End Of Year 11 Prom

28 June 2015

Last night, wait actually. On Wednesday night (I'm not sure when I'm posting this) I had my end of year 11 prom and let me tell you, I felt like a princess. At first I felt pretty nervous with the lead up to prom because I felt like I rushed into buying an outfit and all of my friends we're getting such 'prom' outfits and mine wasn't really very prom at all. I can easily wear mine again I feel, especially the top. But then I tried it on the other day before prom to test it with my shoes and I was already wearing makeup and had my hair down (because previous times I tried it on I looked gross because it was during my revision stage) but that time when  I tried it on I felt optimistic. Traditional prom outfits aren't really my style and although a lot of people had beautiful maxi dresses which I was slightly jealous of, I loved my outfit in the end.

(heads up this paragraph is a bit TMI but you're reading my blog okay and it's not inappropriate so who cares) Readying for prom on my behalf was actually pretty simple. ALl I had to do was wax my legs the night before (which I haven't done for ages and let me tell you if I had done a before and after of legs you would be shocked at how bad a girls legs can become). I decided halfway through waxing to do my full leg so I started my upper thigh like at the top on both legs because I thought get the painfullest over and done with. Then I gave up. So my shins, hairless, tops of my thighs, hairless. The area above my knees, thats a different story. I should probably fix that. Oh, and I had to wax my underarms and my wax pot is uncontrollable so long story short I burnt my armpits so I couldn't spray deodorant. (You will realise why this was such a big issue as the post goes on). But, see I am very fortunate. I know three makeup artists my friends mum, my cousin and a family friend so I got my makeup done by cousin (for free and let me tell you she is amazing, she does the makeup sometimes on TOWIE so she is pricey and worth every penny and she didn't make us pay and it was so nice to see her again) and I felt like a princess. Then my mums really good friend has a hair salon, so I got my hair done there and I got a manicure there and because everyone there is so friendly and knows me we had like a group  search to find me a clutch bag. I felt so pampered and so lucky.  I didn't get anything on my nails just paint but I don't understand how she made them so beautiful. Like, I just use nail varnish when I paint my nails and they never end up looking so good. But yeah, I felt like a princess and I am so lucky for knowing the wonderful people I do.

My hair was inspired by this hair and although my face looks weird in the second can we appreciate that the picture is not edited and somehow my cousin got my skin to look that amazing and done my eyes that icnredibly
Getting to prom wasn't such a big deal in my year group, me and three of my pals went in my friends grandad range rover (coolest grandad ever, his music was getting me in the zone). We had to leave pretty much as soon as I got to my friends but that was fine by me because I'm not that big a fan of champagne so pre-drinks wasn't that much of an issue. When we got to prom there was the milling around, chatting admiring everyone's beauty and getting pictures. Except I got so many pictures with people but not on my phone and I don't know whose phone they're on so I don't know how to get them! But I want all my pictures and me and my friend got a picture by the photographer and it's just like excuse me how do I get this picture because it was a candid one of us laughing and it was just so nice. 

My outfit was from Asos and the purse was from River Island. Also, before any one bashes at me for being racist for henna, I asked my hindu friends beforehand if they would be offended if I were to wear henna to prom and they said no as it is for a celebration. I f I were to wear a bindi, then they would have been offended but they said that they thought I should definitely wear henna seeing as I was doing theirs as well. 
Prom was fun, there was an ice cream van and it was like two scoops in a really nice cone, like not any of that cheap cardboard cones but a proper waffle cone, with a flake and all. There was also free candyfloss and food but I don't think anyone actually ate the food. I got an icecream early on in the night though and oh man big mistake because I got bloated, and in my outfit that was not a good look. But I had fun eating it.

My prom date for the night xoxo
I look so tanned but I didn't even fake tan, nice. Also can you tell I discovered the blur tool? None very good quality because taken on an iphone but oh well. Low key wish I saved up for a canon after seeing other peoples photos on canons rather than my sony but oh well.
Isn't my year group just so pretty
Now I can't stop noticing what bad quality what a pain. I apologise.

