29 January 2014

For as long as I can rememebr, I have loved piercings. I know its weird, but I just love those random bars of metal that people put in their body, and recently it's all I can think about so I thought, why not share with you guys some of the piercings I want?

None of these are mine

I already have my lobe, first and second, pierced and my tragus on my left ear.
To 'complete' my left ear (if you will) I want my cartilage pierced, which is in the third picture, the piercing at the top of the ear and my third lobe piercing.
On my other ear I would like my forward helix, which you can see in the first and second picture, the bar at the top front of the ear. I also really want my mid cartilage, but I couldn't seem to find a nice picture of one but I have no idea which ear to get it one.

On the bottom row I would get either of those piercings that are at the top of the ear (triple cartilage I think its called and rook) because oooh the idea of the pain scares me! And I don't think it would really suit me, but I do like them.

When I'm older, I will definitely get my nosed pierced (in the picture of Demi you can see) and I also really want my lip done, but I feel like my body doesn't really like piercings, since my tragus keeps getting infected, but who knows! I really hope not since as you can see... I want loaads but I would feel so worried about getting my lip pierced because imagine getting that infected! And I feel like it would be so easy to, if you were ever applying makeup or lipstick it would be soo easy!

Back of the neck piercings are also really pretty in my opinion, but personally I don't like the ones where you can see the bar underneath the skin, so if I were ever to get it done I would have to get the one where they like screw it in, argh I've completely forgotten what its called! But yeah I love them, but would never get it done, since I don't even wear my hair up much, so whats the point!

Finally I really want my belly done. I'm really fussy about the bars people use, I don't like huge ones because I think it looks like their belly button is throwing up jewelry, but if I were to get it done, I would obviously use the type of bar I liked so it would be all good. I don't know, I just feel like girls stomachs look so empty without either a piercing a tattoo on it, but that's just me personally, and I probably think like that since I'm so used to seeing belly 'decorations' since my mum and sisters have their pierced and so do our family friends that we go on holiday with, whose stomachs I see since when you're on holiday you bikini it upp, and probably because Im so used to it, I find it weird to see people without decoration.

Makeup Wishes

21 January 2014

This was going to be about Soap & Glory products I wanted, but then I realised I only wanted like three, then I ended up on the Benefit website, then Mac, then Boots and decided to just make this an all round post. I have no money at the moment. Well that's not necessarily true, I'm saving up my money for either a camera or a mac, I'm not sure which one I would rather get yet, but probably a camera since I'm pretty content with my current laptop! And I also want to spend the majority of my money on books (ooh so cool I know) 
So why not show you guys what I am currently lusting over and we can just sit there and..admire these products together, I guess?;)

Face Wise
For Christmas I really wanted the cream blush in shade 'Head Over Heels' then I heard about their little sets where you could buy a blush and lipstick together for £12, which is pretty good considering the blush by itself is £10, but I'm not sure about the lipstick price, but it's definitely over £2 so it was a pretty good deal! Plus they had the lipstick that I really wanted with the blush too, however alas, I didn't get it and haven't been shopping since Christmas (woah!!) so I haven't had a chance to buy it, also I'm not sure if they are still selling them, but I did really want it. I loved the dark lipstick shade in Beguiled and the blush was gorgeous, maybe it's not too late though! Ahh I wish, but anyway yeah, it seemed perfect. However considering I dont wear lipstick that much, and berry shades are more winter, I dont think I really have the need for another one...next year!;)

I also love the look of the Soap & Glory blush in shade 'Peach Party' I've seen swatches from other peoples blog and I think it just looks gorgeous! I love the packaging too and the whole layout of the blush to be honest! It all looks so pretty :)

Foundation wise, for almost a year now I have been using Bourjouis Healthy Mix in liquid, I don't know what the difference is between this and the gel one, but I've used both, but before when I wasn't as in to makeup, but I know there is a reason I stopped buying the gel one..well I think, so I don't want to repurchase it and regret it, but I want to know what the difference is!? If someone could explain I would be grateful :) but I love this foundation, but a while ago when I needed a new one, my lovely Mum said she would buy me it, however she got me two shades paler then I asked for, when admittedly I am probably lighter than the shade I asked for, but not as pale as the one she got me, so I need to go buy my actual shade, but I keep putting it off! I really do need to though, where most people get a line of foundation where the foundation is waaay darker then the skin, mine is the other way round and my neck is far darker then my face! So yes, I must sort that one out! But it sucks, because the other day my sister brought one in the same shade as the one I currently have which is too pale, but for some reason my sister was blessed with lovely olive colored skin so she gave me that one and I brought her a darker one, so we done a lil swapsies, but now I still have another bottle of too pale foundation which is not good!:(

