Family Days and New Shoes

27 December 2015

Socks- Asos these are similar but not the same (you can't see them properly but trust me they're funky)

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I did but oh man did I eat too much, I wonder if I'll ever be hungry again. Thank god Joni jeans are stretchy, although on Christmas I was smart enough to wear leggings rather than jeans. I went on a run today though and I haven't for ages and for the first time since the holidays have begun really, I don't feel bloated and gross. Huzzah! Although later I have a family thing where I will probably end up feeling bloated but minor details. I'm out of leggings though and back to wearing jeans.

My outfit is pretty simple and pretty much my usual wear but with Christmas present additions. Back in the black Friday sales I got the best offer on these New Balances. I had been looking for khaki New Balances for ages and had found a really nice pair of Urban Outfitters and Asos that each cost over £80 and I always figured once I got a job I would save up (although finding a job was the major downfall of the plan but minor details) then I found these on Schuh. With the Black Friday sales these went down to £45 and with my Student discounts down to £40. So shoes that originally cot £85 I got for £40. If that is not one heck of a bargain, I don't know what is. I had to swap them for a smaller size ( I say I but really I got my Mum to do it for me) and the people there were impressed with how cheap I got them for too. I love them so much, I'm so happy I finally found a air of khaki NB that were also cheap. I got given them on Christmas though and although you can't see I paired them with the funkiest socks (finally got cool socks too, nice one Santa). Although now the shoes have gone down to £39.99 and with student dicosunt I could have got for £35 which is annoying but at the time it was one heck of a bargain.

Onemy trip to Brick Lane I got this jacket and I have been waiting to wear it ever since I got it, but had to wait for Christmas and then had to wait to have an outing that allowed me to wear it. I'm not sure if the family gathering is the best time to wear it, but I can't wait to wear it so I figured why not. I have been told it's not a windbreaker though which I knew but I don't really know what to refer to it as because it's a jacket but I like to label my jackets. For example I have my army jacket, my funky jacket but what can this be? Sports jacket just doesn't sound right.

Anyway, I hope you have all had a great Christmas and are having a good holiday! Also if any of you got any good concealers for Christmas please tell me, I am still on the search for one!

Pre Christmas Brick Lane & Vintage Fair Shopping

21 December 2015

IMG_4833 (2)
Woah four days till Christmas! I finally have a Christmas tree in my house, we usually always have a fake on but we were missing too many branches for it to be acceptable to use and then Homebase were all out of good trees (all the real ones were dead and the only two fake ones left were silver and we role the traditional way in my house) but low and behold we were able to get one somewhere thankfully. I don't feel very prepared for Christmas but I feel like once I have all the presents I need and have wrapped them (I'm holding out for nice wrapping paper) I'll feel more Christmassy (and maybe put some tinsel in my room just to add to the final days of the festivities).

IMG_4832 (2)
IMG_4850 (2)
Today I am going Christmas shopping with my Mum and sister to Westfields but oh boy I feel like it is going to be super busy. The way the majority of mine and my sisters Christmas presents works is that we go shopping with our mum and buy things which she then gives to us on Christmas, but I wanted to see if I could find some cool vintagey things to give to my Mum to give to me on Christmas so yesterday me and my friends went to a vintage fair, Brick Lane and Camden. It was a very successful trip for me, I wanted to buy jeans, a jacket, a funky shirt and a jumper or cardigan; all of which I was able to plus a really groovy pair of trousers for only £1! The vintage fair we went to had a huge £1 sale so we got there super early thinking it was going to be super busy and hectic but it was only us there, we left so early though. Very productive of us. The £1 section was a mess and required hard searching for clothes which none of us could be bothered to do. I would show you all the things I bought but I can not be bothered to take photos and plus I really should give them to my Mum, but they will feature in upcoming outfits most likely. Especially the jacket, I have been looking for a windbreaker for so long and got such a great one from the Vintage fair for only £15. We all ended up getting windbreakers and my friends wore theirs throughout the day and I wanted to wear mine so we could have been like a boyband but my coat does not easily fit into bags and I wasn't willing to carry it round all day. 
IMG_4884 (2)
Most of thepictures are from the same section of Brick Lane, we didn't really explore much because once we had been round the market of Brick Lane we couldn't really be bothered to explore much further. I had a list of shops I wanted to check out but none of really had the motivation so we went to Camden. We didn't really shop in Camden, we went to the Cereal Killer Cafe, I've been before so just got a drink because was still pretty full from my lunch. I got a mocha, but turns out I don't really like mochas. My coffee taste buds are still developing I suppose. It's so cool and retro in there and had an old school games machine that you could play for free! The people there are so friendly too and it is just such a cool place. 10/10 would recommend going, even if you're not the biggest cereal fan just go for the experience. Plus they have some amazing looking hot chocolates.

Hope all your Christmas shopping is going better than mine, I still have two gifts to find!

Primark Has Festive Cheer

14 December 2015


Hey guys, today at my college it was Christmas jumper day, but I didn't wear my Christmas jumper because I was finding out the majority of my mock results and didn't want to be full of festive cheer only to be brought down by my biology grade. However, I was extremely pleased by my biology grade. After the exam I was so annoyed because I found it so difficult and had revised so hard, however the revision did pay off. Now I kind of wish I had worn my Christmas jumper because I am happy (so far) with all my results so being full of festive cheer would have made things even better today.

Yesterday I went to Primark to buy some Christmas necessities though . 

First off let me say either my Primark is slacking or Primark is really lacking in the Christmas pyjamas department his year, I spent ages searching and all I could find was either fluffy pyjamas, slim legged or the boring ones I settled for. Can we just take a quick moment though to discuss slim legged pyjama bottoms because I have a lot of problems with them. I don't find them comfortable and find them too similar to leggings to be enjoyable, I'm all for a bit of elastic at the bottom of pyjama bottoms to help trap heat but slim legged pyjama bottoms are my worst enemy. No offence if you like them but honestly I wish they had never been invented because I keep finding cute pyjamas which are then ruined by them having 'slim legged' trousers. The ones I bought are just simple, some (aka myself) may argue too simple, but beggars can not be choosers. I don't have any pictures at the moment because they were unreasonably hard to photograph but you will probably see at a later date.

