Thorpe Park

22 September 2013

Today I went to Thorpe Park for my friends birthday and oh my goodneeeeeess it was so fun.
My throat really hurts now, I was the one who screamed the most...not because I was scared really but just because I couldn't physically stop myself from screaming!
It was great because we had fast track tickets for all the big rides (like Collusus, The Swarm etc) so we hardly had to wait in the hour long queues! Plus, it was already basically dead since not many people go on Saturdays in the middle of the week, so the queues weren't too bad. The line for Stealth was 120 minute long wait apparently, but we only had to wait like five minutes!:) It was so much fun and now I'm home and in bed I feel like I'm still moving!

I thought I would share you with my outfit today, because why not?

Now you cant really see because I took these after we went and my makeup had faded a bit, but I had done a really good cat eye with this new eyeliner I got (which I shall review soon) but in the pictures it you cant really see the flick. However when I put it on I personally thought it looked nice :)

I also wore eyeshadow but you can't really see it but I was really proud of my little flick as I can never usually do them aha:)

This is the makeup I used which again I shall do a review of soon.
I forgot to get a picture of the eyeliner but my dog is asleep on my lap and I don't want to mover her because she's just so damn cuteeee :)
It is by Maybelline though and is a felt tip one, but I shall check when this ragamuffin is off my lap!

I wore this raglan sleeved top there with Superman and Superwoman on it which I got just the other day from Primark with my Joni jeans, I started off by having it tucked in, but after a few trips to the toilet it was too much hassle to keep tucking in and then pulling it out just enough to look nice but not so much that it all fell out so then I untucked it.  I took my good ol' Primark bag. I wore black conversey type trainers but they are from Topshop and they have little studs and spikes on the side. It sounds terrible, but I think they are nice. I would have taken a picture but I had gone upstairs and couldn't be bothered to go back down because I am a lazy person. I also wore a baggy green hoodie on top and this raincoat that we have had for years for the water rides :)

Sorry again I forgot to get a picture of my bag but I might do a post another time on my bags so then you can see it :)sorry!

Here are some pictures from the day!! We didn't really take many pictures, it was such a fast paced day, it went by so quick! We didn't get pictures of any of the rides either but here's what we got all together (excuse my face in the majority of these, I keep on pulling the same face and my hair got super messed up)


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  2. Seems like you had so much fun :) nice post, thanks for sharing
    I recently started my own beauty and fashion blog, kindly visit and leave a comment maybe :)
    have a nice day!

    1. Thankyou :) I've followed and commented, sorry for being so late haven't been on for a while!!xo

  3. hello lovely! I nominated you for the Liebster Awards! details on my blog :)

  4. aw looks like you had a lovely day!
    Chloe Xx
    p.s. I just followed you on bloglovin' Xx


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