Urban Outfitters

23 February 2014

On Friday me and a few of my friends went to Westfields and I knew exactly what I wanted to get; one of those over sized jumpers from Urban Outfitters. Now before you all bombard me telling me you can get them in such cheaper places, I know and I do I just don't always post about it, but I've wanted one of these Urban Outfitters jumpers for ages and my mum gave me the money for it, so I didn't have to dip into my camera fund! (I know exactly which one I'm getting now I just need to man up and get it and stop doubting myself!

I love these jumpers because they're long enough to wear with leggings, well for me it is. As you may know, I'm very picky on the length of items I wear with leggings and this is just right. It's so big and soft and cosy and I love the style. It's very sloppy, but can also be improved by the make up you wear.

I also love rolling up the sleeves a little, it just gives it a really nice affect and I absolutely adore it.
It's navy blue and has 'Blankenship' written on it in orange in a different material, which I don't know how to explain but is really nice and kind of fuzzy.

It was originally meant to cost £40, but when I went to pay it was only £20, so that was a lovely surprise!:)

Also since the jumper was reduced, I thought it only seemed best to buy the crop top I had also tried on.
It's like a cropped polo shirt elasticated at the bottom. I love this style and have been looking for something like this for soo long.
I personally really like the way it looks on me (I shall show you in a future post as long as I remember!).

I'm not sure they'll have any left with this pattern on. It was hung up with loads of different polos with the same style (cropped and elasticated) but they all had different patterns. I really like this one though and knew that if I didn't buy it someone else would then my chance would be over.
it costs £30 which is a bit pricey, but I will wear it loads and will look great in summer with black, ripped shorts.

My total bill came to £50, which was £10 over what I wanted to spend in there, but it was only by £10 and I got two pieces of clothing I absolutely  adore and I was going to use that extra £10 to buy some make up, so it's probably best I did send it, I don't need another eyeliner!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

17 February 2014

When it comes to foundation, I'm often too scared to try new things in case I don't like it, in case it feels horrible on my skin/causes a break out etc. I was trying to think before I started writing this post what foundation I used before Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, but all I can remember is the Dream Matt Mouse from Maybelline and a tinted moisturizers, but I'm sure there was more.
Last year though around Christmas (by last year I mean 2012 not 2013) me and my sisters all got the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, since we all had heard such great things about it and I've been using it ever since.

I don't have much to compare it to and I feel like I should splash out and try something new, but I hate spending money, there's loads I want but I hate spending! I'm the worst to go shopping with because I just spend the entire time debating or not whether to buy something. Also since I'm happy with this foundation I never buy anything else, but I really do need to.

This foundation smells lovely, as it should since it uses natural ingredients. It is quite thin, so when it's on it feels light and doesn't make your skin feel all horrible. It has a light coverage, but can be built up. I personally use it with the Collection Concealer and just apply an average amount of this foundation and I'm good to go. Oh also the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer under my eyes because I am a nocturnal creature but rather than sleeping through the day I just never sleep at all, so I need to cover up my bags.

It gives you a healthy glow and I like to pair it with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and I'm good to go. I've read other reviews on this and have seen a lot of people hate it but I love it! It doesn't make my skin look s greasy or feel all wet on my skin. It lasts a long time for me, well at least six hours during school, then after I don't really mind. It does cling a little bit to dry skin, which is frustrating, but you just have to moisturise well I suppose!
This is the amount I use, around half a pump even though you could probably  use less. A lot goes a long way.
I have this weird thing where my right eyebrow is like permanently raised and I'm not sure why..

But yeah in the first picture I'm wearing under eye concealer, in the second one I am weaing collection concealer (at least I think, I forgot the order of the pictures) and in the last one I am wearing the foundation.

When I try other foundations I'll be able to tell how good I actually do find this foundation. The two other foundations I want to try is the L'Oreal Magnique foundation and Rimmel Match Perfection, which has a heavier coverage so would be better for when my skin is bad. But you're kind of stuck in a constant cycle, because when you have loads of spots, you want to wear more makeup to cover it up, but you don't want to wear more makeup because you don't want to make your skin even worse!

Scented Nail Varnish

15 February 2014

Way back around summer time, I decided to treat myself with some pastel coloured nail varnishes from Models Own, which just happened to be scented.

And today, even though its pouring with rain and still winter, I decided to put on a lovely little summer colour (which is pretty stupid since it doesn't feel right to wear summer stuff when the weather is like this!) which I will share with you.

I can't remember the price since it was so long ago, but there was a deal going on. They all smell really sweet and my favourite is the apple scent, and the smell actually lasts a while! Although I just painted them, I remember on holiday just getting sudden wafts of my nail varnish. Thinking about it now, I wish I was wearing another one of my scented nail varnishes, but I decided to go for Blueberry Muffin today.