Primark is definitely not lacking in Christmas jumpers, there was so much choice I was very overwhelmed then whilst leaving I spotted even more! I bought one with bauballs on it, I was deliberating between that and one with a tree on it, but the tree had bells and I don't want to have my presence announced all the time by the sound of jingling bells. By accident I got an XXL when really an L would have been just fine so it's kind of gone beyond baggy and falls a bit weirdly on me but hey ho, it's super cosy. 

I had always really wanted a Christmas pudding hat and low and behold Primark had my  back. The selection of explicit Christmas hats (they had a few wintery ones that could also pass as Christmas hats) was only two choices; Christmas pudding or Christmas tree. I was just going to get the pudding but then the tree just went so nicely with my hair and I couldn't resist. I think it lights up, I pressed the 'press me' button and nothing happened but I think that is the purpose. I find all these hidden technology extras cool but to be honest I could do without them. They kind of stress me out because I am low key worried in the rain I could be electrocuted. s.

As this is a 'necessities' post I also believe Primark fairy lights and scented candles are a must for Christmas.

If you guys don't have a Christmas jumper yet or Christmas pyjamas or just anything festive you need to jump on that whilst you still can. I keep meaning to make my room more Christmassy (and still need to do my Christmas list-yikes! any concealer recommendations?) which I shall hopefully do later. I need to embrace the Christmas spirit. See you guys soon!

Pink Hair Heck Yea

11 December 2015


Hey guys! Sorry for being distant lately, had to revise for mocks, but now I am back! I can officially be excited for Christmas now too!  I want to do a Christmassy themed post for you all but first I wanted to show you my new hair. In half term I got quite a bit chopped off and some highlights put in, I wanted to show you at the time but never did. Then the other day (yesterday) I went and got my hair dyed pink! I've always wanted pink or colourful hair, but was never allowed because of the bleach etc etc. But then at the hairdressers I go to they had a toner that could turn my hair pink. I;m not sure how it works but all I know is I didn't have to completely bleach my hair, but the top parts were made blonder so it would pick up the pink colour better.

I love it so much! I feel so cool, it's not very Christmassy though and I feel like it could clash with red Christmas clothes but oh well, there is always green clothes. Either way I don't care, I love it so much. It fades with every wash but I don't wash my hair often so hopefully it will last quite a while. Anyway, see you guys soon (hopefully Sunday) and hope you're all having a good week.

The Perfect Hair Style

29 November 2015

Sorry for the blur, I don't know what happened to my camera here!

This post was meant to be a generic 'my favourite hair styles' post, but then I realised that will take much more preparation than what I have time for, gosh dang mocks. So, I figured I would tell you why french/dutch (I know they're different but in this case they provide the same qualities) is such a good hairstyle.

1) It's cute. I feel like everyone can pull of these types of braids. Whether it's one or two or multiple, they always look cute. I can only really pull off two when they're quite messy rather than pulled tight so I usually do them the night before, sleep in them, then when I wake up they have the perfect amount of messiness. Back in the days of my super duper long hair they looked even better, but honestly all hair lengths can pull them off.

2) They're easy. Some people can't do french braids, and I don't mean in the actual plaiting sense they're easy (it did take me some practice) but just they're easy to maintain. You can sleep in them and they won't get too messy. they help keep your hair not knotty (is there a word for un-knotty?) and they can stay in your hair a while. I usually have a system where I plait my hair, leave them in for two days or as long as I can get away with really, then take them out the day before a hair wash (leading nicely on to the next pint)

3) When you take them out you get mermaid hair! Well, I do, I understand not everyone does, but it leaves my hair looking all nice and wavey and beachy which is a look I love so after keeping them in for so long I can just take them out to get these nice waves and my hair isn't even that knotty despite not brushing it because it's been in plaits!

4) The most important of all the points, they keep your hair out of your face. Those of you who have long or thick hair, know the annoyance of trying to keep your hair out of the way whilst remaining comfortable. I can't do buns, they just flop over when I lean over my desk, pony tails pull on my head too much (not so much now but boy did they used to hurt, now it just depends)(but usually they do) and for me low pony tails just always slip out. Plus low ponytails make me look like an egg. But these are perfect because they keep your hair completely out of the way so comfortably! There's no huge weight pulling on your head and no loose pieces of hair because it's all involved in the braid(s)!
Also a bonus, they're good hair for concerts, because it keeps your hair under control whilst you're jumping about so you can't be that annoying person whipping everyone with your hair! 
I used to have french plaits literally all the time, but haven't as much recently. However, with exams resurfacing I've realised I do them more often because I don't have to bother doing anything to my hair in the morning and it just stays out the way. I hate having my hair flopping everywhere whilst I'm trying to do work! Those of you who can't do french plaits, practice! It's not as hard as it seems after a while. I used to practice all the time it would make my arms ache, I'm so weak aha. Although, I say they're easy but I can only do dutch braids, because whenever I try to do french my hair just slips out my grasp all the time! But both looks are adorable (in my opinion) and 10/10 would recommend. Do you guys have any easy, comfortable, out of the way hair styles? I love finding new looks, but I feel like this is always a good one to rely on.

My Skincare Routine- The Body Shop Aloe Range

22 November 2015

Recently, I'd say my skin has been looking pretty good. I still have spots and what not, but overall I think it's looking pretty healthy. I'm not sure how much of that is to do with my current skin care routine, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway because it's definitely not made my skin any worse. I have been through a lot of random facial scrubs and have tried proactive and none of them ever seemed to work for me. Proactive was okay, but a lot of money for something that was just 'okay' and did dry up my skin quite a lot. Also, other than Proactive, none of them were ever really a routine. Just face scrub, but now I have a face wash, a toner (or cleanser I am not sure the difference and whenever I google it I'm never really told much if you know please explain in the comments) and a night cream. Incredible, I know. Now all I need is some face masks ready to use whenever and an eye cream and my face will be complete.

