90's By Boohoo* #charlixcx4boohoo

26 October 2015


Hey guys! Sorry for the irregular posting, I just had a specific post I wanted to post on Sunday and did not have time to take pictures for it until Sunday, but on Sunday I just felt really gross and grotty so decided to wait till today (Monday) to finally take these outfit pictures. I'm actually really excited about this one, Boohoo contacted me and asked me to collaborate with them to create a 90's inspired outfit to support Charli XCX's new Boohoo campaign. I love the nineties.I am obsessed with Saved By The Bell (I have a Bayside Tigers sweatshirt) and I forever have envy over the bold prints I saw in Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

There were so many different types of fashion styles from the nineties and one of my favourites is a bold shirt tucked into mom jeans. However, I seem to wear that sort of thing quite a lot so figured I'd try a more feminine outfit. I was aiming to go more Clueless/Rachel Green (specifically this outfit). There were so many different types of tartan skirts to chose from and so many polo neck jumpers, but then I saw this cardigan and just thought it was adorable and would fit the bill perfectly. Although I thought it had shoulders so I could have like boxed them out a little bit. Boxed them out? What does that even I mean, I mean pad them out. Shoulder pads is what I'm trying to say. However, I think this works perfectly. I adore the colour of the buttons compared to the burgundy of the cardigan. Just in general I love this cardigan. I thought the skirt would be my favourite part of this outfit but nope. I feel like this cardigan will go well with mom jeans too. My only issue with it is that I'm not sure how to put it away. Can't hang it up but I like to hang up my preferred clothes which this is. Oh well, small price to pay.
Subtly trying to show off my scrunchie. It didn't really work, but it's tartan.
Cardigan  |  Skirt  |  Socks  |  Scrunchie
This outfit is really different for me, but I like it. Plus the box also came filled with little nineties throw backs. They had Tazo which my sister used to collect which was cool, and little sweets which I would show you but me and my mum devoured them pretty fast. Oh and those snap on wristbands things, which are super funky. I also got some high socks and scrunchies to complete the look, because I thought they were necessary. But whilst I was on Boohoo I found these shoes and god, they're just adorable. I feel like Brogues would have gone better with this outfit but the Docs also go nicely but just in my head when I pictured it I pictured Brogues. Anyway, I was browsing the #charlixcx4boohoo section and oh my god there are some beautiful things. But there's limited selection, so I should probably act fast. Limited things always stress me out in case something goes before I get the chance but I will be on the ball today. See you soon!

Healthy Snacks&Healthy Cereal Bars*

21 October 2015


Hey guys! I've planning to do a healthy snacks post for a long time and recently I was contacted by Natural Balance Foods, the people who make Naked bars and asked to do a collaboration with them. So I figured what a perfect time to finally actually do my healthy snacks post. I'm not sure the fat per mg and all that malarky with these snacks, but they're nice and certainly aren't unhealthy. Also, I don't actually have many pictures at all for this, because since writing this I have had no avocado in my house and my apple and peanut butter was not aesthetically pleasing.

Not much really to say about this, except I love it. When my friend told me about it I was so sceptical, but then I remember celery and peanut butter was a thing (only ever had it once when I was in year 5 or something but sometimes I still think about how nice it was). I know peanut butter isn't that healthy, but I buy the All Natural Peanut butter (crunchy is my preferred) and oh my god it's so nice. I haven't had normal peanut butter in such a long time but this ones ingredients is just peanuts and some sunflower oil. I can't remember if it tastes that different to normal peanut butter but 10/10 would recommend this one. Plus this snack is quick and easy.

For ages I always ate corn thins which are nice and all but man, ryvitas are so much better. I like to put smashed avocado on them with some other random vegetables like tomatoes or spinach or cucumber or something. This is quite a filling snack but it's so good. I don't really know what else to say, but man. Tastes so good.
This is a much easier snack than all the others because it requires no preparation but I love them. I always take one to school but it's weird because they don't taste healthy. The ingredients are just dates and raisins and just other natural ingredients, but it doesn't taste like it. They're made by Natural Balance Foods who do more than just Nakd bars, but you can get Nakd bites and so many other things (which I am yet to try) but at Reading I had a back of Nakd bites and oh my god they went so fast. I got them in cocoa delight flavour and it was just like eating mini brownies, it was great. They sent me a box of Nakd bars to try and oh my god I didn't realise how many flavours there were. Bakewell tart flavoured bar!! The best part is they're healthy cereal bars, there is no hidden cups of sugar because it's all natural so you can fully enjoy them without worrying about your health or whatever.

Honestly, I am so excited to dig into this box of nakd bars. I already have, they've been getting me through college but I am yet to try all the flavours! So yeah, here are some of my favourite snacks, but if you haven't checked out Natural Balance Foods you should, because the options are genuinely limitless, I never knew there were so many ways to use dates/raisins and stuff. Hope you're all having a good week!

Disclaimer:Although I was sent these all thoughts and opinions are my own
(how fancy I've never done one of these before, exciting)

Rustic Skirt and Peace

18 October 2015

I took this on my camera!! I don't understand why the quality is like this I am so sorry for doing this to your eyes but you can't talk about an outfit with no picutres
Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posts this week, I let college work get far too ahead of me. This is an outfit post combined with a weekly update thing. Not an update about school though just a general I done a few fun things last week.

