Whipping Out The Autumnal Coat

27 September 2015

DSC07506 DSC07503

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post Wednesday! I had a blog post planned and pictures ready but just didn't have time to write it, oops. I feel so tired today, I had the worst night sleep. You know the type of sleep where you keep waking up, but when you wake up it feels as if you'e never been asleep but you know you have? Firstly, I couldn't fall asleep then I just kept waking up and feeling as if I never had been, even though I knew I had because I couldn't have been awake for two hours between one and three. Oh well, it is morning now and I'll probably sleep like a log. Which is a bit annoying to be fair, because I'll have to wake up early tomorrow. Oh well. On the bright side, wahoo!! It's Autumn! This year is the year I try a pumpkin spiced latte I've decided. 

Sorry for the messy-ish room
Coat- Asos  |  Tshirt-Zara  |  Skirt- Urban Outfitters (ON SALE!!)  | Shoes- Office

This is all beside the point though because really, I want to show you my outfit. Recently, I've really been struggling to get good outfit pictures. I'm not sure why, but you know when it's just not working for you? I really wanted to take some the other day but they were just all so bad, so I have these pictures from a while ago. I feel like this outfit could go with any season as well to be honest, stripes just work with every thing, in summer it could be a shorter sleeved stripey top with a lighter lipstick. I got this coat a while ago and I don't think I'll ever not love it. I got it from Asos quite a while ago, I'm not sure why it took so long to feature on my blog. It's not very warm though, I feel like it looks warmer than it is but that makes it good for autumn and spring, but not so much winter. And it's not the type of coat you can wear a hoodie under. One of the biggest perks of this coat though is the huge pockets, as girls we all know how hard it is to come across good pockets, but boy this coat has the best. They're quite deep but positioned at the perfect angle so nothing falls out. It's glorious. Then the rest of the outfit is all pretty simple, my Urban Outfitters denim skirt, Zara long sleeved stripey top and of course my docs. May I just say if you're deciding between the Urban Outfitters denim skirt and the Topshop one, buy the Topshop one. This ones poppers are really weak and always pops open when I sit down or anything.

See you soon, I hope you've all be good!

Brick Lane and Baseball Caps

20 September 2015


Hey guys! How are all of you? God, I feel so absent from the blogging world but during the school week I rarely go on my laptop, or if I do it's just for school work. I hate feeling so absent though, I need to figure out a mini schedule or something so I can keep up better aha, but I feel like most people have the same problem as me. 

On Saturday there was a vintage fair happening at Brick Lane that me and my friend wanted to go to. However, due to both of us being lazy and having outfit dilemmas we were too late to attend the actual fair. When we got to Brick Lane, we were both newbies to the place, and we weren't actually sure where to go. Like in Camden you walk off the train and BAM there's a market, but in Brick Lane you get off the train and BAM you have to walk for ages to actually get there. Once you've found all the markets and stuff though, it's fine because you can just follow the crowd and it's easier to just find other shops, but there were some places I had heard of that I wanted to go to but we didn't but at least next time I'll be more prepared! I also think it's better to go on a Sunday because there's a market on on Sundays as well, either way though I had a good time. We went inside the 'tea rooms market' and I found the coolest jacket but I wasn't there to buy a jacket my main aim was to find a funky shirt (which I was successful in doing). My friend also got such a cool, retro baggy denim jacket. I was tempted to get one but a) it was out of my price range (it was still cheap though, £30 but anywhere else it could have easily been £60- that's how funky it was). We also found a stool selling glasses and since we're both glasses wearers we had a look and they had such nice frames. I like my glasses, don't get me wrong, but I always had my heart set on a certain type and this stool had them. I didn't actually get the ones I originally desired, but I did get a cool frame so I'll get my lenses put into them. They were only £10 as well, and they are so groovy. Well, not groovy, but I feel like I can't use the adjective cool again. 

I then wanted to go charity shop shopping to see if I could find any more funky shirts for a good price and my Mum told me a really good one to go to. It was good, but not the good I wanted. I wanted old, retro styled things but these ones were good in the aspect of had designer things and still quite expensive but considering what they were were cheap. I did get a shirt from one of them but it's more of a 'Dad' shirt than a cool shirt, but I will find good charity shops someday. Even though these were good, but yeah, I have no desire for designer things (yet).

