The Sunshine Award

27 October 2013

I have been tagged by the absoloutly lovely Katie from her blog is absoloutly amazing, you should definitely go check it out!

The whole idea of the sunshine award is that you nominate 11 bloggers who put a little sunshine in your day, who are positive, creative and inspiring.

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1) I am currently procrastinating doing my homework and revision even though I really need to do it
2) I have a King Charles Caviler Spaniel called Lulu and everyone thinks shes a puppy because she's so small when in fact she is 8 years old.
3) I really want a little sibling, but it's too late for that now so I'm waiting for the day either of my sisters has a kid
4) I have two older sisters, one is called Amber who is 18 and Jaz who is 24
5) I love mash potato...a lot
6) I think I might watch Iron Man 3 today, finally
7) I usually only have nail varnish on for a day, it just chips off usually
8) I used to always get Terry Chocolate Oranges at Christmas but then one year it just stopped but I think I might just buy one for myself when ever I'm next out
9) When I'm older I really want to take a sign language and self defense course
10) I'm stressing out already that I won't get tickets for SITC next year but there is no point in stressing, the next batch of tickets go on sale in January
11) I am a very stressful person and will over think every little thing which really doesn't help me to be honest

1) If you could be any celebrity for the day,who would you be?
Harry Styles, I don't know why but hey why not

2) If you could only choose three shops (for fashion and beauty) to shop at for the rest of your life where would it be?
Topshop, Ubran Outfitters and Primark but two of those are really expensive but oh well...

3) If you won the lottery what's the first thing you would do?
Buy a bearded dragon

4) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
Well I really want to go to Australia, I've been twice before and I love it there and the accent and the country is beautiful and stuff (and Troye lives there oioii) buT THEN AMERICA BECAUSE ALL THAT FOOD

5)What is your dream career?
In my Liebster Award post, I said author and for the sake of a difference I was going to give you another answer but I can't think of any jobs right now except teacher and I would hate to be a teacher so I don't know why I'm thinking that

6)What are 5 beauty essentials you can't live without?
Mascara, eye liner, nail varnish (if thats beauty?? I don't know) lipstick and foundation

7) If you could customise a car registration plate what would it be? (Even if you don't drive)
PR1NCE55 because I am a princess ;) no actually I have no idea

8) What are your autumn/fall essentials?
and hot chocolate or tea whichever floats your boat aND SOUP

9) If you could create a successful brand would it be beauty or fashion and what would you call it?
Fashion, but I have no idea what I would call it but I know exactly the type of clothes I would stock and I would have cheap clothes and more expensive items as well because ayyy more money, but no I have no idea what I would call it

10) If you were going to donate to charity, which charity would you donate to?
Probably cancer research

11) What is your favourite makeup brand?
I don't really know makeup that well but I love Rimmel and Bourjois 


Amy Louise from
Sarah from
Leena from


1)What's your favourite nail varnish?
2)Favourite scented candle?
3) Favourite hot drink?
4) What's your favourite book?
5) If you could get anything as a present, no matter what the price, what would it be? 
6) Favourite lipstick (if you have one)?
7) One item of clothing that's your absolute favourite?
8) Is there anything you're really looking forward to about next year/any events that you're looking forward too?
9) What's your favourite film?
10) What is/was your favourite subject at school?
11) If you could have ANY pet at all what would it be? (you can make one up or just go for a good ol dog)


23 October 2013

Okay this is carrying on from my last post, so you know how I kind of deperatley want Troye to know that I made the bracelet well guESS WHOSE TOP COMMENT ON ONE OF HIS VIDEOS
If you want to give my comment a like I wouldn't mind;) know the longer I'm up there the more chance of him seeing.
But can we take a minute, the amount of people who replied to my comment saying 'Can we just what???????????????????' like I don't know let us all just sit here and fan girl together !:D:)

Also I messaged another youtuber on tumblr ((his name is Jack Dodge, go check out his channel, he deserves way more subs than he actually has)) and he tweETED ABOUT MY COMMENT AND AWH GUYS I'M JUST SO HAPPY MY LIFE IS SO FAB AT THE MOMENT BUT IM SCARED BECAUSE THAT MEANS SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN SOON

Just slipping in some more information, I made a post on tumblr about Troye wearing my bracelet and hE LIKED IT. GUYS I HAVE BEEN NOTICED BY HIM. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE AND I AM NOW THE NUMBER ONE COMMENT ON HIS 'HOW TO FASHION' VIDEO. I could not be any happier and everytime I see this it just asdfghjkl.

