Jurassic World Sweatshirt

30 August 2015

I don't understand why these are such bad quality, I took them on my camera and still, bad quality!
Jumper-Topshop  |  Leggings-Asos  |  Undershirt-Alex Bertie  |  Shoes-Urban Oufitters

You've probably already seen this jumper in my recent post, but oh well. I'm showing it to you in action. Huge, baggy jumpers are probably my favourite item of clothing (hence my excitement for the cold weather to return) and I fondly believe that you can never have enough jumpers/sweatshirts, whatever you call them. I could probably do with a few more because although I have quite a few there are still so many different types with different things on them I want, but I've got to say I do love this one. I loved the film Jurassic World, although I did get very stressed out in some parts and I feel like the logo thing fits perfectly on the jumper. Like sometimes a logo or whatever just looks so out of place on a jumper because it's too big or too small or just too random, but this belongs on the jumper.

The shape of the jumper is pretty darn great, because it's huge but not so huge that it drowns me and makes me look ridiculous. Plus, it's super comfortable (in case you couldn't tell), I got it in a size which I am not sure of because I can't find the label, but I think a large for maximum bagginess. Since I wasn't doing much this day I just wore it with some leggings and my air max's, I never normally wear leggings. I go through phases where I love them but usually I'm a jeans kinda gal. I'm one of those people who will only wear something with leggings if it covers my bum, which this jumper does a perfect job of doing without looking ridiculously long. I wore a black top underneath (which you can actually see here) which was slightly longer than the jumper so it stuck out a little at the bottom which I actually really liked, although you can't really see this in the images.

Do you guys like winter clothes or are you more of a summer person? I hope you've all had a good week, see you soon!

Celebratory GCSE Purchases

26 August 2015

Hi guys! Last week I got my GCSE results and I'm pretty happy with them all. There was only one grade I was a bit annoyed at but it was still a good grade and I know I worked as hard as I could have for that exam, it was just annoying because I know what bought my grade down and I was hoping I would have done better. And there were a few (well only two) I was really hoping to get an A* in but I think I was very close to an A* in one of them and either way, the grades were still good so overall I was very happy with my grades and as a 'well done' my Mum took me out shopping. A lot of my friends had a system where for each grade they got they would be given a certain price (one of my friends ended up with £400!!) but me and my mum stuck with shopping. I really want the Naked 2 palette but I think I might have to wait for that one because I definitely reached my budget in this shop.
I also got the black top in a stripy print as you can see here
I apologise for the difference of lighting in these pictures.
I was pretty lucky in Zara. I always forget how great Zara truly is, also their coats are gorgeous. From Zara I got two of the same tshirts, one just in plain black and one stripy . Firstly, these are ridiculously soft. They were either £7 or £8 each and let me tell you are they worth it, I have never felt a material so soft in my entire life. Plus, although they're very simple they're very easy to wear because they can be worn in so many different ways. I also got a longe sleeved (I think that's the right link) stripy top, because lets be real, you can't have enough stripy tops. Also, they're v-necks and who doesn't love a good ol' v-neck. 
Zara also had some pretty great skirts, for affordable prices! There were loads which I saw and just thought 'hm I wonder how much these would cost in Urban Outfitters'. I ended up buying a skirt that's sort of a suede material but not exactly suede, in this reddish colour. Loads of people have skirts like this in mustard and I was going to follow that trend, because I find those skirt adorable, but I don't think mustard is really my colour and I fell in love with this skirt as soon as I tried it on. I also got this tight fitting skirt which is very 60's (and let me tell you, I know about the swinging sixties fashion era because that's what my textiles coursework piece was based on and I made the most popping moodboard ever for it). I'm not exactly sure how I will wear this skirt, but I do know in summer it will be great and that it's absolutely adorable so when I do wear it, it will always be a good outfit.
Sorry for the difference in lighting, also the last top actually has a forest green colour but in the picture it looks kind of grey.
At American Apparel there was 25% off everything in store and online which was marvellous. I got a raglan sleeved crop top because a) I love that colour green and b) it's so easy to wear. The same goes for the red tshirt with the contrasting colour sleeves, I can imagine both of these tops going perfectly with skinny jeans, mom jeans, my denim skirt and dungarees. Best of all the worlds! I also got this jumper, which is much thicker than it seems (perfect for winter) and also goes with a lot. My only issue with this is that it was extremely hard to get over my head but I figured I will only have to put up with that task twice a day and for the beauty of the jumper, it is something I can definitely put up with.