(sorry for the quality)
I would link you to what I'm wearing but I have no idea where any of these items of clothing are from. The top is probbaly from Next or Primark and the jeans are Joni Jeans from Topshop, sorry for the lack of help, but I'm sure you could find these online.
Outfit wise, I actually went pretty simple, but it seemed a lot jazzier than it was. I wore a white v-neck tshirt that belongs to my dad, black skinnies and my docs. I also paired it with this navy jacket of my sisters though, I'm not sure what type of jacket it is but I love it. Although it kind of smells musty so I really need to try and fix that because it's such a nice jacket. I also wore a necklace of my mums that was really pretty, it had a big stone at the end with little chains coming off it, but my hair covered it. My hair was all huge and wavy because I had it French plaited earlier this week, I love it when my hair is like that. Makes me feel like a mermaid. I also wore my Dads baseball cap. I have seen loads of people wearing caps recently and I always wanted to join in but felt like I would just look ridiculous, but I got a ring put in my nose the other day rather than a stud so i felt pretty fierce and figured I would just wear it. Now though, I just want more caps, a bit late because summer is over but oh well, I'm still going to try and find a cheap one. I really wanted to get cool pictures infront of some cool graffiti, seeing as Brick Lane is known for it's graffiti (there were tours going on and everything for it, well I think they were tours) but we didn't really look that hard to find much. We did have a time limit to get to. We did find some cool graffiti though, and we went to Rough Trade which excited me a lot. Not sure why, but it did. 

How was your guys weekend? I hope you're all good and see you soon!

Huge Make-Up Haul

16 September 2015

Hey guys, so a while ago I went on a huge makeup shopping haul. I say a while ago, it was near the beginning of the summer holidays I went on this shopping spree so this has been in my drafts for ages. On this shopping spree my main aim was to get The Bodyshop BB cream and blush, neither of these things I did get on the day but now I do have the cream. The blush is quite expensive there but does last a really long time, I had had mine for over a year and still had loads left, but then when I went to France it broke. It was really pretty but I think I want a more 'wintery' blush even though I'm not sure what contributes to a winter blush.. 
I don't really need more make-up brushes. I could do with a few more eye shadow brushes to be fair but I'm in no dire need but I did need a new powder brush. I don't really trust Eco Tools ever since all the bristles fell out of my old brush  that I used for powder, but everyone else loves them and I like their ethics so figured I'd try out their Eco Tools Matifiying Finish Brush, partly because it was the only powder brush I could find and partly because it's so pretty. Even the packaging was gorgeous. I also got the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, since all the make-up people on YouTube use it I figured I'd give it a try and boy do I love it. I love both of these things so far, I highly recommend both. 

Face wise, as mentioned earlier, I didn't get a blush. However I did get the Sleek Face Form kit which does include a nice blush. I love Sleek and so far this product is amazing, as I expected because everyone seems to love it. I've been meaning to buy this for so long. I think that out of my makeup routine applying foundation and contouring is definitely my favourite activity. I also bought the Collection Gorgeous Glow in blush, which is really more of a highlighter.I haven't used it yet but the tester was good and I've heard good reviews.
I also got the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer, because it looks fun as heck to use and also because it's meant to be amazing. I have always struggled to find a good concealer, the Collection one that everyone uses just doesn't work on me and I've tried a few others and none seemed to really 'work well' on my face but I adore this. I was going to do a separate post raving about how good it is, but I'm sure you've probably heard of it by now. 


I really wanted some new eye shadows I considered buying a palette but then watched a really old Zoella video and got inspired to buy the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. I had one before in a pinky shade (because it was the shade everyone had and I was a sheep) but I don't think pink shadows suit me very much. I decided to buy the shades Creamy Beige and Metallic Pomegranate. I figured that creamy beige is a really nice neutral colour and would also work as a good primer and metallic pomegranate looks pretty bold but I feel like will be good in winter I'll just have to be careful to use it sparingly.
I also bought the Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Eyeshadow Primer, which I haven't used yet but now I'm a bit mad I did buy it because I can just use creamy beige as a primer for a while, I should have bough a face primer instead (speaking of which- any face primer recommendations?) either way everyone needs an eye-shadow primer so it will be good to have one in reserve. 
I don't know if this counts as eyes but I also repurchased the Maybelline Brow Satin pencil. I wanted to try something new, but I trust this product. Unfortunately I bought it in the shade Dark brown when really I'm more of a medium brown kinda girl but oh well I just have to be careful when using it!
Finally I bought the Collection Work The Collar Eyeshadow Pencil in Vintage Blush. I used to have a white one but decided to try this one, I like to use it on my lower lash line and also on my inner corners. I might also use it as a way to highlight my eyebrows and blend it out because why not.