How are you're lives? I hope all is good and I'm sorry if these posts annoy you, but yaknoooo TroYE 

Troye Sivan

22 October 2013



right I need to stop shouting.

Basically long story short, at a youtube gathering last year I didn't get to meet Troye Sivan, a youtuber that I am absolutely in love with and always have been, BUT I had written him a letter and somebody came round collecting all the letters to give to Troye, so I gave that to him to give to Troye.

It's been a while and I kind of forgot about the letter till in Troyes One Million Subs Reaction Video he raised his hand to his mouth and what do I see.
 Right okay no shouting be quite ajhdfjgfbdhjfn
I would also like to add, he was just wearing the on bracelet, not a whole bunch of them, just one. The one I MADE for him, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE?!?!

So I was crying and snapchatting and texting all my friends and I have literally been thinking about it all day ( I haven't got tickets yet but I swear to God I am going to Summer In The City next year and I am going to meet Troye.)
Then today I came home from school and rather than working and revising I thought hey why not stalk Troye.

I don't know how I didn't realise this before, but he has been wearing my bracelet in 6 VIDEOS, 7 INCLUDING THE REACTION ONE AND I CAN NOT BELIEVE I DIDN'T REALISE THIS BEFORE AND HOW LONG HE HAS BEEN WEARING IT I CAN'T EVEN NOPE. Ahhh guys I'm so happy right now, I'm crying and it makes me feel so special.

Not only because he is wearing the bracelet I made him, but it means he must have read my letter and he has been wearing it for so long, with no other bracelets on that wrist and I don't know if you understand why the fact he wears it with no other bracelets makes me so happy, but it does and I don't know HOW to put it into words also it's a hard bracelet to put on, you would need someone to tye it up so rather than not bothering, he got someone to tie it on to him and I'm just so happy and so in love with him.

I want him to know that I know he's wearing the bracelet I made and how grateful I am, but I don't have a twitter I use properly, I just follow a bunch of people like youtubers, actors etc and never tweet but I've messagde him on tumblr and commented on his videos and I hope he will look and see.

Order of these videos (left to right):

  • Heart Break Girl-5 Seconds of Summer Cover
  • How To Be Troye Sivan
  • How To Fashion
  • Who Is Your Man-Crush
  • The What Is It Challenge ft Blessing
  • 1 Million Subscribers
  • How To Take Over Sydney (Tyler Oakleys channel)
  • One Million Subscribers Live Reaction (On Troyes second channel More Troye) THE VIDEO I FIRST REALISED LORD ONLY KNOWS HOW I DIDN'T SEE BEFORE
Look at it I'm so ahh I can't stop crying about it!!

Todays Purchases

20 October 2013

So after my post on Thursday, it inspired me to do some shopping.
However I didn't get everything I want but plan on going shopping again next week hopefully.

Today was just about getting some things off my list, but I think I've only actually brought one thing from my list.. Wait no I got three, my suit pajamas (I brought two but one pair ripped when I bent my arm so I shall be returning them!), hand cream and lip balm.

Everything I show you I plan on doing reviews of, so there won't be much writing.

I got this from Primark, around £1 I think.
I've heard Carmex is really good at keeping your lips moisturised which will be very helpful since cold weather is approaching!I'm not really a fan of this shape, but it's all they had and I can still dab it on with my fingers :)

This was also £1 from Primark. You can also get it from Boots/Superdrug but it costs more.
I wanted more of a girly, sweet smelling hand cream where as this one smells very clean and plant-like, I think it's an alright scent.
My hands always get so dry in winter and Vaseline is a very good brand so helpfully this will help them stay hydrated!