Please excuse the awfulness of this little collage, it was very hard to snap these pictures and I don't have the stamina to go through it again. How annoying all my blog pictures have been pretty good recently, oh well. 
In Urban Outfitters I picked up about twelve million items of clothing (I probably could have found even more if it weren't for the fact all the clothes I was holding were inhibiting my searching skills) and ended up settling on these. The majority of my purchases today were focused around the question 'would these go well under dungarees and with my denim skirt' so I won't bother repeating after every item of clothing how I think they would go well with these other items of clothing. I'm really enjoying all these bold geometric prints that are coming back into fashion and high neck tops. Although, like the jumper I got from American Apparel, one of the tops I got from Urban Outfitters I also found quite hard to fit over my head, but it looks adorable on. Also looked great with my mom jeans.
I couldn't get a good full length picture of my dungarees so this one will have to do. I don;t understand why my camera keeps going so grainy at the moment
The whole shopping trip I had my heart set on finding a pair of dungarees, although I had found a pair in Zara I was waiting to see what other shops had to offer. In Topshop I tried on these dungarees and they looked good on, then I tried on the pair in black and they looked even better because the waist was smaller but then we looked at the size and saw the size was too small for me, even though it fit it was a bit too snug. We then spent ages deliberating over which dungarees to get and then my Mum went to try and get the pair of black dungarees in the size up and came back with black dungarees that were made out of cord rather than denim and after a lot of discussion, I decided to get that pair. Although I do love the classic blue dungaree look I just thought not as many people would buy the black cord pair and it went better with most of my dungaree tops. I also got a Jurassic World jumper because I need more jumpers in my life and because the film was great (in my opinion, although the whole time the woman was in heels which was a bit unrealistic, nobody can run that far in those shoes and in a skirt).

Then finally in H&M I just got this little yellow jumper. What would that go with you ask, well firstly, my new Zara skirt, and my dungarees and most other trousers. I know, I plan my clothes well. I honestly feel like I should become a personal shopper.

It's such miserable weather right now, I was meant to be going to Reading (the music festival) today but then I had to be home for enrolment days and stuff and at first I was worried I would be missing out not being at Reading from the very beginning but now I'm glad to be missing out camping in this weather! I hope you guys have all had a good week, and those that are going to Reading good luck with the weather for now!

Summer In The City 2015

19 August 2015

Hey guys! This weekend I was fortunate enough to go to Summer In The City (SITC) which is a youtube convection in London. I have been for the past two years (keeno, I know) and this year was different to the rest because it was in a different place and it was so well organised and I just had such an amazing time. I went for both days and I would say out of both of them the Sunday was better, personally. Probably because I met more people to be fair and on the Sunday I seemed to make more friends as well.

I asked to do a silly face with Daniel J Layton and he said 'I don't do silly, I smize'. So I was all hell yeah I can smize but now looking back at it I am 98% sure I am just squinting.
Also, how beautiful is Dottie god she's like a goddess. 
I went with my friend Lauren, who I have mentioned in a few other posts and met up with my tumblr friend, Kate, who is from Australia! She didn't come over specifically for SITC though, she's travelling the world at the moment. As we arrived we were given goodie bags that contained random things, including a Pickachu hat which was just so adorable. Whilst waiting to get in there were often crowds though and I've never been that great with crowds but this year I have become pretty awful. Me and Lauren were often by the edge but as soon as we ended up in the middle I started to panic a lot and it's a good thing I had her to drag me through the crowd because otherwise I probably would have just sat down and cried. 