Amidst my search for skin care, I got very overwhelmed with all the possibilities but eventually decided just to stick with The Body Shop because they are very trustworthy (in my opinion) and go from there. I had heard all about their different types of ranges, and then decided on the Aloe Vera range because a) aloe vera is like coconut oil I feel, just great at everything it does and b) it's kind of the majority skin care ingredient. Like it works for most skins and isn't specific to a certain type and I have no idea what category my skin is under, it's just all over the place; sometimes it's dry, sometimes it's oily it's just a mess so I figured the Aloe Vera range was a pretty safe bet. It was really awkward when I was talking to the lady about it though because I was all rearing to go and about to buy the trio of products then realised I was £5 off and just had to awkwardly tell her I couldn't buy them. But then because I felt so awkward I had to explain myself and was just faffing about, it wouldn't have been so cringey if I hadn't made such a big deal out of it, but of course I did. I also wanted to ask if they had any jobs going, but after the palava I made I figured it was best to just leave. 
Anyway about the products. I've been using them for quite a while now so feel I am qualified to give a satisfactory review. I use the gentle face wash from the range, and it's v ery fun because it comes out as foam which I've never experienced before. I don't find it harsh on my skin, which I like because I have used scrubs in the past that felt like sandpaper on my face, but this one glides on so smoothly and a little bit goes a long way. I use it every morning and it leaves me feeling so fresh and healthy, ready for the day ahead. I've read some reviews that say it is too harsh on their skin, but I find it anything but harsh. Also, it's got no scent, none of these products do, which is a quality I enjoy in a facial product. Then at night after I've used a makeup wipe to get rid of my makeup and then use micellar water to properly get rid of anything (I don't know if that's a good thing to do but I like it) I usually wash my face with plain water and then later on apply the Aloe Calming Toner. I don't know if I need to use the micellar water alongside this, I don't really understand skin, but I do know that this leaves my skin feeling super clean. I feel like after this whole long procedure using this gets my skin ready to be moisturised and I can go to bed knowing all traces of makeup are well and truly off my face. Also, both of these Body Shop products mentioned, neither make my skin feel tight after using them which I have found some facial scrubs/ toners do in the past. Finally, I use the Aloe Soothing Night Cream. I feel like I am queen of moisturisers. I have tried so many and this so far is my favourite. It sinks into my skin so well, doesn't leave it feel greasy or oily and does it's job of keeping my skin hydrated, by using such a tiny amount. I have used so many in the past that make me feel greasy or just don't seem to do anything or that just sit on my face, but this does none of these things.

I think you can buy these products as a group of three, or when I got them it was three for the price of two or something. There was definitely some form of deal going on, because individually all these products are so expensive, but they're so good. My skin feels fresh and looks healthy (I think) all the time and although I'm starting to use foundation almost every day now, I'm not really getting any breakouts and I like to think that it's a combination of me picking good make-up and using good skin care. If any of you are unsure about what products to buy I highly recommend stating here. anyway, that's it from me for this week. See you guys soon, hope you're all having a good week! Let me know in the comments any good skincare products you've used because I think I want to try something new next time. Although I love these products, as I heard somewhere once before, how are you meant to know if red velvet cake is your favourite cake if you've tried no other types? Although I have tried other face things I've never tried like a full on combo of things. 

Skinny Dip Headphones

15 November 2015


Hey guys, sorry for my absence. I planned on getting loads of posts planned during half term, but that did not happen and just kind of caught up in school work. Plus I find it immensely hard to blog during winter because there's such a slim time frame to be able to take outfit pictures which is usually when I'm college. Very annoying, but I will work my way round. Things will be pretty hectic within the next few weeks what with mocks and all but I should be able to function and post at least once a week! Anyway, on wards we go! In summer I got a pair of Skinny Dip Headphones. I spent ages debating whether to get headphones or earphones though and settled on headphones, which I will now stick with from now on. Headphones are just so much easier than earphones. They stay on your head, keep your ears warm and help block out external sound (some better than others though). The disadvantages to headphones over earphones though is that you can't share headphones and that you can't wear them subtly in class which I did find quite a challenge to get over.

I didn't like these headphones much at first, if we're all being honest. I didn't think the sound quality was that good but I don't know if that's just me. However, I do love the physical aspects. I think they're really funky and I love the combination of black and gold. It's done in a way where there isn't too much gold to make it tacky but just enough to make them more snazzy. After a while, I grew to love these headphones. Yes, they weren't the best. Yes, I struggled to fit them in my school bag sometimes but either way, I grew to like them and get used to their sound quality. However, on one long, lonesome bus journey home they had broke. I'm not sure what exactly happened, It just sounded as if all the songs had been recorded under water. I've tested them out a few times since though, but I think they are well and truly gone. It is quite annoying because I haven't even had them that long, but oh well. They were quite cheap though, they originally cost £25, then there was a discount going on and somehow they became £20 and with mine and my sisters purchases combined we qualified for free shipping. It was fun whilst it lasted, but I hope my next headphones provide me with better experiences, whilst still looking as cute as these headphones.

This hasn't discouraged me from Skinny Dip though, I still love the brand, just not their headphones. Please let me know any good headphones you know that aren't ridiculously expensive! It's annoying good headphones cost so much but then again, good headphones last longer than a few months and would provide a much better sound quality. Oh what a tough decision to make, if you have any advice I am ready to receive it! See you guys soon, sorry for my crappy blogging!.