I was meant to buy the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 03 because I wore it on my last day of school and really liked the way it looked, but then when I was in the store lip liners were on my mind and I cam across this beauty; Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in shade Eastend Snob. I'm never really sure how to use lip liners, I thought you were just meant to use them to outline your lips but then some people fill in their lips using this. What do you do? Either way it's such a nice nude colour and feel like it goes well by itself and would go well with Macs' Velvet Teddy.

It's annoying how I still have loads of makeup I want to buy. However the things at the top of my list are the Naked 2 palette and a dark lipstick, both of these things I do have the money for, for now at least. I really want to go to Kiko though because apparently they have amazing products for an affordable price, so I feel like I should save my money for that. Or someone could just hire me, honestly I am sick of the false hope I get from shops from handing in my CV's/applying online and never hearing back or getting a rejection email. There's only so much rejection a girl can take. Anyway, that's it for this post. I say 'that's it' but this post is huge, sorry! Anyway, see you Sunday! Or maybe Saturday, I'm not sure, I kind of want to change my schedule but I like the flow of things. Hm, we'll see. 

American School Boy

13 September 2015


T-Shirt-American Apparel  |  Jeans-Topshop  |  Socks-Primark  |  Shoes-Office
I read somewhere once that you should begin your blog posts with pictures. I can't remember the reason behind it though and I wish I did because now I always feel the need to have a picture before any writing and I just wish I remembered why. Anyway, along with the outfit post. I'm not sure why this outfit reminds me of a teenage boy from a time era that I'm not sure of. Maybe 50's or 90's? I don't know, either way I feel like an american school boy in this outfit. I feel like I should be hanging with a clique of other teenage american boys who play baseball after school and say 'why I oughtta' when someone is getting a little bit too rude. Those are the vibes I get from this outfit.

One of my favourite things about this outfit is that it's so simple, but with the contrasting neckline and sleeves it makes it look so much more than just a t-shirt and jeans even though that's what it is. Although I think it could do with a black belt. I keep saying how I need to buy a black belt but I never do, but I shall purchase one soon. Next week I plan on going charity shop shopping and maybe a car boot sale, but maybe I'll be lucky there. My only issue with this outfit is that the top is quite big, so when I tuck it in I get weird bulges if I don't do it carefully, but that is something I get with most my clothes so I can handle that issue by just pretending they're not there. It also looks good untucked over the jeans, so technically I can avoid that outfit fault, but I prefer it tucked in. I feel more american school boy.  I actually wanted to post a different outfit today, but since it's been oddly sunny in England the last few days I felt like I should post this whilst it still fits in with the weather because this is definitely not a winter outfit.

In other news, my sister went back to uni yesterday and she forgot to take her cactus with her so now I'm taking control of looking after it and it's so cool. It looks like a broccoli with spikes. One day, I will show you all my cacti collection and you will be impressed. That day is not today though, so enjoy the outfit post. See you soon!

School Necessities

9 September 2015

How are you guys all doing back at school? I go to college now (how fancy of me) and we're allowed to wear whatever we want and it's so exciting but at the same time so stressful, I have to outfit plan the night before but who knows if the weather will trick me. Also it's stressful to know what time bus to get, because one got me there way too early (we're talking arriving way before 8 o'clock- lessons don't start till 8:30) but one might get me there too late. It's all very stressful, do I risk getting the later bus? I'm going to have to find out sooner or later if it's the right bus to get. Either way, I have been in school my entire life,so I feel like I am fairly qualified in sharing with you guys, in my opinion, some school essentials. Albeit I may not be the most organised person or whatever, but this goes beyond just stationary so it's fine. My 'expertise' still applies.

Notice how I said rucksack, not bag. As you get your older, your bag will become heavier and it will kill your shoulders; especially if you walk to and from school. So, just get a rucksack. Avoid all the back pain and the strap of your bag making engraving itself into your shoulder and just get a rucksack. Not only is the weight of it equally distributed between your shoulders and back, but a lot of the time the straps are very padded as well. If you can, splash out on an expensive one because a backpack will always be needed and the more expensive, the comfier they are! (American Apparel ones are amazingly padded) Also, I have heard my friends say they want a rucksack but they can't pull one off. Everyone can pull off a rucksack, don't have that mentality. Not only do they look cool on everyone, but they save your back a lot of pain, so just buy one.

