Scented Nail Varnish

15 February 2014

Way back around summer time, I decided to treat myself with some pastel coloured nail varnishes from Models Own, which just happened to be scented.

And today, even though its pouring with rain and still winter, I decided to put on a lovely little summer colour (which is pretty stupid since it doesn't feel right to wear summer stuff when the weather is like this!) which I will share with you.

I can't remember the price since it was so long ago, but there was a deal going on. They all smell really sweet and my favourite is the apple scent, and the smell actually lasts a while! Although I just painted them, I remember on holiday just getting sudden wafts of my nail varnish. Thinking about it now, I wish I was wearing another one of my scented nail varnishes, but I decided to go for Blueberry Muffin today.

I haven't worn nail polish in a while, but whenever I used to wear any of my scented ones, they always used to peel off so easily and within an hour of wearing it, two of my nails would already be gone. I think that is because I applied too thickly though and I also didn't wait for them to dry for very long...
But today I was good, I applied two layers over a clear top coat and waited a looong time for each layer to dry (partly because I was watching Teen Wolf and kept forgetting to paint them)

It's clear pastel colours are best for summer and they really help bring out your tan, I'm not sure why I'm wearing it now, but I always forget how much I love these colours. It's odd because I'm not a very tanned person, but my arms are often really tanned for no reason, my tans from summer just last I suppose, and having this colour really makes my hands/arms seem much more tanned! So if that's the look you're going for, definitely wear a pastel colour!
I know I painted them really badly and they're all over my fingers but oh well! Also for some reason the picture makes the polish seem more white than blue, but the previous pictures of the bottle is what it looks like on exactly.

Although I haven't been wearing it for a whole day, it hasn't chipped yet which is a surprise since I always chip nail varnish straight away, and it looks pretty good. For summer I definitely recommend these and the smells are nice but not too strong.

Okay so it's like hours later because I usually write my post take pictures then upload them to my laptop later then upload. I smudged all my nails and I had''t realised, one had chipped and half of one nail had gone missing, but I'm not sure if it's the nail varnish or just me!

ALSO I think I may have found a camera I like, finally! But I'm not too sure. I have enough to afford this one and I do like it PLUS it's half price, but I don't know if I want a more fancy camera. Then again there's no point of spending loads on a camera if it turns out I don't care that much about photography! I'm pretty sure I will buy the one I'm looking at though, since its half price  and I just about have enough money for it!:)


  1. I have to try the apple pie, the color is fab and I can just imagine how fresh it smells :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Apple is one of my favourite scents, I love wearing that one because it is so lovely and the smell is just ahh :)xx

  2. Ooo I would love to try these, the colours are so pretty x

    1. They are, especially in summer :) I just need to stop always smudging/ruining them somehow!x

  3. love these pastel colors!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  4. i love pastel nail varnishes. they're super cute! :)

    Lucy | Make Up Your Mind

    1. Same! I just love them soo much in summer!:)

  5. I love scented nail varnishes because normally they smell really strong and horrible. I think I'm going to try the blueberry muffin one! I love your blog...that is why I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, for the full details and rules go to this website!
    Well done on your nomination ,you deserve it!! <3


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