Prom was fun except the music was shit so it was hard to dance to because it wasn't music you could really jam too. Except I got my friend to request Hollaback Girl and loads of people got up to dance and I felt so proud because that was my doing. Personally I feel like they should have just played old jams like that because old jams aren't a personal thing so theres no risk of 'is this someone's music taste' because its everyone's music taste. Who doesn't love the cha cha slide? The hoedown throwdown? Am I right ladies or am I right. (if you dont like any of these songs please dont comment and prove me wrong). But yeah, I was dancing and sweating and running the risk of smelling like BO because no deodorant! At one point I asked my friend to spray perfume on my pits, forgetting about my injury and oh my god it stung like hell I had to like wash my armpits. But I carried on dancing, even though it was hard to jam and I am the worst dancer, I cant move my hips and have no rhythm and all my friends looked so cool and I was just there like some beetle. Near the end of the night as well most girls had taken off their shoes, so although the music wasn't great we were all working it. At the end of the night they played Low and let me tell you that song used to be my shit. When that song came on I was in my element. Everyone was in their element. Why didn't they just play old classics the whole night.

Taken through snapchat hence the amazing quality, but too good a buddy to leave out.
Whole crew

Some of my friends wore their Indian get up to prom, as recommended by my chemistry teacher, and they looked so amazing. I can't get over how incredibly beautiful saris are, and as someone that suffered though a textiles GCSE I can only imagine the difficulty gone through to make them. Everyone just looked so beautiful at prom. I still need to save some pictures! There are so many I want to show you guys but a)they wont be as significant to you as you don't know the people and b) I don't technically have their consent to be posting them. I know they wouldn't mind but I've tried to refrain from posting some of people just incase.


Did someone say cool kids?? Did someone say wow libby what great editing??(In my defense I was trying to hide the identity of my teachers) 
My main gals xoxo
After prom me and a few others went back to my friends for a bit and there was an after prom party the day after which (hasn't happened yet but by the time I post this it will have) will be good because the majority of the year is invited, it's not just 'popular exclusive'. All in all, prom was good and I loved feeling like a princess. Right now all I want to do is chill but my room is a tip and I need to go on a run and just get it over and done with urgh. I always find running isn't as bad once you actually begin though. Okay I'm going off topic. See you soon guys and I hope you are all good! Did any of you have prom? If so tell me about it or if you made a post on it link me to the post! I love hearing about prom! In other news, I've decided I want to wear fake eyelashes more often and I want to buy some natural ones because having long eyelashes at prom was great.

Us being dead at the end of the night also can we discuss how well my makeup stayed on!?

New Sunglasses and A Nose Piercing

24 June 2015

Hey guys! I've decided I really want to try and post twice a week. Also, I figured, I love reading little posts about people's days, they're not extravagant or anything just short with some nice snapshots of the day and I don't know I just really enjoy reading them and hopefully, if I get my shit together. I will make some posts like that in the future. Especially because this summer I plan on going on many adventures. Whether they actually happen is another story, but in my mind, my summer is filled with many activities. 

The other day (lord only knows when I'll post this but for the record I am talking about Tuesday 16th June) I went in to town with the ambition to buy these from Topshop hand in my CV at places and get my nose pierced. In some aspects the day flopped as firstly, I didn't have my oyster card so i had to use my Mums which was annoying because travel is still free for me but not for her so was kind of a waste of money and because I completely forgot about handing in my CV at places. But, I do plan on going shopping again on Saturday to buy my dad a fathers day present and to buy my friends a present for their birthday, so maybe I'll do it then. Im a bit scared though to hand in my CV at places, I'm not really sure of the whole protocol. 

