8 December 2013

I'm doing my Christmas list right now and I really need some recommendations... so if you can help me at all please write in the comments or link me to some of your reviews? Thank you, it's much appreciated :)

  • Good eyeshadow pallets (other than Urban Decay)
  • Good Mosaic Blushes
  • Good cream blushes
  • Good contour palettes (I think that's what you call them?)
  • Thin eyeliner feltips
  • Thin gel eyeliner
ALSO I am very behind on the Real Technique Brushes and have been waiting for Christmas to get them but here's my problem
I really want the Stiffling, Expert, Buffing and Powder brush, but I'm not really sure what's best? I use liquid foundation and pressed powder and stuff, but don't know what's best.

Part of me is tempted to get the Eye Starter pack, Core Collection and the Expert Face brush, becuase it comes to £50, which is a lot, but I can ask seperate people to get them for me which will help save money and if I were to buy the burhses mentioned above, it would come to £40, but why spend around £40 on 4 make up brushes when you can get loads of eye brushes and face brushes for £50

However, another problem is that if I do get the eye brushes, I definitely will need eyeshadow but I don't know what's best and it seems that everyone I follow hasn't done any makeup reviews recently, but please let me know in the comments below!? Thank you soooo much if you do!!:)xoxox


  1. I've been wanting some RT brushes as well! For eyeshadow palettes I would recommend MUA and Sleek, and for felt tip eyeliners I find that the Maybelline master precision one is the best plus it's only about £4 x

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    1. Thank you! I checked the sleek website but they didnt really have much but I guess I need to actually go into the shops!:)x

  2. I would seriously recommend MUA and sleek aswell for eyeshadows! I have got both the eye starter kit and the core collection kit and highly recommend both. Definitely go for the collections instead of individual brushes because you get a lot more for your money! however for liquid foundation I always use the buffing brush and for pressed powder I use the powder brush :D x

    1. Thank you! I don't know whether to get the expert face brush seperatley though, I don't know if I actually need it!x

  3. we love the Maybelline gel liner because it is extremely affordable and has been compared to the likes of bobbi brown

  4. I got my real technique brushes from a site called I got the core collection, eye starter, blush brush and stiffling which came to £38.02 but then shiping was £8 and also there was customs which was about £11 but there was a good cupon wich took £10 off, I cant remember!


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