The Perfect Hair Style

29 November 2015

Sorry for the blur, I don't know what happened to my camera here!

This post was meant to be a generic 'my favourite hair styles' post, but then I realised that will take much more preparation than what I have time for, gosh dang mocks. So, I figured I would tell you why french/dutch (I know they're different but in this case they provide the same qualities) is such a good hairstyle.

1) It's cute. I feel like everyone can pull of these types of braids. Whether it's one or two or multiple, they always look cute. I can only really pull off two when they're quite messy rather than pulled tight so I usually do them the night before, sleep in them, then when I wake up they have the perfect amount of messiness. Back in the days of my super duper long hair they looked even better, but honestly all hair lengths can pull them off.

2) They're easy. Some people can't do french braids, and I don't mean in the actual plaiting sense they're easy (it did take me some practice) but just they're easy to maintain. You can sleep in them and they won't get too messy. they help keep your hair not knotty (is there a word for un-knotty?) and they can stay in your hair a while. I usually have a system where I plait my hair, leave them in for two days or as long as I can get away with really, then take them out the day before a hair wash (leading nicely on to the next pint)

3) When you take them out you get mermaid hair! Well, I do, I understand not everyone does, but it leaves my hair looking all nice and wavey and beachy which is a look I love so after keeping them in for so long I can just take them out to get these nice waves and my hair isn't even that knotty despite not brushing it because it's been in plaits!

4) The most important of all the points, they keep your hair out of your face. Those of you who have long or thick hair, know the annoyance of trying to keep your hair out of the way whilst remaining comfortable. I can't do buns, they just flop over when I lean over my desk, pony tails pull on my head too much (not so much now but boy did they used to hurt, now it just depends)(but usually they do) and for me low pony tails just always slip out. Plus low ponytails make me look like an egg. But these are perfect because they keep your hair completely out of the way so comfortably! There's no huge weight pulling on your head and no loose pieces of hair because it's all involved in the braid(s)!
Also a bonus, they're good hair for concerts, because it keeps your hair under control whilst you're jumping about so you can't be that annoying person whipping everyone with your hair! 
I used to have french plaits literally all the time, but haven't as much recently. However, with exams resurfacing I've realised I do them more often because I don't have to bother doing anything to my hair in the morning and it just stays out the way. I hate having my hair flopping everywhere whilst I'm trying to do work! Those of you who can't do french plaits, practice! It's not as hard as it seems after a while. I used to practice all the time it would make my arms ache, I'm so weak aha. Although, I say they're easy but I can only do dutch braids, because whenever I try to do french my hair just slips out my grasp all the time! But both looks are adorable (in my opinion) and 10/10 would recommend. Do you guys have any easy, comfortable, out of the way hair styles? I love finding new looks, but I feel like this is always a good one to rely on.

My Skincare Routine- The Body Shop Aloe Range

22 November 2015

Recently, I'd say my skin has been looking pretty good. I still have spots and what not, but overall I think it's looking pretty healthy. I'm not sure how much of that is to do with my current skin care routine, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway because it's definitely not made my skin any worse. I have been through a lot of random facial scrubs and have tried proactive and none of them ever seemed to work for me. Proactive was okay, but a lot of money for something that was just 'okay' and did dry up my skin quite a lot. Also, other than Proactive, none of them were ever really a routine. Just face scrub, but now I have a face wash, a toner (or cleanser I am not sure the difference and whenever I google it I'm never really told much if you know please explain in the comments) and a night cream. Incredible, I know. Now all I need is some face masks ready to use whenever and an eye cream and my face will be complete.

