Top 5: TV Shows

31 January 2015

Hey guys! I did want this to be a monthly thing, I do a top 5 but I didn't have time to post it when I wanted to and today is the last day of January, so I'm messing up my blog schedule for this. If we're being honest, I wanted to post it on the last Wednesday of every month but oh well. next month I'll be ready. 

'A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks exactly like her'
The thing about this is, it's really good. Like, super good. But Netflix only has season 1. I thought it had two seasons so I rushed ahead and watched the whole first season in two days (it's very intense at times) and now I can't watch season 2. It's not online anywhere and now I'm  just stuck with never knowing what happens next, unless Netflix ups their game. Its so frustrating, why cant the american Netflix and British one be the same. We're all paying the least they could do is be fair for everyone!

'The story of a group of British teens who are trying to grow up and find love and happiness despite questionable parenting and teachers who want more want to be friends (and lovers) rather than authority figures'
This is also on Netflix, and they have it all. I feel like everyone  has heard of Skins but it's not everyone's cup of tea, I'm not sure. I go through phases where I'm absolutely obsessed and then other times where I couldn't care less about it. Over Christmas I was completely obsessed and I literally spent every moment I was out or watching something else thinking about Skins. Every two season the casting changes and there's a new 'generation' of teens its following and completely new story lines.

'Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies'
It's a lot better than it sounds.
I started this with my friend (it's on Amazon Prime, but I do not understand Amazon Prime at all) and oh jeez, some episodes may be boring but overall it is great. I tried to watch it ageees ago and I watched the first episode and couldn't get into it 

'A somewhat awkward teen is attacked by a werewolf and inherits the curse itself, as well as the enemies that come with it'
Those of you who have been here for a while know, Teen Wolf is my favourite TV show ever. I'm so nervous for the next season but also so excited. I have two items of merchandise from this show and I'm planning on making another jumper to go with my collection, I just need to go out and get fabric for it though. Putting my textiles skills to good use. Ah man, I just love this show so much its so brilliant and oh my god each season gets more dark and twisted and character development oh my god 10/10 would recommend

'After numerous attempts of trying to be popular two best friends decide to come out as lesbians, which launches them to instant celebrity statues' and then other stuff happens and its all great. There could be some ethical issues with this but it doesn't completely ignore all the hardships gay people have to face, which made me happy. I like this TV show, it's funny and light hearted and I like all the pop culture references. Wow great description there. It's good, but at first I wasn't a very big fan of it but now I'm hooked. If I'm in a bad mood this show is where I go usually. 

So yeah, here are my top 5 TV shows. It stresses me out writing this because there are so many other TV shows I want to watch but you cant always watch them (I really want to start The 100 and How To Get Away With Murder, but I'm not allowing myself to start any new TVseries till after GCSE's, even though that probably wont work). Ill be back Wednesday or Thursday hopefully. I want to do an outfit post but I have no plans for this weekend, how lonely am I. Although to be honest I really do need a few days to myself, I had such an urgh week at school. Hope you all have a weekend!:)

I feel like when i write about the shoes it should be me describing what they're about, not my opinion. Oh well! I just included quotes from IMDB about them, there we go. 

Topman Jumper | Outfit

25 January 2015

Guess whose back with an outfit post!? I never realised before my iPad had a timer, this makes outfit posts so much easier! Although now i kind of do feel like I wasted money on a proper I don't know. This outfit was kind of a mess because my plans were all over the place so I had to look cute just in case, but I didn't want to be unnecessarily cute because I may have stayed in all day, so I went for a good ol' jumper. This is from Topman and was only £10 in the sale and oh jeez it's so soft! I rolled up the sleeves a bit and teamed it with my army jacket when i went out to seem a bit more funky but its such a simple jumper. Perfect for a lazy day (although not long enough to wear with leggings personally), but can also be made better. Plus, I feel like teaming it with the necklaces really helped.

I probably will use my camera more, better quality. Also please excuse my messy room
Jumper-Topman (I don't think s the right one but it's similar)
Jeans- Topshop
Very Topshop orientated. 
Oh my gosh, guys, I just downloaded blogilates and I am so motivated. I've always wanted to tone my tummy and sort out my booty and now I don't know if it will last but I'm just so motivated! I have a plan, that every other day I'll do one of the ab workouts on there and the days I don't I'll do a butt one. Hopefully soon I will have abs and a nice butt, because let me tell you I am seriously lacking in those departments. I honestly think this is such a good app though, because on instagram there are a lot of accounts that glorify being unhealthily thin which can be very triggering for eating disorders, but this app is perfect. The pictures on there aren't of extremely thin people who starved themselves, they're of toned, healthy people. I really like the idea behind it and I like how its motivating me, especially seeing other peoples before and afters! Just in case you were wondering whats new in my life. Wow, its like I've been sponsored or something.

