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28 February 2017

I have been in a fashion funk for a while now aka all I wear is ugly outfits and look boring, and I want cool outfits and all but I'm always too lay to try and find any. I wore a nice outfit the other day though (well I thought it was nice and it is the one pictured) but oh gee it made me realise how much I need more clothes. Although, I am trying to save my money up, I've started selling things on Depop but I am awful at haggling and nobody ever wants my clothes they always want my sisters clothes therefore, I am not getting much money from it. Also, I think some of the clothes up there are bangin', I feel like I should be one of Depops top stars (check me out on Depop and make me Depop famous, if that's a thing, and bu all my clothes and make me rich please!! libbyjade26 is where I'm at!)

Jumper- Ragged Priest (supersuper old)  |  Polo neck-Urban Outfitters  |  Jeans-Rokit
Also can we all apprecate how good my skin looks here. It doesn't look like that at the moment but still, it's always nice to reminisce over good skin days. 
Also, I have had a realisation lately. Well, I'm not sure if it is a realisation, probably more of a thought. I think, if all goes according to plan I am going to take a gap year, and I have realised I have more reasons to take a gap year than to go to university straight away.

  • I can get a cool job in retail. I'd really like to somehow get to work for Urban Outfitters or the Doc Martnes store or Lazy Oaf just somewhere in London, I love clothes and fashion and it just seems like such a nice idea
  • I can do an apprentceship with a fashion company which would also be cool (and both these ways I can build up a better CV)
  • I'll have more time on my hands so can do more charity work or something
  • I'll also be able to earn and save up money so I can hopefully do camp America in the summer
  • I will have a year off from exams after having exams for the majority of my life!!
  • My sister and nephew will be home aka the Harris sisters will be reunited
There are so many other reasons but now the idea of a gap year is motivating me so much because in my head the only way I can get a gap year is if I do well in exams and it will be so nice to have a year off. Don't get me wrong I still definitely want to go to university, but a year off just seems so wonderful. Obviously I'll still be dong stuff like working and can have a year to really go to town with my blog and get back into creative writing and all that jazz. Gosh, I am so excited. Lets hope exams go according to plan.

But also side note, I've always really wanted to work for a retail company, I know people always say they're annoying but where I work now I have to handle challenging customers and ah I don't know just working in Oxford Street or Carnaby Street in a cool shop and where I can work with fashion just seems so nice. Even though I won't directly be working with fashion, it's something you know. In my head it all seems so wonderful and things don't always work the way planned out I know, but god damn I can try!

Oh also side note outfit pictures are impossible for me to take I have to use my phone which is all fine and well till I realise I can't get whole outfit in very well! But ah I love these jeans, I got from Rokit and just need more! Well to be fair, I need real mom jeans these are just baggy jeans but I just love them. I need exams to be over so I can go to Rokit and buy every single jean I see.  Anyway, hope you're all having a good week!

Who Do I Have To Speak To In Order To Get Some Bigger Models

23 February 2017

This is just a spontaneous post because I can't be bothered to take out my camera and take actual photos but this has been bothering me lately.

I shop at Asos a lot, I know clothes sizes vary depending where you are shopping but my god, sometimes I order things from there in my size and have to get twosizes up or whatever, even though the ridiculously tiny model claims to be wearing my size.

Maybe ridiculously tiny is too harsh a term to use. I just think, self love for all sizes is promoted everywhere, and companies say they are using bigger models but I don't think they are trying hard enough. On Monkis Instagram, they show people of all sizes and shapes wearing their garments and I love that. Give me someone without a tiny waist! Give me someone with chubby thighs or a chubby stomach I want to see all the shapes, let alone just broadening the size spectrum people use (although it is debatable whether these models who claim to be larger sizes are actually what they say to be).

It's not even about self love as much as just not being annoying. As a society we're moving past the unhealthily skinny sized models but it's not the size as much as the shape. I am not sure my aim in this post. I was trying to google about who I had to speak to for companies to get some more representation in their modelling because honestly, there is no reason for this. I don't have a particularity small waist and I still look nice in mom jeans (bad example but I'm typing this in a fit of rage), they pick the ideal figure to model clothes but all figures look good in most clothes! However I found absolutely nothing so I'm hoping someone can help me get somewhere from posting this because it is 2017 and I am sick of all the models with amazing bodies.Yes, they work hard for it but Jesus Christ I want 'goals' to be people with thick thighs and tummys and flabby arms and normal womanly (and men, this is a very female bias post but that is because I have not thought this post through, this is just pure unadulterated me baby) features! We need child bearing hips so let me some child bearing hips! And don't make plus sized models have the perfect curves. And also some short models! I hardly know any girls that are 6ft but bloomin heck do I know a lot of short ones! Give me models with impurities that aren't just to do with skin and hair, give me diversity in the figures and races!!
this is a really old photo I'm just using it as clickbait so people read this and help me figure out how to get some models with a lil more chubs

That is all. I hope you all have a good week

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