There was so much to do in the expo hall, there were fairground things, merch stands and just random forms of entertainment. It was all pretty overwhelming to be honest, we spent the first part of Saturday exploring and getting our bearings. Then later on in the day I went to the LGBTQ+ panel and was sitting pretty close to Jake Edwards which was pretty exciting. The panel was really good though and all the people on it spoke so well. I also found out that rather than saying LGBTQ+ you can say Sexuality and Gender minorities, which I really like because it's inclusive of everyone. Sure LGBTQ has a + on the end, but it's not representative of everyone, but sex and gender minorities includes everyone, and there are so many different types of genders and sexualities so I think that phrase is pretty marvellous. 

Also on the left picture is me and my friends Meg and Saara who I know off tumblr and met last year as well. I love SITC because it's a time where you can meet loads of people you never normally see. It's more than just the youtubers, you know?
They had these Dan and Phil cardboard cut outs and there was a huge queue for them and then me and Lauren saw them when there was no queue and we were just like...lets gO for it.

This year there was a ballot system for meet and greets and you would select five options for the day(s) you were there and people were randomly selected for M&Gs that they had chosen. We got Niki&Sammy&Chai for the first day. Lauren collected the tickets whilst I was at the panel but neither of us were that bothered about meeting them, I do love them and find them hilarious but I'm not a die hard fan. Then Lauren being the lovely saint she is, gave our wristbands to these two girls who were desperate to  meet them, which made me happy because SITC only happens once a year  and each year youtubers you love get more and more famous so I'm glad these girls got the chance to meet their idols. Then for the rest of the day we wandered around and met a few other youtubers and watched some man stage performances. I'm annoyed I didn't really get any outfit pictures of my day 1 outfit, because if I do say so myself, it was pretty groovy. Oh well, it will come up in another post then!

The next day was a pretty great day and I met all the people I was really hoping to meet and my friend met the youtuber she was dying to meet. I saw Alex Bertie a few times on Sunday and I really wanted a picture of us hugging but in the picture I look like I'm being forced to be there which is not the case at all. But long story short I met him and Jake and there was so much I wanted to say to them then when I finally met them it was like someone had hoovered up all my thoughts, but oh well! At least I met them! Also on that day Jake performed on the main stage and he was so incredible, I'm so excited for him to release his new songs. He sang his called 'Changes' as well and it's probably my favourite song. Plus it kind of reminds me of a Twenty One Pilots song in the sense that it sounds really upbeat and it is a happy song but the lyrics are so deep and his voice is just so incredible. 

Lucy and Lydia are so beautiful and look how adorable their outfits are ah man love them
On the right is me and Jimmy and honestly, are we models or what
I also met Lucy and Lydia on Sunday which was honestly such a highlight of my life. They're so lovely, I aspire to be as kind as them because the world needs more people that are as great as them. Also they complimented my outfit which was amazing enough and then asked if they could vlog my outfit and I was just like OH MY GOD in my head. I probably seem like such a weirdo in the clip but I love them and there's just something really special about being complimented by youtubers. They were honestly so lovely and speaking to everyone rather than just doing a quick hi hug bye and ah it made me so happy. I also met Sam King who I met last year and last year in our picture we look like such a couple, I remember my sister text me and was like 'who is that boy in your facebook photo!?' and at first I was like 'mE AND A BOY??' but then I realised she meant Sam. This year I told him about our couple picture so we recreated it and he was just so sweet as well. All these youtubers had such huge queues, it must have been so daunting but they were all so patient and kind. 
Dodie was super busy and popular the entiretiy of SITC and I'm really glad we got to see her even if it was just a few seconds. Also because Lauren was dying to meet her and although she wanted to talk to Dodie and stuff I'm glad she still got this little encounter

For my meet and greet on Sunday I got Mamrie Hart which was so rad. Although when I met her there was a really loud band playing in the background so we had to like shout and I couldn't think of anything fun to say. Plus our pictures are hideous but either way, I met Mamrie!!
All in all it was a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad I went and the happiness from this weekend is carrying me through this week. I feel like in this post I haven't done it justice to how amazing it really was, but oh well. Also, to all of you guys getting your GCSE results tomorrow, I hope you get what you want! I would say good luck, but it's a little late for that I guess, but either way I hope your results make you happy!
New pals!! Also I apologise for the poor quality of the majority of these pictures