90's By Boohoo* #charlixcx4boohoo

26 October 2015


Hey guys! Sorry for the irregular posting, I just had a specific post I wanted to post on Sunday and did not have time to take pictures for it until Sunday, but on Sunday I just felt really gross and grotty so decided to wait till today (Monday) to finally take these outfit pictures. I'm actually really excited about this one, Boohoo contacted me and asked me to collaborate with them to create a 90's inspired outfit to support Charli XCX's new Boohoo campaign. I love the nineties.I am obsessed with Saved By The Bell (I have a Bayside Tigers sweatshirt) and I forever have envy over the bold prints I saw in Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

There were so many different types of fashion styles from the nineties and one of my favourites is a bold shirt tucked into mom jeans. However, I seem to wear that sort of thing quite a lot so figured I'd try a more feminine outfit. I was aiming to go more Clueless/Rachel Green (specifically this outfit). There were so many different types of tartan skirts to chose from and so many polo neck jumpers, but then I saw this cardigan and just thought it was adorable and would fit the bill perfectly. Although I thought it had shoulders so I could have like boxed them out a little bit. Boxed them out? What does that even I mean, I mean pad them out. Shoulder pads is what I'm trying to say. However, I think this works perfectly. I adore the colour of the buttons compared to the burgundy of the cardigan. Just in general I love this cardigan. I thought the skirt would be my favourite part of this outfit but nope. I feel like this cardigan will go well with mom jeans too. My only issue with it is that I'm not sure how to put it away. Can't hang it up but I like to hang up my preferred clothes which this is. Oh well, small price to pay.
Subtly trying to show off my scrunchie. It didn't really work, but it's tartan.
Cardigan  |  Skirt  |  Socks  |  Scrunchie
This outfit is really different for me, but I like it. Plus the box also came filled with little nineties throw backs. They had Tazo which my sister used to collect which was cool, and little sweets which I would show you but me and my mum devoured them pretty fast. Oh and those snap on wristbands things, which are super funky. I also got some high socks and scrunchies to complete the look, because I thought they were necessary. But whilst I was on Boohoo I found these shoes and god, they're just adorable. I feel like Brogues would have gone better with this outfit but the Docs also go nicely but just in my head when I pictured it I pictured Brogues. Anyway, I was browsing the #charlixcx4boohoo section and oh my god there are some beautiful things. But there's limited selection, so I should probably act fast. Limited things always stress me out in case something goes before I get the chance but I will be on the ball today. See you soon!

Healthy Snacks&Healthy Cereal Bars*

21 October 2015


Hey guys! I've planning to do a healthy snacks post for a long time and recently I was contacted by Natural Balance Foods, the people who make Naked bars and asked to do a collaboration with them. So I figured what a perfect time to finally actually do my healthy snacks post. I'm not sure the fat per mg and all that malarky with these snacks, but they're nice and certainly aren't unhealthy. Also, I don't actually have many pictures at all for this, because since writing this I have had no avocado in my house and my apple and peanut butter was not aesthetically pleasing.

Not much really to say about this, except I love it. When my friend told me about it I was so sceptical, but then I remember celery and peanut butter was a thing (only ever had it once when I was in year 5 or something but sometimes I still think about how nice it was). I know peanut butter isn't that healthy, but I buy the All Natural Peanut butter (crunchy is my preferred) and oh my god it's so nice. I haven't had normal peanut butter in such a long time but this ones ingredients is just peanuts and some sunflower oil. I can't remember if it tastes that different to normal peanut butter but 10/10 would recommend this one. Plus this snack is quick and easy.

For ages I always ate corn thins which are nice and all but man, ryvitas are so much better. I like to put smashed avocado on them with some other random vegetables like tomatoes or spinach or cucumber or something. This is quite a filling snack but it's so good. I don't really know what else to say, but man. Tastes so good.
This is a much easier snack than all the others because it requires no preparation but I love them. I always take one to school but it's weird because they don't taste healthy. The ingredients are just dates and raisins and just other natural ingredients, but it doesn't taste like it. They're made by Natural Balance Foods who do more than just Nakd bars, but you can get Nakd bites and so many other things (which I am yet to try) but at Reading I had a back of Nakd bites and oh my god they went so fast. I got them in cocoa delight flavour and it was just like eating mini brownies, it was great. They sent me a box of Nakd bars to try and oh my god I didn't realise how many flavours there were. Bakewell tart flavoured bar!! The best part is they're healthy cereal bars, there is no hidden cups of sugar because it's all natural so you can fully enjoy them without worrying about your health or whatever.

Honestly, I am so excited to dig into this box of nakd bars. I already have, they've been getting me through college but I am yet to try all the flavours! So yeah, here are some of my favourite snacks, but if you haven't checked out Natural Balance Foods you should, because the options are genuinely limitless, I never knew there were so many ways to use dates/raisins and stuff. Hope you're all having a good week!

Disclaimer:Although I was sent these all thoughts and opinions are my own
(how fancy I've never done one of these before, exciting)

Rustic Skirt and Peace

18 October 2015

I took this on my camera!! I don't understand why the quality is like this I am so sorry for doing this to your eyes but you can't talk about an outfit with no picutres
Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posts this week, I let college work get far too ahead of me. This is an outfit post combined with a weekly update thing. Not an update about school though just a general I done a few fun things last week.

