The Wonders of Whole Foods

30 July 2016

So today I went to Whole Foods (I say today but I actually mean yesterday) and wow guys, it is amazing. I don't think I've ever said on my blog but I am a vegetarian and also intolerant to gluten. I always get ridiculed when I say I'm 'gluten intolerant' but I'm not full on allergic but give me something that contains gluten and my belly will swell up and some other not so nice tummy habits! But all in all, being allergic to gluten can be a downer because god damn it is expensive. Gluten free food is still expensive in whole foods to be fair, but oh boy there is so much of it. And it was only a small Whole Foods (I went to the one in Piccadilly) so I can only imagine what a big store has! I could have spent hours in there, heck, I think I did spend hours in there!

Please ignore the blur, it was taken on my friends iPod and believe it or not, posing in Whole Foods in front of all the fruit is pretty awkward. It was one quick take or nothing 
So not only was it busting with gluten free foods, vegan foods but oh man the fruit and veg section. I didn't even know mushrooms could look the way that I saw! I am very passionate about vegetables and fruit (oh what a cool teenager I am) and this selection made my heart sing. I ended up buying some grapes and in my mind, they're the best grapes I've ever had. I've probably had better to be fair, but Whole Foods just had this effect on me. Also, I had seen on so many vegan 'What I Eat in A Day Videos' (I'm not vegan but just enjoy watching those because wow their recipes are so inventive! Who knew dates could be consumed in so man ways!) roasted cauliflower and herbs, which seems so simple but I never made then low and behold Whole Foods sold a box of it pre-made and ready to be eaten. I didn't buy the box because my money was lacking but I tried some of my friends. They had this salad bar and hot food bar and juice bar and burrito bar (all in a very small space may I add, I'm not sure how all this food fitted)  and ah it was just amazing. I am very excited to go back to Whole Foods with my mum and get her to buy all the items. 

Although, Whole Foods did have some very weird items. I don't remember many but I do remember seeing avocado hummus which I have never tried, but the idea makes me uncomfortable. They're such different textures and tastes, how could the two be combined!? They also had tasters of raw cakes (which I've always wanted to try) and oh man it was amazing, next time I'm there I'm definitely going to buy a whole one. I ended up buying this chia seed pudding pot which I did not particularity enjoy because the texture made me feel weird. Also my friend who I went with got a vegan cupcake and it looked so good. 

Long story short, if you're in to healthy foods, are vegan/gluten/lactose intolerant, Whole Foods will blow your mind. I wish I could say here this was a sponsored post and then I could just go back to my fridge full of their roasted cauliflower and kale pot goodness, but alas. It is not. Don't worry though, I will try to re make this wonderful cauliflower and once I have nailed it I will show you how I done it. It's probably not even hard to make  but I never have a cauliflower in my fridge and that is a pretty damn vital ingredient. 

A Jumper In Summer

21 July 2016

Okay I lied, NOW I am back to blogging. I don't even know what happened but now I am back for good I swear. I just don't feel very creative and have no idea what to post at the moment but hey ho creativity can be forced I suppose! Also I just got back from my family holiday and, oh boy, I didn't realise how hot England was. I would do a holiday post but I'm not very good at those and it was a very relaxing holiday, if I were to tell you what I done the post wouldn't last very long. I ate a lot of garlic bread though, probably way more than the average person should.

Oh I feel so excited to be blogging again for good, I have much more time now and can really focus on doing better posts. Wahoo! I want to make another blog twitter but last time a friend found me and it made me feel embarrassed. I don't mind some people knowing abou tmy blog but at the same time, it's my little space, you know?

Jumper- Urban Outfitters (the jumper is brand new but I can't find it on the website, apologies!!)  |  Socks- Topshop  |  Necklace- Urban Outfitters(old)
In these photos I look half dead and I am aware it is summer now and should show more summer outfits but, I got a jumper from Urban Outfitters and I love it. As much as I love the sun and heat I am not dreading colder times as much now that I have my new jumper. You can see the stitching on it and I'm not sure why I love that so much, but oh I really do. And the colour is so pretty, I bet it would look great with a tan but I have a feeling whilst I still have my holiday tan it will not be cold enough to wear this jumper. Also, these pink glittery socks are my life. I think pink is becoming my favourite colour and I have no regrets. Although these socks are a weird material and I can feel my feet slippin and slidin around when I wear my docs and when my feet get sweaty, well woah buddy it's not pleasant. But, it is worth it for the beautiful pink glitter.

Wow I really need to get on my game with outfit posts. I can't believe I'm showing you all my favourite jumper when it's over 20 degrees outside. Oh well, I haven't blogged in ages, I feel like a newbie. I need to sort my shit out, I tell ya. Anyway, adios for now I will be back (huzzah I am excited) with more seasonal appropriate posts. I hope you're all having a marvellous week!
From looking at my photos I realise these are not the best and I should work on my photography ideas, bloomin heck I feel like a newbie all over again!
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