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3 November 2013

So the other day I changed the background of my blog but didn't like it and went to change it back, but when I selected my original background picture, all the colours had been turned dark.
It wasn't my computer and it also kep happening when I tried to sort out my header, but after doing some research I found out how to fix it.

OKay so basically, if whenever you upload a picture onto your blog, or when you're sorting out your design and your picture keeps turning darker what you have to do it:

  • Go to your google+ page (or just click here like I did..the pictures are furrther down though so look there)
There is no reason I covered my face except the fact I don't really like the picture and again there isn't really a reason I covered my email address.
However if you do need to email me it is in the contact section in my blog.
  • On the left hand side Google+ should be an option, click on it
  • Keep scrolling down till you get to auto enhance, then when you get there select off, even if there is nothing selected press off. 
This should then stop your pictures from going all dark and your background images and headers not being the right colour! Hope this helps!:)

I plan on doing a normal post tomorrow, but I just hope this helps you if you are struggling with your blog!:)


  1. Super helpful! thank you girly <3


  2. This is so handy, thanks for sharing!

    Rachael | ♥


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