Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray

23 November 2013

So recently I've been pretty rubbish on my blog, but I have quite a few important tests/exams for the next few weeks but I'm going to try and be more active!:)

Also recently I have been using Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray a lot. The bottle says to use it on damp hair to give your hair a tousled and wavy look.
I also use it when my hair is dry though when its not looking to good to just give the tousled appearance.  I tried to get a picture of how it makes my hair look but its harder to take a picture of your own hair then I origanlly thought...
I love the look it gives my hair though, it says to spray it around 10 times, but I probably spray it a lot more becuase my hair is so thick and long. Looking at the bottle now I just realised I need to buy another bottle, I'm almost all run out!
The only fault I find with this product is that it makes my hair feel quite dry and horrible if I put too much in, but I need to put in quite a large amount to actually gain the 'I just went swimming in the sea and now my hair looks all lovely' look. It also makes my hair super knotty, but that's only when I spray it on when my hair is dry which is probably why they tell you to spray it on damp hair...

All in all, I think it is a very good product, but I would like to try another sea salt spray, despite this one being great, I would like to try a different one to know if they all make your hair go knotty and all give off the actual scent of just leaving the sea which I'm not particularly fond of... If you know any good sea salt sprays, please let me know in the comments below! However I do love Lee Stafford hair products and quite want to try more of their products, so also let me know in the comments any good products of theirs or link me to any reviews you know of!:)
I honestly don't know why I put off blogging because it only does help me relax!


16 November 2013

Busted were my childhood, I fangirled over them before I even knew what it was. They were the first band I probably ever heard of and I have loved them for so long.


Not only do I have tickets, but they are also they day of my birthday!!
I'm 997% sure this is going to be the best birthday I have ever had.
And because band merch is so expensive, I can just ask people to get it for me as a present!;)
Apparently our seats aren't great but to be honest I could not care less as long as I get to see Busted perform and be in the same room as them I am fabulous.

In other news, my ice rink where I go is also staying open for the 'foreseeable future' which also makes things ten times better!:)

Autumn Purchases

8 November 2013



I got these from Topshop for £30.
They are absoloutly beautiful on and I love them so much. They are so comfortable to wear, and light.
I was debating whether to get these or the Urban Outfitters ones, I prefer the Urban Outfitters shape, but they felt really heavy on and cost more than these ones so I decided on the Topshop ones. The shape are basically the same except the Urban Outfitters ones were a bit baggier.

I am now so happy it's the weekend so I can wear these bad boys again, honestly if you are wondering whether to get these or not, they honestly have no faults, except choosing tops can be difficult to wear with them. I personally feel crop tops look best, or a fitted top, but sometimes I wear a long black jumper with it, and it doesnt look bad. They are honestly so comfortable and I could not reccomend them higher.

I also got this top for sale at Topshop, I cant remember the prices but I know I got it for a very good discount.
 I just liked the funky buddha, it doesnt go very well with the mom jeans but with some skinnies or leggings it looks great.

I also brought this. I've really wanted a kind of American Jersey thingy for a while and this is exactly what I've been looking for! It is big and baggy and long enough to wear with leggings and cover my bum and would also look great tucked into some high-waisted jeans. I haven't worn it yet, but I'm excited to, I really love it and the whole design of it!


Usually I don't buy stuff from American Apparel and the shop assistants there used to really scare, but me and my Mum went in to buy my sister some jeans she wanted and I saw a really nice velvet crop top, which I thought would go perfectly with my mom jeans, so as I was struggling to get it down, a really nice assistant came over and helped me get it down and she was so sweet.
Then I saw the man at the changing rooms wearing this jumper, it's velvet and burgundy and ohh so soft and comfortable, I love it so much.
I couldn't find it in the shop though but the man obviously had heard us talking about it and said to me it's over there (and pointed to wear it was) which I know is their job but I thought was really nice, especially because previous experiences in there hadn't been so good.
So then I went to the changing rooms, and the crop top was too short and I didn't bother buying it, because I know I wouldn't have felt comfortable wearing it, but I loved the jumper when I tried it on and when I went out to confirm with my Mum that it was indeed nice, the man also said it looked really nice and awh everyone there was so lovely aND GORGEOUS LIKE WOAH EVERYONE THERE IS LIKE MODELS
But yeah basically, I got this jumper and its velvet and so lovely to wear and soft and awh man I just love velvet.


I only really go to Urban Outfitters when I go to
Westfields, but when I do go, I buy A LOT. It's so hard to shop there, because I try on so many clothes and love them all, but alas, I can only buy some.

I'm editing the pictures now and turns out I only brought two things from Urban Outfitters even though I'm 90% sure I brought loads more but oH WELL

This picture is absolutely terrible and I had to take a picture of the back of it, because the front had a massive stain on the front of it at the time (woops)
Its a crop top and goes so well with the mom jeans, and you can wear it with any type of jeans really, or disco pants, I reckon it goes best with high wasited things though. Obviously it's comfy because its all baggy, but it looks so nice with the mom jeans, and I was going to buy it myself because it was meant to be like £20 or something, but for some reason it only ended up being £5!
I really love this top though and literally have not stopped wearing it.

When I first saw this jumper, I wasn't too sure, but oh my goodness I love it now. It is so cozy and looks so nice with my mom jeans and Joni jeans from Topshop.
I roll up the sleeves with it, but it looks nice with them rolled down too. It's a very bright colour, but it is so nice and the perfect colour for Autumn in my opinion! You can't really tell from the picture, but it's like a blood orangey colour.

The other day I wore it with my mom jeans, frilly socks and my jellys and I personally thought it looked lovely! If I wear it again any time soon I will take a picture and show you, because I was very proud of that outfit, not going to lie;)

Have any of you guys brought anything recently? Let me know your opinions on these purchases!:) I really want a cute little vintage ring but I never see any anywhere, or I see a cute ring in Topshop or something, and it costs loads! Do you know any good ring places?:)
Also thank you so much for 50 followers on Bloglovin'!:)xoxo


7 November 2013

I'm really sorry.
I feel like I haven't been very active on my blog recently, but I plan on doing a post tomorrow. I've just been super busy doing school work and I havent even done half as much as a I need to! But I plan on doing a post tomorrow! I just felt like I owe you all an apaology since I've been pretty rubbish on my blog recently!


Blog Help

3 November 2013

So the other day I changed the background of my blog but didn't like it and went to change it back, but when I selected my original background picture, all the colours had been turned dark.
It wasn't my computer and it also kep happening when I tried to sort out my header, but after doing some research I found out how to fix it.

OKay so basically, if whenever you upload a picture onto your blog, or when you're sorting out your design and your picture keeps turning darker what you have to do it:

  • Go to your google+ page (or just click here like I did..the pictures are furrther down though so look there)
There is no reason I covered my face except the fact I don't really like the picture and again there isn't really a reason I covered my email address.
However if you do need to email me it is in the contact section in my blog.
  • On the left hand side Google+ should be an option, click on it
  • Keep scrolling down till you get to auto enhance, then when you get there select off, even if there is nothing selected press off. 
This should then stop your pictures from going all dark and your background images and headers not being the right colour! Hope this helps!:)

I plan on doing a normal post tomorrow, but I just hope this helps you if you are struggling with your blog!:)
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