Huge Make-Up Haul

16 September 2015

Hey guys, so a while ago I went on a huge makeup shopping haul. I say a while ago, it was near the beginning of the summer holidays I went on this shopping spree so this has been in my drafts for ages. On this shopping spree my main aim was to get The Bodyshop BB cream and blush, neither of these things I did get on the day but now I do have the cream. The blush is quite expensive there but does last a really long time, I had had mine for over a year and still had loads left, but then when I went to France it broke. It was really pretty but I think I want a more 'wintery' blush even though I'm not sure what contributes to a winter blush.. 
I don't really need more make-up brushes. I could do with a few more eye shadow brushes to be fair but I'm in no dire need but I did need a new powder brush. I don't really trust Eco Tools ever since all the bristles fell out of my old brush  that I used for powder, but everyone else loves them and I like their ethics so figured I'd try out their Eco Tools Matifiying Finish Brush, partly because it was the only powder brush I could find and partly because it's so pretty. Even the packaging was gorgeous. I also got the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, since all the make-up people on YouTube use it I figured I'd give it a try and boy do I love it. I love both of these things so far, I highly recommend both. 

Face wise, as mentioned earlier, I didn't get a blush. However I did get the Sleek Face Form kit which does include a nice blush. I love Sleek and so far this product is amazing, as I expected because everyone seems to love it. I've been meaning to buy this for so long. I think that out of my makeup routine applying foundation and contouring is definitely my favourite activity. I also bought the Collection Gorgeous Glow in blush, which is really more of a highlighter.I haven't used it yet but the tester was good and I've heard good reviews.
I also got the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer, because it looks fun as heck to use and also because it's meant to be amazing. I have always struggled to find a good concealer, the Collection one that everyone uses just doesn't work on me and I've tried a few others and none seemed to really 'work well' on my face but I adore this. I was going to do a separate post raving about how good it is, but I'm sure you've probably heard of it by now. 


I really wanted some new eye shadows I considered buying a palette but then watched a really old Zoella video and got inspired to buy the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. I had one before in a pinky shade (because it was the shade everyone had and I was a sheep) but I don't think pink shadows suit me very much. I decided to buy the shades Creamy Beige and Metallic Pomegranate. I figured that creamy beige is a really nice neutral colour and would also work as a good primer and metallic pomegranate looks pretty bold but I feel like will be good in winter I'll just have to be careful to use it sparingly.
I also bought the Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Eyeshadow Primer, which I haven't used yet but now I'm a bit mad I did buy it because I can just use creamy beige as a primer for a while, I should have bough a face primer instead (speaking of which- any face primer recommendations?) either way everyone needs an eye-shadow primer so it will be good to have one in reserve. 
I don't know if this counts as eyes but I also repurchased the Maybelline Brow Satin pencil. I wanted to try something new, but I trust this product. Unfortunately I bought it in the shade Dark brown when really I'm more of a medium brown kinda girl but oh well I just have to be careful when using it!
Finally I bought the Collection Work The Collar Eyeshadow Pencil in Vintage Blush. I used to have a white one but decided to try this one, I like to use it on my lower lash line and also on my inner corners. I might also use it as a way to highlight my eyebrows and blend it out because why not.

I was meant to buy the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 03 because I wore it on my last day of school and really liked the way it looked, but then when I was in the store lip liners were on my mind and I cam across this beauty; Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in shade Eastend Snob. I'm never really sure how to use lip liners, I thought you were just meant to use them to outline your lips but then some people fill in their lips using this. What do you do? Either way it's such a nice nude colour and feel like it goes well by itself and would go well with Macs' Velvet Teddy.

It's annoying how I still have loads of makeup I want to buy. However the things at the top of my list are the Naked 2 palette and a dark lipstick, both of these things I do have the money for, for now at least. I really want to go to Kiko though because apparently they have amazing products for an affordable price, so I feel like I should save my money for that. Or someone could just hire me, honestly I am sick of the false hope I get from shops from handing in my CV's/applying online and never hearing back or getting a rejection email. There's only so much rejection a girl can take. Anyway, that's it for this post. I say 'that's it' but this post is huge, sorry! Anyway, see you Sunday! Or maybe Saturday, I'm not sure, I kind of want to change my schedule but I like the flow of things. Hm, we'll see. 


  1. This haul is incredible, you picked up something from all of my favourite brands haha! I have the sleek kit too and I adore it, I hope you love it too. Thanks for sharing these goodies on your blog xxx

    1. I love the contour kit so much, I'm tempted to buy some of Slees blushes when I finally get a job!x

  2. I love my Real Techniques Sponge - it is so perfect for applying my concealer xo

    Emily |

    1. Same, I am adoring it! I just remembered after seeing this though that I need to go and clean all my brushes eww x

  3. ahhh i absolutely love sleek! all these pieces look so nice, I wanna go make shopping now x

  4. Looks like you had a fab spend here Libby! I love the colour tattoos, soooo good! I really fancy a good makeup splurge but I know I shouldn't... However, a lot of my makeup products are starting to run out so realistically, it's okay because I need them... Is that a good enough excuse? Lovely post chick!


    1. I feel like any excuse is a good enough excuse, just go for it! I love them too, I wear one of them all the time, I didn't think I would love them as much as I do!x

  5. I still haven't tried the maybelline colour tattoos, I need to get some asap! As for primers the body shop instablur is really great I love it.

    Maddie //

    1. Ah okay, thank you! I am loving the Body Shop recently!x

  6. I love the Color Tattoos and feel the same kind of confusion about lip pencils haha. Wearing them solo just never felt good to me!

  7. I definitely need to get a Maybelline colour tattoo-i dont know why i havent!! I have the naked 1 and it is the best thing I ever bought (make up wise) and so worth the cost!
    Ugh i feel you about getting a job, I am loosing hope and feel like I might as well just give up :( let me know if you have any luck! x


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