So, last Friday night I went to see Peace at Brixton O2. Firstly, they were amazing, I didn't expect anything less, there were so many songs on the setlist and every single one of them was so good. I was expecting a few to be a bit worse because they kept going and going and I have no idea where they got all this energy from but it was incredible. Also, I really like that venue. I never knew what it meant when people said the floor was sloped so everyone could see, but when I was there I realised just how glorious it was. I also realised I had been imaging it wrong the entire time. It was weird though, because before we went to see them we went to one of those weird chicken shops and this guy was there and he was speaking to my friend about the concert. He said he had been to see Peace in Glasgow and all these other places and we were like oh so you must be a huge fan then! And he was like yeah, yeah I am. Then when we were in the venue and the first act began to play (Yak, who were also very good) the guy was on stage playing guitar. I don't know how to tell this story with the full impact but it was weird. Wow nice story telling there aha,
Then on Saturday I went into London to see my grandparents and aunt and that is when I wore this outfit. I'm not sure where it is we actually went but oh my god I had the nicest veggie burger. You know when just the whole meal is a success, this was one of those meals. What made it even better was how great this skirt is. It has poppers lke my denim skirt but unlike my denim skrit they are very secure poppers and don't come undone at any slight movement, which made it very good for bloating. I also wore it with my Vagabonds and oh boy, I just love wearing heel boots. They make my legs feel so great.

Anyway, that's it for this post. I will see you all soon (hopefully Wednesday if I get my act together). I wanted to tell you guys about what I done this week, but honestly this week has just been a blur of being exhausted. I hope all you guys are well!

I Like To Write Lists

7 October 2015

I am not an organised person. I always try to be, but rarely am. However on the good ol' back to school stationary shop, I bought this list book from Paperchase. I have always been fan of lists, I like to write out everything I have to do and to be able to see what needs to be done and I feel like a lot of people are the same way. Inside this list book there are different sections of paper, which help me to organise my lists. For example the little post its at the side I write down the important things that I need to do, then next to them is my school list and just things that I need to do that don't require much explanation, they just act as little triggers to remind me. Then on the right hand side where there's more space I write out blog things I need to do and maybe school things.

There are no separate pages in this, you just open it and there's everything you need to do, which I like. There is no faffing about to find your list, you just open it and it's there. I always keep this on my desk as well so I remember to check it, and it's so cute and endearing that I always do check it. I have found with this that I am writing week lists, so rather than writing down a bunch of things that I have no chance of completing in a day, I write down things I need to do that week and slowly get them done. I personally feel week lists are better, well for me at least. I rarely complete day lists, mainly because I see all those bullet points and get put off. I don't know how to explain, but if daily lists aren't working for you, try weekly lists. And get a cute thing to write your lists in because if it's cute I feel like you'll be more inclined to use it and check it. Plus, with this you know where your list is. I used to write them on random pads of paper and always lose it then weeks later find the incomplete list, but I don't have that problem with this because I just know all my lists are here. Honestly, 10/10 would recommend buying one. 

The Wombats & A New Dress

4 October 2015

My legs look very weird here, please excuse them.
I didn't schedule my post right and the post is all ready, in my drafts  to be posted and it just didn't post god damn. It's not that significant of a post though at all, but it will be up this Wednesday if all goes according to plan. Does anyone else find it really hard to blog during school though? I never check bloglovin enough or my blog or do anything blog related during the week. It's anoying, I need to find a way to fit it into my schedule I guess, not that I really have a schedule.

This week though, on Thursday I went to see The Wombats at Alexandra Palace and oh man they were incredible. They didn't talk much to us, like you know at a concert the performers will tell you little stories and things on stage, they didn't really. Well a bit, but not much, but it didn't really bother me because of how amazing they are live. They sound exactly like they do on recordings and it was just so much fun, and it was all standing but me and my friend had a good spot. Until some girls came along and stood in front of us who smelt kind of really bad. Also, there was no space for them. It really annoys me at gigs when you say people trying to get through the crowd but there's nowhere for them to go and they just stop there. Sometimes you can weave your way through to the front and I don't mind that, but when people try and you all know they have no hope so they just stop right in front of you. There were a few of those during the concert but it was okay, there was one really annoying guy but he went away before they actually came on stage. I really like Ally Pally as a venue though and there was the cutest photobooth thing, it was in a car and the background was all flowers and it was just adorable. Plus there was 10 seconds between pictures which gave us a lot of time to choose props which is always handy. 

Firstly, sorry for the blur. My camera is very temperamental. Secondly I used a new editing software for these (fotor free download) and I hated it so now I'm back to Picasa.
Coat-Asos    |  Dress-Asos  (not the same dress)  |  Tights-Primark  |  Shoes-Vagabonds
I'm not sure if the coat link is the right one becuase mine wasn't that expensive but they look exactly the same. Also I couldn't find my dress on Asos so I just linked to you to a pretty dress)
The outfit I'm showing you here isn't actually from the concert. It's what I wore today (I'm typing this the day before I'm actually wearing this outfit woah got to get them tenses right) for my friends birthday. She didn't do much just like films and food and chilling, and it was nice because people we no longer go to school with were there.

I got this dress from Asos a while ago, I really want a plain black nice dress and just can't find one which is weird because I thought they would be easy. However, I found this dress which I just think is adorable. I love wearing dresses and this one is good because it's baggy but not flowwy, which means it's safe to wear in a windy environment, which is an excellent quality for a dress to have. Although this dress is quite summery (imagine it with no tights and a big floppy hat-nice) I think it's still good for winter with my Asos coat on over the top and with my Vagabonds. It's quite a thin material though, so maybe not winter wear but can definitely be worn in Autumn. 

Another little life update, I had a job interview yesterday, so fingers crossed I get the job! Anyway, that's it for today. Hopefully my post will go up on Wednesday, but who knows. I hope you've all had a good week!

Whipping Out The Autumnal Coat

27 September 2015

DSC07506 DSC07503

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post Wednesday! I had a blog post planned and pictures ready but just didn't have time to write it, oops. I feel so tired today, I had the worst night sleep. You know the type of sleep where you keep waking up, but when you wake up it feels as if you'e never been asleep but you know you have? Firstly, I couldn't fall asleep then I just kept waking up and feeling as if I never had been, even though I knew I had because I couldn't have been awake for two hours between one and three. Oh well, it is morning now and I'll probably sleep like a log. Which is a bit annoying to be fair, because I'll have to wake up early tomorrow. Oh well. On the bright side, wahoo!! It's Autumn! This year is the year I try a pumpkin spiced latte I've decided. 

