The Christmas Tag

15 December 2013

FIRSTLY I am so sorry for not posting very regularly I've just been so busy recently, and you would think since this is the last week of this term at school we would have less homework and more time to relax, but apparently not!

SECONDLY Today I am doing the Christmas Tag, I haven't been tagged but I really want to do it and all the posts I've read say 'And I tag anyone who wants to do it!' So I shall take them up on that offer!

What's your favourite holiday film?
The Polar Express, I love it so much!:) I also really love Rise of The Guardians but that isn't really christmassy just wintery... and Frozen, oh my goodness I saw it yesterday and I love it I love it so much oh my goodness!

What's your favourite Christmas colour?
I don't really know what a 'Christmas Colour' is, but I do really love deep/dark reds this season

Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
Christmas morning of course! Well actually on Christmas Eve we sometimes get given an early present like a pair of pajamas or fluffy socks or something, but yeah, Christmas Morning!

What's you favourite winter fragrance?
I don't really have one.. I like kind of the fragrance with 'spice' for a second but then afterwards it gets too much, I wish I liked the smell of cinnamon but I just don't! I prefer more summer floral fragrances, well not even that just those fragrances that make things smell clean but argh I don't know how to explain!

Woah I just realised how many exclamation marks I'm using.. I'll try and cut down woah there are loads

Favourite Christmas smell?
Again like idea...

Candy cane or gingerbread men?
Ginger bread men! I haven't had one in ages though ohh how sad :(

Favourite Christmas song?
THERE ARE SO MANY okay I'll tell you a few, All I Want For Christmas (a classic), Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, Santa Claus is Coming To Town, I'm going to be here for ages okay I'll leave it there

Have you ever made a snowman?
Once but not a good wasn't like your traditional one like the picture I shall include, just a really short one that was ahh I don't know how to explain, but I remember me and my friend started making one then got bored so just shoved a scarf on, but actually
I think there was another time with another friend and we made an alright one...

What is most important about the holidays?
I really can't choose! Seeing my friends and family and celebrating altogether. I also love it so much when you buy someone a present and it's a complete surprise to them but you know they'll love it and the face when they see it, I just love it!:)


  1. Oh my god I saw Frozen, it's super super cute!! The songs were so good and catchy. I woke up the next morning humming one of them and it took me ages to realise where it was from haha. I still love Tangled but Frozen is definitely a close second! xxx

  2. You can't beat home alone at xmas for me or Lord of the Rings!

    I found your blog via BLoglovin and it would be great if you could take a look at my latest posts :) xx


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