Moon choker- Topshop
Hamsa- Made by my father
Others- Urban Outfitters (Not in stock)
Also woah my hair looks so blonde!!
Hope you're all having a good week! See you Wednesday or maybe Thursday or maybe next Sunday. Who knows! I actually have posts planned and saved, but a lot of the time during the week I have no time to go on my laptop so I never get round to uploading. Oh well! See you soon!

Mockingbird | Book Review

18 January 2015

Hey guys! So today, I was going to do an outfit post, and yesterday (Saturday) I was really proud of my outfit, but I didn't take any pictures, but I figured its okay Ill take pictures tomorrow. But, what a surprise. My plans were cancelled, therefore I won't bother getting dressed up all cute. Instead I'm going to talk to you about books. I was meant to post this later on this month but my schedule is already out the window, who cares.

Let me tell you something about the book Mockingbird which wasn't made clear to me before I read it. It may be short, but it is anything but sweet. The entire book was read with great struggle due to me being partially blind because of the wall of tears this book created. I don't know if when I was researching this book I just didn't see any of the comments talking about the emotions you would feel during this book, or if I am just the only one who found it so emotional, but let me tell you it is sad. You may not cry, but you will get that feeling in your gut when something sad happens or a lump in your throat. I don't know what you will feel, but you will feel something.

It is also a very touching book. It's written from a girls perspective who has aspergers and how she deals with her brothers death. Moving. It's very moving, that's the word I'll use to describe it. It's also quite insightful to how the mind of people with aspergers syndrome work. It's not an educational book or anything, but it shows you how hard Caitlin finds it hard to socialize and do simple things that people without the syndrome wouldn't think twice about. Other books that do this are The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime and House Rules, although maybe not House Rules that much, because woah man so much goes on in that book (both are very good, I recommend them).
I wzs going to make this the main picture but I didn't want people to see it and be put off reading the post. I know the background is a mess, but my whole street was on display and although there is nothing significant on my road, that could have been very risky. 
Back to this book though, it makes a lot of references to To Kill A Mockingbird (also a very good, highly recommend that too in case you haven't read it) but you don't have to read it before you read this book as they do explain the references. This book isn't a light read, I read it in a day but I'm not sure if that because I'm a very fast reader though or if it genuinely is because it's a short book, but it's quite heavy. It will stick with you, I think it will anyway. I know a few people with aspergers and after reading this and the other books I feel like I can appreciate much more how much effort is/has been put in for them to do certain things whilst socializing. Plus it made me cry. Any book that makes me cry I don't regard as a 'light' book. I'm not sure what genre it is because you know, its pretty lifelike, but even if you are into certain types  like fantasy, you should still give this a go. You should also try the other books I mentioned in this post if you haven't already.
I wanted to try take a picture like this because I saw Rachel do it and was like ooh that's cool, I don't think I done it as well as her though but oh well. 

On another note, I'm trying to sort some things out on my blog and I have been searching for ages, but does anyone know how to change the layout/where to find a good HTML for popular posts? I don't like the automatic layout much but I have no clue how to edit a HTML myself. I wish I did though, it would be so handy. Maybe one day.

Powerpuff Girls Jumper

11 January 2015

For Christmas I got a Powerpuff Girls jumper and I have been wearing it literally ever since. Not only because it's such a cute jumper but also because they were my childhood. The other day I found out that they had two seasons of it on Netflix and oh my god, it made my day. And every day since then. If you've been following me for a while, you may be aware of my love for them since I also have a crop top with them on it. Oh my god I just looked for a link for that post and the pictures I done are so embarrassing oh my god.

Jumper- Asos
 (it's on sale woah get it whilst you can for this price!!)
Necklaces-Urban Outfitters (can't find exact ones)
There's not much I don't love about this jumper, but I really love the colour. Sure you can dress this jumper up or down, but you can d  that with most jumpers. However most jumpers aren't this adorable shade of pink. I don't even care if I come off as the biggest girl girl in the world, I don't enough pink articles of clothing. Although saying that, I brought a sweatshirt a similar colour to this, but that will be shown in a later post when I finally get round to decorating it. Yes, I will be doing DIY on a jumper. Crazy, I know.

I don't know what happened to the corner of my camera. At first I thought it was just my laptop screen but nope.
I got it in a size quite a few sizes up because I wanted to to be baggier rather than fitting properly as I think it's meant to be. Well, not exactly meant to fit properly but I wanted it to be more oversized than it's meant to be. Hope you're all having a good beginning to 2015!