Sorry for the messy-ish room
Coat- Asos  |  Tshirt-Zara  |  Skirt- Urban Outfitters (ON SALE!!)  | Shoes- Office

This is all beside the point though because really, I want to show you my outfit. Recently, I've really been struggling to get good outfit pictures. I'm not sure why, but you know when it's just not working for you? I really wanted to take some the other day but they were just all so bad, so I have these pictures from a while ago. I feel like this outfit could go with any season as well to be honest, stripes just work with every thing, in summer it could be a shorter sleeved stripey top with a lighter lipstick. I got this coat a while ago and I don't think I'll ever not love it. I got it from Asos quite a while ago, I'm not sure why it took so long to feature on my blog. It's not very warm though, I feel like it looks warmer than it is but that makes it good for autumn and spring, but not so much winter. And it's not the type of coat you can wear a hoodie under. One of the biggest perks of this coat though is the huge pockets, as girls we all know how hard it is to come across good pockets, but boy this coat has the best. They're quite deep but positioned at the perfect angle so nothing falls out. It's glorious. Then the rest of the outfit is all pretty simple, my Urban Outfitters denim skirt, Zara long sleeved stripey top and of course my docs. May I just say if you're deciding between the Urban Outfitters denim skirt and the Topshop one, buy the Topshop one. This ones poppers are really weak and always pops open when I sit down or anything.

See you soon, I hope you've all be good!

Brick Lane and Baseball Caps

20 September 2015


Hey guys! How are all of you? God, I feel so absent from the blogging world but during the school week I rarely go on my laptop, or if I do it's just for school work. I hate feeling so absent though, I need to figure out a mini schedule or something so I can keep up better aha, but I feel like most people have the same problem as me. 

On Saturday there was a vintage fair happening at Brick Lane that me and my friend wanted to go to. However, due to both of us being lazy and having outfit dilemmas we were too late to attend the actual fair. When we got to Brick Lane, we were both newbies to the place, and we weren't actually sure where to go. Like in Camden you walk off the train and BAM there's a market, but in Brick Lane you get off the train and BAM you have to walk for ages to actually get there. Once you've found all the markets and stuff though, it's fine because you can just follow the crowd and it's easier to just find other shops, but there were some places I had heard of that I wanted to go to but we didn't but at least next time I'll be more prepared! I also think it's better to go on a Sunday because there's a market on on Sundays as well, either way though I had a good time. We went inside the 'tea rooms market' and I found the coolest jacket but I wasn't there to buy a jacket my main aim was to find a funky shirt (which I was successful in doing). My friend also got such a cool, retro baggy denim jacket. I was tempted to get one but a) it was out of my price range (it was still cheap though, £30 but anywhere else it could have easily been £60- that's how funky it was). We also found a stool selling glasses and since we're both glasses wearers we had a look and they had such nice frames. I like my glasses, don't get me wrong, but I always had my heart set on a certain type and this stool had them. I didn't actually get the ones I originally desired, but I did get a cool frame so I'll get my lenses put into them. They were only £10 as well, and they are so groovy. Well, not groovy, but I feel like I can't use the adjective cool again. 

I then wanted to go charity shop shopping to see if I could find any more funky shirts for a good price and my Mum told me a really good one to go to. It was good, but not the good I wanted. I wanted old, retro styled things but these ones were good in the aspect of had designer things and still quite expensive but considering what they were were cheap. I did get a shirt from one of them but it's more of a 'Dad' shirt than a cool shirt, but I will find good charity shops someday. Even though these were good, but yeah, I have no desire for designer things (yet).

(sorry for the quality)
I would link you to what I'm wearing but I have no idea where any of these items of clothing are from. The top is probbaly from Next or Primark and the jeans are Joni Jeans from Topshop, sorry for the lack of help, but I'm sure you could find these online.
Outfit wise, I actually went pretty simple, but it seemed a lot jazzier than it was. I wore a white v-neck tshirt that belongs to my dad, black skinnies and my docs. I also paired it with this navy jacket of my sisters though, I'm not sure what type of jacket it is but I love it. Although it kind of smells musty so I really need to try and fix that because it's such a nice jacket. I also wore a necklace of my mums that was really pretty, it had a big stone at the end with little chains coming off it, but my hair covered it. My hair was all huge and wavy because I had it French plaited earlier this week, I love it when my hair is like that. Makes me feel like a mermaid. I also wore my Dads baseball cap. I have seen loads of people wearing caps recently and I always wanted to join in but felt like I would just look ridiculous, but I got a ring put in my nose the other day rather than a stud so i felt pretty fierce and figured I would just wear it. Now though, I just want more caps, a bit late because summer is over but oh well, I'm still going to try and find a cheap one. I really wanted to get cool pictures infront of some cool graffiti, seeing as Brick Lane is known for it's graffiti (there were tours going on and everything for it, well I think they were tours) but we didn't really look that hard to find much. We did have a time limit to get to. We did find some cool graffiti though, and we went to Rough Trade which excited me a lot. Not sure why, but it did. 

How was your guys weekend? I hope you're all good and see you soon!

Huge Make-Up Haul

16 September 2015

Hey guys, so a while ago I went on a huge makeup shopping haul. I say a while ago, it was near the beginning of the summer holidays I went on this shopping spree so this has been in my drafts for ages. On this shopping spree my main aim was to get The Bodyshop BB cream and blush, neither of these things I did get on the day but now I do have the cream. The blush is quite expensive there but does last a really long time, I had had mine for over a year and still had loads left, but then when I went to France it broke. It was really pretty but I think I want a more 'wintery' blush even though I'm not sure what contributes to a winter blush.. 
I don't really need more make-up brushes. I could do with a few more eye shadow brushes to be fair but I'm in no dire need but I did need a new powder brush. I don't really trust Eco Tools ever since all the bristles fell out of my old brush  that I used for powder, but everyone else loves them and I like their ethics so figured I'd try out their Eco Tools Matifiying Finish Brush, partly because it was the only powder brush I could find and partly because it's so pretty. Even the packaging was gorgeous. I also got the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, since all the make-up people on YouTube use it I figured I'd give it a try and boy do I love it. I love both of these things so far, I highly recommend both. 