Throwing in my lil baby cactus to make it more aesthetically pleasing
Sunglasses Topshop
(lowkey wish I could pull of cat eye sunglasses bc damn Topshop have nice ones)

I also, didn't get to buy the sandals. I saw them when I was shopping on Monday me and my friend thought we were being really spontaneous going into town on monday to get my nose pierced when our original plan was to go tuesday however our spontaneity was shot down after an hour of walking to town (because neither of us had our travel cards) then being informed the place had no nose studs. However we did end up looking around for prom shoes when I saw these sandals in topshop. I fell in love, my friend didn't particularly like them, but we have fairly different tastes in fashion so I didn't mind. When I went to buy them on tuesday though, all ready with my voucher, they only had a size 9. I was so please when I saw them and they were in the sale but alas, it was not meant to be. But I did end up buying these sunglasses. I was so brave, I asked a random lady (well she worked at Topshop and seemed lovely) her opinion because my friend was in the changing room. I ended up buying them (I used my voucher and felt like a money saving goddess) and they came with a free case which is absolutely adorable. Apparently my sister thought so too because when I came home she informed me her sunglasses had the same case. A bit inconvenient because although we have different sunglasses we'll go through the whole kerfuffle of  'ah man I have the wrong ones' also, she is very un-delicate when handling these things and I feel like she'll break my case and that will not be okay. 

Is it vain that every time I see this picture I can't help but compliment myself on my excellent choice in phone casing

Then I also got my nose pierced, at long last! I've been waiting to get it done for so long I cant believe I finally do. It was so embarrassing though, my breath was so shaky and she told me to take a deep breath in ad it was so shaky? It sounded as if |I had been crying and I was like to her 'I'M NOT CRYING I SWEAR I DON'T KNOW WHY MY BREATHING IS SO MESSED UP' then she said my eyes would be pretty watery when I opened them and then when I opened my eyes behold- there was literally a tsunami. It was so embarrassing because firstly, I consider myself pretty good with piercing pain, I have quite a few in my ears, 10 piercings in total but it was especially embarrassing because it looked as if I had been crying and people were there getting tattoos done and I looked as if I had been crying over a simple nose piercing. Although no one probably cared, I cared. My dignity was at stake. Kidding. I was going to include a picture but I don't have one at the moment. 

Anyway guys adios for now and see you soon! Hope alls good in the hood!

Shopping By Myself

21 June 2015

Hey guys! Do you know what I've discovered, I love reading just little posts about people's day, so I think I'm going to do that today. Okay so I am talking about Saturday (yesterday) even though I'll probably post this tomorrow. Anyway, I just had a really enjoyable day. It began with a trip to the hairdressers with my Mum because she was getting her hair done then an hour later I was getting my eyebrows threaded and my moustache waxed and my appointment wasn't till an hour later. I could have just got the bus at the necessary time but instead I hobbled along and sat in the world's comfiest chair and read my new book 'Shock Of The Fall'. It was so relaxing and calming, my exams are officially over and it was the first proper day I had no exams looming over me and I didn't realise how calming it would be. Although the salon was buzzing, I was just in my own little world.

Later on in the day I went into town by myself on a mission to hand in my CV at places, buy prom shoes, a fathers day present, some makeup (which I forgot to  buy but oh well) and my friend a birthday present. I went by myself though and a lot of my friends/people I know would never even consider going into town by themselves, but  I love it. I've done it a few times and I don't know why I just love it. There's no dilly dallying I just go straight where I need to and do what I need to do and because I'm by myself I can just go wherever I want. There's this whole stigmatism I feel with teens that you can't go out for long periods of time by yourself. I was probably in town for four hours and I was having a great time. Originally I wanted a buddy to go with though so I could ask for their opinion on prom shoes so I messaged a few pals but none could make it. I ended up bumping into another buddy in town and she was shocked that I was by myself and offered that I join her and her friend but I was just like chill I love being by myself don't feel bad for me that I'm a lone wolf. I am a lone, but extremely content wolf

Handing in my CV at first was so nerve wracking because I had no idea what my opening line would be, and in case you hadn't noticed, I can just blabber on. So I went into the first shop and I was pretty sure they were hiring (because on their website it said they were) and I waited in the queue then when it was my turn I was speaking so fast eminem would have been impressed, I just kind of rambled on then she told me they weren't hiring anymore. Like cmon now lady, I just rapped for you.  I wrote like ten thousand paragraphs on me applying for jobs but don't worry guys, I got your back. Long story short though, I'm glad I ended up being brave and just asked whether places were hiring rather than relying on websites because I was often pleasantly surprised and ended up handing in my CV at two places which are my goal places to work and a few other places. I just feel really satisfied you know, because I know few people like their jobs  and all,but there is something pleasing about the thought you have a potential job at a store you love.

