I Am A Free Woman

29 June 2017

I'm back! I took a break during exams (and the lead up to exams) because my life was just so busy! Well, I wasn't even doing much but just never had much time to write posts, nor did I have anything really to write about. My life plateaued during exams, nothing exciting was happening really just revising and stuff, nothing worth blogging about! But now I am a free woman! Although it feels strange, to never have to touch my notes or any of my old things ever again. Especially since I'm taking a gap year, I don't know, just feels so strange! Although I feel like I'm going to have to redo my psychology exam because I found them all so difficult and in my last paper I accidentally missed out six marks because I just kept flicking past the page! My heart actually sank when I realised, I even swore under my breath then got worried I was going to get kicked out for talking because as soon as I realised we had to put our pens down! It was the worst. But, oh well, it is all over now, and if I need to retake, I can.

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In my absence, despite my life being extremely non exciting, a few things did happen.

1) My dog died, it came as a complete surprise but one morning she just woke up extremely ill then she went to the vet and long story short turns out she had cancer and her lil body just couldn't fight it anymore! It has been so strange not having a pup in the house, I had her since the summer of year one and now I'm in the summer of year 13! So bizarre. But we are getting a new puppy (the same breed but different colour) during summer. I doubt any of you know my dog, since I never really posted about her, which is strange because my dog was like, my main bitch (haha so witty). But she was my best pal, but she just got too poorly!

2) My sister came home with her little bubba and boyfriend. I find it strange being called auntie because I just feel auntie is way too old for me but at the same time I like the title. Auntie Libby. Auntie Libs. He is the cutest baby ever, of course I am bias, but he is the sweetest. And just so tiny!!

3) I finished exams! Like I said earlier. I wrote this post earlier but had to retype it because I was going on and on and on and on and I want my blog to get better and I think one way to begin is by writing not everything that pops to my head. And writing in general I guess.

It feels so strange to write in a non formal way again, like for ages it has either been essays or notes and now I'm free to write with as many exclamation marks as I want. What a life! Oh wait another thing that happened, I turned 18. Um what else. Not much. Well just little random things a gig I went to, my drink of the night has turned from Malibu and coke to gin and tonic. I know, I know. I am the epitome of sophistication. I'm going out in a bit, but it's annoying every night since a levels have finished I haven't been able to go ham on the drinking because I have work or a driving lesson the next day and tomorrow I have a gym class in the morning. My quest to a summer body in a week begins tomorrow. I'm sure one week will be enough to bring success. Oh I also signed up for the London marathon, I'm not entirely sure why because I haven't ran properly in ages and have never even do a half marathon let alone a 10k race so god knows how I'll survive
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