Baggy Elephant Trousers

16 August 2015

As you may have seen in my previous post, I bought these super baggy pants whilst on holiday. I feel like most people love baggy trousers, but it's so easy to step into pyjama territory whilst wearing them. I haven't really had suitable weather to be able to wear these yet, however I did wear them whilst in Devon. On the day we went to the beach, when it was freezing cold and there was a super strong sea breeze which these trousers aren't really made for. Also when it's windy the trousers like blow out behind me or in front of me which makes them look pretty ridiculous. I also find it really weird wearing these, because the crutch is so low and I can like feel my knees or my thighs touching whilst wearing these.
The sun was in my eyes and I was seriously lacking in pictures, I don't usually look like this, I wasn't doing those eyes on purpose
Look how huge they are!!
Trousers- France (similar here & here)  |  Top- Asos  |  Shoes- Topshop
I felt like such a hippie whilst wearing these with my hair in braids, all I needed was like a bowl of vegetables to complete the look. I paired it with this top from Asos that I got quite a while ago, I prefer tops with sleeves but I forgot how easy this top really is. I also wore my necklace that I seem to wear all the time to make it look more fancy because I was really self conscious that someone would see me and be like what the hell is this person wearing. It's really hard to find shoes that go with these trousers, I think the sandals go okay but I don't think I could ever wear trainers with them. Actually maybe my New Balances, but I think I'll have to mainly stick with sandals. I wish it was sunnier so I could wear these out and about more often, but they will have their chance soon. Maybe.

I also wore these on the plane and I was getting off they got like caught around an arm rest and the queue of people was building up and I thought I had untangled myself then got like tugged back and realised I was still attached. It was so embarrassing because I was being that person that was inhibiting everyone else from getting off the plane. I didn't really explain this well enough though but for you to understand what a palava it was, but it was stressful. In other news, I finally learnt how to schedule my posts, I realised the error of my ways. So as you're reading this (hopefully) I'll be at Summer In The City! See you soon!

French Purchases

12 August 2015

Hi guys! When I was in France, I didn't buy much. Although looking back at it, I kind of did, but at the same time I didn't. I only went shopping twice, once was to a market. It was meant to take us 30 minutes to get there. It took around an hour and a half. When we finally found it, low and behold, it was a night market. They still had stalls but all the better ones were there at night. You know what else was there at night? The people who done hair braids. I  desperately wanted a braid. honestly one of the most exciting things about going on holiday is getting a braid, but alas we could not go back at night. I did manage to buy a few things there though, a bag and two key rings. I thought the bag was cute and unique, I like the pom poms and it can actually hold quite a lot. I really like the bag and the fact it's quite quirky but okay imagine it as a bum bag. This pattern with the pom poms as a bum bag would just be the bomb diggidy. But even this way it's still cool. I also got these two little key rings, I just thought they were adorable, plus they were super cheap and I can put one on the zip of my rucksack to make it more funky. I did want to put iron on badges on my rucksack but long story short when I tried it ended up melting the bag kind of so I had to stop. So it's just a pretty boring black rucksack, but once I add the key ring things will change. My Mum also got me these cool baggy trousers from one market she went to, she had bought loads for herself and then got me a pair. the crutch is so low it's basically a maxi skirt but I love them. I feel like some people may judge me for wearing them, but with the right top I know I'll be able to rock them. Hopefully.

The other place we went shopping was Decathalon, a huge sports shop. I was hoping to get a sports bra there but there weren't any cute ones. However I did manage to get these adorable Adidas shorts to run and exercise in and this sports top (which was in the sale holla). Real talk, getting new work out gear made me feel so much more motivated and I never used to see the point in getting work out tops but now it's my favourite thing and the shorts are so comfy to run in and make me feel like a professional runner which is oddly also really motivating. Now all I need is some better running trainers and I can feel like a sporting pro. And a better sports bra, but those aren't hard to find. I also got this red zip up hoodie which is extremely soft and was in the sale and just thought it's great for days I'm not doing much but is still really nice that I can wear out and about and to see friends in. It will also be great for lazy days, but because it's so new I haven't degraded it to that yet.