My friend uses the L'Oreal foundation called Lumi Magique  and her skin always looks perfect! I don't know what the coverage is, but since my Bourjous one is very light, I think I may need one with heavier coverage for days when my skins is pretty bad! Even if this one isn't heavier coverage though, I would  really like it since it leaves my friend always looking fresh faced and natural, but with perfect skin! I've tested some on my hand as well, and it doesn't feel horrible thick or creamy or anything, it feels natural and light, which I like best in foundation.

Hoola bronzer from Benefit just speaks for itself really, I've recently learnt a way I really like to apply bronzer and as my 'bronzing skills' grow I feel like it's finally time I go and get myself Hoola! My sisters had Hoola for ages and it always used to fascinate me and I loved the packaging and now that I am wearing bronzer more and more, I feel like its a sufficient time to buy myself Hoola. I've heard so many great things about it and just want it sooo bad.

Finally is a sleek palette, I can't remember the name, but I just really loved it when I saw it in Boots once and though it looked so lovely and perfect shades, I really want a highlighter too, but I've never used one before and don't know what to buy! Whether I should bu a cream one, or powder, I just don't know! I remember watching a reaaaly old Zoella video , where it's her and Louise and they go through their favourite products and Zoe was talking about adding highlighter to her moisturizer sometimes to brighten her face sometimes and gah I just don't know! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I know I've sucked with uploading recently, but I'm trying to get hack into the swing! I was going to do eyes as well for this, but I didn't think I would write this much! I teen to witter on.. so I may do my eyes wish list next week, or on Sunday or something. I would love if you guys could give me any comments on any of these products I mentioned, and whether they are worth the fuss/my purchase or if you could recommend me any highlighters or link me to nay of your reviews of one would be great! Thank you :)xo


14 January 2014

So I absoloutly love books and for the pst few years I have been using a kindle, then the other day I realised just how much I miss the actual feel of books. So since it's just been Christmas and I have money, I thought I may as well just buy all the actual books I want now and hoard them altogether, rather than buying them at regular intervals, may as well just spend all the money now! Although I do want to save my money for a camera and use some for make up and stuff, I have got my heart set on books at the moment and I know this feeling won't fade.

Firstly, although I've read the majority of John Greens books on my kindle, with the exception of Will Grayson, Will Grayson and Let It Snow, I want them all in real life form. It started off with me just wanting the ones I read in real life, but then I thought why not get them all!? Then I found out my cousin had all his books and now my heart just aches for them, so I think I will buy all his books and get my mum to pay for some since she does want to read TFIOS and Looking For Alaska.
Now if you haven't read any of John Greens books, go. Do it now. All of them will somehow break your heart, but his books are just so amazing and although they are situations which would most likely never happen to you, it's so easy to relate with the characters and so easy to fall in love with them all.
So yes, my main mission is to build up my John Green collection, but I might do this one over time, start off buying the ones I havent read and then get the ones I have later on. It may seem like a waste since I've already read them, but I do reread basically all of my books (may have read TFIOS eleven times woops...) and getting them in real life would just make everything fabulous

Now I do love action books/in the future like Divergent (which I highly recommend if you love The Hunger Games/that type of genre) but I might just get them on my kindle. I don't know how to explain it, I do love Divergent and all these books, but since I have to pay for books myself usually, they are cheaper on the kindle so buying the actual book will be a luxury and I want to buy books that will mean something to me. Although they all do, I don't know how to explain, but books that make me thing and will make an impact on my life. I don't know how to explain but I like to get coming of age books really in real life and yeah books that I could possibly relate to being a teenager or that will really make me think. I also want a few classics, I've been dying to read To Kill A Mockingbird since I heard Jackson talking about it on Hannah Montanna when I was a young 'un and I don't know how I heard of Catcher In The Rye, but i had and when I was researching books the other day I saw it and though it seemed like a classic too, and you can't not buy the actual book form of a classic!

