go for a wee you don't have to strip off completely!! It keeps you very warm, a little too warm for tonights weather for me, so I chilled out in it, but now I'm back in my normal pajamas to sleep in.
If you're looking for a good ol' onesie this winter, I highly recommend these!! They're so comfy, fluffy, soft and you can be any animal/creature you want for the night!!

Also just a few quick questions:
1) I think I might get that google+ thing but can someone please explain to me what it is, because it makes no sense to me :')
2) What's a good camera? At the moment I'm using my iPad (I know so professional,haha) but I think I might get a proper camera for Christmas (planning ahead)(so many brackets woah) so yeah any reccomendations??
Also this isn't a question but when you guys comment it makes me feel so happy I genuinely just sit there smiling like an idiot, so thank you so much if you do!!

Iron Men

9 September 2013

A lot of my friends Dads compete in triathlons and have started to do Iron Mans too now. Incase you don't know a triathlon is an athletic contest where people swim, cycle and run, an iron man is exactly the same except MUCH harder and longer. Yesterday I went to Henley on the Thames to watch my first ever Iron Man, it was my friends Dad first ever time competing in one too. 
I never realised before how hard they must be do to do, obviously I knew they had to go far and it takes over 10 hours to complete, completing it in ten hours would be amazing! But watching that one yesterday made me realize how much of an accomplish it is!
I don't know if every iron man is the same, but yesterday they had to swim 3.8km, then cycle 180km (bearing in mind they rarely take breaks during all this) and then run a marathon. He done it in a total of 12 hours 30 minutes which is AMAZING especially in his first ever one. We were all so proud,just imagining doing that exhausts me! I can barely run for 10 minutes, let alone do a huge swim and cycle before it!
I tried to get pictures when I went, because Henley is beautiful, but unfortunately all I had was my phone, and its camera is rubbish!
It's a shame it was really rainy and cold yesterday, but we all had so much fun watching people complete this Iron Man and cheering everyone on! 

On top of all this, just to make my day even better, I got to wear my favourite shirt, because I finally decided it was cold enough! I'll upload a picture of my outfit maybe another time. 

I'm just using this blog post as an excuse to not do my spanish homework, but I must do it!
Comment if you know anyone who does triathlons, or if you do them yourself!
Or if you know any good places to get shirts because I feel I deserve another shirt...;)

Home Stuff

8 September 2013

Urban Outfitters is the best shop ever. I love it. Not only do they do lovely clothing, but their home decor is pretty damn fabulous too! Honestly, when I'm older my house is going to be covered in their stuff. As long as I'm a billionaire though because their stuff is expensive! 
I always knew they had home things, but never really looked before. However, for my textiles homework I have to do a moodboard of soft furnishings, and I was decided to look on Urban Outfitters. 
I am now completely and utterly in love with Urban Outfitters. Obviously though, once I started looking at their soft furnishings, I just ended up looking at EVERYTHING on the Home&Gifts bit, here is a collection of the things I found and loved. It was hard not to just choose everything they have, but I restrained myself.

These are a few of the doormats and rugs that I saw that I liked. The first two on the bottom row I love because they're quite quirky and I love the patterns, the third one the bottom row is just ADORABLE. Most of these just find cute and would look so lovely in my future house. Also the last one the top is row a Nerdfighters rug!! I love my youtubers so obviously I need that rug, I don't know if its meant to be a Nerdfighters rug but it has DFTBA (don't forget to be awesome) on it so I'm pretty sure it might be. Just in case you don't really know/watch youtubers, John Green (the author of The Fault in Our Stars, Looking For Alaska etc) and his brother Hank Green have their own youtube channel called Vlogbrothers, their fans are called Nerdfighters and their little thing is Don't Forget To be Awesome, just like Louises/Sprinkle of Glitters is,Aloha Sprinklerinos.

Somehow the top three are little tealight holders, but I'm not sure how they work. The bottom three are candles. I love how everything is all so  cute and I love the little tealight holders at the top. My favourite out of these is the silver rabbit candle, at the moment I am loving metallic colours, which that rabbit is.


Not much to say about these except they're so fun and quirky!! I am definitely going to get at least one of these pillows maybe for Christmas, but it must be hard for these to match with your house.

Jewellery Holders

I have no proper jewellery holder. I have a little box of drawers which my sister made around when I was born, then she kept it for like a year, then gave it to my other sister who I shared a room with for a while, then when she got her own room the box of drawers were just dumped on me. They have been with me my whole life and they aren't cute they are annoying and if anything just make my room messier. In one of these drawers is where I keep my jewellery, but I feel like I deserve a proper holder, since I have so much jewellery. I love the stag one and the little elephant, but I feel like I need something bigger because I have quite a bit. 