Vaseline Hands+UV Protection Hand Cream
Pure Aloe+some word which I'm, 92% sure they made up...

This lipstick isn't exactly the shade I wanted. There was only one though and no tester and it looked like the colour I wanted.

It's not the deep red I was looking for, but I think it's a really nice just normal red. Hopefully I can get a darker shade soon, or just have to wait for Christmas! I know it's only October but I already have a looong Christmas present list!

It's from Little Mix's brand from Collection(I didn't even know they had make up!) It's really good and only cost £2/3, I can't remember which.

If you know any lipsticks that are exactly like the colour that this one looks like, please let me know in the comments!

I wanted to get a nice, wintery, darker shade of nail varnish since it's autumn and all, and I am really loving the matte nail varnishes from Barry M, I thought there was an offer going on there where it was buy 3 for £5 but apparently I was too late to jump on the band wagon...
However I ended up getting this pink, nail varnish with gold flecks. I haven't used it yet so I don't know if it will feel like your typical glittery nail varnish, however I'm a bit worried to try this out because I didn't notice this when buying it, but apparently it's textured?! I don't understand how this could be textured, and if it is textured will that just give it an extra glittery rough feel? Because I don't think I would like that...buuuuut I'd still use it because its an adorable colour and reminds me of fairiess :)

I also brought a deodorant. I love this deodorant, obviously it stops you stinking of BO and it smells so nice! It just reminds me of Australia because when we went it was the deodorant we took and obviously it was sprayed a lot because it was BOILING out there and ahh now the smell just reminds of it :)
It's Soft&Gentle Extra Fresh in lotus and watermelon

I brought this Soap and Glory spray, I got a big bottle of this around a year and a half ago and absolutely loved it and saw it so thought, may as well buy it! I can't remember the price, but I think considering the size of the bottle it was quite a bit, but you only need a few sprays and it smells absolutely lovely, I can't think of how to describe it, quite fruity but not that sweet, it's a really clean smell. If that makes sense..?:')
It's called Mist You Madly and I got it in 100ml from Boots

I've been meaning to get a long chain necklace for a while and this one fits the bill perfectly! I love the colour and feel like it will go well with a lot of things.
 £3 from Primark!:)

I've been using this conditioner for a while, it doesn't really help my hair stay blonde since my hair is naturally this colour and I think it's meant for died hair, but since my mum brought me 4 bottles of the shampoo for this rather than 2 shampoos and 2 conditioners, I had to get the matching conditioner. I hate when they're not matching!
A while ago my sister told me about some amazing almond soap bar from health shops and stuff which helps keep your hair in good condition, for it to grow, give it shine and strengthen it which sounds amazing and especially because it's from health shops it means there won't be any nasty chemicals but my mum didn't  tell me about it and only remembered the other day when I brought up the Lush shampoo bar and now neither my sister or mum can remember what the name is! (if you know I'd be very grateful if you put it in the comments!)

It's called John Frieda Sheer Blonde Conditioner Go Blonder, by two for £8 at Boots which is pretty

I finally got a pair of tweezers the other day. After years of asking (don't ask why I never got them myself I just always forgot but would always ask my Mum to get me when she went shopping!) She finally came home with a pair of tweezers for me, and they are really good!
I cant remember the name, but they are from Boots and are really good, and are really good at getting the hairs and pulling them out!
It's so odd whenever I do anything to my eyebrows, like pluck or thread them, my eyes always water and I can't stop sneezing sometimes!

