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20 October 2013

So after my post on Thursday, it inspired me to do some shopping.
However I didn't get everything I want but plan on going shopping again next week hopefully.

Today was just about getting some things off my list, but I think I've only actually brought one thing from my list.. Wait no I got three, my suit pajamas (I brought two but one pair ripped when I bent my arm so I shall be returning them!), hand cream and lip balm.

Everything I show you I plan on doing reviews of, so there won't be much writing.

I got this from Primark, around £1 I think.
I've heard Carmex is really good at keeping your lips moisturised which will be very helpful since cold weather is approaching!I'm not really a fan of this shape, but it's all they had and I can still dab it on with my fingers :)

This was also £1 from Primark. You can also get it from Boots/Superdrug but it costs more.
I wanted more of a girly, sweet smelling hand cream where as this one smells very clean and plant-like, I think it's an alright scent.
My hands always get so dry in winter and Vaseline is a very good brand so helpfully this will help them stay hydrated!

Vaseline Hands+UV Protection Hand Cream
Pure Aloe+some word which I'm, 92% sure they made up...

This lipstick isn't exactly the shade I wanted. There was only one though and no tester and it looked like the colour I wanted.

It's not the deep red I was looking for, but I think it's a really nice just normal red. Hopefully I can get a darker shade soon, or just have to wait for Christmas! I know it's only October but I already have a looong Christmas present list!

It's from Little Mix's brand from Collection(I didn't even know they had make up!) It's really good and only cost £2/3, I can't remember which.

If you know any lipsticks that are exactly like the colour that this one looks like, please let me know in the comments!

I wanted to get a nice, wintery, darker shade of nail varnish since it's autumn and all, and I am really loving the matte nail varnishes from Barry M, I thought there was an offer going on there where it was buy 3 for £5 but apparently I was too late to jump on the band wagon...
However I ended up getting this pink, nail varnish with gold flecks. I haven't used it yet so I don't know if it will feel like your typical glittery nail varnish, however I'm a bit worried to try this out because I didn't notice this when buying it, but apparently it's textured?! I don't understand how this could be textured, and if it is textured will that just give it an extra glittery rough feel? Because I don't think I would like that...buuuuut I'd still use it because its an adorable colour and reminds me of fairiess :)

I also brought a deodorant. I love this deodorant, obviously it stops you stinking of BO and it smells so nice! It just reminds me of Australia because when we went it was the deodorant we took and obviously it was sprayed a lot because it was BOILING out there and ahh now the smell just reminds of it :)
It's Soft&Gentle Extra Fresh in lotus and watermelon

I brought this Soap and Glory spray, I got a big bottle of this around a year and a half ago and absolutely loved it and saw it so thought, may as well buy it! I can't remember the price, but I think considering the size of the bottle it was quite a bit, but you only need a few sprays and it smells absolutely lovely, I can't think of how to describe it, quite fruity but not that sweet, it's a really clean smell. If that makes sense..?:')
It's called Mist You Madly and I got it in 100ml from Boots

I've been meaning to get a long chain necklace for a while and this one fits the bill perfectly! I love the colour and feel like it will go well with a lot of things.
 £3 from Primark!:)

I've been using this conditioner for a while, it doesn't really help my hair stay blonde since my hair is naturally this colour and I think it's meant for died hair, but since my mum brought me 4 bottles of the shampoo for this rather than 2 shampoos and 2 conditioners, I had to get the matching conditioner. I hate when they're not matching!
A while ago my sister told me about some amazing almond soap bar from health shops and stuff which helps keep your hair in good condition, for it to grow, give it shine and strengthen it which sounds amazing and especially because it's from health shops it means there won't be any nasty chemicals but my mum didn't  tell me about it and only remembered the other day when I brought up the Lush shampoo bar and now neither my sister or mum can remember what the name is! (if you know I'd be very grateful if you put it in the comments!)

It's called John Frieda Sheer Blonde Conditioner Go Blonder, by two for £8 at Boots which is pretty

I finally got a pair of tweezers the other day. After years of asking (don't ask why I never got them myself I just always forgot but would always ask my Mum to get me when she went shopping!) She finally came home with a pair of tweezers for me, and they are really good!
I cant remember the name, but they are from Boots and are really good, and are really good at getting the hairs and pulling them out!
It's so odd whenever I do anything to my eyebrows, like pluck or thread them, my eyes always water and I can't stop sneezing sometimes!

Let me know in the comments any of your recent purchases or any recommendations, especially about the almond bar of shampoo and where I could get a dark shade of red lipstick ,the cheaper the better!:)xox


  1. I love Carmex lip balm! Really soothing. :)

    - Kate (

    1. Same! But today I put some on then had some water and it made it feel like it was all snowy on my lips! I doubt that makes sense but oh well :')x

  2. Great post, Love the color of the LM lip stick!

  3. The lipstick is such a pretty shade x

  4. That lipstick looks great on you definitely going to have to give those a try! Great blog, come and have a look at mine if you get a spare minute :) xx


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