At some point during the school year, you or one of your friends will have a surprise period (sorry if you don't and you're reading this, I'm just assuming that you're part of the population that does). So come stocked, there's nothing more irritating then having to ask round for one or having to go to the Nurses office and have to take one, so come prepared for yourself and bring a few extra for your friends or whoever may come asking for one. No one is happy during that time, so just make yours or someone else's a little bit easier by being prepared. Fun story, on one of my induction days I was talking to a boy whilst we were queuing up to be signed up for a class and during the conversation I took something out my bag and we both just watched as pad slowly fluttered out of my bag and onto the floor. What a great first impression. Although, I feel like I should have been more embarrassed than I was, but honestly if you ever see me around and need something chances are, I have your back. And hand sanitizers is pretty obvious, who knows when you'll touch some manky gum underneath a table?

I don't care if they're not allowed, they are essential. I don't know how I would survive school/college  without gum. I just have to have fresh feeling breath, it made me feel more confident and the chewing helps me concentrate. Just try and hide the fact your chewing in class and maybe start off with a less strict teacher so you can nail your chewing skills to make it not look obvious. Unless you're one of those people who sticks gum under the tables, in which case firstly stop that and secondly have mints. Either way, nobody wants to have bad breath or speak to people with bad breath and sometimes you just need that extra help. Just be subtle about it because teachers may shout and other students will pester you.

Pretty obvious one, you may need entertaining on your way to or from school. Also if you're allowed to listen to music in class they're always a god send, rather than have to go hunting to share someone else's or use the schools weird ones.

This is only really if you don't get exercise books, but yeah. You need somewhere to write stuff down! And folders are good for everything, I use them all the time for revising and during alevels you need them. We're told we need lever arch folders but man, I don't know how I'm going to organise all my stuff out. Either way, folders!!

Print out your timetable and write down what you need to do and when you need to do homework. I also have this really cool list thing from Paperchase (which you can find here) where I write down everything I need to do and tick them off. Any of these things help you to be organised and know when things are set, so invest!

I don't understand those people who don't have a pencil case, don't think you can get by on just one biro. Buy a pencil case and fill it with the three essentials; pens (plural! Be prepared! More than one pen is needed), pencils and highlighters. Then if you can, coloured pens are always good, but if you don't care that much for stationary at lest by those three things because not one day will pass where you don't need them. And don't leave them all wild and free in your bag, look after your stationary, it will always be there for you. Plus, if you're that person that always asks for pens and stuff, people will stop being so kind and saying yes after a while. Just a heads up.

And that is all you need to material wise to survive school. I hope you all have a good week! ALSO thank you to Emma (I always refer to her as Oh Flower Child in my head it's weird typing Emma) for helping me to use flickr and sort out how to post pictures from there onto blogger, I was having a bit of a nightmare before!

Grey Mom Jeans Are A Thing

6 September 2015

Earlier this week I wore my dungarees to college and I just loved the outfit and I really wanted to do an outfit post, but when I got home I had to get straight into my pyjamas because I was freezing. Then yesterday during my 'outfit shoot' I was wearing dungarees, but none of the pictures were working. I kept just blending into the background because my black storage thing was behind me. Moral of the story, I really want to show you all my dungarees but I feel like that post will have to wait till I'm doing a full on 'photo shoot' (aka when I'm outside and don't blend into the background). 

This is the only acceptable picture I got and it was taken mid fixing hair My photo quality always gets really bad when I post to blogger but I don't understand how to fix it with the whole Flickr thing. Anywho.
Top-Urban Outfitters  |  Jeans-Topshop  (similar) |  Docs- Office
I had a pretty simple day when I wore this outfit, it started out with me doing a clear out which turned out to be a lot more of a task than I originally thought, so I have that to finish today. Yay. I just went to see my friends really, but I was running really late for everything because the god damn tidying took so long. In the evening I was at my friends house and I tried my first double stuffed Oreo and, I'm not much of an Oreo person but these were way better than the normal ones. My friend said 'once you try double stuffed you never go back' and boy was she right. Oh man I sound so lame, but it's true, try them. We also got pizza and long story short, these jeans don't give much room for a food baby, but they were cute until I had to undo the button. I find them quite hard to be able to find things that go with them but I feel like this worked. It would have looked better with maybe a darker blue denim, but it still worked. I really love this top though (it goes so well with my dungarees just you wait and see) and I really love the neck of it. I wore my doc martens with it and felt like such a fashionista because the yellow stitching and black leather matched the neck. No one else cared as much as I did but it didn't stop me feeling so organised. This top is a kind of weird material though, it feels fine on the skin but I can't tell what it actually is. I feel like this is an ugly cute top, like it's cute but also kind of ugly, but more-so cute. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I find it great, although the sleeves are a bit of an awkward length. 

