Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray

23 November 2013

So recently I've been pretty rubbish on my blog, but I have quite a few important tests/exams for the next few weeks but I'm going to try and be more active!:)

Also recently I have been using Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray a lot. The bottle says to use it on damp hair to give your hair a tousled and wavy look.
I also use it when my hair is dry though when its not looking to good to just give the tousled appearance.  I tried to get a picture of how it makes my hair look but its harder to take a picture of your own hair then I origanlly thought...
I love the look it gives my hair though, it says to spray it around 10 times, but I probably spray it a lot more becuase my hair is so thick and long. Looking at the bottle now I just realised I need to buy another bottle, I'm almost all run out!
The only fault I find with this product is that it makes my hair feel quite dry and horrible if I put too much in, but I need to put in quite a large amount to actually gain the 'I just went swimming in the sea and now my hair looks all lovely' look. It also makes my hair super knotty, but that's only when I spray it on when my hair is dry which is probably why they tell you to spray it on damp hair...

All in all, I think it is a very good product, but I would like to try another sea salt spray, despite this one being great, I would like to try a different one to know if they all make your hair go knotty and all give off the actual scent of just leaving the sea which I'm not particularly fond of... If you know any good sea salt sprays, please let me know in the comments below! However I do love Lee Stafford hair products and quite want to try more of their products, so also let me know in the comments any good products of theirs or link me to any reviews you know of!:)
I honestly don't know why I put off blogging because it only does help me relax!


  1. the only thing i wouldnt like about using a salt spray would be getting knotty hair, i cant stand it haha!


    1. It doesnt always but sometimes it makes my hair go super knotty so I spend ages trying to untangle my hair!x

  2. I LOVE this spray! It smells incredible, doesn't it?! It's just so easy to use as well x

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. this sounds great :)



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