Making this post has made me want to move house so bad. A while ago a house just round the corner of my mine went on sale and it was the cutest house ever, it had proper windows like the ones you slide up and oh I Just loved it! Unfortunately it was brought shortly after it went on sale, and there were two exact same houses next to it and they were both gone as well. Now sitting here making this, I can just imagine what my room would have looked like, but oh well. I want to redecorate my room, but I feel like there is no point. MY room is tiny and always a mess because I have no storage, so there is no point in making it nice. Hopefully we'll move eventually, I'm the only one in my house that wants to move though, but I don't want to move far because all my friends live close and I can walk to school. Maybe when I'm older we can move then I can drive places. I just have the perfect idea for a room, but want a bigger one. We have two big rooms in our house.
There's my parents room, then a big one. It used to be oldest sisters room, but then she went 'travelling' (basically moved to New Zealand) so now my other sister has it. One day though, it better be ine, then I can decorate it perfectly. Or we can just move and we can all have big rooms. Oh well for now I'll survive, at least I don't have to share!:)


So I love summer, but winter is pretty great too. Well mainly because it involves, duvet days, onsies, suit pajamas (if you don't know what they are I plan on doing a post about them when I get some!:) ), CHRISTMAAS, soup (I love vegetable soup I don't know why and literally as soon as it's a teeny bit cold I'm like MUM MAKE SOUP PLEASE) and jumpers.
I know it's not winter yet, I think it's autumn but that makes no difference. Autumn is cold therefore we have to wear warm clothes. Like jumpers.
I love jumpers, who doesn't!? They're warm and baggy and ahh I just love them.
These are my jumpers that I currently own, I've had some of these for a while but I'm going to show you them anyway.
I would just like to say now I'm sorry the pictures are crap quality and the lightings all over the place, I have no camera of my own and I have no idea where the family one is and even if I did I couldn't use it because we've lost the USB plug thing. So I took the pictures on my iPad and well they turned out pretty terrible.... oh well here ya goo
I'm a bit ashamed to say that the majority of these are from Topshop, but before you go thinking I'm a spoilt brat, the first jumper I've had for either two or three years and well the other ones were Christmas/birthday presents.
These are my favourite jumpers. The first one I love its huge and baggy and long enough to wear with leggings and it's just so comfy and warm, but it is a bit see through, its knitted but obviously then it has teeny little holes and stuff so it is a bit see through, but with a white vest under it's all good.
The second is also baggy but it's not long enough to wear with leggings. I'm very particular and if I'm wearing leggings my top must cover my bum. But with jeans I'm fine with it, except the arms are super long and I'm not sure why. It's weird because I love this jumper and sometimes I think it looks really nice on, then I'll wear the exact same outfit again and decide I don't like it. The bottom part goes completely in, like elasticated or something, it's hard to explain, so it kind of goes really round like a mushroom. That doesn't make much sense so I'll add a picture next time I wear it. It's super good at keeping you warm though and it's knitted but isn't itchy and scratchy like some knitted jumpers are.
The first one on the second row is also something I struggle to wear with leggings, but with a long vest on under it's alright. I love this jumper, I literally wore it everyday when it was cold then ne day my friend said to me 'Oh I never realised there was a star on it'. Now let me tell you, once you see the star among the black lines you can never unsee it. So now whenever I see the jumper, all I can see is the star, which is fine and I still love it but I preferred it before I found the star. Also with this jumper, as you can see it's very white and I am a very messy person. I'm not sure how this happens but I will wear something and two minutes later it will be dirty. With a white item of clothing, stains stand out a lot, so obviously I have trouble. I always end up getting ketchup on this jumper even if I haven't had ketchup. I don't care though I love it and food can be removed!
The one next to the white one is a crop top/crop jumper. It doesn't keep you warm like some of the others, so it's good for when it's a bit chilly. This one I tend tow ear with leggings, with a long vest under or with jeans. Needless to say though whenever I wear this jumper, I always have a long vest on underneath. I've had this one for a long time too, maybe two years. I don't know if that's considered a long time to own a piece of clothing, but I wear this jumper a lot. Literally all these jumpers are what I wear in winter. I just keep on outfit repeating but change the accessories or bottoms and pretend no one realizes I'm outfit repeating, even though they must.
These are all from Topshop.

The last jumper on the top line I haven't had for long. I got it for my birthday but almost two months later, from my oldest sister who is currently living in New Zealand. I haven't had much oppotunity to wear this yet, since my birthday is in April and I got this around late May/June as it started to get warmer. However I have worn it a few times and I adore it. I think it's really cute and quirky, and it's from a little store in New Zealand, so no one has it here in the UK! It's so big and baggy and comfy and keeps me warm. It's long enough to wear with leggings but also super nice with jeans. I can't fault this jumper I love it.
The last one on the last line is from Cafe Press, an online shop and it is Captain America. I love superheros and when I first saw the Avengers I was like 'RIGHT it is time I got some superhero merch' so I googled them all and there was pretty much nothing, Well nothing I could find. Then eventually I stumbled across this beauty and I am so happy its colder so I can wear it again. Again I dont think its long enough to wear with leggings, but I do soemtimes, because if I keep pulling it down its fine. I mainly wear it with jeans though, its thick and keeps me warm just like all the others.