6 January 2015

Don't worry, I'm not going to get all deep here! I'm just going tot ell you some simpler new years resolutions of mine, ones which will hopefully be easy to keep. By posting them on here I feel like I'm more likely to keep them as well, obviously everyone has their more personal resolutions which are harder to keep but  these are just some light hearted ones.

I didn't know what picture to add. I wanted an arty one but cant find one so enjoy this picture from NYE of me laughing at my friend not knowing what to do with her hand.
1) Smile at others more often. I have started to always smile when i make eye contact with people and I want to carry this on for next year. I don't know how to explain why I like doing this so much but in basics terms, it;s just a nice thing to do. People won't always smile back, but you know, it is a nice thing and you might just make someones day, we have no idea whats happening in other peoples lives and maybe they could really do with a smile.

2) Be more on time. I'm not saying I'm going to completely stop being late for things, because I feel like it's in my genes to be late to thins, but god I really am atrocious. I'm using running over an hour and a half late and that needs to stop. Narrow it down to half an hour, maximum.

3) Moisturise. Pretty self explanatory. My hands could be compared to a lizard they're so dry. TO be honest, I just want to take better care of my skin in general but one step to do this is to moisturise.

4) Blog more often. I know this year will be tough and as you can see from resolution number 2, I'm pretty crap at time keeping. So this year with all the revision, my time keeping will go to crap. So my plan is, to be more organised with all of this, I have  a notebook where I will write down ideas and stuff and you guys know the drill and then in my revision breaks I will blog. Or at least try to.

5) Try more teas/healthy drinks. There are so many teas in the world. SO many, I want to try more of the different types. Also, all those health drinks/juices, I want tor try them. In case you cant tell- I want to be more healthy. Not necessarily lose weight, just improve my health.I  also want to exercise more (shocker) and tone up but wow who knows if Ill stick with that one.

Happy new year guys! Six days late but oh well, better late than never!

New Years Day Films

2 January 2015

Hey guys! Man, I've been meaning to change my blog setup this whole holidays and I have done nothing. Anywaay.

So I know on New Years Day (I don't know if that all requires capital letters or not)(woah that's today) wait no it was yesterday. Oh well. Just films in general.

Most people spend the day lazing about on the couch watching films that are on the TV, but I thought why not tell you some films I plan on watching? I don't really mind waiting for the adverts, what does annoy me though is finding a film on and getting excited to watch it, but then you've already missed half and have to wait ages for it to be on the +1 channel or when there is no other channel you can watch it on. Also, I'm not a prepared person. I don't know what films will be on on what channel or what time. So I rely quite heavily on DVDs, or just rely on someone else in my family to find something. I hate scrolling through the channels too trying to find something.

Anyway, here are some films you could watch on your lazy first day of 2015! Or just whenever, films are (usually) always enjoyable. Except I'm probably only going to telly you about films I have on DVD because to include films from Netflix and everywhere else stresses me out because there are so many Although now thinking about it I want to recommend loads. I even want to recommend things I haven't even seen because I think they will be good.

I'm going off topic. Basically here's some films you should consider watching today! Or whenever you want. I don't run your life.

How To Train Your Dragon (number one or two they're both brilliant). This film is my favourite though and wow the way Hiccup grows up over the past two films and everything that happens. It's such a masterpiece. Gosh it deserves all the awards. Heads up though, depending on how attached you are to the film, the second one is kind of heart breaking and me and my friend cried. A lot.

This Is The End. This film is hilarious it's probably one of the rare films I actually laugh out loud to, except don't make the mistake I did and watch it with your parents. It's not that bad, but some scenes are. Also I felt the need to understand some of the jokes because they were quite inappropriate, but they were so funny I just made some horrific snorting sound by trying to contain my laughter.

The 5 Year Engagement. I don't have much to say about this film but it was enjoyable, I plan on watching it later.

Bend It Like Beckham. I've never actually seen this film either, I plan on watching this later as well because I feel like it's rude to have not seen this film.

The Spectacular Now. Oh man this book was brilliant and I love the actor in this film.

Lord OF The Rings. I haven't seen any of these films either, but its on my list to watch, this and Star Trek. But I just can't find the DVDs anywhere at my house but I'm sure my Dad has on them on VD. In case you were wondering.

The Avengers. Man I love this film oh gosh I love Marvel oh gee this film is so great I love it I want to be Captain America. I have a Captain America jumper but there's as stain on it, I have no idea what it is but oh well that doesn't stop me from wearing it.

Men In Black. Not much to say about these either other than you know, every single one of these films is f a b u l o u s.

Gaurdians Of The Galaxy is also pretty great, and The Little Mermaid.

Hope you guys all had a good news years eve and I hope this year is a good one for you all!

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