Face wise, as mentioned earlier, I didn't get a blush. However I did get the Sleek Face Form kit which does include a nice blush. I love Sleek and so far this product is amazing, as I expected because everyone seems to love it. I've been meaning to buy this for so long. I think that out of my makeup routine applying foundation and contouring is definitely my favourite activity. I also bought the Collection Gorgeous Glow in blush, which is really more of a highlighter.I haven't used it yet but the tester was good and I've heard good reviews.
I also got the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer, because it looks fun as heck to use and also because it's meant to be amazing. I have always struggled to find a good concealer, the Collection one that everyone uses just doesn't work on me and I've tried a few others and none seemed to really 'work well' on my face but I adore this. I was going to do a separate post raving about how good it is, but I'm sure you've probably heard of it by now. 


I really wanted some new eye shadows I considered buying a palette but then watched a really old Zoella video and got inspired to buy the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. I had one before in a pinky shade (because it was the shade everyone had and I was a sheep) but I don't think pink shadows suit me very much. I decided to buy the shades Creamy Beige and Metallic Pomegranate. I figured that creamy beige is a really nice neutral colour and would also work as a good primer and metallic pomegranate looks pretty bold but I feel like will be good in winter I'll just have to be careful to use it sparingly.
I also bought the Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Eyeshadow Primer, which I haven't used yet but now I'm a bit mad I did buy it because I can just use creamy beige as a primer for a while, I should have bough a face primer instead (speaking of which- any face primer recommendations?) either way everyone needs an eye-shadow primer so it will be good to have one in reserve. 
I don't know if this counts as eyes but I also repurchased the Maybelline Brow Satin pencil. I wanted to try something new, but I trust this product. Unfortunately I bought it in the shade Dark brown when really I'm more of a medium brown kinda girl but oh well I just have to be careful when using it!
Finally I bought the Collection Work The Collar Eyeshadow Pencil in Vintage Blush. I used to have a white one but decided to try this one, I like to use it on my lower lash line and also on my inner corners. I might also use it as a way to highlight my eyebrows and blend it out because why not.

I was meant to buy the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 03 because I wore it on my last day of school and really liked the way it looked, but then when I was in the store lip liners were on my mind and I cam across this beauty; Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in shade Eastend Snob. I'm never really sure how to use lip liners, I thought you were just meant to use them to outline your lips but then some people fill in their lips using this. What do you do? Either way it's such a nice nude colour and feel like it goes well by itself and would go well with Macs' Velvet Teddy.

It's annoying how I still have loads of makeup I want to buy. However the things at the top of my list are the Naked 2 palette and a dark lipstick, both of these things I do have the money for, for now at least. I really want to go to Kiko though because apparently they have amazing products for an affordable price, so I feel like I should save my money for that. Or someone could just hire me, honestly I am sick of the false hope I get from shops from handing in my CV's/applying online and never hearing back or getting a rejection email. There's only so much rejection a girl can take. Anyway, that's it for this post. I say 'that's it' but this post is huge, sorry! Anyway, see you Sunday! Or maybe Saturday, I'm not sure, I kind of want to change my schedule but I like the flow of things. Hm, we'll see. 

American School Boy

13 September 2015


T-Shirt-American Apparel  |  Jeans-Topshop  |  Socks-Primark  |  Shoes-Office
I read somewhere once that you should begin your blog posts with pictures. I can't remember the reason behind it though and I wish I did because now I always feel the need to have a picture before any writing and I just wish I remembered why. Anyway, along with the outfit post. I'm not sure why this outfit reminds me of a teenage boy from a time era that I'm not sure of. Maybe 50's or 90's? I don't know, either way I feel like an american school boy in this outfit. I feel like I should be hanging with a clique of other teenage american boys who play baseball after school and say 'why I oughtta' when someone is getting a little bit too rude. Those are the vibes I get from this outfit.

One of my favourite things about this outfit is that it's so simple, but with the contrasting neckline and sleeves it makes it look so much more than just a t-shirt and jeans even though that's what it is. Although I think it could do with a black belt. I keep saying how I need to buy a black belt but I never do, but I shall purchase one soon. Next week I plan on going charity shop shopping and maybe a car boot sale, but maybe I'll be lucky there. My only issue with this outfit is that the top is quite big, so when I tuck it in I get weird bulges if I don't do it carefully, but that is something I get with most my clothes so I can handle that issue by just pretending they're not there. It also looks good untucked over the jeans, so technically I can avoid that outfit fault, but I prefer it tucked in. I feel more american school boy.  I actually wanted to post a different outfit today, but since it's been oddly sunny in England the last few days I felt like I should post this whilst it still fits in with the weather because this is definitely not a winter outfit.

In other news, my sister went back to uni yesterday and she forgot to take her cactus with her so now I'm taking control of looking after it and it's so cool. It looks like a broccoli with spikes. One day, I will show you all my cacti collection and you will be impressed. That day is not today though, so enjoy the outfit post. See you soon!

School Necessities

9 September 2015

How are you guys all doing back at school? I go to college now (how fancy of me) and we're allowed to wear whatever we want and it's so exciting but at the same time so stressful, I have to outfit plan the night before but who knows if the weather will trick me. Also it's stressful to know what time bus to get, because one got me there way too early (we're talking arriving way before 8 o'clock- lessons don't start till 8:30) but one might get me there too late. It's all very stressful, do I risk getting the later bus? I'm going to have to find out sooner or later if it's the right bus to get. Either way, I have been in school my entire life,so I feel like I am fairly qualified in sharing with you guys, in my opinion, some school essentials. Albeit I may not be the most organised person or whatever, but this goes beyond just stationary so it's fine. My 'expertise' still applies.