Whilst I was in office, because I rarely wear heels. Okay, I never wear heels apart from my Vagabond boots and sandals with a little heel, but I am very inexperienced when shopping for heels. So I was just discussing them with the salesperson and she was just so lovely and I chose a pair of shoes and I'm so happy with them.They're cute and fit me and they're sturdy looking. I just need to practice walking in them but I feel like 'for baby's first heels' I've done a pretty secure job.

For Father's day I brought my father seeds. He has become such a keen gardener and I overheard him talking to his friend who grows vegetables in their garden, so I had a eureka moment and decided to get him vegetable seeds. Then I got him a card with like a gardening thing on front, I wanted to get him one with an animal on the front because I'm a sucker for animals card, but then I figured nah because the card foreshadows the gift and I am all for foreshadowing. I then got my friend Connor Franta's book for her birthday (it was so tempting to read it whilst waiting for the bus but I resisted).

Ha, notice at the beginning how I said short posts about people's days. Oh well. I like chatting with you guys. Then on my way home, got caught in the rain, made silly faces at a little kid at the bus stop and honestly, making him laugh made me so happy. Then when I arrived home tried on my prom outfit and it just made me so excited for prom! I was nervous at first because everyone has such proper prom outfits and mine isnt exactly 'prom' but then I tried it on with the shoes and ah I forgot how much I loved it! Later I put on my workout clothes to exercise, but I just ended up sitting in them for hours. Im not sure how long all I know is I read a very large portion of my book, had a snack, watched some Game of Thrones then was called down for dinner. Im not sure how time passed so quickly and I was tempted to get back into pajamas but I was strong and just decided to go on a run after dinner. I know its not the best to workout in the evening but I was only doing it really because I hadn't run in a while not for specific body plan or anything. 

Okay wow this was a long post, but it was a long day, I done a lot. All I wanted to do really was watch Game Of Thrones all day, but instead I got so many things done and actually ended up having a wonderful day. Moral of the story? Go out by yourself and have a great time.

Subtly Showing Off Calvin Klein

17 June 2015

Yesterday was a momentous day. It was the first day since probably the end of April that I wore a real outfit. I didn't spend the entire day in pajama bottoms, I wasn't just wearing a hoodie and leggings. No, I finally wore something that wasn't my revision clothes. Although, I still have one exam left me and my friend went in to town to buy a few things and I went and got my nose pierced and it hit me in the morning that I could wear nice clothes. I didn't wear make up though, I miss wearing makeup, I hardly wear it anymore but I figured not to yesterday a) I dint want it to mess up my nose piercing and b) although I miss it I just can't be bothered with it. I feel like most people are used to me not wearing makeup any more as well so it's not I feel pressured anymore to wear it.

Top- Asos (can't find it but  it's the link to the brand)
Jeans- Topshop (can't find exact but they're similar)
Socks-Asos (similar)
Shoes- Office 
I wore this top that I got from my birthday from Asos from a brand called Monki and I love this top. I think it's meant to be tight though, but I like it baggy. Also, its the perfect top to wear with my new Calvin Klein bra because like, I want people to see my calvin bra because I feel fierce as hell (I was also wearing the matching pants, I need to find low slung trousers so I can show the waistband of the pants because I love that look) and because it's so cute but I dont want to just be walking around in just a sports bra, so with this top it's great. It's also really light this top, although it's long sleeved it's perfect for summer. I wore it with my Docs, and I just really want cool socks to wear with my docs. I realised the other day I love stripey socks, and you know those socks that are like Vincent Van Gogh? I want them. I just want cool socks. I also really want green Doc Martens, I saw someone wearing them ages ago and I haven't been able to find them since, I found a pair similar on their instagram but I just cant find them anywhere. It's heart breaking because man these shoes were gorgeous I cant even begin to explain my passion for them.