Let me know in the comments any of your recent purchases or any recommendations, especially about the almond bar of shampoo and where I could get a dark shade of red lipstick ,the cheaper the better!:)xox

Winter Wants

17 October 2013

So after having a marathon of beauty gurus yesterday, I now have a huge list of things I want, some of them aren't specific but I thought I'd share what I want with you!
  • Autumnal scented candles!
  • Blusher
  • Dark Nail varnishes
  • Black glittery nail varnish
  • Darker shades of Lipstick
  • Lipstick in general
  • Nail Kit (like one of those with a file, scissors etc)
  • Fun socks (I had some glittery socks for Christmas last year  but I'm 102% my sisters each stole a pair from me, even though they got them as well!)
  • Storage boxes, I just want some cute little boxes to keep my stuff in!
  • Candle holders
  • Suit Pajamas, if you don't know what they are don't fret, I will do a blog post as soon as I purchase some!
  • Lip balm
  • Carmex ( I know that's lipbalm but I also want some fun, fruity ones)
  • Hand cream
  • Bubble bath/bath bombs
  • NEW shampoo bar, lush ( I will definitely get this and when I've been using this for a while I plan on doing a review!:) )
  • Soap and Glory Butter Creams
  • Face masks
  • Lush face mask
This list was far bigger then I originally planned.. I don't know when I'll next go shopping but hopefully soon!
If you can, I'd love if you could recommend me any good products of the ones I mentioned, especially face masks, I really want a few but don't know which ones to get! The same for candles and I'm always up for nail varnish recommendations!:)

The Beauty Blogger Tag

13 October 2013

I was nominated for this tag by Charlotte from Make Up By Candlelight (I highly recommend you check out her blog, she has amazing posts and is so lovely!


  • State the tag was created by THE BEAU BOW
  • Tag as many other blogs that you like
  • Title this post as The Beauty Blogger Tag
Lets begin!:)

1) Name a beauty routine you rarely do
I never moisturise. I don't know if this counts as a beauty routine but it's something I never do when I really should. My lips are all chapped and my legs are so dry it's just terrible, the only thing I do moisturise is my face! 
I really need to start moisturing though especially since winter is coming!

2) Is washing your makeup brushes something you regularly do?
Nope...I do sometimes but not often. I think it's because I don't really like my makeup brushes so just forget about them, I'm waiting for the day I get some actual make up brushes that aren't horrible because then I know I will look after them very well and since I started reading so many blogs I know loads of way to clean them :)

3) How long do you last with chipped nail varnish?
Not long. I am terrible at painting my nails, as soon as they start to chip I just pick them off and I can't stand having naked nails so my whole life is basically me painting my nails, repainting them because they smudged about 500 times, them chipping me picking it off and then re do them the next day! 

4) How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty item or nail varnish even if you need it?(eg foundation, eyeliner)
Like a million years...I'm just such a procrastinator. Although recently I've started to get into makeup more so I think from now on I'll be more prepared, with nail varnish though I just steal my sisters sharing is caring and all that jazz ;).

5) What is your worst beauty habit?
Not caring about my eyeliner. I'm terrible at apply it so if one eye is really thick and the other is perfect, I'll just pretend I didn't realise how bad my other eye is. The same goes for when I try to do flicks if one is way bigger than the other rather than making the other eye match it I just leave it and hope nobody will notice.. ALTHOUGH I am getting better:)

6) Name something non-beauty related that you always put off
Literally everything. There is the obvious homework, tidying my room.
I always put off watching films if that counts? No matter how much I want to watch a film I will not watch it unless someone forces me, I have no idea why but I guess I can't be bothered to watch a film which is weird because watching a film requires no effort!
Key exampled of putting off watching films, I have wanted to watch Iron Man 3 since I first heard about it,which was ages ago and I still haven't woops... I might watch it today after I've done everything I need to..:)

7) When going out somewhere do you leave getting ready to the last minute or not?
No I always plan when to start getting ready and if it's a big event I will give myself loads of time, yet I'm always late. If I'm only going to meet friends though I don't give myself much time and that's why I'm probably late when I see them..

8) Can you commit to spending bands?
For make up yes, for clothes I struggle.

9) How organised is your make up and nail polish collections?
Not very. My room is tiny and I have no room to keep anything which is super annoying I have a tiny little make up bag which doesn't work very since my make up collection is growing and growing. I love my room though, just need more storage space then it will all be good, but I have no room for storage so argh I don't know.. My sister might be going to uni though soon (or next year I don't know) which means I would be able to get the big room and have all that room for little boxes to store things!:) Unless when she goes my other sister comes back, in which case I'll have to stick in my room probably until I move out!