Notice how I said rucksack, not bag. As you get your older, your bag will become heavier and it will kill your shoulders; especially if you walk to and from school. So, just get a rucksack. Avoid all the back pain and the strap of your bag making engraving itself into your shoulder and just get a rucksack. Not only is the weight of it equally distributed between your shoulders and back, but a lot of the time the straps are very padded as well. If you can, splash out on an expensive one because a backpack will always be needed and the more expensive, the comfier they are! (American Apparel ones are amazingly padded) Also, I have heard my friends say they want a rucksack but they can't pull one off. Everyone can pull off a rucksack, don't have that mentality. Not only do they look cool on everyone, but they save your back a lot of pain, so just buy one.

At some point during the school year, you or one of your friends will have a surprise period (sorry if you don't and you're reading this, I'm just assuming that you're part of the population that does). So come stocked, there's nothing more irritating then having to ask round for one or having to go to the Nurses office and have to take one, so come prepared for yourself and bring a few extra for your friends or whoever may come asking for one. No one is happy during that time, so just make yours or someone else's a little bit easier by being prepared. Fun story, on one of my induction days I was talking to a boy whilst we were queuing up to be signed up for a class and during the conversation I took something out my bag and we both just watched as pad slowly fluttered out of my bag and onto the floor. What a great first impression. Although, I feel like I should have been more embarrassed than I was, but honestly if you ever see me around and need something chances are, I have your back. And hand sanitizers is pretty obvious, who knows when you'll touch some manky gum underneath a table?

I don't care if they're not allowed, they are essential. I don't know how I would survive school/college  without gum. I just have to have fresh feeling breath, it made me feel more confident and the chewing helps me concentrate. Just try and hide the fact your chewing in class and maybe start off with a less strict teacher so you can nail your chewing skills to make it not look obvious. Unless you're one of those people who sticks gum under the tables, in which case firstly stop that and secondly have mints. Either way, nobody wants to have bad breath or speak to people with bad breath and sometimes you just need that extra help. Just be subtle about it because teachers may shout and other students will pester you.

Pretty obvious one, you may need entertaining on your way to or from school. Also if you're allowed to listen to music in class they're always a god send, rather than have to go hunting to share someone else's or use the schools weird ones.

This is only really if you don't get exercise books, but yeah. You need somewhere to write stuff down! And folders are good for everything, I use them all the time for revising and during alevels you need them. We're told we need lever arch folders but man, I don't know how I'm going to organise all my stuff out. Either way, folders!!

Print out your timetable and write down what you need to do and when you need to do homework. I also have this really cool list thing from Paperchase (which you can find here) where I write down everything I need to do and tick them off. Any of these things help you to be organised and know when things are set, so invest!

I don't understand those people who don't have a pencil case, don't think you can get by on just one biro. Buy a pencil case and fill it with the three essentials; pens (plural! Be prepared! More than one pen is needed), pencils and highlighters. Then if you can, coloured pens are always good, but if you don't care that much for stationary at lest by those three things because not one day will pass where you don't need them. And don't leave them all wild and free in your bag, look after your stationary, it will always be there for you. Plus, if you're that person that always asks for pens and stuff, people will stop being so kind and saying yes after a while. Just a heads up.

And that is all you need to material wise to survive school. I hope you all have a good week! ALSO thank you to Emma (I always refer to her as Oh Flower Child in my head it's weird typing Emma) for helping me to use flickr and sort out how to post pictures from there onto blogger, I was having a bit of a nightmare before!

Grey Mom Jeans Are A Thing

6 September 2015

Earlier this week I wore my dungarees to college and I just loved the outfit and I really wanted to do an outfit post, but when I got home I had to get straight into my pyjamas because I was freezing. Then yesterday during my 'outfit shoot' I was wearing dungarees, but none of the pictures were working. I kept just blending into the background because my black storage thing was behind me. Moral of the story, I really want to show you all my dungarees but I feel like that post will have to wait till I'm doing a full on 'photo shoot' (aka when I'm outside and don't blend into the background). 

This is the only acceptable picture I got and it was taken mid fixing hair My photo quality always gets really bad when I post to blogger but I don't understand how to fix it with the whole Flickr thing. Anywho.
Top-Urban Outfitters  |  Jeans-Topshop  (similar) |  Docs- Office
I had a pretty simple day when I wore this outfit, it started out with me doing a clear out which turned out to be a lot more of a task than I originally thought, so I have that to finish today. Yay. I just went to see my friends really, but I was running really late for everything because the god damn tidying took so long. In the evening I was at my friends house and I tried my first double stuffed Oreo and, I'm not much of an Oreo person but these were way better than the normal ones. My friend said 'once you try double stuffed you never go back' and boy was she right. Oh man I sound so lame, but it's true, try them. We also got pizza and long story short, these jeans don't give much room for a food baby, but they were cute until I had to undo the button. I find them quite hard to be able to find things that go with them but I feel like this worked. It would have looked better with maybe a darker blue denim, but it still worked. I really love this top though (it goes so well with my dungarees just you wait and see) and I really love the neck of it. I wore my doc martens with it and felt like such a fashionista because the yellow stitching and black leather matched the neck. No one else cared as much as I did but it didn't stop me feeling so organised. This top is a kind of weird material though, it feels fine on the skin but I can't tell what it actually is. I feel like this is an ugly cute top, like it's cute but also kind of ugly, but more-so cute. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I find it great, although the sleeves are a bit of an awkward length. 

Close up of the print yo
I have a question before the end of this post, when you wear BB cream are you meant to apply a primer? Because I don't think you do but I just want to make sure. Anyway, see you guys Wednesday and if you go back to school Monday, good luck and if you're already back I hope it's not too bad, byee!
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