Models Own Matt Top Coat

24 December 2013

I mentioned the Models Own top coat that turns any nail varnish into matte in my post the other day I think briefly, but after using it quite a few times, I feel like I can now give you a proper review! Well this is kind of a review and kind of a 'Hey look at my nails!' type of post thing.

I started out with just some clear nail varnish and then done two coats of Revlon Vintage in shade 570. A while ago me and my mum brought this pack thing from Costco from Revlon full of 8 if I remember correctly of their 'best selling colours' some of them are quite summery, some are glittery and some are quite bright, good for going out. It is meant to dry very quickly, and it does. When you do the first coat the colour is still quite bold there, I don't know how to phrase this, but really you could just leave it at one coat but I do two to avoid chipping and to just make the colour better. It has lasted me two days, which is good for me since usually nail varnish only lasts me a day since I never wait for them to dry, but since these dry so quickly, that's not really a problem. However it has chipped a little bit but that's probably because I've been doing a lot of fiddly things with my nails recently which has encouraged the chipping. However, when I done it the other day it lasted around three days which I personally think is quite good, well for me anyway!

In the bottle it looks quite pinky and on the nails too in the picture it looks like a red that is quite pinky, but in real life it looks like a dark red.

It's a really nice maroon/burgundy colour which is great for Christmas. It's quite similar to the Barry M matte nail varnish I think, but I personally think this one is better, since it is so quick to dry and it looks great matte or shiny in my opinion.

Then I added the Models Own Matt Top Coat. It looks quite thick in the bottle, but it doesn't feel heavy on your nails at all, you can't feel it all really. You only need a thin layer to get a matte effect, which is really great considering I will probably be using this product a lot!
At first when you put it on it doesn't make a difference, but after it dries your nails instantly go matte, and it only takes a few seconds to dry which is great. It has the same brush as all other Model Own nail polishes, it spreads out easy across your nail and really gets everywhere the first time, so your whole nail is matte.

At first I didn't really think this product would work, but it does and is absolutely amazing! It dries so quickly and the effect lasts until you take it off! If you are thinking of buying a matte nail varnish, I honestly think you should buy this, then you can turn any of your colours matte!


Nails and Lips

22 December 2013

So if you've been reading some of my most recent posts, you may have found out that I really want a dark shaded lipstick, which I finally got the other day from one of my best friends in the Secret Santa we done!
'Lips in Beguiled'-Topshop

It's from the Kate Moss range from Rimmel, matte in shade 107.
I love it because although its a deep dark red with some hints of colour, it's not too bold for me. Part of me wishes I got the Topshop lipstick but I know that I probably wouldn't wear it since it's so far out my comfort zone, but maybe when I'm older. However it is beautiful and just when I went on to Topshop I have fallen in love with it again! But alas, next year!:) There is also a blush I really want from Topshop but they didn't have it in my local one and I'm a bit worried I won't get it for Christmas even though I've been wanting it for ages..I shall show you it another post, hopefully one where I show you all the make up I received at Christmas ;)

The lipstick I got is fairly good at lasting, but obviously eating and drinking makes it fade faster, but there's still a hint of red/purpleness but just not as bold as before. It's easy to apply and doesn't feel horrible on the lips, but I really need to start using lip balm since my lips are getting really dry and lipstick doesn't really help the situation! I really like my Kate Moss one though and I feel like it's easy to wear on a lot of occasions, however the one above would be more difficult to wear

A couple of weeks ago I went to Westfields with my friend, and at Models Own they had some sort of promotion going on, where you could buy 6 products for £20 and get a freebie. At first we were a bit special, £20 for only 6 products!? But then the woman told us it would like be getting two free nail varnishes, since she knew we only really wanted nail varnish from there and each nail varnish costs £5.
We decided we'd do it and get three products each since then it would only be £10 and we each got a freebie, who can resist a freebie!?
I ended up buying a light pink shade, this coat thing that you can put over any nail colour at all and it turns it matte! It's incredible and I was a bit worried that it wouldn't really work, but she showed me in the store and when I tried it when I got in, it literally turned my nail polish matte in only a few seconds! But I shall do a better review on these products late, today I'll show you the other polish I brought.