You know I never used to be that big a fan of these jeans because they fall quite awkwardly. They're not high waisted but they're not normal either and sometimes they make me look a bit chunky but I'm wearing them today because they are super comfy and I just had a bunch of possible outfits come to mind. I was about to show you the outfit I'm wearing today but I'll save that for another time. Although it's very simple right now I need to jazz it up but I'm not doing much today. Maybe in the future. Okay I'll stop now. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Any of you have any idea where to find bottle green Doc Martens by a chance? 

A clearer look at the top. Also I was just looking at socks on Asos and man I want quirky socks where can I find cheap quirky socks!?

Summer Wishlist

6 June 2015

Hey guys! Only two more weeks left of exams, woo. Today, was meant to be a quick one about a summer wishlist. Online shopping is never quick though. I wanted to do it based on Asos but Asos is just so huge. Also, I wanted to include a bikini I wanted but looking at bikinis online just annoy me. No ones legs are like that stop lying to me!! I really like impractical bikinis as well, like the high neck ones or ones that would give you a really bad tan line.

shorts  |  bum bag  |  floppy hat  |  anklet & bracelet  |  daisy top  |  sunglasses  |  pajamas  |  dungarees dress  |  socks     baseball tee  |  cap  |  dress
Okay I'm going to keep chatter about these clothes short. Firstly, Asos have loads of cute pajamas. However they also have some really impractical ones. I'm not insulting anyone who wears some of these pajamas but they have like maxi dresses and playsuits? In sleep wear?? A playsuit to sleep in!? Imagine how frustrating that must be, it's bad enough getting out of bed in the middle of the night to pee let alone having to fumble around with a bloody playsuit. Although, they are adorable. Also, that denim dress is adorable, but I'm not too sure it would suit me, and I also really like the other dress but I think my sister may have one similar so I can just borrow hers. If she allows me. I really like dresses with dropped backs though and jus ah everything about this dress. 

The sunglasses I have been looking for these since like April, so good luck if you try to find them in real life, because they are impossible to find. I dont know why I dont just order them online. I know they suit me because I tried on my friends pair. Huzzah, what a revelation I just had, guess who's going to buy these! Meee! (false call they're out of stock, that was a roller coaster). And the cap, may I say I probably won't buy this because I wouldn't wear it often enough for the amount it costs, but on holiday I like to wear caps. I feel cool AND I'm protecting my scalp. Best of both worlds realy. The floppy hat I also probably won't buy but I have loads of 'imagined outfits' in my head including a hat like this. Again, I think my sister has one so hopefully we can share it over summer. I want to look glamorous.

Before I finish, can we just appreciate how adorable the bum bag is!? It's from American Apparel though so costs too much for what little use I would give it, but I'm going to Reading this year so I need a bum bag and just think this is so adorable! And the socks, I'm not sure why but recently I really want socks. I want sparkly socks, I want socks like these with stripes, I want socks that are mostly, I want socks with grids on them. I just want all the socks. Know what socks I have? White or frilly. Literally the only options in my sock drawer. Do I like frilly socks? On others yes, on me no. Why don't I just buy more socks? Because my sock drawer is literally overflowing with white socks. I asked my mum for them a while back and for some reason she brought me like three packets of white socks from Primark, like okay mum calm down I only wanted a couple of pairs not enough packs to keep me going till I'm 35. 

During this internet browse I've realised there are so many things I want. I'm not going to buy anything yet though, my friend Hollie is coming up from Devon to see me for a quick two days and since I would have finished school by then and everyone else will still be in school I'm thinking I might take her to Oxford Street since it won't be as busy as usual, so I plan on saving up for that. Plus me and my friends all plan on going shopping during summer. All these plans and probably none of them will happen. Ahah, oh well. Anyway guys goodbye for now, I'll see you soon! 
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