Maybelline Brow Satin

26 December 2014

Hey guys! So recently I've began to fill in my eyebrows more because although I have quite dense (is that the right word to use?) eyebrows, like they're not very gappy, the front is kind of a mess. I've never really known what to use and what works best. I really want to try the Benefit brow kit,  but I don't think I could allow myself to spend that much for eyebrows when I could buy the Naked 2 Basics kit for less than that.

I had a phase where I used 'buck' from the naked 1 palette but recently I've been using Maybelline Brow Satin. At first I didn't really use this right, my eyebrows looked okay-ish but very blockish, they didn't look natural, however recently I've gotten the hang of it (I like to think so anyway) and I have been getting a few compliments on my eyebrows to back up this belief.

The 'device', I'm not sure what to call it, it's not really a pencil, has two ends which I would describe but I'm not sure how so I'll just show you.

I begin by using the pencil kind of end first and kind of draw upwards from the bottom of my eyebrows to fill in any gaps, but I don't colour them because then to 'spread out' these lines I use the spongey end and just kind of glide that along my eyebrows to merge what I done with the pencil. Oh my god my explaining is atrocious. The thing has instructions on it, don't worry.

I was so proud of my Christmas nails, not going to lie.
I really like eyebrow thing and it's gotten me quite a few compliments. I have very dark eyebrows in comparison to my hair..kind of. My hair is a variety of colours to be honest. But yeah, I have quite dark eyebrows and I use the shade medium brown and I think it suits me, you can make it darker by layering on the pencil more, or you know, just buy a darker shade. I really like using this though, I never really thought using an eyebrow thing would make much of a difference to me seeing as my eyebrows already are pretty defined? Is that the word? But it really does, when I use it you can hardly tell how gappy the beginning of my brows are! My friend uses a Mac foundation in a really dark shade to fill in her eyebrows which I really like, it looks so natural and flawless! But I don't really want to buy a £20 foundation to only use for my eyebrows. If I buy a Mac foundation I would use it for my face! (Also Im meant to be getting my first ever Mac product for Christmas- their face and body foundation- people say it makes you break out but others love it, feel free to let me know your opinion, please!!) I've gone off topic.

I was going to include a before and after picture, but my eyes look so bizarre in all the pictures, but trust me, this is a good 'un.

Anyway, this eyebrow thing is good, I would recommend it.
I love you guys, thanks for putting up with my absences and I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas!


14 December 2014

Hey guy okay catch up time. But firstly, how are you? Sorry for my absence, but I hope you are all doing well and expect some future posts for my hiatus (I hope I'm using this in the right way) is over. For now at least.

Okay, now prepare yourself. I am ranting.  But before I began I have questions for you. Firstly, any good books you recommend? How about makeup? What are peoples opinions of Mac Face and Body foundation, I really want it but my sister said it would make me break out but it looks so beautiful! Also where can I get one of those eyebrow brushes things that people use that look like a mascara wand but it's just an eyebrow brush?
Enjoy the first ever picture I took with my camera ages ago because I feel like you deserve a picture but nothing really relates with this post so why not have my dog looking gorgeous in my blankie.

Where was I? Well, I had some school exams which I had to revise pretty hard for, even though they weren't our 'proper' exams, they're still important. Due to me being crap at time keeping, I couldn't handle blogging and revising very well.

We've been told to revise over Christmas, but that does not fit in with my plan. My plan is to do a revision timetable for when I'm back at school and make lots of posts, then when I go back to school I'll hardcore revise and have some other posts to fall back on when my time keeping goes to poop. This holiday is probably going to the last two weeks I'll be able to relax for a loong time, I don't plan on revising! Unless I find out what I need to retake. Mistake me if I'm wrong, but I find it pretty unfair that we get our results when we go back to school in the first week and if we get two below our target grade we have to retake, which is fine I totally understand that, BUT apparently we have to retake it in our first week back as well. My issue with this being that we will have no time to revise. So we're being  told to revise everything over Christmas and I know I have a lot coming at me when its alevels and university and stuff but I don;t want to revise over Christmas. Simple as that. If I know what I have to retake, I will gladly revise because I want to do well. Yet the fact they're telling us to revise just in case we have to retake really makes me mad. I know that next year will be harder and blah blah and all future years but I would really like to just have these two weeks off then when I go back I plan to work my butt off. I just really want these two weeks to not think about exams and just relax and catch up on sleep and my TV shows and my social life. Just these two weeks, but the fact that we're being told to revise 'just in case' pisses me off so much because why can't tehy just tell us what we have to retake.

It also kind of upsets me. We aren't being congratulated that we finished our mocks, nobody has said well done for working so hard. All they do is complain and say we need to revise more which you know I can handle but I would really appreciate just one teacher saying well done and understanding how much work the majority of us put in. Instead they just talk about how they done afterschool and lunchtime sessions when they didn't have to. Don't get me wrong I am really grateful for that, I am, but we didn't have to attend them either. If I knew they were going to go on about it for ten years I would have rather they didn't to be honest. They helped, but I'm just so sick of hearing how hard they work, I know they do, but why cant they also accept that we worked hard too? I've put all this effort into these bloody mocks and I feel like I haven't done very well (we don't even speak about English oh my god they went so terrible) but I tried. Then if you do bad its because 'you didn't work hard enough, you didn't put enough effort in' but no. I did. If I've done badly it just means  I need to improve my revision technique, not that I didn't work hard enough.

I just hope that this week is more relaxed and we watch Christmas films in school now that the mocks are over I have no effort to learn anything else, but alas, I know fully well we have no relaxing lessons. But on Friday we have this Christmas talent show thing which is enjoyable, and gets us out of lessons. Maybe we will have more chilled out lessons, but I doubt it.

Man I could moan for ages, but I'll stick with the whole exam theme for now.

Actually no I won't, I'm done for now, I'm sleepy.

One more thing though; I'm finally in the Christmas spirit, after ages of not being feeling it I'm almost getting there, now that the stress is over, huzzah! I have gifts to buy and I want to decorate my room Christmassy, I hope I do that soon. I'm going Christmas shopping with my mother tomorrow, so I think Ill buy all the gifts and stuff then and maybe some Christmas decorations.Also, last night I saw family friends I hadn't seen for ages, that was nice. I don't really know what else to add, but yeah, I hope you guys are all good and thank you for staying.

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