It's like a matte burgundy with glitter in it. it's very festive and pretty I feel. I love how even though it's glittery it's matte and when the woman told me I didn't really believe her, but it is! In the light you can see the glitter particles better and it's very evenly distributed. My pictures didn't really capture the whole beauty of the nail varnish and my poor nail painting skills making my nails look al messy doesn't really help you guys get a proper idea of the nail varnish, but it is so lovely and pretty. It also dries fairly quickly.
The only downside I can think of is that the lid of the bottle is velvet. Now don't get me wrong, I loove velvet, but I don't like the one on the lid. It's not a very nice feeling one and when I'm actually painting my nails, it just doesn't feel right.
However, overall the polish leaves a really nice effect and I would highly recommend if you are a fan of dark red/maroon/burgundy and a hint of glittery substance!

What lipsticks and nail varnishes have you been loving this winter! Oooh 4 more sleeps till Christmas!:D

The Christmas Tag

15 December 2013

FIRSTLY I am so sorry for not posting very regularly I've just been so busy recently, and you would think since this is the last week of this term at school we would have less homework and more time to relax, but apparently not!

SECONDLY Today I am doing the Christmas Tag, I haven't been tagged but I really want to do it and all the posts I've read say 'And I tag anyone who wants to do it!' So I shall take them up on that offer!

What's your favourite holiday film?
The Polar Express, I love it so much!:) I also really love Rise of The Guardians but that isn't really christmassy just wintery... and Frozen, oh my goodness I saw it yesterday and I love it I love it so much oh my goodness!

What's your favourite Christmas colour?
I don't really know what a 'Christmas Colour' is, but I do really love deep/dark reds this season

Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
Christmas morning of course! Well actually on Christmas Eve we sometimes get given an early present like a pair of pajamas or fluffy socks or something, but yeah, Christmas Morning!

What's you favourite winter fragrance?
I don't really have one.. I like kind of the fragrance with 'spice' for a second but then afterwards it gets too much, I wish I liked the smell of cinnamon but I just don't! I prefer more summer floral fragrances, well not even that just those fragrances that make things smell clean but argh I don't know how to explain!

Woah I just realised how many exclamation marks I'm using.. I'll try and cut down woah there are loads

Favourite Christmas smell?
Again like idea...

Candy cane or gingerbread men?
Ginger bread men! I haven't had one in ages though ohh how sad :(

Favourite Christmas song?
THERE ARE SO MANY okay I'll tell you a few, All I Want For Christmas (a classic), Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, Santa Claus is Coming To Town, I'm going to be here for ages okay I'll leave it there

Have you ever made a snowman?
Once but not a good wasn't like your traditional one like the picture I shall include, just a really short one that was ahh I don't know how to explain, but I remember me and my friend started making one then got bored so just shoved a scarf on, but actually
I think there was another time with another friend and we made an alright one...

What is most important about the holidays?
I really can't choose! Seeing my friends and family and celebrating altogether. I also love it so much when you buy someone a present and it's a complete surprise to them but you know they'll love it and the face when they see it, I just love it!:)


8 December 2013

I'm doing my Christmas list right now and I really need some recommendations... so if you can help me at all please write in the comments or link me to some of your reviews? Thank you, it's much appreciated :)

  • Good eyeshadow pallets (other than Urban Decay)
  • Good Mosaic Blushes
  • Good cream blushes
  • Good contour palettes (I think that's what you call them?)
  • Thin eyeliner feltips
  • Thin gel eyeliner
ALSO I am very behind on the Real Technique Brushes and have been waiting for Christmas to get them but here's my problem
I really want the Stiffling, Expert, Buffing and Powder brush, but I'm not really sure what's best? I use liquid foundation and pressed powder and stuff, but don't know what's best.

Part of me is tempted to get the Eye Starter pack, Core Collection and the Expert Face brush, becuase it comes to £50, which is a lot, but I can ask seperate people to get them for me which will help save money and if I were to buy the burhses mentioned above, it would come to £40, but why spend around £40 on 4 make up brushes when you can get loads of eye brushes and face brushes for £50

However, another problem is that if I do get the eye brushes, I definitely will need eyeshadow but I don't know what's best and it seems that everyone I follow hasn't done any makeup reviews recently, but please let me know in the comments below!? Thank you soooo much if you do!!:)xoxox

Confessions Of A Blogger

7 December 2013

So today is the day I complete the tag that the lovely Katie from tagged me in! Sorry for it being so late Katie!(Go check out her blog it's fab:) )

