New Years Day Films

2 January 2015

Hey guys! Man, I've been meaning to change my blog setup this whole holidays and I have done nothing. Anywaay.

So I know on New Years Day (I don't know if that all requires capital letters or not)(woah that's today) wait no it was yesterday. Oh well. Just films in general.

Most people spend the day lazing about on the couch watching films that are on the TV, but I thought why not tell you some films I plan on watching? I don't really mind waiting for the adverts, what does annoy me though is finding a film on and getting excited to watch it, but then you've already missed half and have to wait ages for it to be on the +1 channel or when there is no other channel you can watch it on. Also, I'm not a prepared person. I don't know what films will be on on what channel or what time. So I rely quite heavily on DVDs, or just rely on someone else in my family to find something. I hate scrolling through the channels too trying to find something.

Anyway, here are some films you could watch on your lazy first day of 2015! Or just whenever, films are (usually) always enjoyable. Except I'm probably only going to telly you about films I have on DVD because to include films from Netflix and everywhere else stresses me out because there are so many Although now thinking about it I want to recommend loads. I even want to recommend things I haven't even seen because I think they will be good.

I'm going off topic. Basically here's some films you should consider watching today! Or whenever you want. I don't run your life.

How To Train Your Dragon (number one or two they're both brilliant). This film is my favourite though and wow the way Hiccup grows up over the past two films and everything that happens. It's such a masterpiece. Gosh it deserves all the awards. Heads up though, depending on how attached you are to the film, the second one is kind of heart breaking and me and my friend cried. A lot.

This Is The End. This film is hilarious it's probably one of the rare films I actually laugh out loud to, except don't make the mistake I did and watch it with your parents. It's not that bad, but some scenes are. Also I felt the need to understand some of the jokes because they were quite inappropriate, but they were so funny I just made some horrific snorting sound by trying to contain my laughter.

The 5 Year Engagement. I don't have much to say about this film but it was enjoyable, I plan on watching it later.

Bend It Like Beckham. I've never actually seen this film either, I plan on watching this later as well because I feel like it's rude to have not seen this film.

The Spectacular Now. Oh man this book was brilliant and I love the actor in this film.

Lord OF The Rings. I haven't seen any of these films either, but its on my list to watch, this and Star Trek. But I just can't find the DVDs anywhere at my house but I'm sure my Dad has on them on VD. In case you were wondering.

The Avengers. Man I love this film oh gosh I love Marvel oh gee this film is so great I love it I want to be Captain America. I have a Captain America jumper but there's as stain on it, I have no idea what it is but oh well that doesn't stop me from wearing it.

Men In Black. Not much to say about these either other than you know, every single one of these films is f a b u l o u s.

Gaurdians Of The Galaxy is also pretty great, and The Little Mermaid.

Hope you guys all had a good news years eve and I hope this year is a good one for you all!

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  1. Great recommendations! You have to watch Bend it Like Beckham. :) It is such a great movie. I can't wait for the new Avengers movie that's supposed to come out this year. Anyway, happy new year!


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