But yeah, most of these books are coming of age books or classics and will hopefully be a roller-coaster of emotions..but I'm saying that now then when I'm reading the book I'll be so angry at myself for buying a book that goes from so happy to absolutely devastating! Not going to lie, I do cry at books...all the time..even when I know what's coming, or is blatantly obvious I cry no matter how many times I've read it! But I'm wittering on now, but yes this is the list of books that I also want to buy and I've never read any of these. 
I'm not too fond of some of these covers, but the actual story seems good and most have good reviews.

  • Awaken- Katie Kacvinsky
  • Annie On My Mind- Nany Garden
  • Catcher In The Rye- J.D. Salinger
  • Ask The Passengers- A.S King
  • The Death And Life Of Charlie St.Cloud- Ben Sherwood
  • Me And Earl And The Dying Girl- Jesse Andrews
  • To Kill A Mockingbird- Harper Lee
  • The Miseducation Of Cameron Post- Emily M. Danforth

Perfumes&Body Sprays

5 January 2014

I know most of the posts I've been uploading recently have begun with 'I'm sorry for not uploading blahblah' but I honestly am and I'm struggling a bit to come up with things to post. However, I have quite the selction of perfumes/body sprays and just generally nice smelling stuff and also got a few for Christmas so I thought I would show you some of my favourites.

My first favourite is 'Fantasy' by Britney Spears. I've had this for quite a while and I have another mini bottle, it's one of my favourite sprays and I always spray a bit on when I'm not sure what else to use. I don't know how to explain the smell, even though I'm sure you already know the scent, I'll try to explain! Really it just smells quite girlie and fresh and the smell lasts for ages,  which I love.

'Mist You Madly' from Soap and Glory. I mentioned this before but if I'm talking about my favourite sprays I can't leave this one out! When I got it I was worried it wouldn't last very long as I got one of the smaller bottles, since the Soap and Glory are quite pricey...I was only a few pounds off the bigger bottle. However, when you squirt it you get quite large sprays, so you don't have to use as much as you think you would and like before, the spray lasts a while. It also smells fresh but not as girly as the Britney one, and is better for everyday use in my opinion since the smell isnt as...prominent? I guess you could say..

This I absolutely love, I don't get it much. I really only get it when friends go to America and I ask them to get it for me, or if they go at Christmas they know that it's one of the best Christmas presents for me. Even though we have a Victoria Secrets in London, I rarely  go and if I did I feel like this spray would lose it's special-ness to me. Its Pink and I'm not really sure what it's called, I'm guessing what it says on the bottle. Now again, the way I'm describing all my perfumes, it does make you smell fresh and clean (like it says on the bottle), not very flowery.  This one is only a little bottle, easy to take out and about with me just in case I need to spray myself throughout the day.

Now, you probably all know this, the good ol' 'Our Moment' By One Direction. Before I had smelt it, I thought it wouldn't smell very nice to be completely honest. I thought it would be sickly sweet or something, but it's not at all! Like most of the above, it lasts long and I really have no idea how to explain what any of these smell like but it just smells lovely and if you like Fantasy you would definitely like this. The bottle is also adorable, I feel like a princess when I use it!:)

Now I know that this isn't a perfume or body spray, but I absolutely love this brand. Their ranges of soaps all smell lovely. I got this for Christmas and it smells sweet and it does you make like it for quite a while! When I move I do get a waft of this and I absolutely love it! I also used the Coconut and Cream one I think it's called a while ago, they smell sweet and just oh so lovely, but not so sweet that it makes you feel ill! Well not me anyway. Although from the picture it looks like quite a small bottle it is big and would last a while, but I use so much at once, I just can't get enough of the smell! I think it's called I love... then depending on your scent depends on what follows, so this is I Love...Strawberries&Cream . If you want a nice smelling soap literally, ANY from this collection smells gorgeous, oooh I love it so much!

What are your guys favourite perfumes/sprays or soaps? Have you used any of these? I would love to hear some of your guys opinions!
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