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22 December 2013

So if you've been reading some of my most recent posts, you may have found out that I really want a dark shaded lipstick, which I finally got the other day from one of my best friends in the Secret Santa we done!
'Lips in Beguiled'-Topshop

It's from the Kate Moss range from Rimmel, matte in shade 107.
I love it because although its a deep dark red with some hints of colour, it's not too bold for me. Part of me wishes I got the Topshop lipstick but I know that I probably wouldn't wear it since it's so far out my comfort zone, but maybe when I'm older. However it is beautiful and just when I went on to Topshop I have fallen in love with it again! But alas, next year!:) There is also a blush I really want from Topshop but they didn't have it in my local one and I'm a bit worried I won't get it for Christmas even though I've been wanting it for ages..I shall show you it another post, hopefully one where I show you all the make up I received at Christmas ;)

The lipstick I got is fairly good at lasting, but obviously eating and drinking makes it fade faster, but there's still a hint of red/purpleness but just not as bold as before. It's easy to apply and doesn't feel horrible on the lips, but I really need to start using lip balm since my lips are getting really dry and lipstick doesn't really help the situation! I really like my Kate Moss one though and I feel like it's easy to wear on a lot of occasions, however the one above would be more difficult to wear

A couple of weeks ago I went to Westfields with my friend, and at Models Own they had some sort of promotion going on, where you could buy 6 products for £20 and get a freebie. At first we were a bit special, £20 for only 6 products!? But then the woman told us it would like be getting two free nail varnishes, since she knew we only really wanted nail varnish from there and each nail varnish costs £5.
We decided we'd do it and get three products each since then it would only be £10 and we each got a freebie, who can resist a freebie!?
I ended up buying a light pink shade, this coat thing that you can put over any nail colour at all and it turns it matte! It's incredible and I was a bit worried that it wouldn't really work, but she showed me in the store and when I tried it when I got in, it literally turned my nail polish matte in only a few seconds! But I shall do a better review on these products late, today I'll show you the other polish I brought.

It's like a matte burgundy with glitter in it. it's very festive and pretty I feel. I love how even though it's glittery it's matte and when the woman told me I didn't really believe her, but it is! In the light you can see the glitter particles better and it's very evenly distributed. My pictures didn't really capture the whole beauty of the nail varnish and my poor nail painting skills making my nails look al messy doesn't really help you guys get a proper idea of the nail varnish, but it is so lovely and pretty. It also dries fairly quickly.
The only downside I can think of is that the lid of the bottle is velvet. Now don't get me wrong, I loove velvet, but I don't like the one on the lid. It's not a very nice feeling one and when I'm actually painting my nails, it just doesn't feel right.
However, overall the polish leaves a really nice effect and I would highly recommend if you are a fan of dark red/maroon/burgundy and a hint of glittery substance!

What lipsticks and nail varnishes have you been loving this winter! Oooh 4 more sleeps till Christmas!:D


  1. I'm on a haunt for a dark cherry lipstick, but I still haven't found one that matches my skin colour and also taste *sigh* I hope Santa's going to do something about it.


    1. I hope he does too, everybody needs a dark lipstick at winter!:)xo

  2. Thats such a good secret santa present wow and those nailvarnishes sound great especially if one was free;)

    1. They really are, and a free lip gloss as well!:) xo

  3. That matte burgundy colour is so pretty, I've been loving 'carry on' by Essie it is great for Christmas. I can't believe it is only a few days away argh! :) x

    1. I know I love it so much, thank you:) I've never seen that shade, I'll have a look in a minute! I KNOW SAME it's so soon but like I dont want it to be over ahhhh xo

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    TheFunnyWoman xoxoxo

  5. Oh this lipstick looks so gorgeous. Don't know if I can get the same in France...


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