I haven't worn nail polish in a while, but whenever I used to wear any of my scented ones, they always used to peel off so easily and within an hour of wearing it, two of my nails would already be gone. I think that is because I applied too thickly though and I also didn't wait for them to dry for very long...
But today I was good, I applied two layers over a clear top coat and waited a looong time for each layer to dry (partly because I was watching Teen Wolf and kept forgetting to paint them)

It's clear pastel colours are best for summer and they really help bring out your tan, I'm not sure why I'm wearing it now, but I always forget how much I love these colours. It's odd because I'm not a very tanned person, but my arms are often really tanned for no reason, my tans from summer just last I suppose, and having this colour really makes my hands/arms seem much more tanned! So if that's the look you're going for, definitely wear a pastel colour!
I know I painted them really badly and they're all over my fingers but oh well! Also for some reason the picture makes the polish seem more white than blue, but the previous pictures of the bottle is what it looks like on exactly.

Although I haven't been wearing it for a whole day, it hasn't chipped yet which is a surprise since I always chip nail varnish straight away, and it looks pretty good. For summer I definitely recommend these and the smells are nice but not too strong.

Okay so it's like hours later because I usually write my post take pictures then upload them to my laptop later then upload. I smudged all my nails and I had''t realised, one had chipped and half of one nail had gone missing, but I'm not sure if it's the nail varnish or just me!

ALSO I think I may have found a camera I like, finally! But I'm not too sure. I have enough to afford this one and I do like it PLUS it's half price, but I don't know if I want a more fancy camera. Then again there's no point of spending loads on a camera if it turns out I don't care that much about photography! I'm pretty sure I will buy the one I'm looking at though, since its half price  and I just about have enough money for it!:)

Mid-Week Purchases

4 February 2014

WOAH firstly, thank you so much for 80 followers on Bloglovin', I know to some that's not hat many, but I'm now 20 away from 100 which to be honest, I didn't think I would achieve for years! I know some people get followers really quickly, and its only be like one month and they already have 300 followers or something, and I've had mine for quite a while (since summer) and I've only just achieved 80, but I was stuck on 78 for so long and I've been waiting for Sunday, since I classify Sunday as my blogging day in between my work! So yeah, thank you so much for 80 followers, I know it's not huge but I'm feeling quite proud :)

But anyway, on with the post! I'm not too happy with my piercings one, I rushed it so I'll probably delete it...just incase you were wondering, which you weren't but oh well!

On Thursday I went shopping and finally got the foundation I needed and a few other extra bits and bobs which I will show you and I'll do reviews later on.

Everybody needs just a black eye pencil, so I decided just to get a cheap £1 one from MUA. Obviously you can tell it's not going to the best quality, but I'm a bit annoyed because when I tested it on my hand it went from super sharp, to completely blunt by the end of the line! Also, I thought I was getting a black eyeliner, buut it turned out to be 'intense glitter'. When I tested it on my hand when I got home I thought it was just some glitter on my hand from the eye shadows I was testing out earlier, but nope, it was the eyeliner! However, it doesn't look that bad and it smudges easily and I think it would look quite nice on your top lid smudged a litter, or smudged completely as eyeliner. But I do still need to get a plain black eye pencil, I might get one of the kohl ones from Topshop because I have a voucher and my friend has one and it looks amazing!
MUA Intense Glitter £1
As well as the pencil I also got a gel eyeliner from Maybelline (I can't remember the name and I pretty much destroyed the packaging whilst trying to open it) in intense black. I love gel eyeliners as you get better at eyeliner because I personally find that they do really good cat eyes, however as my first ever eyeliner I chose gel, which I would NOT recommend as it is hard to use, but now that I've been wearing it for a while, I thought it would be time for a repurchase. I was deciding between the Maybelline and Collection one, I knew the Maybelline one was good since I had read reviews about it, but the Collection one was £2 cheaper, but they had a buy one get on free offer on, and since I already had one thing from Maybelline it seemed like the best thing since how can resist a deal and saving some money!
Brush comes with. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama. Shade blackest black, £7.99

The other Maybelline product I got was their BB cream 'Dream Fresh', I got this one rather than the other one mainly because it suited my skin tone more. They don't have a wide variety of colours, mainly light, medium and dark, but it doesn't need to be an exact match. I got it to help make my skin an even tone because it's all red and splodgey and this helps to make it all even and natural and it moisturises at the same time! I like to use it when my skin isn't too bad because at times like that I don't need something as heavy as foundation, but I need something to help sort out the redness of my skin, which this does. I shall do a review on it :)
Maybelline 'Dream Fresh BB Cream' £7.99

The final thing I brought was Bourjouis Healthy Mix Foundation, I mentioned in an earlier post that I needed a darker shade and now I finally do. Having my actual shade just makes me look so much better and now my face doesn't look too pale for the rest of my body. I love this foundation because its nice and light, but again, I shall do a review for you guys later.

Thanks for reading and following guys! Let me know if you have any of these products, or tell me any products that you need to get because I'm always up for trying new products!;) No I'm not.. I get really nervous buying new makeup in case it's bad and by the time I realise that it would be too late to get my money back, but anyway yeah! Let me know some of your makeup needs!:)xo
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