Okay lets begin!:)
Not my picture
When Did You Start Blogging?
Eurm I think in the summer holidays but I can't remember the exact month...lemme check...I started in August 2013 :)

Have You Had Any Other Online Presence Before?eg Youtube?
Not really, well I started a blog like a week before this one but it was really bad and I made a lot of scatty posts and it was ugly and I just didn't like it so I deleted it and created this one!:)

Why Did You Start Your Blog?
I thought it seemed really fun and I always seem to be wittering on about stuff in real life, however this blog is more beauty/fashion related, but I also want to throw a bit of lifestyle in to because I can speak about a bunch of useless stuff for ages and I speak so fast that anybody listens and my thoughts come at me so quickly that I thought a blog would be great for that! I also found it quite therapeutic when I would write reaaaaaaally long birthday cards or letters for people and thought a blog is just the place to gobble on about stuff! But I haven't really done posts like that but I quite want to...
I have no idea if this makes sense!:')

When Did You Become Serious About Blogging?
I haven't really, I try to post once a week but I'm not serious, like I don't upload every day and my schedule is a bit all over the place, but I guess I'm becoming more serious and I always panic when I realise I haven't posted in a while, I may not have many followers but I like to please you!:)

What Was Your First Post?
Like a wishlist, but I didn't know tricks about blogging back then and I remember getting really frustrated because the pictures weren't grouping together like I wanted and ahhh what a stressful time I had

Where Do You See Your Blog In A Year?
I hope my posts get better and I have a better quality picture and that people enjoy reading what I post, but really I just hope I find it easier to post and I slip into a schedule and yeah!
What Is The Best/Most Rewarding Thing About Blogging?
I love reading your comments and when I get a follow I get really happy and excited, especially when people don't ask for a follow back and I know they're just following for the sheer pleasure of my posts, well I hope thats why anyway...I usually do follow back anyway

What Is The Most Discouraging Thing That Happens/Has Happened?
Nothing really, I get disappointed when I don't know what to post because I don't want to let you guys down in a way? Even though I'm not really but you guys follow me for posts and a lot of the time I'm not happy with they way my posts turn out

What's Your Lasting Blogging Motiviation/Inspiration?
A lot of other bloggers, and I love to think about reaching my next milestone in followers like 75, or 100 and whenever I get a comment it inspires me to try a bit harder!:)

I don't really know who to tag, I always find these bits pretty hard! Anyone who wants to, do it and tell me so I can read yours!:)

Emily from Daisy Locks
Emma from The Earth Through A Lens
Kira from All Things Simple
Otila from Little Library

Little Things

1 December 2013

Okay firstly thank you to people who have tagged/nominated me for posts, I will do them asap I just want to do this post first because I've had the picture for ages and I finally need to put them to use!

This isn't really a October favourites or anything it's just little things that I'm loving really!

Firstly this cute little keyring my friend got me from her holiday in Turket, I love the colours and the beads at the end but this photo doesn't do it justice! Lord only knows what I was thinking when I done the editing, oh god it looks terrible! But yeah I think it's a really cute key chain and I dont want to put it on my keys because its so pretty! I want to hang it somewhere in my room to be honest, but I don't really own any hanging surfaces!

I'm also really loving this army jacket, but as it gets colder I have to wear it less and less! It's annoying though, because it's not mine it's actually my sisters and she's had it for ages but never wears it anymore, I think the last time she wore it was last years summer!? Yet I still have to beg her to let me wear it and then when she wants to wear something of mine she just takes it, doesnt ask and usually gets her make up all over it and as soon as I mention it to her she'll bring up the one time I took this jacket without asking and she will be so rude and horrible and argh sorry for the rant it's just so annoying having a sister who never wears half her clothes bUT GOD FORBID I BORROW THEM AND GOD FORBID SHE ACTUALLY ASK TO BORROW MY CLOTHES
woah sorry about that but yeah I love this jacket and it goes with basically anything so it's fab really!