So yep, these are my favourite jumpers! Comment down below your blogs and tell me some good places to get jumpers because it's finally time to start purchasing warm clothes!!:)

I Don't Know

4 September 2013

I don't really know what to say right now. I have ideas on what to blog but right now I really can't be bothered to get up and take pictures, or go internet shopping.
All I want to do is lie in bed and play sims.
I'm going to be honest, I have no idea what I aim for my blog.
I'm just going to post random stuff which will hopefully entertain you. Or just give you something to read. I like make up and beauty, but I don't really have any amazing products to show. I love reading about new products and what to buy, but at the current moment in time I don't really want to blog about that because I don't really have any amazing products and I rarely wear a lot of makeup. Just a bit of foundation, concealer then I'm off to school. Also it's my blog and I should post what I want, I know but I also want followers. Not loads but you know, I hope by this time next year I have at least 5 followers (I know I aim high :') ) but I want to find other blogs like mine. That just post about their lives and stuff.
I read mainly anything, beauty blogs, fashion blogs, ANY blogs but I just need to find more that I like.
It's hard to explain but yeah, I'm going to go blog hunting tonight.
I tend to go rambling on as well, I could make this post last forever, but it would be no fun to read.
I don't even know why I made this post. I guess because I find it fun just to type out what I'm thinking? My thoughts come so quickly I like to just write them down.
This post is crap and boring I know but argh I have no idea what I'm trying to say but basically I'm sorry if my blog has no specific theme I have an idea what to make it but I don't know if it's a real thing.
I think I may  just document my life here. My life isn't very fun though so I don't know if people would enjoy reading it but sometimes I go out and do crazy stuff (like go up the road and buy fruit pastels for my wild nights in). There will be fashion and beauty but not a lot or maybe there will I have no idea.
I'm sorry for rambling I'm sorry about this mess of a post I don't think anyone will read this but oh well I may as well.

THIS POST DOESNT EVEN HAVE ANY POINT TO IT. I'm sorry, tomorrow or the day after I will post something much funner than this. Not saying it will be the best post ever, but lets be honest, it can't be hard to make something more entertaining than this.
If you read this thankyouuu and comment below your blogs because chances are I'll follow you.Maybe I'll post one day why I started this blog. I should have done it now probably but I just got back from the gym and showered and think it's time to put on my pajamas and have a diet coke.

Sucker For Shirts

2 September 2013

I think I mentioned this in my first ever post, I love shirts.
The other day during my web browsing I came across some shirts which I love the look of, but alas I'm not allowed to purchase them. They are from places where you have to pay for them to be delivered my Mum doesn't want me to get them incase I don't like them and have to send them back and have to pay to send them back.
Even though I'm pretty sure I would keep them well definitely one, but considering my mum would probably pay for them it's up to her. It's annoying though because one is only £7 but she says no despite the fact I can actually afford that.
All shops I look in don't have any shirts like these, which just add to my annoyance.
These are the shirts I found. Now looking at them I'm not even sure about the patterns. I really like the bagginess of these shirts and the fact they're long enough to cover your bum if you're wearing leggings. They would also look nice with a pair of skinnies rolled up a little bit not tucked in. With disco pants tucked up you could jazz it up a little bit, with a long thin gold chain they would look really nice I think.
My favourite is the end one, from a shop called Elsie&Fred, probably one of my favourite little shops now, but I won't be getting anything from there anytime soon due to the whole shipping thing.
When I have enough money I will buy from there.
The first shirt is from the Asos marketplace, shirts and blouses.
The middle two are from eBay, type in oversized vintage shirts and they should come up, unless they've been brought.
Then of course the end one is Elsie&Fred.
If any of you know where I could get a shirt like these or just like a good old oversized baggy shirt, please let me know!!
I plan on going charity shop shopping soon so hopefully I'll find some there, you never know. It's annoying though, because I have some charity shops up my road but they're not really good ones and when my friend was volunteering there for DofE she said they like to stock up on stuff teenagers wouldn't necessarily like. 
Oh well, I know where quite a few charity shops are and maybe I'll go tomorrow.

Independent Labels

1 September 2013

On Asos, and I'm sure many other websites, they have an independent labels bit. For some reason I never usually look there, which I now realize is a huge mistake. These little places have tops that I have been looking for, for ages.

I love the 'We Are Hairy People' label, all of their garments are hand painted which I think is incredible, when you go through their clothes its hard to believe it was hand painted.
I like these t shirts but you can't really see them because they only had pictures of the tops on the models, not just lying flat out.
The first two I have no problem with, they look nice baggy and comfy, the best type of t shirt.
However with the third one, I have very broad shoulders, and these type of tops don't always suit me, but I really like it. If I were to get it I think it would look best with a skater skirt (that's what the model wears and it looks beautiful) but I have no skater skirt. I really want one though but I'd rather get a pair of boyfriend jeans then skirt. With the last one i love the sleeves and colour, but I'm not too sure about 'dope' written on it. Some people can pull it off but I feel like I'd just  look like an idiot.

Now my laptop won't let me look at the independent brands on their website anymore. I'll do a part two of this post when it starts to work again. I hope it works soon, I am loving these clothes.

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