The airport we were in was pretty small and crappy on the way back (very limited food options and I got full up on pringles we had already had then went round the corner and found such better flavours, it was quite disappointing). However my dad offered to buy me a perfume and I remember in the duty free in the airport on the way to France I found a really nice perfume from some fancy ass brand. I couldn't find it in the airport we were in though but I did smell this perfume and oh god does it smell good. I smelt some others after because why not but none smelt as good as this one, so low and behold I got my first ever Chanel product! The packaging is adorable and we got it for such a good price apparently because when my mum saw it in Boots back in England it is super pricey but it only cost us 55 euros, which is expensive I know and I did pay some of it but apparently here I cant remember but its a lot. It's so exciting though, I feel like such a lady and when I wear it sometimes I just catch wafts of it and I feel like a superstar.

Wow, going through it all like this I actually bought a lot more than I thought I did. It's awful though because now I'm home and my list of things I want is just growing and growing but I can't buy any of it yet because I don't want to spend all money in case I can't find a job to replace it but then if I do find a job soon I do want to spend my money. If that makes sense. See you soon!

An Old Treasure

9 August 2015

Hey guys! A while ago I was sorting out my wardrobe (kind of, not officially but I was just getting rid of hangers that I don't need) and I found loads of old tops (and when I say old I mean old) and jumpers and stuff that I haven't worn for ages but really should. I was thinking about throwing these clothes away, but then decided to keep them and good thing I did. I really do need to do a proper wardrobe clearout, but I'm worried if I do I will miss out on future golden outfit opportunities because I got rid of clothes. I am such a hoarder when it comes to clothes it's not even funny, but I can't bare to get rid of them incase I want them again in the future. However, it has to be done and I am thinking of maybe setting up a depop account if I do decide to get rid of any clothes, but my new recent discoveries have proved my point that there is a chance these 'not wanted now clothes' will be useful again in the future! 
Top- Old (But Etsy has cool Disney tops)
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Urban Outfitters
A prime example is this Mini Mouse top. Now this top has gone far in life, it was my sisters and now mine and I used to wear it all the time two years ago and I've only just rediscovered how easy it is. The other day I went to Devon to visit my friend and I wore it on the train. I wanted to do a post about Devon but I literally got 3 pictures (other than outfit pictures) and it was too cold to do much. I packed for summer and it was anything but that, I ended up wearing these jeans and this hoodie four days in a row and these jeans were anything but clean. It was weird being in Devon though because there were so many outdoorsy places to get to easily and I have nothing like that really where I live. It was lovely there though, 10/10 would recommend going there when it's sunny.
I haven't worn my mom jeans in ages but although the colour doesn't go to well with my trainers at the same time I think they go really well together, especially with this outfit when you need something to make it less boring, you know? Because with other shoes this outfit is pretty simple but I feel like these trainers really make an outfit more funky. 

Wow usually I have to go back and edit my posts because I just ramble on for days but this post I've been pretty straight to the point. I think it's because my blood sugar is low because I am starving (and just stalked loads of food instagrams oh god whY) but I shall see you guys on Wednesday!

My First Pair Of Nikes

5 August 2015

Hey guys, so the other day I got my first pair of Nike trainers and oh my god they are beautiful. Remember that show Unfabulous that used to be on Nickelodeon with Emma Roberts and that one time she got a new pair of shoes (boots to precise) and because she was some kind of songwriting goddess she wrote that song about her new boots and it went like 'new shoes you rule, new shoes you ruuule' well basically, that's how I felt when I tried on these shoes.

From Urban Outfitters
You know how some people are just obsessed with shoes and know all these different types of trainers and brands and stuff? I'm not one of those people at all, I have very limited knowledge on trainers. On holiday one of my friends had the nicest pair of trainers I had ever seen and when I returned from holiday I was desperate to find a nice pair of Air Maxs like his.