Usually I'm a Starbucks kind of girl and I still have so many of their Christmas drinks I need to try and the other when I went in I though I would try something different. It was buy one Christmas special drink get another free so me and my friend thought we would do that but they didn't have the one I wanted, because the Starbucks in the shopping center I go to is pretty crap, but yeah we decided to get the Gingerbread Spiced Latte and she told me it tasted like gingerbread men, so I was all excited. IT DID NOT TASTE LIKE GINGERBREAD MEN AND I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED. I don't like coffee either but I thought I was starting to like it more, evidently not though! It was also super disappointing because we got a large so I was all excited to drink my gingerbread men tasting drink with the Christmas Starbucks cup, but no. I did not enjoy it and it left a horrible taste in my mouth. I personally would not recommend but it depends if you like coffee and ginger really! I really want to try the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate I think its called? And the orange mocha because although I don't like coffee, I do like mocha's!
Please tell me in the comments below if they're nice though, I don't want to go through that again!
But back to Costa...
I decided to get a White Hot Chocolate Christmas special in Costa and it was delicious! It was sweet and ohh just so lovely, and the cups are adorable too!

Please excuse my mess of a bedroom, but I've been meaning to show you these for ages! These are like fluffy/fleecy pajama bottoms which you can get from Primark and they are so nice. They are cosy and comfortable and they have elastic at the bottom which helps to trap the heat, so perfect for colder nights! When I saw my friend in these I was like what they must feel horrible and I thought they would be all horrible to wear, but they're not! They're so comfy and awh I love them, I have no idea how I survived before! I only have one pair though and I want like 678 more, but me and my mum are on lock down till Christmas to buy more things! (Speaking of which I must do my Christmas list soon, I keep on meaning to but find myself getting distracted!)

Now I got this ages ago, but as my room has got tidier (it's really messy now again, I tidied my room and it was so lovely and clean the other day but earlier I was looking for something and BAM it's a tip again!) But yeah, it's just a really cute little box I think, quite rustic/ vintage and it's from eBay, there's a little mirror inside and like a velvet deep blue lining, I don't know why I didn't take a picture because the way I'm explaining it doesn't give it the complete justice! I don't really know what to put in it either, I just have some hairbands and stuff in there at the minute, it's so cute though and I love it.

This is my mum scarf, but unlike my sister, she doesn't have a problem with sharing! It's a navy blue and the little festive pattern at the bottom. I have a scarf from Topshop as well which is cream which is really good at keeping you warm and is cute, but recently I'm really loving this scarf, doesn't keep you as warm as my Topshop one, but it does a fab job anyway and I love it! I think it's from Primark or Topman, I'm not completely sure, most likely Primark.

Also, of course, I know it's only been the first day of December, but I literally spend the whole month of September through to December waiting for Christmas and you know, once you whip out the Advent Calender it's almost time!:) I always want like a princess or like a cutesy little advent calender, but they always have such horrible chocolate! Last year I remember my sister was home and I forced my mum to get me a Princess one, but I knew the chocolate was going to be horrible, so I swapped mine with my sisters before she got home so I could have the nice chocolate instead, she didn't really care though, she hardly ate hers! I don't understand how people can just miss a day then have like two chocolates the next day, if I miss out a chocolate I will think about it the whole day and will have to have it as soon as I get home! I always want to be able to look at and be like 'Oh woops I missed out four days, guess it means I have to have four today!' But I just can't do it! I also can't eat more the right amount, like skip ahead and eat all 24 chocolates because you just cant do that! Ahaha, anyway I got a Cadbury's one, because you can't go wrong with that chocolate, and it's a make a wish one, so 10% of their profits go the make a wish charity which makes me happy :)

Ohhh cheeky lil selfie

I also got a henna yesterday at my friends old school Christmas fair. They were all so pretty and I just couldn't decide which one to get, but I chose this one in the end and part of me wishes I could have go it on the other side, but I think it looks really nice on my palm and I can easily hide. It's the first ever time I got henna and I love it so much, I think it's so beautiful and people who can do henna are so talented, if I were to try it, it would just look like a massive brown blob on someones hand! These people are so talented, also next weekend I can get more henna, since there's like a yoga thing where my dad teaches and they will be doing henna, I can't wait, honestly I think I'm becoming addicted! If you get the opportunity to get henna, do it! You will love it, although I keep saying quick glimpses of my hand I'm thinking 'OH GOD WHATS HAPPENED TO MY HAND?!' Then I remember ahahaha

Let me know in the comments about Christmas Specials in Starbucks and nay you recommend! Have you ever got henna? Let me know or recommend things! I will try and post soon and do one of these tags, thanks for reading!:)xo

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