So, last Friday night I went to see Peace at Brixton O2. Firstly, they were amazing, I didn't expect anything less, there were so many songs on the setlist and every single one of them was so good. I was expecting a few to be a bit worse because they kept going and going and I have no idea where they got all this energy from but it was incredible. Also, I really like that venue. I never knew what it meant when people said the floor was sloped so everyone could see, but when I was there I realised just how glorious it was. I also realised I had been imaging it wrong the entire time. It was weird though, because before we went to see them we went to one of those weird chicken shops and this guy was there and he was speaking to my friend about the concert. He said he had been to see Peace in Glasgow and all these other places and we were like oh so you must be a huge fan then! And he was like yeah, yeah I am. Then when we were in the venue and the first act began to play (Yak, who were also very good) the guy was on stage playing guitar. I don't know how to tell this story with the full impact but it was weird. Wow nice story telling there aha,
Then on Saturday I went into London to see my grandparents and aunt and that is when I wore this outfit. I'm not sure where it is we actually went but oh my god I had the nicest veggie burger. You know when just the whole meal is a success, this was one of those meals. What made it even better was how great this skirt is. It has poppers lke my denim skirt but unlike my denim skrit they are very secure poppers and don't come undone at any slight movement, which made it very good for bloating. I also wore it with my Vagabonds and oh boy, I just love wearing heel boots. They make my legs feel so great.

Anyway, that's it for this post. I will see you all soon (hopefully Wednesday if I get my act together). I wanted to tell you guys about what I done this week, but honestly this week has just been a blur of being exhausted. I hope all you guys are well!

I Like To Write Lists

7 October 2015

I am not an organised person. I always try to be, but rarely am. However on the good ol' back to school stationary shop, I bought this list book from Paperchase. I have always been fan of lists, I like to write out everything I have to do and to be able to see what needs to be done and I feel like a lot of people are the same way. Inside this list book there are different sections of paper, which help me to organise my lists. For example the little post its at the side I write down the important things that I need to do, then next to them is my school list and just things that I need to do that don't require much explanation, they just act as little triggers to remind me. Then on the right hand side where there's more space I write out blog things I need to do and maybe school things.

There are no separate pages in this, you just open it and there's everything you need to do, which I like. There is no faffing about to find your list, you just open it and it's there. I always keep this on my desk as well so I remember to check it, and it's so cute and endearing that I always do check it. I have found with this that I am writing week lists, so rather than writing down a bunch of things that I have no chance of completing in a day, I write down things I need to do that week and slowly get them done. I personally feel week lists are better, well for me at least. I rarely complete day lists, mainly because I see all those bullet points and get put off. I don't know how to explain, but if daily lists aren't working for you, try weekly lists. And get a cute thing to write your lists in because if it's cute I feel like you'll be more inclined to use it and check it. Plus, with this you know where your list is. I used to write them on random pads of paper and always lose it then weeks later find the incomplete list, but I don't have that problem with this because I just know all my lists are here. Honestly, 10/10 would recommend buying one. 

The Wombats & A New Dress

4 October 2015

My legs look very weird here, please excuse them.
I didn't schedule my post right and the post is all ready, in my drafts  to be posted and it just didn't post god damn. It's not that significant of a post though at all, but it will be up this Wednesday if all goes according to plan. Does anyone else find it really hard to blog during school though? I never check bloglovin enough or my blog or do anything blog related during the week. It's anoying, I need to find a way to fit it into my schedule I guess, not that I really have a schedule.

This week though, on Thursday I went to see The Wombats at Alexandra Palace and oh man they were incredible. They didn't talk much to us, like you know at a concert the performers will tell you little stories and things on stage, they didn't really. Well a bit, but not much, but it didn't really bother me because of how amazing they are live. They sound exactly like they do on recordings and it was just so much fun, and it was all standing but me and my friend had a good spot. Until some girls came along and stood in front of us who smelt kind of really bad. Also, there was no space for them. It really annoys me at gigs when you say people trying to get through the crowd but there's nowhere for them to go and they just stop there. Sometimes you can weave your way through to the front and I don't mind that, but when people try and you all know they have no hope so they just stop right in front of you. There were a few of those during the concert but it was okay, there was one really annoying guy but he went away before they actually came on stage. I really like Ally Pally as a venue though and there was the cutest photobooth thing, it was in a car and the background was all flowers and it was just adorable. Plus there was 10 seconds between pictures which gave us a lot of time to choose props which is always handy. 

Firstly, sorry for the blur. My camera is very temperamental. Secondly I used a new editing software for these (fotor free download) and I hated it so now I'm back to Picasa.
Coat-Asos    |  Dress-Asos  (not the same dress)  |  Tights-Primark  |  Shoes-Vagabonds
I'm not sure if the coat link is the right one becuase mine wasn't that expensive but they look exactly the same. Also I couldn't find my dress on Asos so I just linked to you to a pretty dress)
The outfit I'm showing you here isn't actually from the concert. It's what I wore today (I'm typing this the day before I'm actually wearing this outfit woah got to get them tenses right) for my friends birthday. She didn't do much just like films and food and chilling, and it was nice because people we no longer go to school with were there.

I got this dress from Asos a while ago, I really want a plain black nice dress and just can't find one which is weird because I thought they would be easy. However, I found this dress which I just think is adorable. I love wearing dresses and this one is good because it's baggy but not flowwy, which means it's safe to wear in a windy environment, which is an excellent quality for a dress to have. Although this dress is quite summery (imagine it with no tights and a big floppy hat-nice) I think it's still good for winter with my Asos coat on over the top and with my Vagabonds. It's quite a thin material though, so maybe not winter wear but can definitely be worn in Autumn. 

Another little life update, I had a job interview yesterday, so fingers crossed I get the job! Anyway, that's it for today. Hopefully my post will go up on Wednesday, but who knows. I hope you've all had a good week!
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