During my search for them I was also looking for a pair of pink running trainers, which I am still yet to find. I thought I was successful in my search for both though, because Sports Direct were having a huge sale and I found a cute pair of blue Nikes and two pairs of exercise shoes which came to a total of £107 and I was pretty darn impressed, especially considering that normally Air Maxs cost £105 and I was able to find three branded shoes for basically the same price. Turns out I was unsuccessful though because neither of the exercise shoes were what I needed. The blue Nikes were okay, they were nothing special but they weren't ugly and for the price I figured I'd settle for them.

Then low and behold, I found these on Asos, they didn't have my size and I was pretty disheartened because 1) sale 2)they're beautiful. Then I copy and pasted the name of them into google and found the same pair on Urban Outfitters, where they were also sold out, but I carried on looking and that's when I found my current shoes. Not trying to be soppy or anything, but it was love at first sight. I felt like how I felt when I first saw my Docs or my New Balances, and I wear those shoes all the time so I knew these shoes were meant for me. I was debating whether to buy a cheaper pair from JD sports from the junior section but they were slightly different from the UO ones and were brighter and just weren't as cute, so I decided to splash the cash and buy the UO ones. It was actually a very stressful moment because I was very aware of the 'Hurry! Low in stock' on the UO website.

I know my legs are completely different colours in the different pictures but in the first picture the lighting was really bright
These shoes arent as comfy as I was expecting, I heard Air Max's are the comfiest things ever. Don't get me wrong, they are comfy (they do rub the side of my foot a bit though, but I think that's just because I need to loosen them) but boy are they pretty. They're exactly what I wanted and I feel like with the colour they can't be worn with everything, but I have so many ideas in my head and they're just so adorable I love them.

I can't believe I managed to write two paragraphs about my buying shoes story, to be honest I probably could have written 17 paragraphs, but I condensed it for you guys. See you soon!

A Simple Outfit

2 August 2015

I wear this type of outfit a lot. A plain baggy top that belongs to my Dad with a long necklace and skinny jeans, so I figured I'd show you guys. It's a really easy outfit to wear and I feel like it just always looks nice. I could make it fancier by wearing my Vagabonds but I wanted a kind of scruffy look this day so I opted for my doc martens that I have had for a very long time, but I like that look when shoes aren't all shiny and new. Well, I do but as these shoes have got more scruffy I still love them and I certainly have not been wearing them enough recently. It's weird thinking about it because I got these three years ago and used to wear them all the time, during winter I wear them a lot though because of the lining.
Tshirt- Next
Jeans- Topshop
Necklace- Urban Outfitters (similar)

It's quite a scruffy outfit but with a white top and non ripped jeans it can look smarter, especially if you tuck the front of the top in. My favorite tops of my Dads are his v necks but I really like the colour of this one. Also, I'm not sure if you remember but for ages I wanted funky socks. I don't have as funky socks as I want (Asos have some really groovy ones but I need to wait till I have a job before I buy those even though they're not that much more expensive) but these ones from primark are doing well. The ones I'm wearing here are my favourite, but you cant really see but they have triangles on them. I really want socks with pineapples on them. The thing with funky socks, in my opinion is with any neutrally coloured shoes they go so well and they can really make any simple outfit more special. In this case they didn't make much of a difference, but I don't know, I just really love bold socks. I think the thing that makes this outfit seem less 'lazy' is the necklace. I wear this necklace all the time, I think it's time I get a new one soon. I really want a crystal necklace and I'm tempted to make one, like how Tasha  (from Catching Dreams does) does. I know you can get them in Urban Outfitters, or at east you want to, but if you make it yourself it can be any colour crystal and I just really like the idea of making one myself. 

Socks- Primark
Shoes- Doc Martens (can't find exact)
I wore this just to go to the cinema and see some friends, we went to see Magic Mike 2 and I bought a huge thing of popcorn and my friends hardly ate any and I basically ate the entire thing. I love popcorn I was kind of tempted to take the rest home. 
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