10) What is the longest time you've gone without writing a blog post?
I think a week, but I'm going to try and upload twice a week, once mid week and then on the weekend, might go crazy and post twice on the weekend though, who knows!:)

I tag:
Kate Berlin (I nominated her for the liebster award too, I just really love her blog!)

Chloe Poole


Emily Lockwood

Again a big thank you to Charlotte for nominating me!!:)xo

Urban Outfitters Clothes

9 October 2013

I am in desperate need for mom jeans.
I can't wait any longer for them- I NEED THEM
Fun story- I found a super nice pair on Asos, they had my size but I decided to order them when I ordered my friends birthday present. When I went to order the present THEY DIDN'T HAVE MY SIZE.
So then earlier I thought I'd look again, this time on Urban Outfitters. I found a pair I love and a few other items that I love.
I added everything I loved into a basket (not even like, love. If it was everything I liked pretty sure I'd have put the whole shop in there) and my price came to £495. THAT'S ALMOST £500 THAT IS NOT OKAY

I really like the pinafore midi dress, but firstly if I remember correctly, it was over £50 and for that amount you would have to wear it loads, which I'm not sure I would because it could easily look too formal.
I love the big shirt (the very first picture) because ahh I don't know but it looks so comfy and in case you don't know this about me even though I'm pretty sure I mention it all the time, I love shirts.
I like the kitten&leopard tee, and I do think I will get one but it's a sham that they are quite expensive, but I would wear either one of them a lot, either tucked into high waisted skinnies, or over leggings or maybe even with a black skater skirt.
The two coats at the bottom I adore, I really want a Harrington jacket or a mac like this, but this one (the burgundy one) I would wear a lot- but I wouldn't be able to wear it to school and if I'm going to spend a lot on a coat, I want to be bale to wear it at school as well.
The end coat, the green one is my ULTIMATE COAT it looks so comfy and warm but it costs £125!! If I had the money though, I would definitely buy it, I think it would go with almost everything except maybe a midi dress.

The one thing I know I'm definitely going to get is those mom jeans.
And you can wear them with anything,you want to wear a tight top? Go ahead!
 You want to wear a any type of crop top? Be my guest!
 You want to wear a baggy top? You can do that!
You can wear them with anything and my sister has a pair and says they are super comfortable- even better!

What are your guys favourite shops? Could you recommend some to me that maybe don't cost so much?:)
Do you have any mom/boyfriend jeans? If you do let me know in the comments and maybe tell me where they're from so I can check them out!:)xo

Sorry for all the capital letters in this post, I don't know why they're there but guess clothes just make me very excited and shouty, ahah!xo

Power Puff Girls

6 October 2013

I have a Power Puff Girls t-shirt that I got off eBay and I love it.
I got it a while ago, but I had been saying for ages that I wanted to tye dye a t-shirt, then get iron on paper and like print off something like from the Lion King, Monsters Inc, anything that was something I liked when I was a kid.
Then one day, as I was scrolling through eBay I found my Power Puff Girls t-shirt. I had to get it, because I wanted something like that for ages, and I still want to do my original idea, but I need to wait to get the equipment for it and I have no money at the moment so that will have to wait!

Then today as I was getting ready I thought I'd share my outfit with you because why not?

I also had on some frilly socks and my pink trainers (which sound horrific but they're not!!) and a little bag that I got from Urban Outfitters, but all in good time you will see these. However I put all these on just as I was about to leave and didn't come home till late(ish).
I also had a big fat hoodie on because it was a tad chilly.

Top- eBay
Jeans- Joni Jeans, Topshop
Necklace- New Look
Beanie- Asos
In the picture of just my legs, they look really weird and skinny, it was partly the camera angle and the way I shrunk down the picture to make it fit.

Do you guys have any tops like this? Let me know in the comments if you do :)xxx
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