Amidst my search for skin care, I got very overwhelmed with all the possibilities but eventually decided just to stick with The Body Shop because they are very trustworthy (in my opinion) and go from there. I had heard all about their different types of ranges, and then decided on the Aloe Vera range because a) aloe vera is like coconut oil I feel, just great at everything it does and b) it's kind of the majority skin care ingredient. Like it works for most skins and isn't specific to a certain type and I have no idea what category my skin is under, it's just all over the place; sometimes it's dry, sometimes it's oily it's just a mess so I figured the Aloe Vera range was a pretty safe bet. It was really awkward when I was talking to the lady about it though because I was all rearing to go and about to buy the trio of products then realised I was £5 off and just had to awkwardly tell her I couldn't buy them. But then because I felt so awkward I had to explain myself and was just faffing about, it wouldn't have been so cringey if I hadn't made such a big deal out of it, but of course I did. I also wanted to ask if they had any jobs going, but after the palava I made I figured it was best to just leave. 
Anyway about the products. I've been using them for quite a while now so feel I am qualified to give a satisfactory review. I use the gentle face wash from the range, and it's v ery fun because it comes out as foam which I've never experienced before. I don't find it harsh on my skin, which I like because I have used scrubs in the past that felt like sandpaper on my face, but this one glides on so smoothly and a little bit goes a long way. I use it every morning and it leaves me feeling so fresh and healthy, ready for the day ahead. I've read some reviews that say it is too harsh on their skin, but I find it anything but harsh. Also, it's got no scent, none of these products do, which is a quality I enjoy in a facial product. Then at night after I've used a makeup wipe to get rid of my makeup and then use micellar water to properly get rid of anything (I don't know if that's a good thing to do but I like it) I usually wash my face with plain water and then later on apply the Aloe Calming Toner. I don't know if I need to use the micellar water alongside this, I don't really understand skin, but I do know that this leaves my skin feeling super clean. I feel like after this whole long procedure using this gets my skin ready to be moisturised and I can go to bed knowing all traces of makeup are well and truly off my face. Also, both of these Body Shop products mentioned, neither make my skin feel tight after using them which I have found some facial scrubs/ toners do in the past. Finally, I use the Aloe Soothing Night Cream. I feel like I am queen of moisturisers. I have tried so many and this so far is my favourite. It sinks into my skin so well, doesn't leave it feel greasy or oily and does it's job of keeping my skin hydrated, by using such a tiny amount. I have used so many in the past that make me feel greasy or just don't seem to do anything or that just sit on my face, but this does none of these things.

I think you can buy these products as a group of three, or when I got them it was three for the price of two or something. There was definitely some form of deal going on, because individually all these products are so expensive, but they're so good. My skin feels fresh and looks healthy (I think) all the time and although I'm starting to use foundation almost every day now, I'm not really getting any breakouts and I like to think that it's a combination of me picking good make-up and using good skin care. If any of you are unsure about what products to buy I highly recommend stating here. anyway, that's it from me for this week. See you guys soon, hope you're all having a good week! Let me know in the comments any good skincare products you've used because I think I want to try something new next time. Although I love these products, as I heard somewhere once before, how are you meant to know if red velvet cake is your favourite cake if you've tried no other types? Although I have tried other face things I've never tried like a full on combo of things. 

Skinny Dip Headphones

15 November 2015


Hey guys, sorry for my absence. I planned on getting loads of posts planned during half term, but that did not happen and just kind of caught up in school work. Plus I find it immensely hard to blog during winter because there's such a slim time frame to be able to take outfit pictures which is usually when I'm college. Very annoying, but I will work my way round. Things will be pretty hectic within the next few weeks what with mocks and all but I should be able to function and post at least once a week! Anyway, on wards we go! In summer I got a pair of Skinny Dip Headphones. I spent ages debating whether to get headphones or earphones though and settled on headphones, which I will now stick with from now on. Headphones are just so much easier than earphones. They stay on your head, keep your ears warm and help block out external sound (some better than others though). The disadvantages to headphones over earphones though is that you can't share headphones and that you can't wear them subtly in class which I did find quite a challenge to get over.

I didn't like these headphones much at first, if we're all being honest. I didn't think the sound quality was that good but I don't know if that's just me. However, I do love the physical aspects. I think they're really funky and I love the combination of black and gold. It's done in a way where there isn't too much gold to make it tacky but just enough to make them more snazzy. After a while, I grew to love these headphones. Yes, they weren't the best. Yes, I struggled to fit them in my school bag sometimes but either way, I grew to like them and get used to their sound quality. However, on one long, lonesome bus journey home they had broke. I'm not sure what exactly happened, It just sounded as if all the songs had been recorded under water. I've tested them out a few times since though, but I think they are well and truly gone. It is quite annoying because I haven't even had them that long, but oh well. They were quite cheap though, they originally cost £25, then there was a discount going on and somehow they became £20 and with mine and my sisters purchases combined we qualified for free shipping. It was fun whilst it lasted, but I hope my next headphones provide me with better experiences, whilst still looking as cute as these headphones.

This hasn't discouraged me from Skinny Dip though, I still love the brand, just not their headphones. Please let me know any good headphones you know that aren't ridiculously expensive! It's annoying good headphones cost so much but then again, good headphones last longer than a few months and would provide a much better sound quality. Oh what a tough decision to make, if you have any advice I am ready to receive it! See you guys soon, sorry for my crappy blogging!.

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