Subtly Showing Off Calvin Klein

17 June 2015

Yesterday was a momentous day. It was the first day since probably the end of April that I wore a real outfit. I didn't spend the entire day in pajama bottoms, I wasn't just wearing a hoodie and leggings. No, I finally wore something that wasn't my revision clothes. Although, I still have one exam left me and my friend went in to town to buy a few things and I went and got my nose pierced and it hit me in the morning that I could wear nice clothes. I didn't wear make up though, I miss wearing makeup, I hardly wear it anymore but I figured not to yesterday a) I dint want it to mess up my nose piercing and b) although I miss it I just can't be bothered with it. I feel like most people are used to me not wearing makeup any more as well so it's not I feel pressured anymore to wear it.

Top- Asos (can't find it but  it's the link to the brand)
Jeans- Topshop (can't find exact but they're similar)
Socks-Asos (similar)
Shoes- Office 
I wore this top that I got from my birthday from Asos from a brand called Monki and I love this top. I think it's meant to be tight though, but I like it baggy. Also, its the perfect top to wear with my new Calvin Klein bra because like, I want people to see my calvin bra because I feel fierce as hell (I was also wearing the matching pants, I need to find low slung trousers so I can show the waistband of the pants because I love that look) and because it's so cute but I dont want to just be walking around in just a sports bra, so with this top it's great. It's also really light this top, although it's long sleeved it's perfect for summer. I wore it with my Docs, and I just really want cool socks to wear with my docs. I realised the other day I love stripey socks, and you know those socks that are like Vincent Van Gogh? I want them. I just want cool socks. I also really want green Doc Martens, I saw someone wearing them ages ago and I haven't been able to find them since, I found a pair similar on their instagram but I just cant find them anywhere. It's heart breaking because man these shoes were gorgeous I cant even begin to explain my passion for them.

You know I never used to be that big a fan of these jeans because they fall quite awkwardly. They're not high waisted but they're not normal either and sometimes they make me look a bit chunky but I'm wearing them today because they are super comfy and I just had a bunch of possible outfits come to mind. I was about to show you the outfit I'm wearing today but I'll save that for another time. Although it's very simple right now I need to jazz it up but I'm not doing much today. Maybe in the future. Okay I'll stop now. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Any of you have any idea where to find bottle green Doc Martens by a chance? 

A clearer look at the top. Also I was just looking at socks on Asos and man I want quirky socks where can I find cheap quirky socks!?


  1. Love this outfit, so chic!

  2. I am literally exactly the same about bras-as vain as it sounds I really like having my bra visible and wish it was acceptable to just wear a sports bra-oh well sheer tops it is!
    i am desperate for a pair of mom jeans but because im so small I feel they will drown me out :(
    fab post!

    1. Look on Asos or in the petite section of Topshop! You will find a pair for yourself, trust me, every girl has the right pair of mum jeans waiting for them somewhere. Some bras are just too pretty not to show though, not in a sexual way but just like 'I spent a lot of money on this and its very beautiful and I want other people to admire it'!x

  3. I feel like the DM shop in Covent Gardens will have them - let's go on an adventure? :D x (LF obv)


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