Close up of the print yo
I have a question before the end of this post, when you wear BB cream are you meant to apply a primer? Because I don't think you do but I just want to make sure. Anyway, see you guys Wednesday and if you go back to school Monday, good luck and if you're already back I hope it's not too bad, byee!

Reading Music Festival

2 September 2015

Hey guys! This past weekend I went to Reading Music Festival and it was my first ever festival and let me tell you it was hectic. I had a really good time there and will definitely go again, but next time I have to be more prepared because somehow I ended up hardly seeing any of the bands I wanted to see. I got early bird tickets which meant going down on the Wednesday but I actually ended up going there on Friday because I had college induction days which I had to go to to ensure my place. which caused me to miss a lot of bands I wanted to see as well.

Not my photo. I got like 0 photos from Reading, I wish I had some cool festival ones but I don't so enjoy this from photo from here 
I had loads of bands I wanted to see and I was extremely unsuccessful in seeing them, however I did manage to see Royal Blood and Years and Years. I was desperate to go see The Wombats who I used to love when I was younger then forgot about them, then their album Glitterbug came out earlier this year and my love for them returned. I remember when I was around 9 or 10 on holiday my sister made CD's for the cars so we didn't have to listen to the spanish radio and their song 'Kill The Direction' was song number 5 on one of the CD's (I think it was CD number 4) and every time we got in the car I would request that song. Part of me is astonished I remember the CD and the track number but at the same time, I'm not really because I asked all the time
But yeah, I didn't get to see them because they were on quite a small stage and I was so far near the back (I wasn't even in the tent) and in a huge crowd surrounded by tall strangers and I couldn't see the screen. It was super cramped and could hardly hear them, although as I was walking away someone had fixed the sound so where I was I would have heard perfectly if I had been more patient. but by then it was too late. Plus when I say cramped, I was literally only standing up because I was wedged in between people and my face was smushed against someone's back. Lucky them. And I am not good in crowds so I was feeling very anxious anyway.
However, all the acts I did see were amazing, so I may not have seen everyone I wanted but there was no one that I walked away and thought 'what a waste of time'. My highlight was definitely seeing Y&Y though, they were amazing. Some of the people I saw includes Mumford And Sons, Alt J, The Macabees (I'm annoyed I didn't learn any of these peoples songs more because I love their sound and wish I listened to them before hand) Azealia Banks, Rebel Sound and a few various others.
At one point me and my friend were walking around and heard a song we knew, so we ran to this tent and sang along but we literally had no clue who these people were but somehow we knew their song. They did sound really good, but we still have no clue who they were.
 Also I have just started to listen to the band Glass Animals and I really like them and they were at Reading, but oh well I probably wouldn't have managed to see them anyway somehow!

From here 
I thought I would have hated the camping part, but it wasn't even that bad. Although I didn't realise how tired I was until I got home and got into bed and could hardly keep my eyes open for PLL. I did fall asleep in the car back too but I always fall asleep in cars to be fair. At night at Reading there were silent discos and oh my god they were so good. Each time I had to leave early for some reason, but I didn't mind because it was just so fun nothing could have ruined it. There were two channels on the headphones which you could switch between but it was just so fun because you would just hear over your music a group of people in the arena go 'OHHH' then you'd change the channel and hear a classic tune. It was all so fun.

All in all Reading was really good, but I hope next time I go I'm able to see more of the people I want to see. When I got back my sister said I should have just met up with her friend because she was seeing all the people I wanted to see; which was annoying but at the same time it's not like I didn't enjoy myself. I definitely recommend going to a music festival though, at least once in your life. Except maybe start off with a smaller one than Reading. It was an experience though and I am excited for whenever I am able to go next.

Have you ever been to Reading or any other music festival? 
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